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October 19, 2008

Ravens get it done

The Ravens scored a solid victory, but the best part was getting it done by 3:50 so that they wouldn't infringe on the Redskins' network broadcast. I'm sure John Harbaugh and Cam Cameron added extra running plays to burn some clock out of deference to the 'Skins.

This was as big a win as everyone was saying it needed to be. The Ravens now are in a position to play a soft team at home next week and -- if they can match today's intensity and execution -- move back above .500 before that string of three straight road games.

Joe Flacco bounced back nicely from last week's indignity against the Colts, but it's a little bit difficult to gauge his development, since the Dolphins are not a marquee team. It's just nice to see him come back and look like he was in control of himself and the offense. Good day all around.

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"Dolphins are not a marquee team"
Tell that to Belicheat.

Flacco has been legitimately as consistent as any quarterback in the league this year when given time to throw from the pocket.

Most of his mistakes have been throws on the run or fumbles under durress.

The kids is the truth. I can't wait to see how good he becomes, because it really is just a matter of time and experience.

I'm back with "Whacko for Flacco"

Can't you get a job with the Washington Post? Jerk off!

Pete's reply: Obviously, you're using somebody else's email address, since no one from Gilman has that little class.

Can't you get a job with the Washington Post? Jerk off!

Wow. Lets not get too excited here. It is the Dolphins, who have been not that bad (offensively) coming into this game. Be thankful (as usual) the D for the Raven did not fall apart in the second half, or we would be angry just like (or worse than) last week. Ok, Flacco did not look that horrible, but is he supposed to be against the 'Fins? There were a bunch of plays that there were WIDE OPEN receivers - especially in the end zone - that he didn't either throw to them, or even see them. I am not that impressed. The 'truth' is, he is a rookie, playing a team that is supposed to be worse than us. Save your excitement for when he really 'becomes good'.

Again Peter, I can't wrap my enthusiasm around this kid yet. He has never had that break-out game that we all hope he would have. The wide open passes (that he misses) are a big problem to me. This is not the first week he has had that. He has not played better than Boller - either as a rookie, or a veteran. Please excuse my cynicism, but show me a game he 'really' looks impressive - and I will be glad to start working my way to the Joe Flacco Bandwagon everyone loves here.

Joe has got to hit those wide open looks - especially in the end zone, don't you think?

Pete's reply: I don't think that pass to Heap was a miss. I think it was a misunderstanding.

A good win to be sure and a good game from Flacco after last week. However, if I wasn't before (and I was real close), I am now officially concerned about our pass defense. Once is an accident. twice is a trend. Manning, the Colts...fine, but Chad Pennington and three receivers nobody outside of Miami could name? I'm very afraid.

Flacco did well, but definitely not a "good day all around." He fumbled the ball on our first possession but luckily a Miami penalty negated it. And then on the fumble late in the game around mid-field; what was he doing??? He seemed like he was just staring off into space with the ball. He saw he was gonna get sacked, and he had plenty of time to throw it away, and then after being spun around he still could've thrown it away, but he took the rookie route and decided to fumble it instead. I like Flacco, and it's understood that he's a rookie, but mistakes as such are not excusable, regardless of lack of experience. With that being said, it was nice to see him throw for over 200 yards, though that stat is slightly misleading because many of them came off of screens and short passes. And what's up with under throwing Clayton by a mile on that deep pass?!?! I thought the kid had a cannon for an arm?

Pete's reply: The first fumble was the result of the guy jumping offsides and coming in unabated. He should have dropped and covered, but I don't count that one because the guy doesn't get to him unless he's offsides.

If McGahee didn't "lose" the ball down by the end zone we would have another T.D..he needs to protect the ball better than he did..but the Ravens still won !

Any win is a "good" win, but when it comes after a letdown like last week's debacle and on the road with a makeshift "O" line and "D" backfield, it has to be particularly satisfying! Very impressive........

The Raves have been lacking on the road games and Flacco is starting to bring some rythm with the recievers,it seems.Good tempo on O and nice to see Fabian W. back.Cory Ivy still looks like he guilty of something every series.

Hey Pete,
There are plenty of Gilman kids with no class...

I am so pleased the Ravens finished the game early. That way, the Redskins fans who were so outraged got to see that exciting first-half puntfest with the Browns. I would have hated for them to miss that!

Chris Chester and Willie Anderson played well. Chester has quicker feet than Yanda, and helped blocking downfield on those big screen passes. Anderson got rid of the rust he had filling in last week versus the colts.

OK this game is over. The Raiders are coming to town next week. Pete why don't you give Mike Shanahan a call and see if he'll give you a breakdown on what the Ravens need to do to take down the Raiders. If the NFL allowed it, I'm sure he'd have a website describing how to beat the team of his favorite owner.

Pete's reply: Today's game against the Jets notwithstanding, usually the best way to beat the Raiders is to show for the game on time.


Did you not see that Clayton had zero separation on that ball? The ball hit Clayon right in the hands and he dropped it. The ball was still over 50 yds downfield. Good receivers come back and catch that ball. We don't have a receiver that can go up and catch the contested ball. Give Flacco a break. Most good QBs have a good receiver to catch those jump balls.

Who was number 23, and what did he do with the mediocre at best Willis McGahee I've gotten used to seeing? Is he invited to the game next week? We could use him for the rest of the season.

Nice job calling out the no-class Gilman guy.
Good win today, but the lack of any quality receiver beyond Mason really scares me.

Flacco is our future - give the guy some time...

Hey Peter,
Safety Leonard plays the game hard every week, and gets the most out of his talent - RUDY! RUDY! RUDY!

That name should stick!!

I think the Ravens showed determination on both sides of the ball. Flacco may have had his best game yet as a Raven, though some think he'll never amount to the lofty status Kyle Boller acheived.

This was a must win situation for the purple and black, and they brought intensity to the effort. Good win all the way around.

Ok, so it was the Dolphins. But don't you think a good win with some good offense versus any team is good for a team coming off of three very tough losing games? Anything to get them going for a tough stretch of games coming up. LETS GO FLACCO!

Pete's reply: I sure do.

Flacco is the real deal, his best game thus far coming against the Steelers. Result aside, he was leading the team towards the endzone, and he was in control. He seems to have a very level-headed approach to his craft, which makes him consistent. Ky-Bo never had that kind of poise, which marks the real difference between them. Joe Cool stays cool. He is an exciting quarterback to watch because he has the leadership qualities of a true field general. So lets look at this in the long-view: at this point he has a 64.1 completion percentage and 1079 yds through 6 games this season in comparison to the 51.9% and 1260 yds that Boller produced through 9 games in 2003. That is a major difference between 2 rookie quarterbacks, who have the privelege of playing for a team that boasts one of the leagues best defense's year in and year out. If we keep producing scoring drives, even field goals, and keep the defense well rested, we will always have a chance to win. I think Flacco is a much better QB at this point in his career than Boller was. The stats are the facts.

hey pete...there is a lot of gilman kids with no class. take it from a cardinal.

Hey Pete,

Is it just me or does Flacco actually look more comfortable and effective running the no huddle than just lining up and playing out of the huddle. ??

Also great way to call out that bogus Giman fool. Some people. Maybe the Eagles fans are getting an Early start.

Pete's reply: I'm sure he's more comfortable in the no-huddle because he knows it makes the defense less comfortable.

Sorry, was not singling you out in my post earlier, I was talking to the fans who keep talking about the things Flacco is not doing. Look at the things he does do, whether its against a Dolphins defense or the Steelers defense. Regardless, he was playing Division I-AA teams this time last year, he is not going to be leading MVP ballots this year. True fans are looking forward to what Flacco can and will become, not looking back on the couple routes he may have screwed up, in a game we WON.

Responding to the reader who said "Flacco has not played better than Boller, either as a rookie, or a veteran."

Boller has not once in his career had a game as good as Flacco's game against Miami. Not once. And this was only Flacco's sixth game! It seems crystal clear that Flacco has a great future at QB. I don't see how any Ravens fan can fail to be excited about him.

(Boller put up great numbers in a game against Cincinnati one year, but the productivity all came when Marvin called off the dogs after the Bengals piled up a big lead. With the starters in that game, Boller was horrible.)

That's no Gilman kid...McDonogh, all the way.

Hey Pete,

Who is the Gilman DUD? Good job of calling him out. Did you notice the coward didn't have the gonads to say anything back to you? Go get him tiger! And Steve Davis too!

Pete's reply: I can't expose who the guy actually is, but his email address indicated he was associated with Gilman. It was not, however, an official Gilman email address. To be fair to Gilman -- and I have a lot of friends who went there -- there's no way to be sure the guy went there.

You just can't please these wanna be but not really fans. The Ravens won, why can't ya'll be happy. Stop talking about what Flacco hasn't done and start remembering he has actually played better then some of the so called veteran QB's. Get a grip; this is a new team with new coaches, new QB, new mind set. If you want perfection it ain't gonna happen.

Last comment...
Yeah...Flacco can 'manage' well, but only from playing with a lead. If we fall behind, we are done. Plain and simple.

Pete, congrats on picking the Ravens over Miami and I heartily agree with Matt. Way too many fans are aligned with Mike Preston's "the cup is half empty" philosophy. Flacco did a nice job yesterday. Not a great job, but a nice job which is all that you can expect from a rookie in this league. Disguntled Ravens fans need to enjoy the moment and not try to compare Flacco and the '08 Ravens to Rothlesberger and the '05 Steelers. This is a team in transition. It is also a team that has been in every game except one. If the disguntled fans would try to give credit instead of finding fault, they might enjoy the games a little more. If they can't do that, maybe they should find another team because the Ravens certainly don't need them.

P.S. Pete, I think the disgruntled fans are the same ones who cheered when Boller got hurt a few years ago.

I think Flacco can step up against a good defense down the road. I mean he beat joey porter and his D. That doesn't happen very often when rookie QB's play against joey porter. Believe it or not, the next 3 games could decide if Flacco is for real since the next 3 are against under .500 teams.

dont forget, most people in balt. are working for a Gilman grad..

biggest thing we are missing is receivers,,,,,,if they get open or seperation,wed be 5-1.,joe flacco is the deal,give him time, hell be a good one

yall so called fans are so funny......yall are jumping over flacco for the mistakes he has made.. One idiot even had the nerve to say he doesn't play as good as two left feet boller....So wut he fumbled the ball someone show me a quaterback who hasnt fumbled the ball specially doing an exchange...Then someone had the nerve to say he fumbled twice NO it was once the first one he was ruled down by contact...I think flacco will be fine he will limit his mistakes as time goes on...and every good quaterback has a good wide reciever to throw to. So once we get a deep threat he will look even better

I think everyone needs to realize that 60% of the defensive plays yesterday the starting defensive backfield was Frank Walker, Corey Ivy/Fabian Washington, Jim Leonhard and Nakamura/Zibowski. Injuries have decmated the secondary. Reed is at half mast playing with a bad neck. (I cringe everytime he makes a tackle)
Chris Mac is hurt and he knows it. Samari will be back next week but I don't know for how long. Rex has got to dial it back a little but Rex is like his daddy. Buddy Ryan said once" Blitz is in every food group so I can serve it all day long".

Len, most people in Baltimore are working for a Hopkins graduate and are taught to use capital letters at a young age.

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