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October 28, 2008

Orioles rally

oriole%20bird.gifDon't get your hopes up. It's a little late for the Orioles to rally now, but the team is planning a big fan rally on Wednesday, Nov. 12 at Harborplace and has sent out invitations to season ticket holders. There has been a lot of speculation on the various O's message boards that it will be to unveil the team's new uniforms, the road version of which will -- as reported in The Baltimore Sun this summer -- have BALTIMORE on the front.

We've done a little poking around and determined that some of the posters and bloggers around here are pretty smart. Indeed, the rally will be to launch the new uniforms, which will feature some other changes along with the return of the geographical designator on the out-of-town jerseys.

The Orioles are pretty mum on this because they don't want to let the cap out of the bag, so to speak, but there are rumors they've come up with a new, fiercer bird logo. That would be interesting. I've included the current ornithological bird logo on the right. I guess you could try to imagine it as a blood-thirsty, talon-baring, hawk-like creature, but we're getting way ahead of ourselves. The bird makeover is just a rumor.

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Pete: Is this a day-time, i.e. "lunch time" rally or in the evening?

A more fierce bird on the cap eh? How about something like this:

From your connections to the Orioles, is this the new tougher Orioles logo?

A fiercer bird! Just what we need! Here's a possible Opening Day scenario: Tippi Hedren throws out the first worm, then a flock of crazed O's descends on the Yard, swoops down and pecks the opposition into submission...Nah, with our luck the birds would be riddled with control problems and wind up at Nationals Park instead.

The O's need to go back to the old classic cartoon bird on the hat. That bird sybolizes the glory years (I'll overlook 1988)

Hopefully that's true. Personally I think we should just go back to the old cartoon bird logo. That ornithological bird logo is the absolute dumbest in the majors.

Finally...the Audobon Society might have been fond of the current logo, but those caps are the second worst in the league. The worst are the little league style O's on their alternative cap. I can only hope the rumors are true, and a new logo isn't even more ridiculous.

The old cartoon/mascot bird logo was so much better than this current version. I can't think of one reason not to change things up a little. Worked for the Devil-less Rays.

Alright, its about time they changed the uni's. Now if they could sign some decent players like Tex and Burnett to go with them. That would be great.

Last time this happened we got the Why Not? season. Any truth to the rumors I hear that we're going to skip signing Texeira in favor of bringing back "The Original Moose" Milligan?

A fiercer Oriole? Heck, plenty of people prefer the not-at-all fierce cartoon bird, primarily because the team was actually good when they wore that cap.

"Baltimore" on the jersey is nice, and I'm sure I'll buy a shirt. Lets face it, that's window dressing. I'm sure I'm stating the obvious when I say the O's can wear pretty much whatever they please, and fans will show up, when team doesn't stink. That when I'll get excited.

I love the bird that was on the entrance to memorial stadium,now that was a tough bird ! Would look great on the uniforms,and hey can you remember Boog in that all orange thing they tried! He looked like an orange barney.

ity would be nice to have a new logo like the old one where its more alive sort of speak and just the head. What about a new home to go with it.

What a waste of $$! Like new uniforms will make them better players. As lousy as they are they should play in dunce caps. I guess if I go buy a new suit I'll turn into Bill Gates.

Please, I'd even take the cartoon bird over the current edition. The current is lame and always has been.

I'll be looking forward to some new uni's. Then all that will be left is for the team and ushers to start respecting the fans and Angelos to actually spend the MASN money on payroll to field a decent team. Will that be part of the rally too? Sorry for the cynacism Pete... no offense to you.

Get rid of the ornithilogically correct bird, it has all of the ferocity of Barney. Bring back the cartoon bird for the hats-- with the orange bill. Stop with the Friday night high school looking jerseys and stick with the all whites. It goes without saying but Baltimore on the roadies is a must. Not to mention a HUGE seller in town. I am sure that the reason they will be making the change is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ but the time to change the uni's is now. If we cant watch good baseball we may as well have cool jerseys and hats.

I like the new bird look idea , They could give it a name too .
Caboose ..

I wish they'd bring the cartoon bird back in some way. It remeinds me of winning.


I'm all for the new uni's...let's put the past behind us and rally around McPhail and what he's trying to build here.
And if we can get two free agent starting pitchers to boot...

Coming from the O's marketing dept this is sure to be a disaster. Watch, they will bring the orange pants back:

I think the new logo should be a bird crapping on a windshield, symbolic of how Angelos has crapped on the fans for years here.

ughhh....How about change the make-up of the team winning team? How about text on the jersey that says 'we suck'...maybe on the new 'bad-azz' bird they want to use? Man! Now that would be cool. I have been humiliated enough by them...I don't need a new bird, unless if I am displaying a 'bird' to Angelos - so-to-speak. Yeah...this should get us fans all worked up to buy new jerseys! While we are at it, maybe the O's organization can have 'suckers' tatooed across our forehead. I can't wait to see all of you there! Wooohooo!

Hey Pete. Any chance the new unis come complete with new players? And as far as a new look for the bird, how about incorporating a Jay Payton scowl on it?

Like the proverbial re-arranging of the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Boy, it's great to be in the same division as the Red Sox, Yankess, and NOW the Rays.

Sweet an evil bird. Lets give him a bad attitude makeover, Make him dark like the kids like it. Think more Dark Knight. And change the gimmick to 'Welcome to Flip them the Birdland'.

It'll be super Hardcore!

Maybe the new cap will feature the Oriole holding Peter Angelos by his throat while pecking out his eyes.... too much to ask for I suppose, but it's a thought.

Bring back the goofy bird from 1983!

Regarding rumors of a modification to the bird logo: Your thoughts on there being ANY chance that the bird logo modification is a re-visit to the "cartoon bird" logo?

Pete's reply: I really have no more info than that. Don't even know if it's true.


I know they are big sellers, but can they please get rid of the O's cap.

I say bring back the cartoon-like Oriole bird on the hats! Is their such a thing as a fierce Oriole bird?

the current bird on the cap is the real thing and it should stay that way

They better put some claws in the team before doing it with the bird.

Sounds like a load of guano to me.

While I'm happy that Baltimore will finally be on the road uniforms, I'd rather have fiercer players in the uniforms than fiercer birds on them. How about getting us some good players to go along with the fancy threads, Angelos?

Keep the two tone caps but go back to the cartoon bird.
The home jerseys are fine.
Put Baltimore on the road jerseys.
Wear the two tone caps on the road.

Cartoon Bird Please. The only bird that's ever scored any hardware is the cartoon version.

Pete--Here's the Birds alternate logo from 1968-1976 that has never left my heart as a symbol of playing hard to win, all grit:

Stick with those Birds!

Peter, one of why favorite uniform caps was the one worn by the Angels in their early years - the one with the white halo around the top. It was so distinctive and such a natural. Why did they discard it?

Pete's reply: I don't know, but I have a friend who still has one from our days as Junior Angels in the 60s.

Are only season ticket holders invited to this rally or will anyone who shows up at the Gallery on this day be welcome to the event?

Pete's reply: Don't know, but would assume anybody could come. Really don't think the Orioles would be dumb enough to exclude anybody who wants to come cheer them, though I've certainly been wrong before.

I would like to also see them unvail Mark Teixeira as there new first baseman.

1. Roberts, 2B
2. Mora, 3B
3. Markakis, RF
4. Teixeira, 1B
5, Huff, DH
6. Jones, CF
7.Weiters, C
8. Montanez, LF
9. Insert SS

We need pitching too but it would be fun to see this lineup.

Can the new Bird pitch?

I remember when we had the cartoon bird, few, it seemed liked it, they said it looked stupid. I liked it though and would like to see it come back, too.

How bout it we just make things easy and go back to 1901?

Pete's reply; Great idea. While we're at it. Can I buy your house for $2,000?

Pete, do you remember when the Dolphins went with a fiercer looking Dolphin? That was not so good. I am all for change, as there's plenty of room for the cartoon bird, current bird and this blood thirsty bird.

Pete, new uniforms seem to bring on the best in teams for whatever reason, as you had the Broncos winning the super bowl back to back, the Pats becoming a dynasty and the Rays, regardless of what happens, made it to the series so if we make it to the wild card, I don't care if this new bird has Gary Thorne's head superimposed on it's body, as I just want to see the post season once again with my beloved O's.

What about the 1968 Oriole Bird?

Who is this player 'Insert' at shortstop? :)
I like the idea of naming the bird Caboose!

I like the idea of the uni changes, it's about time, but "clothes do not make the man". What's more important is BRob, Nick, Shotstop, and 3 starters.

Baltimore on the front?
I guess they are trying to seperate themselves from the remaining O's fans in Montgomery, and Prince George's Counties who still prefer the O's over the Nats in the summer but dawn burgandy and gold in the fall.
This stunt will only work if Mark Teixeira is dawning the new uniform.

gotta bring the CARTOON BIRD back !! are you listening marketing and front office ? - The cartoon bird is about 85-90% of the caps in the stands ! That stupid bird now has brought the fans nothing but misery !

What were they wearing in all 4 WS ? - The CARTOON BIRD - equals winning ! Last WS title ? the CARTOON BIRD ! - kids love it (I got hooked on it early, cuz I really liked the bird !) and we all look fondly back on those years !

bring back the TRADITION of the ORIOLE - and the CARTOON BIRD - so it can go back to looking like the mascot BIRD !

Forget all of the Bird logos! Let's get a nice, solid, block orange O on the cap.

It's a classy look, just ask BOS, TEX, LAD, ATL, PHL, CIN, CHI (NL), DET.

Enough with the cartoons and other clownish gear.


You promised more "hence" - don't go all Peter Angelos on me!

For me, NOT having Baltimore on the road jerseys goes back to the 80's when I was an usher at Memorial Stadium. You couldn't say "Baltimore Orioles" One of the "brighter" marketing guys ( a D.C.- E.B. Williams puppet) actually used the term Mid Atlantic Regional Orioles. I almost vomited in my orange usher cap. Even answering the phone in the front office was just "Orioles, may I help you" gak!

Maybe we'll all feel a little better going to Fenway / Yankee South if some of the fans are sporting "BALTIMORE" on our new jerseys.

I love the Baltimore on the roadies. How about a cartoon bird who smiles as long as the O's are better than .500 and frowns when they dip below .500? We could call it the "Mood Bird".

How about bringing back Frank Robinson, Davey Johnson and Pat Gillick.

Or for that matter un-wrapping Peter Angelos in another postion say EX-OWNER.

I'm excited for this. I think we should make our alternate uniforms be our classic ones with the cartoon bird for a hat. The Blue Jays do it and so do the Brewers. I think that would be awesome!!

Hopefully they'll get some fiercer players to go with the new logo and uniforms!

Given the genius that their marketing group has demonstrated, I won't at all be suprised if they go to a letter designation of "BO". Given the play on the field, I'd find this ironicaly appropriate.....

Bring back the CARTOON BIRD!

Let's hope that any new bird design on these uniforms prominently displays a menacing pecker!

Will new outfits make a crappy team better?

i hope it is the cartoon bird so my
hat will be in style

i hope it is the cartoon bird so my
hat will be in style

"Forget all of the Bird logos! Let's get a nice, solid, block orange O on the cap.

It's a classy look, just ask BOS, TEX, LAD, ATL, PHL, CIN, CHI (NL), DET."

The difference between the Orioles and all of those teams is that all of those teams put the first letter of their city/state on their hat.

A solid black cap with a bold orange "B" at home and the same cap with an orange bill on the road would be worlds better than the ornithological bird cap and the "O's" cap.

Looking forward to the new road jerseys. I just hope they don't go back to the black lettering with orange trim. That looks horrible. Stick with the orange lettering with the black trim

How bout bringing back the "hit it here" sign in the outfield in the 90's. What ever happened to that sign?

How about a new, fiercer "O" logo?

Should really appeal to the Olney demographic.

i hope it is the cartoon bird so my
hat will be in style

In defense of the current bird...

I, too, like the cartoon bird again. I used to hate it; I thought the Orioles had the worst cap in baseball with its cartoon bird.

When they went with the ornithological bird in 1989, I thought it gave the Orioles a classic look that was also a nod to the original logo design of the 1950s.

Now I'm bored with it. Bring back the cartoon bird that now symbolizes the glory days of winning teams and is also kid-friendly.

The current bird is a classic that I would hate to lose. I liked the cartoon bird when I was a kid - but that's when I was a kid! Heck, even the classic block "B" (1963?) was wonderful

IF they go back to that cartoonish and dumb bird on the cap from my childhood years of the 1970/s I will NEVER wear an Oriole cap or t-shirt (just like I never did until they used the current 'real' Oriole on the cap. Yes, folks that IS what an Oriole is and what it looks's not a cartoon! If you put a cartoon on the cap, we look like idiots running around in a men's game. I outgrew cartoons in 1963 when I was 8 years old.

The only reason people hate the current uni's so much is because the team that wears them has been so disappointing for so long. I like the new bird, and I liked the old one before that, and I imagine I'll probably be fine with whatever new version they come up with too.
How popular the new uni. becomes depends on how well the team wearing it plays.

I love the old style smiling bird, especially on the caps. Let's go back to it.

How about an orange letter 'B' on a black cap for the away uni's? That would look great with Baltimore on the jersey.
Also, how about an alternative jersey that has Angelos spelled out in cursive on the front, with a big steamy brown load piled on top?

Ok. Is anyone going to remind Peter Angelos who the General Manager of the World Champion Phillies is??

Our own Pat Gillick. Remember him? Assembled the only wire to wire team. We had a great manager (Davey Johnson), Ray Miller (great pitching coach). Of course, this was not good enough. Mr. Angelos needed more control. Well, he's got it and look where we are... LAST PLACE.

If I worked in the Nationals Front Office (and I don't), I'd have to assume that the Orioles were placing the word MASN on their road jerseys.

Let's go O's!

Hey, if you can't play good, you might as well look good...I agree with going back to the 60's/70's bird logo

Hey, if you can't play good, you might as well look good...I agree with going back to the 60's/70's bird logo

Hey, if you can't play good, you might as well look good...I agree with going back to the 60's/70's bird logo

Okay, there are WAY too many people out there who want that horrible cartoon "Gooney" bird back. I always HATED that thing--it's appropriate to call it a "cartoon" bird because that's the message it delivers--you're a cartoon, a joke, something for kids, juvenile, not be taken seriously. If you want to go old school, go back to the 19th century-early 20th century Orioles of the International League. That was a BIRD. Not a joke, not a cartoon. And it seems to me we change the bird too many times, it changed a couple of times in the 90s--you might recall a couple of seasons when it looked more like a pigeon. And to be accurate, there's really no way to be "ornithologically" correct because there is no such thing as a Baltimore Oriole anymore. Due to breeding with other bird species, the pure bred black-and-orange Baltimore Oriole no longer exists, so they can make it look pretty much whatever they want, but let's keep it serious. No cartoon birds, please!

I'm in the crowd of folks calling for the "B" to be placed on the hat's. That's the one thing, when giving the run-down on team's that have a "lettered" cap, I'm quite sure EACH of them has the letter of the City they represent... in some cases (Phillies, Cubs come to immediate mind) It's irrelevant as their acronym is "squared". I don't care too much for the Cubs hat that is combination letter & cartoon, so I wouldn't want to see that. I think the O's need to throw the "B" on there, and design it to resemble somewhat the "B" the Raven's use, so we can finally have a "B" that's known all over to represent Baltimore, just as Boston has their "B", both NY teams have the "NY", the Dodgers have "LA" the Braves "A" (I guess Oakland would be a team that uses the letter representing the mascot not the city). Anyway, the "B" is the ticket, and have it somehow coordinate with the Ravens "B" and get us on the Map the way we should "B" :-) *And a HELL yeah for "Baltimore" on the Roadies...

new uni's worked for the cap's. i say let's do it.

and give me a b'more jersey ..and c'mon MLB lets get an away vs the cards this year!

v is for very good.

To all the people complaining about wasting efforts/resources on a new uniform rather than a better team: my question for you is, what is your point? It takes little to no cost or resources to do this, so I don't see how it makes any difference.

"Man, if we only didn't redesign the uniforms, maybe we'd have better players this season."

Yeah, because Andy M. and company spent all their time and money redesigning those uni's themselves. Right.

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