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August 12, 2008

Today's featured comment

Yes, today's featured post is too early in the morning to fairly reflect the mood of the masses, but since I make the rules on this blog -- and break them regularly -- I can always post another great comment later in the day. Here's John Fuller, speculating about something we all have probably thought about over the past week or so:

John's take: While attending the O's game last Sunday, the scoreboard indicated that they were about 40,000-plus fans short of identifying the 50 millionth fan to attend an Orioles game at Camden Yards. Checking the O's schedule, I noted that the next three home games are against the Boston Red Sox. Obviously, the lucky 50 millionth guy or gal will be announced at this series.

Having said that, how maddening would it be if that 50 Millionth fan is wearing a Red Sox Nation cap and shirt? As arrogant and obnoxious as they usually are at Camden Yards (Let's go Red Sox, let's go) this would be an ignominious and terminal irony.

Pete's take: Ignominious is a pretty strong word which, interestingly enough, has never appeared in The Schmuck Stops Here before, but it certainly is going to rankle some Orioles fans if somebody in Red Sox regalia ends up holding that giant cardboard $50,000 check. Maybe we can convince Peter Angelos to go to his bank and do a Stop Payment on it.

I take it back. If he could do that, he would have done it to Albert Belle.

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Hopefully, the O's brass will have enough sense to make sure the '50,000,000th fan' is an O's fan.

Maybe there should be a stipulation that the person must have Orioles attire on at the time. That way, even if a Red Sox fan won, he would have to be wearing orange and black. How many Red Sox fans would do that just for a chance at the big prize?

Pete's reply: That's a capital idea, but I don't know if they could change the rules at this late date.

That would be fitting if it was a Red Sox fan, since they're the ones that fill the stadium up, regardless if the sox are actually playing the orioles that game. Nothing like a sox fan at a Os - royals game.

I would hope that they would just lie when selling the tickets and wait for an actual orioles fan to come to. I mean, how many people actually are counting fans?

TerryP - Though it makes for good debate it would be a stretch to say that Miguel Tejada will be a future HOF. His carrer numbers are a .287 BA, 270 hrs, 1085 RBI, and .342 OBP. Those are good, but nothing there says HOF.

What about post-season. In 85 abs he has a .212 avg with 1 hr and 8 rbi. Those numbers stink. He khas never led his team to the World Series.

Though he won an MVP in 2002 he would not be considered the premeir player at his position during his career. When he was at his best his competition was Jeter, ARod, and Nomar.

Add to that the steroid issue and lying about his age and his chances become less. So unless he has 7-8 very good years, far better than his last two seasons, his chances of becoming a Hall of Famer are dim.

Also I beleve DCab would start ahead of Rasner and Ponson in New York. Finally, the jury may still be out on MacPhail, but most Oriole fans are elated that this team is now under his control and has some sort of direction.

Pete -

After reading some of the posts from the past couple of days, I'm convinced you ought to have folks required to take a drug test before they're comments are approved.

So now it's back to bashing Any MacPhail and Trembley. Hey criticizing a managers decisions during the game is fair play. And I'm sure Trembley's tired of seeing veterans botch basic/routine plays. Some seem to forget that this current team is not exactly the team he picked. He has quite a few bad contracts, and realistically the only way to get out of them is to terminate them, which they did with Gibbons, trade em, or let them play out.

As for Trembley and the use of the pen, fair enough. Perhaps he should have gone to JJ to protect the lead last night. However, let's not underestimate the loss of Albers (and TerryP he was not an injured arm dealt to us at the time, do some homework), and the trickle down effect here. Trembley has to find another reliable reliever. He can't just burn out JJ down the stretch in a season where we are playing just to try and stay out of the cellar. Our lack of producing prospects over the last decade has really caught up with us here. The last couple of Jordan drafts have added depth to our pitching, and we should be on the verge of seeing a few more arms make the difference of having to march the likes of a Lance Cormier out there.

Last time I'll bring this subject up. Montanez not playing enough. Tough, you earn your way here. Not based off of one monster season in AA. There are reasons for playing Payton in CF. Like ah some defense. Just ask some of our pitchers how critical the middle defense is. And I do believe the O's are playing Payton more as well to gauge any interest in a trade. Look at what's just happened in Tampa. Late season injuries to contenders, tend to raise the stock on players that otherwise wouldn't be on any one's radar. Yes most teams are aware of Payton's abilities, and lack thereof. However he has played for quite a few teams. So all these teams were wrong? He brings nothing to the table? Then why is he always getting picked up by someone? At this point, he's a serviceable option, that wouldn't cost much in a trade.

Last night I was thinking about the chance the $50K will go to an out-of towner (Red Sox or Yankee fan would be the worst) and perhaps there's a way to change it to "Orioles fan wearing Orioles gear". It really should go to an Orioles fan, period.

On one hand I think it should go to an O's fan, on the other, anything that embarrases the owner is pretty ok in my book.

This is from the Orioles:

"Using our turnstile scanning technology, we will know as soon as the 50 millionth and 100 millionth fans have entered the ballpark. It will be based on turnstile attendance that game, though as you know, MLB attendance is calculated with paid attendance. For example, if we are 10,000 fans shy of the magic number heading into a game, we will know the moment the 10,000th person walks through the gates.

The moment that happens, we will know what gate the fan came in and we will then designate a fan at that moment from that entrance to be the 50 millionth/100 millionth fan. The fan will be immediately notified, and there will be some sort of celebratory moment right then and there (confetti, balloons, etc.)"

Sounds like it won't be the exact 50,,000,000th fan, just someone who happens to be standing in the right place at the right time: and most certainly in orange and black.

Book it. Done. Next thread.

Why not give the $50K to me??? Just an idea

There's going to be a serious uprising amongst the fanbase if a Boston/NY fan is chosen as the magic fan. Overall, this promotion is a great idea, and it should generate a lot of excitement. But the Orioles are also potentially causing themselves a lot of trouble. When you're talking about giving away $50k/$100K, there's going to be someone out there that's going to try to dispute the thing and say that he should have been the rightful winner. "He cut in front of me in line," or "...I bought him his ticket." If they were just giving away season tickets that would be fine, but the money denomination has the potential to cause a lot of problems for the Orioles. In a perfect world it would go off without a hitch, but this isn't a perfect world. As an example, let's say that a Boston fan walks through the turnstile. The computer that scans the ticket when you go through indicates to the usher that this is the 50 millionth fan. The Boston fan doesn't think twice about the weird look the usher gives him until he notices that the Oriole fan behind him wins the contest. Then he starts thinking that it was really him. I may well be paranoid, but all if would take is someone with the necessary funds to get a judge to order an investigation into the computer records for this contest. If they were able to prove that the contest was in theory "fixed" so that an Oriole fan won, the Orioles would be out a lot of money, and that would ultimately be more publically embarrassing than just awarding the Boston fan the honor to begin with. That said, I hope there is a fix on, because I don't want one of their smug, sneering fans to win, as it would make me sick to my stomach moreso than I already am when they come to town.

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