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October 12, 2008

Time to take a chill pill

flaccoap1012.jpgIt was ugly, but it's not what you think. The Ravens came unraveled today, and they looked totally overmatched in their third loss in a row, but it wasn't the kind of game that is a legitimate bellwether for the season.

They weren't blown out at Lucas Oil Stadium because they are a bad team. They were blown out because the Colts are a good team that finally woke up after sleepwalking through the first quarter of the season. Peyton Manning actually looked like Peyton Manning. He put points up early. And the Ravens are not the kind of team -- at least not yet -- that can come back from an early 17-point deficit against a quality opponent.

So, what do you take out of game like that? Not much. About all you can do is chalk it up as another coordinate on the Joe Flacco learning curve. He still has some distance to go to become a solid NFL quarterback, but he wasn't the reason the Ravens got blown out. This was a team loss if ever there was one.

Flacco (at right, after a bad exchange with running back Ray Rice) threw three picks. The Ravens put the ball on the ground several times and were fortunate to lose just two fumbles. The depleted secondary was carved up like an early Halloween pumpkin. The Colts won the battle of the special teams ... which created a huge disparity in field position. About the only positive thing that happened in the game for the Ravens was Matt Stover making his only field-goal attempt.

Everyone, deep down, knew there would be games like this, but it's particularly galling when the Ravens have that kind of game against the Colts.

All that said, they'll bounce back and win in Miami next week. I guarantee it.

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Thanks for this. I now know the Ravens will lose next week.

I base this prediction on my earlier going against you when I said we would beat Indy .. oh wait .. :-)

The loss of Samari Rolle and Fabian Washington hurt them a lot, most teams have one WR that you have to worry about, with the Colts, you have to worry about Wayne and Harrison. That being said, even if they had Rolle or Washington, that doesn't guarantee a win but maybe force Field Goals instead of touchdowns.

The Ravens will do well next week, even with Miami running the single wing, they've used it so much it's not going to be as effective against tougher and smarter defenses like the Ravens.

Pete--First of all that column you write on Sundays is one of the things I always look forward to reading on Sunday. It always makes me laugh and almost makes me spill my coffee.

What changes should the Ravens make before they travel Miami? I feel they need to start to open up the offense. All of these teams are stuffing the box and we are playing right into their game by throwing short passes and running right into their wall. If we open up the offense we will be able to move the ball and give more room for our running backs.

Is Matt Cavanaugh Cam Cameron's love child?... maybe a couple new offensive sequences besides run-run-run, run-run-pass,and pass-run-run. How about running the spread from the shotgun for more than a handful of plays? Wonder how many teams have come from behind by 3 or 4 TD's by running the ball 2 out of 3 plays?..Raven's offense is almost as slick as Steve Bisciotti's hair. "Groovin', on a Sunday afternoon..."

Pete's reply: Everything looks bad in a game like that. Hard to judge the offense, but I think they got into Flacco's head about being careful and it backfired.

peter i know where your going on this,becuase it always seems that the ravens have one of those games every year where everything that could go wrong goes wrong, so im not too concerned aobut this loss, becuase mainly it was our secondary that caused us that game, they wernt gonna run on us, but it seemed like every time they passed the ball, they converted, it was just a frustrating day

I would love a guaranteed win. Unfortunately, this is a team from Baltimore which we all know are all always ready to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

peter what about the ravens going into the game being over confident. in different articles last week was how the colts defense was not very good. the colts had trouble stopping the run. the offense just didn't protect flacko.

You guarantee it???? hahahaha!! that's funny. that holds as much weight as your offensive line. And judging by today, that's not very much!!!!

Can you say..... growing pains?! Remember, Flacco was supposed to sit this year, but the experience will prove invaluable until they can surround him with talent. Besides, he doesn't play defense and, come to think of it, neither do Frank Walker or Corey Ivy!

I love your prediction!!! Go Ravens go Ravens!!! Joe Joe your unibrow is your mojo!!! You collect the dough you sport the white man dew not the afro!
Go Joe and Go Ravens!!!
Peyton is a bum
he sucks his thumb
boo boo boo boo his game is that of a crumb
Next week it's chad,
he's really bad,
so bad that he shoulda been a P-U grad,
we're the ravens and we come to destroy!

Baltimore born and bred, spent most of my adult life in AZ; living back in MD now. I grew up in the era of Brooks and Frank; went to the 1958 sudden-death overtime game in NY as a nine-year-old. Disgusted by the incompetence of Peter Angeloser. Dismayed by the offensive incompetence of the Ravens. Still hopeful for a reason to hope.

I think you've been reading Lincoln's second inaugural address, especially the line about having "malice towards none...with charity for all." But Mr. Lincoln was trying to heal a broken nation. You're sounding like the Ravens' PR arm. What happened today was a miserable butt kicking, an indictment of the heart of the players and the competence of the coaches. It was an embarrassment

This team is a train wreck Pete! They never win in Miami, are you kidding? The team is coming unglued and will quit before long! If I had any money left in the stock market I'd match your dollar and double my account! Let's start hearing about our incompetent GM already and how he needs to be addressed before the next offseason.

Just another sad excuse and typical alibi for a team that is never out of them. The Ravens didn't show up and I believe that they are always intimidated when they face the Indianapolis Colts from Baltimore.

How can you say they will win next week? The offense is looking brutal right now. Willis is useless but I am not shocked at that. Buffalo got rid of him for a reason. We are the easiest team to defend because we never take a shot down the field. Heap is a non-factor and our young QB is making alot of bad decisions. Our secondary gets exposed against good passing teams again. Ozzie's drafting ability has been very suspect the last few years. No real secondary help and no threats on the offensive side of the ball. The Fins will focus on stopping the run and then put us in third and long so they can go after Flacco. Cam Cameron is as bad a play-caller as Billick!

It's unfortunate that the similarity exists between the Ravens and the Orioles. That after years of patience, the new organization rightfully asks for and needs patience to allow us to walk down the right path. However the Ravens have not been a team built to come back in games for about a decade. Now with a rookie QB, he needs time to take his lumps, but when we were down 17-0 in the first quarter, we all had that familiar feeling that we'd wasted our time and enthusiasm once again. I just wish the Ravens would let us know they weren't planning on showing up so we could do something else.


I love you. You are the best...But...are you drinking the purple grape-ade?

I know real estate prices are going down in Jimmyville. Are people moving to the new development of Peterville?

The Ravens lost because Harbaugh didn't prepare his team. Motivationally, they were overmatched. It is a bellwether for the rest of the season. Harbaugh said earlier this week that winning wasn't "everything". With that philosophy coming from our head coach, I think we have a lot of losses in our future.

Four Big 12 teams in the top ten - certainly a sign that strange things are afoot.

This town and this newspaper got excited after two wins against two bad teams. This team will make progress this year, but it's not a playoff team. That's why signing a 38 year old fullback was and is stupid. This team needs to focus on next year and savor any wins it gets this year.

Peyton looked like the old Peyton, all right, Marvin finally like the old Marvin and Manning-to-Harrison connection was back on track. The Colts' patchwork offensive line finally came together. And the much-maligned defense, playing without key starters such as Dwight Freeney, Bob Sanders and Kelvin Hayden, dominated for four quarters, nearly pitching a shutout.

Today was more about a great team (not "good team") awakening from an early season slumber, than any deficiencies of the Ravens. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that the game should raise an intriguing question: Is this the season for a Manning vs. Manning Super Bowl?

Yes, it's a little early to be printing Colts-Giants tickets, but that would make for a somewhat fitting way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the "Greatest Game Ever Played." (Baltimore Colts fans don't jump me; I qualified it as "somewhat fitting." Peyton is a Johnny U. fan, don't forget.)

I will guarantee a 3 game winning streak from today's BLOW OUT!!
The Colts ALWAYS play their best against the Ravens. Their defense is always the worst prior to their game against the Ravens and when it comes game day, THEY WHOOP'EM!! Peyton Manning was FLAWLESS today and his passes were as accurate as it gets!! He abused our depleted secondary and he knew that coming into the game. They always jump on us EARLY and did it again today. We can't come from behind and win as of yet, maybe in a year or two.

Don't count on that win in Miami, Schmuck. The 'fins aren't half bad this year. We've got a better chance against the "Disa" Raiders the next week.

It's all downhill from there - at least until we meet up with the rest of the division again.

But the AFC is a mess this year, so who knows? We just might sneak into the second season.

Hey, a guy can hope, right?

Were you at the stadium? If so, what did you think of it?

Pete's reply: No, I watched on TV.

I'm putting my spirit on your guarantee Mr. Schmuck because my heart can't take the pain anymore. I agree this was a total team lost, but I may have to make room for the Colts on my teams I can't stand list. But they get props for smacking us around today and I hope Flacco can get around that learning curve while we still have a great defense.

Kevin, Iraq

Pete's reply: Hang in there buddy. They'll be fine, though there are going to be days like this. Stay safe.

Agree it was an all around team loss but I find it hard to believe there isn't someone out there better then Corey Ivey. He was absolutely horrible in the secondary and I think he even had two penalties on punt returns. Yamon Figurs has been a total non factor and still hasn't learned that it is his job to run up to shorter punts and catch them before they hit the ground. Bringing that one kickoff out of the endzone from 6 or 7 yards deep was just stupid and hurt the team. I know they won't release Figurs but someone else should get a try at returns and they should not hesitate in releasing Ivey and bringing someone else in immediately.

I think it's time to give Joe Flacco a break. He's been a good asset thus far, but he does need more experience before going against big teams like the Colts. Troy Smith is well again, why not use him? At least he's done some playing for us.

Personally I also believe that Peyton Manning is not that great of a QB as he's promoted to be. While he's got a strong arm, true, he's terrible under pressure. Indianapolis' real magic lies withing Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison.

But if we lost today to a QB who's as poorly pressured as Manning that either says that he is improving, or our #1 ranked defense is declining. I will admit I am biased against the Colts simply due to leaving Baltimore 25 years ago.

where was the game plan? it was as if Billick drew it up. Why not play to the strengths of a team? why was flacco passing the entire first half?? where was the running? where was the running with the jumbo package. the best thing I saw today was Ray Rice getting a chance to show what he can do. McCalister should be ashamed of himself! and Cameron has not impressed me with his play calling all season thus far. I feel this game was a watershed moment and we looked like we couldn't dictate to any team.

please, let this game put an end to the 'we have a playoff run in store this year' nonsense. time to admit that the ravens are REBUILDING. there's no shame in that. but a team w/a rookie qb, a flat offense (as in, always!!) and an aging defense that got handed its lunch there in indy is NOT a team on the verge of greatness.

the billick era is really done. it got baltimore a super bowl. let's tear down, reubild, and see if harbaugh can do the same.

ur way to nice

Another positive was at least the Ravens weren't penalized as much as in previous weeks; only 4 times for 33 yards. Hopefully this is a continous trend for the Ravens for a more disciplined team.

Pete, You all had to know this was the game the Colts would wake up and burn somebody and it just had to be the Ravens and there WEAK pass coverage! What happened to our strong run game? Where was the defensive preasure? We all knew the game was over at 17-0, now didnt we? Flacco is learning just like Manning did his first season, by playing and not watching. If he wqas to watch then the Ravens should of got a veteran QB when McNair retired. They didnt so somebody please tell "Anita Marks" to SHUT UP! with her whineing of Troy Smith. Troy is not the one at all!


This football team needs to upgrade the WR corps (I mean via trade, FA, waiver wire- this is Ozzie's job). If we don't, we will ruin another QB. Watching our WR is painful.

We also need to upgrade the OL; Joe needs time to throw the ball (i.e. Peyton Manning).

When this season is over, I will be outraged if this organization doesn't transform this offense.



If you're gonna run, run. 3 and a punt on the first series beats an interception every time--and the Ravens may have been able to keep the score down and the fans out of the game.

Rice is already a better back than McGahee--let Willis sulk on the sidelines, and give a double dose of Rice on first down, McClain on second down, and a short pass to Derek Mason on 3rd and short.

Mr. Schmuck,

I think this is the best thing that happened to the Ravens. The game was a great learning tool for all the rookies .... and a lesson for the veterans. REALITY!

The Ravens played most likely the next Super Bowl Champs? Today I do not beleive that any of the NFL teams would have beat the Colts. ( inject this here: I still have sentinmental feelings for the Colts, Baltimore Colts that is)

Flacco today, a stumbling block ... but just wait ... they will become stepping stones one day... and then the NLF better look out.

One day Joe Flacco will take the Ravens to the Super Bowl ... and they will win!


P.S. Thank you for your insight ... and allowing our comments.


Corey Ivy: You stink, next time I see you, you better be picking me up in your cab.

Chris MacAllister: You're slow, and you look as though you are asleep or drunk.(Knowing you, Probably both)

McGahee: Learn how to run North/South. Still can't help the fact you have no heart.

Ray Rice/ McClain: Running backs usually know how to hold onto the ball, those that don't usually end up selling cars.

Suggs: Try hanging up the radio gig and focus on the game. Believe me, you are not very articulate, so it will be time well spent.

Bart: Ditto buddy. Besides, you'll be playing somewhere else next year, so make sure you look good for an audition.

Heap: Please just retire buddy, cuz you just don't want to work hard anymore. Go do another commercial for M&T Bank. Catch the ball/ block! Do something.

Harbaugh: Get a hold of your team, and your coaches. The next time you go up against a team that **** against the run, you better RUN IT DOWN THEIR THROATS! What's the best way to beat Peyton Manning? Keep him on the bench.
BTW: You need a new special teams coach. Is Yamon Figures stupid or lazy? Cuz he sure ain't fast. That guy can't get out of his own way.

Ozzie: Draft some players who love the game, more than they love themselves.

Eric: Get to work and start looking.

Biscotti?: Start liquidating lazy, stupid, selfish players. Forget the money. You're rolling in cake Pipes and you have a great tan, all year round baby.


Pete, guarantees aren't going to well in Baltimore lately. Anita Marks guaranteed a Ravens win today. Of course, she also said Flacco would outplay Manning, so I know you are above her level and I trust you.

Pete's reply: Well, as you saw, my prediction for today's game was correct, though I thought the game would be a little closer.

it's not as bad as it seems. the colts were having a good day and we had a bad one. look at the bright side we're not the worst in the nfl. we're not footballs version of the orioles. we can do it we just have to stay positive.

Ouch! Man the Ravens were undressed by the Colts today, and Yanda may be hurt to boot.
If anyone had any ideas about this being a playoff team, put them to rest now.
Having said that, I don't think they are quite as bad as they looked today. The Colts had been playing well below their talent for weeks and today they put it all together in a big way.
The Ravens got behind early and their depleted line and inexperienced QB weren't up to the job of keeping the ball and scoring points.
There may well be other embarassing losses like this one.
This team has a long way to go, and many holes to fill before it's a contender again, but the Ravens won't be a doormat. They'll have some games when they surprise us in a good way too.

they are a bad team and the only thing worse is your hideous waredrobe.Flacco is primative and has horrible tunnel vision.

Pete's reply: Yeah, but you're ugly and I can change my clothes.

This was a brutal, brutal loss but you know Flacco's a rookie and he's gonna have games like these, it is true that the Ravens need a deep threat because Williams has really not worked out at all. They need to draft one (again) or trade for Roy Williams of the Lions, who I guarantee you really wants out of there. Still as bad as they were offensively, seeing C-Mac get burned twice like that was really disheartening, I know there was very little pressure but still.

I still think this is could be a 7 or 8 win team but this loss was really tough to sit through regardless.

Thanks for the guarantee. If we don't win next week we'll know who to tar and feather!

Here we go again. Another lost. All department of our team shut down. Nothing works for us today. Joe Wacco always hurt the team. Hamburger or whatever you name is, it is time to bring in an experience, poise,and pocket awareness Quaterback like Troy Smith. There is no time for Training on days when we should be winning games. Now I don't blame Trent Dilfer for call this team a pretender instead of a Contender. Flacco need to sit on the bench and watch the game from sideline if you don't want to turn him into another Kyle Boller. Wacco has thrown 7 interception to 1 Touchdown and Hamburger talks like a bitch during post conference. Hamberger is not different from Brian Billick. Same Old Team. Same Old Offense with the same Old BS. The entire Ravens Stink. Every Sunday they give you an headache to start you rough Monday. Let them go back to Cleveland. They have no identity Offensively and Defensively they are getting too Old and Special Team the guys in that group are yet to show up on Sundays. Mr. Hamberger does not see any urgency win a game and I wonder why the Baltimore fan should be Spending their Money watch this Team lose every Sunday. The Economy is Bad and their is no Ballout for the Main Street and at least one thing that could keep us from worring about a bad Economy is watch our team win on Sundays. Anyway Pete I ran out of words.

Another coordinate on the Joe Flacco learning curve? That must be one hell of a curve. So, by that twisted reasoning, Troy Smith will NEVER get to play quarterback in Baltimore!

Five things:

1) This was a coaching / Game plan loss. The team was horribly unprepared to compete against the Colts. No adjustment in the running game to make it work. The Colts played "keep-away" from the Ravens.

2) Jim Leonard must return kicks.

3) Has Ray Lewis ever beaten Peyton Manning?

4) How bad are the Bengals and Browns?

5) How many days 'til "Pitchers and catchers"?

So what's with the revisionist history in the post-game press conferences? Both Harbaugh and Flacco mentioned that they made several attempts to go vertical today... I don't count it if he didn't actually throw the ball deep, so my total was one no matter what the original play call was...

What I saw today scared me because it looked eerily like the Billick-era offense that cost him his job. We can't ever learn to be a big-play offense if we're scared to even attempt. Grow a pair and take your shots, please...

Pete's reply: I go back to my premise earlier in the day. Flacco, after the first tipped ball that was intercepted, became real careful in the first half. By the time they tried to open things up after that, it was too late.

Pete, with three demoralizing losses in a row, how can you "gaurantee" a win for next week?

The whole team looked like "deer in the headlights" out there today...were the Colts that good or were the Ravens that bad? Either way, three losses will probably take its toll and spell out a sub-.500 season.

Pete's reply: How can I guarantee a Ravens win? It's easy. I just say it and hope it happens. Have you ever noticed that people who make predictions only remind you of them when they are right?

Pete, most people dont relize that during the superbowl year we lost 3 games in a row, and that made us 4-5 or w.e and everyone gave up ,but look what happened, went on to win it all, all you people gota stop whining its only week 5......

i think ravens fans expected the ravens offfense to look better under harbaugh than it did with billick running it and it doesnt. not really a big difference but definitely the same result. it was never billick fault why the offense sucked. its the guy who stack up the team with tough defensive players and soft offense players. mcgahee is soft, even when heap was at his best i personally thought he was soft and it looks like i was right, clayton is soft and i dont even know where williams be at. williams is good for some catches and then he always seems to disappear. is that the coaches fault or his?

anyway like i said last week in one of these comments. we have never had quality receivers since billick came here and we still dont. you guys talk about flacco overthrowing and underthrowing guys but look how short his receivers are. he's a rookie and i personally think he has looked fine despite who he is throwing the ball to. why do you think smith is really on the bench? short quarterback and short receivers. never.

one last thing. we already knew our secondary was depleted and we know what happened last year when that happened. everybody picked on the side rolle vacated from. mcallister got burned a couple times but that wont happen again probably the whole season. the ravans will be fine once they get a good starting running back and atleast a deep threat. oh yeah and some back up corners.

Just saw the Dallas - arizona game in OT Romo was smashed to the head by a defensive player and in looking at review the commentators remarked that was close to roughing the passer-- last weeks love tough was roughing the passer right-- My friends have been telling me that the officials should investigated when these calls are missed-- i have resisted this stance but this example and the passed calls against the ravens like mason being called for spinning the ball that i see every other team do and not get called-- something is not right

we are the team that we thought we were. What you saw is what you got. We have no offense. None. At best the odds are Flacco is as easily a bust worse than Boller than emerging out of this wreckage as a decent quarterback. It didn't matter who we had in the secondary, we had no came plan, and the players were lost, actually looking at where Payton was about to throw the ball as if they could orchestrate an interception. This was a beat down.

we are the team that we thought we were. What you saw is what you got. We have no offense. None. At best the odds are Flacco is as easily a bust worse than Boller than emerging out of this wreckage as a decent quarterback. It didn't matter who we had in the secondary, we had no came plan, and the players were lost, actually looking at where Payton was about to throw the ball as if they could orchestrate an interception. This was a beat down.

It appears to me that becaus of Wacco Flacco's draft status he has become our savior. NOt. He's the man and everyone around him sucks. I don't think so. lets surround him some talent. To be successfull you must surround talent with talent. 7 int's,1 td and too many fumbles is not all those untalented players fault that surrounds our super star QB. Why did our coach name Flacco the starter for the rest of the season? He made a premature committment! I wish he did'nt say anything, just let it play itself out. If Flacco is our man time would tell, so far Flacco is FLACNO. How does Troy Smith go from potential starter to fighting to become the #2 QB? Give Troy a shot again, he is a threat that cannot be ignored. It's all about having a chance to win ball games. right now Flacco does not give us that chance.

This sounds like the sequel to Kyle Boller. He has the skills, and talent that is needed all he needs is time. Five years later people are still waiting. Flacco has several bad habits that will be hard to shake that comes from playing at Delaware where his size and height overcame fundamental flaws. He holds the ball to low and loose. He also has the Brett Favre syndrome where he feels that because he has a strong arm he can put the ball anywhere at anytime. The pick to Bethea echoes my point. Almost all of his fumbles come because his internal clock is slower than it should be. He should know by now how long he can hold onto the ball before he must run, pass, or throw it away. It is going to be a long season, but the way things are going in the AFC anything is possible.If Houston can win so can we.

Pete's reply: Except that Boller had many years to earn that reputation. This guy has played five games. Little early for that comparison, don't you think?

umm, its a shame people don't have to take a breathalyzer test before they post here.

The Ravens played like a bunch of panzies wearing black tights!! Oh, the were really wearing those ugly black tights!

Pete.... with your track record, I wouldn't guarantee the sun coming up in the morning much less a Ravens win.

Pete's reply: What do you mean? I'm fleecing those rubes in the Sun media pick contest and I've been right on the Ravens, I think, four out of five times.

Can we please stop with all the spelling alterations of peoples' names when attempting to insult them? Or is this posting board just full of posters with a fifth grade education? It isn't clever. It isn't funny. Especially the guy using Hamburger instead of Harbaugh. Was that a reference to the poster actually pulling a Neil Hamburger? Probably not, a bit too meta for the post. Seriously, if I have to read Wacco instead of Flacco one more time, I'm gonna lose my faith in the human race.

Here's hoping to getting a top notch young receiver for Flacco and soon. By soon, I mean in next year's draft. go ravens.

Peter, Peter, what have YOU (49-25) done to the otherwise sensible; Mike Preston (46-28) ??

Mike, walk towards the light.

Question for Chris McAlister: Did Marvin not use a deodorant before the game ? Ok, i understand, you were trying to avoid defensive pass interference.

Pete, how about (if you can) take mike and dave to McD and buy then a cold drink and tell them that writters don't have to be angry to write about a game. I agree with the folks who believe in the Ravens and realize it's a new game for us. In addition to PCB Rob's comment, I think some of the above guys could get a life and not have football rule their emotions, life is too short.

The Ravens look like they're headed for another top 10 pick in the NFL draft.

I'm thinking they go 6-10.

Right now they are a grinding football team with bad special teams play. Its really hard to spot the upside, and I don't see the Ravens staying feisty as the season wears on.

We can only wonder if Flacco can complete 10 passes in a row without bookending them between fumbles and interceptions.

Can you explain to me why Willis lines up about ten yards deep on 1st and 10? He has to travel that distance to gain a single yard. With a fast defense like the Colts there was no chance.

that was one of the uglyest ravens game i have ever looked like a pro team playing a semi pro team.I predicted they would lose, but i never though they would look so bad doing it. my prediction was 27 to 10 indy.pete says we will win in miami, I dont know where hes coming from, Miami beat us last year, and they are a much improved team this year.Miami has an offense, and we dont they can score points and we cant. prediction miami 17 to10

This goes back to previous messages I left on this blog. The Ravens offense is horrible (like usual), and the defense gets worn out to where they have no idea what to do on the field (especially the secondary). What is different from Billick? Not much as I can see. They are the same horrible offense, with an overachieving defense that sometimes gets the win all by themselves. Everyone needs to realize (Peter included), that the Ravens are way overrated. That had a couple good games that if the defense did not dominate, it would be '0' wins so far this season. Also, can someone explain to me the question I have been posing since the offseason? - 'why did we hire Cam Cameron? Why are people like him in the positions like this? Was he not responsible for the Dolphins last year? My God...The Ravens brass have lost their minds on this hire. Our offense is the laughing stock of the NFL, and it is quite embarrasing to be humiliated like this year in-year out. Can the Ravens ever muster up a play scheme that includes a quaterback throwing 'in-stride', instead of crossing routes, or stop-n-catch routes? I have watched the same games as you, and I have seem plenty of opprtunities, and they have taken NONE. I know I can blame Cam for this, but if we are sticking with the rookie QB, then make him throw it deep, then maybe we can get some respect for the pass, so we can actually run the freakin ball!

That's it - that's my rant....please comment.

Didn't we draft 2 safties and bring in Ayenbadejo to sure things up on special teams ?? Isn't Harbaugh a reformed special teams coach ? Why is our special teams so poor ? Why can we not get any pressure on the QB with a 4 man rush i.e why pay Suggs top dollar when he can't apply pressure without the blitz ? Our secondary is always hurt and with the way we blitz it is too much to ask backups to sit alone on an island with quality recievers for that long . If you need to send 6 or 7 guys on a blitz in order to apply pressure to the QB with either injured or inept DB's you are not going to beat elite passing teams . The offense is another story entirely , nothing but possesion recievers (being generous) . Heap is a shell of himself and Mcgahee is not commited at all . I don't admire his courage(mcgahee) for playing injured when he should of had surgery during the early off season and had his butt in shape and ready to go in week 1 . p.s Willie Anderson is garbage !

i agree ; no need to get distraught. The o's have looked like that for 11 years and tell the fans to have patience. The Ravens are far better than the O's . The Ravens need a better quarterback and Rolle is injured .


I didn't know you had so many cry-baby readers. What a bunch of losers! I won't even waste my time or effort explaining why the sky is not falling to these idiots. You have my sincerest sympathies. Geez, with fans like these, the Ravens may soon follow the Colts and we will be left, once again, with nothing

i would not guarantee any victory
by the ravens, especially on the
road. where they have become
road kill... dead birds just run over,
and look at all the feathers....

the dolphins under the tuna, have
sparked up and beat new england and
san diego at home...

they will lick their chops and
make a leap outta the pool and
devour the weak, intrepid baltimore

as charley eckman said
" call a cab"... i gurantee it.....

Yeah, a total beat-down, much like last year only minus the cold rain.

Its a different defense without Rolle and Landry. We'll never beat Indy playing number three thru five corners.

Surprised that their DL closed the gaps on our run, and also that the offense couldn't adjust their run blocking. Koch was money, but if that's the headline we're already in trouble Salvage-wise: Rice and Flacco got some work and confidence late despite early mistakes; the no-huddle offense got some game live work ( Do unto others before they do it to YOU!);
penalties were down (probably because for much of the game only the Colts played).

Bottom line I feel no dirtier than I did last year after the Indy game. You can't give them ANY breaks, much less FIVE!. Not a great progress report, even if we weren't ever counting on this game in the first place.

Versus good teams, the Ravens are 2 competitive games to 1 uncompetitive

That's my rationalization and I'm stickin with it thru next Sunday

BTW: I listened to the debacle on radio earphone at work. A particularly painful way to take a game like that - Try it sometime!

Pete, would you object to bringing in a veteran free agent to finish out the season at QB? My fear is Joe Flacco is going to get teed up and crushed soon, as obviously his lack of "ready ability" has been unmasked. It took the rest of the league 2 games to figure out how to demolish Joe and the offense. It gets worse from here...Meanwhile Matt Ryan is lighting it up in Atlanta, so I don't blame the Ravens for placing hope in a rookie at QB--- it's just not working out here, and someone's going to get crushed and/or lose all confidence and leadership if things don't change radically....

Pete's reply: I wouldn't do anything radical yet. Give the guy a chance to beat the Dolphins and Raiders.


How about if you learn how to use smellcheck so you can become a writter ?

hey baltimore. get over it. it was 25 years ago that the team you wouldn't support left. and you certainly had no problem taking the cleveland franchise when offered. you are so hypocritical. move on.


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