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October 26, 2008

All around great day to be a Ravens fan

From Jonathan Ogden's Ring of Honor ceremony to the razzle-dazzle 43-yard pass from Troy Smith to Joe Flacco, it was very uplifting day for the Ravens, who had little trouble dispensing with the hapless Raiders.

Don't know what this says about the rest of the season, since the Ravens were supposed to win the game handily, but Smith's debut put to rest all the Terrell Suggs foolishness and the big pass play ended with Smith being held up in the air by Flacco in a show of team unity that couldn't have come at a better time.

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Great game--still winning ugly in many senses--but a decisive win none-the-less.

Hey Pete.... While you're slinging all this love around, how about showing some for the Terps who cracked the top 25 in both the AP and Coaches college football poll coming in at # 25.

Hey Pete.... While you're slinging all this love around, how about showing some for the Terps who cracked the top 25 in both the AP and Coaches college football poll coming in at # 25.

Pete's reply: The thing that cracks me up is, after they beat two top-20 teams early in the season, they couldn't' get a sniff of the polls, but they eke one out against NC State and they jump right in in.

It was a good game Pete. I liked that Flacco has corrected some of his issues with spotting the 'wide-open' guy. He was not perfect, but he had an overall good game. Of course, it was the Raiders! I had to say it.

Anyway, can someone explain to me whay Gaither's problem is? He was single-handedly handing over the ball to the Raiders...especially when we could have had possibly two more scores from it! I hope someone down there jumps in his @$#% about what problems this can cause when playing a better team than the Raiders. Ughh.....just when I wanted to start feeling better about my Ravens.

Also, I thought Troy looked real good - right next to how well Flacco played. I like the experiment plays with both QB's, but don't know if you want to put your 'future' franchise QB at risk on too much stuff like that. Don't you think?

Good win, BUT they have to learn to put a team away instead of starting to play BILLICK ball half way into the 3rd quarter.

Boog stealing 2nd
Troy to Flacco

The Terps couldn't get a sniff of the polls because they kept losing to terrible bottom-feeders.

Don't get all over Jared Gaither. For every penalty, he was throwing pancake blocks (when an opponent is flattened) and protecting Flacco's backside.

The ineligible downfield on the goal line? My take is this was ticky-tack at best. Unfortunately, CBS did not replay this to plead Gaither's case.

I love seeing this creativity out of the offense. Kudos to Coach Cameron !

Flacco is going to be a very solid NFL quarterback. I love the combination of Flacco and Smith !

I sure hope we see this kind of creativity against the better teams as well. It's time for the offense to no longer play it safe. Let's take it to the other teams both O&D !

I love seeing this creativity out of the offense. Kudos to Coach Camron !

Flacco is going to be a very solid NFL quarterback. I love the combination of Flacco and Smith !

I sure hope we see this kind of creativity against the better teams as well. It's time for the offense to no longer play it safe. Let's take it to the other teams both O&D !

Hey Schmuck. How awesome was it to use troy smith in all those packages? I think it could be so entertaining to have the option as an option. He looked solid after being out all this time. Wow it made my day having that man back there. Flacco played okay, didn't really amaze me with his QB'ing skills, although his catch was pretty cool for a QB. His run wasnt all that bad either, looks pretty mobile for a guy his size in terms of straight line speed. However, I really think that Troy Smith is still the better option for now. I still think we can open up more of the playbook with Smith rather than Flacco. We've argued over this before, and I'm honestly a lot less hateful of Flacco than i've been. I've hated the choice of flacco since we drafted him but I'm easing a bit on him. STILL I think Smith is our best bet for now. I hope he gets alot more playing time. If flacco sucks big time in a game, I hope Harbaugh doesn't hesitate to put him in there.

Pete's reply: I really have to disagree. Smith threw one sweet pass and you're anointing him, but Flacco wins four of his first seven games as a rookie and you're just warming up to him a little?

I was actually discontented by some conservative play calling in the 2nd half but very pleased with the effort to get that last td.Keep hugging those refs next week,too,boys.

Hey Pete - -

Flacco threw a TD, ran for one, and came 6 yards away from catching one as well.. Do you know if anyone has ever Run, Threw, and caught a TD in the same game before?

Pete's reply: I would guess it has probably happened, but if he had scored on the pass, the Ravens surely would have found out for us.

Well Pete the actual score should have been 29-3, but the Ref's gave that TD to them for pitty. Flacco amazed the fans with his down field catch but I agree with Jami. I dont need my future QB at risk down field like that! Troy Smith is only good at gadget plays, and Suggs needs to Shut Up and about who should QB! Worry about yourself Suggs. We only see you playing good for a payout contract and then you will sputter!
Can we say "Trade?"

To answer Tyler's question, I believe Ladanian Tomlinson has thrown, rush, and caught a td pass in one game.

Gaither has gone from a 'work in progress' to a pretty solid tackle pretty quickly.

Oakland came in feeling pretty good about itself. The Ravens defense never gave them a chance to get build on that with a shutdown 1st half.

I like the changes of pace that Cameron inserts, but I don't know if I want to be risking Flacco too often.

Smith did look smooth running his portion of the offense and I hope we see some more of that as the season progresses.

On the bad side, our receivers didn't seem able to get any separation at all today other than the breakdown on the Flacco to Williams TD pass. That's something I do not understand nor like. The Ravens are going to have to throw the ball eventually against some better teams.

Troy Smith is not the better the better option and never will be, will everyone please watch football...I mean really watch it and understand it before you think a 5'11" QB who wants to run half the time before he throws, has a 3/4 side arm throwing motion and a very iffy arm when it comes to his accuracy isn't a better option than a 6'6" QB who has great poise for a rookie with only 7 games under his belt, who knows it's his job to be a QB not a running back but is still pretty darn mobile for a man of his size, has a near perfect over the top throwing motion and mechanics and is also very very accurate so far at least compared to Smith or Boller already in his career...christ I'm so sick of these people! I have to go around Baltimore and listen to all these geeks who have never played except in their back yards at a cookout that think Troy Smith is the second coming of Carson Palmer because he won a college award. He's more like the second coming of Andre Ware. I loved Harbaughs comment that are calling that offensive play package "The Suggs Package"...classic!

Schmuck... you're so biased for a writer it's insane. Why would I have to warm up to Flacco when the man has more than double the amount of INT's he has TD's? He takes forever finding someone other than his first option, which usually leads to a sack, has trouble throwing the deep ball, and is really limiting the playbook. And you're telling me why am i JUST starting to warm up to him? I mean, I think every raven fan went ballistic after we won the first two games, saying flacco is awesome but what did he really do in those two wins? I watched both, and he did NOTHING impressive in either. He threw two picks in the cleveland game, i was at the game, and he looked terrible at so many points. I'm a true Ravens fan, but I'm dumbfounded when people think it's Joe Flacco that has led us to being 4-3... Is it really Flacco? Or is it our defense that always gives us a chance to win? I believe it's the latter.. But anyhow, I didn't anoint Troy Smith to being Brady, I said it was awesome having the option as an option. As in the running option? Also, he opens up the playbook does he not? He can make something out of nothing and he really gives us a better chance to win now, and blah blah blah yeah yeah yeah you're going to disagree with me being a FLACCO LOVER. Another thing that really BLOWS my mind is how hateful ravens fans are of Suggs because of his use of the word "bounty". I mean the man has what, like 6 sacks now? A pick for a TD? That's nearly pro bowl numbers already isn't it? He's playing like a man possessed and people want a TRADE? insane. I'd never trade this guy, he plays with passion. Also Jarret Johnson is stepping up to the plate this year, he's playing insanely well. Anyway, Troy smith > Joe Flacco. Don't wait for another 3 INT performance to admit it. Because it's coming.

Pete's reply: This is a blog. I'm supposed to be biased.

By the way Schmuck, I think you and I are going to be really good friends. You're going to be hearing from me ALOT. I really enjoy your blog, write more often. Maybe one time we can get coffee and I can argue how Smith > Flacco. For the present being anyway.

Pete's reply: I kind of figured that and am looking forward to the lively debate. Thanks for taking the time. If everybody agreed, it would be a boring world.

Flacco should not be lined up at the WR spot...ever. IF you want him to be a franchise QB, don't put him at risk like that, especially after the $$$ he is getting. YES...the exciting play with him and Troy was nice, but I hope the Ravens don't try this against any other teams we have left. They will take his head off - for sure. Then, we can se just how good Troy is as a starter...right? Hehehehe. Sorry, had to say it. Excited about the win though - and a Steelers loss. We should have played hard all the way through the game though...allowing a TD against them should have not have happened. And was a TD....look at the tape.

It's true that the numbers (int-td) aren't there yet for Flacco. those things will come. The reason that people around these parts are so excited about the kid lies in the passing yards as well as in his completion percentage. He is a rookie, from a D-1AA program that has passed for over 1200 yards already, completing over sixty percent of his passes along the way. Of course he hasn't looked phenomenal but considering that Peyton Manning only completed 56% of his passes his rookie season out of Tennessee, and the fact that Boller only threw for 1700 yards last year total means that this kid shows some promise that Baltimoreans haven't seen from the QB position in awhile. But more than statistics, the intangibles are the reason to get excited about Joe Flacco. Troy Smith has started games for this club and he looked nowhere near as poised, as like a NFL quarterback as Flacco has from the moment he signed his contract. From Troy Smith's first snap he has felt like a barely more accurate version of Boller. Derrick Mason has been particularly outspoken with his praise for Flacco. Mason played with Steve McNair all troughout his good years, and it is obvious that he feels the kid is the real deal. You might say that's because Mason is his favorite receiver but isn't that what we want from a quarterback? The ability to hit his wide receivers? We have cried for so long about not having a decent receiver and here we have one putting up decent numbers for a Ravens wide receiver. He doesn't have the stretch the field ability sure, but from what I have seen from Mason this year, Joe Flacco has him playing inspired: breaking tackles, taking hits, blocking.
There are those of us who sit around and drink the purple Kool-Aid and believe that Joe Flacco is the second coming of Johnny U and there are those of us who refuse to believe, jaded after so many years of disappointment and failure. But there are others who are simply sitting, watching the games and the players, the plays as they play out before us, and feel a slight twinge deep in our stomachs when the offense takes the field. Not the twinge of nausea we have come to expect and endure, but a twinge of hope, of excitement and we scoot a little closer to the screen, the field, anxious to see what number five has in store.

I did enjoy the mix it up plays from Coach Cam and it was refreashing to see different schemes of the offense. But does the coaching staff really think its a good idea to have the very possibility of both your qb's go down on one play. What happens if they run the same play sometime and Smith gets plastered as he released the ball and Flacco makes the catch and gets hammered by a D'back or tears an MCL or something? You could lose both players to injury. Could very well happen! Not so sure thats a good idea.

I just moved to Alexandria so out of Ravens market. I had to search to find someplace with the game, but I'm so glad I did.

How many ways did the Ravens impress? Let me count the ways.

1) Flacco 70y TD pass to Demetrius Williams
2) Haloti Ngata as a Tight End? And blocking for a TD run?
3) Flacco as a Wide Reciever
4) The Miami Wildcat offense one week after Miami (Or do they call that the OSU package? Either way)
5) Ray Rice continuing to be the go to passing back for those screens.
6) Special teams performing beautifully to give Oakland pitiful field position all day long.

It was a beautiful day to be a fan and two games in a row, even if it's two games against weak teams, bodes well. If we can take it to Cleveland and exit with a win, we may have enough momentum to beat the Giants as well.

We're right back in this thing, boys and girls.

As far as catching, throwing and running for TD's in one game, I'm pretty sure LaDanian Tomlisson did it a couple years ago.

As far as catching, throwing and running for TD's in one game, I'm pretty sure LaDanian Tomlinson did it a couple years ago.


My friend ever hear of digging the hole deeper??? Troy Smith has some upside but not even close to the upside Flacco has. Troy is doing now exactly what he'll be doing if he's lucky in five years. He's playing slash and backing up. He's very comparable to Kordell Stewart who did catch lightning in a bottle one year, but over the course of a career will not dominate. He's a great backup to have but that's where it ends.

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