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August 10, 2008

Postgame Dave

Dave Trembley gave some credit to the Texas Rangers for busting out of short offensive slump to score 15 runs in the series finale. If it's any consolation, the Orioles still outscored them for the series, 25-16.

"(Ian) Kinsler and (Josh) Hamilton obviously are having great seasons and they kind of make it go for them."

Chris Waters struggled with his command and gave up six runs over four innings. He now has a major league ERA -- 4.50 -- which perfectly reflects one good outing and one bad one.

"Waters was a different pitcher today. A lot was up. In Anaheim, I don't think he there were four or five pitches above the knees, and today, I don't think there were more thann four below the knees."

Finally, Trembley wasn't going to heap the whole thing on shortstop Alex Cintron, who had a dismal afternoon.

"Obviously, there were some plays that shoulda, coulda, woulda...but you've got to make pitches and you've got to shut them down. That's probably one he'd like to do over...I'm not a negative person. I'm not going to take a shot at him. I've seen him have better days."

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Off subject Pete, but why is there such a lack of interest for Barry Bonds? Astros say no they aren't looking to sign him after Carlos Lee is DL for the season. Is there a secret society against Bonds in MLB land?

Cintron was horrible and unfortunately it isn't the first time I have seen it. I watched his rehab at Bowie and he singlehandedly cost the team a game by his lackluster "I don't want to be here" like performance. He didn't run out balls to first base. He didn't bend over and field his position and in the end he got his loudest cheer when he was taken out of the game. I booed him loudly and proudly today because he deserved it 100%. He needs to be released today. Save them team a trip to Cleveland. Bring up Fahey. At least he hustles, respects the game and works hard to get better. Cintron does none of the above. He was a disgrace to the team today and the next time he plays, if there is a next time, he will disgrace himself and the team once again.

was randor bierd's era for sunday's game infinity?

Pete's reply: yup

I'll take a shot at him. Here's my earlier post; For all those posters who were asking why we had a good defensive SS batting around .200 in there over a .285 hitting shortshop that is mediocre at best in fielding, you now know why. Cintron's fielding led to the Rangers breaking this game open in the 5th not too mention earlier runs. In fairness to Cintron he's more of utility/pinch runner type. Hopefully this will put those stupid posts to rest, but alas it probably won't.
Granted Waters did throw worse compared to his debut outing, but it wouldn't have been nearly as bad if we had a better defensive SS in there this game. The bullpen on the other hand was atrocious again. I hope Sherrill passed through waivers so they can get at least an A minor leaguer with some upside. His act is old.

I agree with Jeff, as I am not sure why so much love for Cintron? I will take Castro any day of the week over Cintron. I am sorry, but the sun in the eyes was a joke and a terrible way to start off the game and then there was his terrible positioning in which he couldn't get to the ball and start a DP.

This team can live with .200 hitter, but it can't live with shoddy defense up the middle. I am not saying Waters shouldn't be held accountable, but it would have been nice to see what might of happened if he got some defense.

There were a lot of posters on Roch's blog that said they can't stand to even look at Mora so where are you guys now? Dump Melvin, Dump Payton, Dump Millar. Who and where are these stud prospects that will replace these guys? Rebuilding doesn't mean put every young guy on the team and let them sink, as did anyone ever give Payton any credit for how much he has mentored Adam or did anyone see Melvin, talking to Waters in the dugout after the 3rd inning? This is why you have Vets on the team.

This team is finally moving in the right direction under Andy and Dave so no matter what happens from now until the end of the season, this has been a fun season to be an O's fan. This team never quits and the crowds are starting to come back so even though there is a lot of work to be done (Starting pitching), there is hope which wasn't here after 2007.

The Orioles are still playing? Olympics, Ravens, Orioles. Hmmm. Who should I pay attention to?

The easiest way for them to be competitive is to transfer to AAA, where they belong. Then they could play the Tides.

You know you are allowed to revise your entries for spelling errors, right?

Today we have the extremes. Birdland Todd is right on with his analysis, and easywriter01 is a nitwit and not a true fan. If he understood baseball he wouldn't have made the ridiculous comments he did about the Birds.
Schmucker, its about time your paper does a positive article on Mora. He has been the most productive player in the American League since the All Star game, and is on his way to a 100 RBI season. At the begining of the year O's fans would have killed for a 3rd basemen who could drive in 100 runs, and they already had one on the team. Hats off to Melvin for turning his season around.

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