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October 27, 2008

Ravens: Looking ahead

The Ravens will wrap up the first half of their regular-season schedule on Sunday in Cleveland and, if they can sweep the season series against the Browns with a victory, they'll have a pretty good chance to move into a tie for first place in the AFC North.

This isn't me drinking more of the Purple Kool-Aid, though it's as delicious as it is difficult to get out of light-colored carpeting. This is me looking at what the Steelers face over the next few weeks and seeing that the Ravens have a tremendous opportunity to reposition themselves within their division if they can continue to play well on the road against the Browns and Houston Texans.

Pittsburgh lost to the Giants yesterday, so the Ravens are only one game back in the division standings, and the Steelers are in the midst of a string of games against very tough opponents. They play the Redskins, Colts, Chargers, Patriots and Cowboys in the six weeks leading up to their visit to Baltimore on Dec. 14, so its possible that the AFC North could be won by a team with eight or nine victories.

Maybe even a team near you.

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This weekend, after watching Cam Cameron's offense for the Raven's and Pat Gillick's Phillies in the World Series 2 questions came to mind. #1- How many more touchdowns would the Ravens have scored in the last 10 years if Cameron would have been their offensive coordinator? #2- How many more wins would the Orioles have won the last decade if Gillick had stayed as GM (and been able to run the team as he saw fit?) I think lots and lots.

Pete's reply: I don't even want to think about it.

Excitingly the Ravens look a lot better than I would have thought after 7 games. I agree that with Pittsburgh Squeeler's schedule and the way the other teams in the division look, someone could sit at the top with 9 wins maybe 8. With the exception of the Indy game, the Ravens are 8 pts away from 2 more victories. We should've beat the Titans and the Squeelers...but for a penalty here or there and some bonehead plays. Please coaches jump on Jared Gaither's behing and make him work on keeping still. Ritalin maybe? Just kiddin'. But he really does need some discipline, 4 penalties were costly from him. This can't be done against better opportunistic teams. Smith and Flacco seem like a pretty good 1-2 punch combination in whatever order that it falls. Hmnn...where does Boller fit into the equation? Between the gate and the jet at the airport on his way outta here. Good riddance. No hard feelings toward the guy but he just isn't as good as Billick and Ozzie thought he was. The guy had no cool. Its just something about Joe "Shane Falco" Flacco, that says I'm an NFL QB ! and makes us believe it! Peace !!

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution now has a guy named PeteSchnatz (I swear to God) covering the Falcons.
I leave it to your fertile imagination to picture your byline next to his on any publication in the Universe.
Halloween is a strange time of year.

I Hope Your Right Pete.But I Have A Bad Feeling About Cleveland And Houston.I Pray I'm Wrong And We Can Kick Both Their Butts.

I don't get why some folks continue talking about Boller. Clearly, the team has moved past him this season and more than likely for the future as well. Let it go. Out of all the quarterbacks that played for the Ravens between 1996 and 2007, you'd be hard pressed to convince me that he wasn't better than all but two (Vinny and Dilfer), and that really isn't saying much. Based on what Billick and Ozzie drafted/signed, he was the cream of the Ravens crop. He didn't pan out, but that's the breaks.

Point is...leave the guy alone. He could've taken a few million more to sign on somewhere else and be their backup, but he wanted to come back and prove that he was better. The entire offense looked terrible this preseason, but they cranked it up more than a few notches once the games started to count. Boller did look decent/good before that hit he took, so who knows what would've happened. At this point though, it doesn't matter, so let it be. Even amidst the Ravens' surprising success this season, bitter pessimists still have to take jabs at Billick and Boller. Sad. Spike your purple kool-aid and relax.

Pete, we've already lost to the Steelers so even if we are tied with them, they hold the division lead anyway. I know you guys are paid to write, but it's way too early to start projecting playoffs when we have a very tough oppenent that beat Jacksonville on the road this past weekend. Let's no tlook past this weekends game and focus all the attention on winning another road game. Baby steps

Pete's reply: That's no fun.

Pete Schnatz shouldnt be mentioned by someone who himself is named Dick Watson.

As one of the few native Bawlamorons in London this past Sunday for the International series I would just like to say it was a very strange experience! I wore my Ravens 86 jersey to the game expecting some flack from the "Pittsburgh" fans, but there was none. In fact there was no trash talking to speak of at all. The Brits ARE very reserved and it was almost boring. There were typically British orderly queues for everything. They were knowledgeable about our game but just not passionate about it. I saw a "bloke" wearing a Joe Flacco jersey and asked him if he was from Bawlamer. "No, mate. I'm from Norf Lohndon, but I DO support Bawltimoor." (giving me a thumbs up) Cheers, mate. Another guy was wearing a Ray Lewis jersey so I said, "What's up Ray?" He just looked at me like, "Do I know you?" Sorry, MATE! I am just a little too passionate about my Ravens team and you Brits are not quite ready for that! Cherio you soccer nuts

I've read a bunch and didn't see a good explanation of why there was a timeout called the first time the Ravens had two QBs in the game. There was some speculation that it was because they had two radio receiver helmets in the game, which of course is not allowed (and should not have happened). So Pete, you know what happened? With the talk about the offensive penalties, it's also a "penalty" of sorts to burn valuable time outs.
Thanks in advance,

Pete's reply: Harbaugh said that there was confusion regarding whether the second quarterback had to check in with the officials when he entered the game. The radio capability was part of the issue, but it was the misunderstanding that led to the timeout, because the play clock ran down while it was being discussed.

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