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August 27, 2008

No trade buzz

huffhomer.jpgOkay, so it's not as big a deal as the July 31 waiver deadline, but there's another trade deadline coming up this weekend and we're not hearing anything in the way of buzz around the Orioles.

Last time I looked, Aubrey Huff was having a terrific year and would seem to be the kind of player who would draw some interest at this point in the season. His run-production numbers have risen to the point where his $8 million salary for next year no longer seems like the albatross it once was.

Huff (right) reportedly cleared waivers, but all remains quiet on the front office front. Maybe other clubs are still skeptical about him after several years of declining numbers. Maybe it's just that nobody sees him as the perfect fit as the last days run out to be eligible for the postseason with another team. Maybe the Orioles changed their main switchboard number to 1-800-WELOVETHERAVENSNOW and forgot to tell anybody.

I'm guessing Huff isn't complaining. This couldn't be a worse time for trade speculation in his life, since his wife is very close to delivering the couple's first child.

AP photo

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Maybe another reason for the seeming lack of interest for Huff is the option of signing Barry Bonds for next to nothing (his agent Jeff Borris says Bonds would play for the major league minimum salary and donate it to charity) as one month rental player .

just as a baseball fan dont you wish the orioles and rays could make a deal for huff? They could certainly use the help and id love nothing better then to see them win the East over the sox and yanks. plus im sure one of their good young prospects would look good in an oriole uniform. By the way when was the last time the redsox and yankess didnt make the playoffs?

If McPhail's stance on trading Huff is "I have to be overwhelmed," I fully agree with him. Solid clean up hitters don't grow on trees. While Huff is not a golden glover at any position other than DH, he is the biggest bat in the Orioles major and minor leagues. And he is useable at 1b and 3b if needed.
He seems to have turned a corner with his first half hitting to a sufficient degree. He has been a model citizen at least publicly since the off-season incidents and I suspect with the "baby on the way" he will only mature more.
There is no indication that he is divisive within the team.
His value is greater to the O's than any other team right now and for 2009. He isn't blocking the signing of Tex, he isn't blocking anyone in the minors and his age is such that his remaining contract years should be decent. The O's don't have a bat for the middle of the lineup "ready" in the Minors other than Weiters and if Weiters comes to catch mid-2009, Ramon H will not be the answer at DH or 1b.
Huff is #7 in the entire AL in OPS, ahead of Sizemore, Hamilton, Morneau, Longoria, Mauer and Guerrero (and Markakis for that matter).
You could even argue that he is a BARGAIN at his salary.
The O's pitching needs help, but no one is going to give the O's a real #2/3 starter plus a couple of better prospects for Huff. Short of that sort of "overwhelming" deal, why would deal Huff?

Huff is having a career year. But is it for real? I think any team that wants his bat doesn't want his price tag and what return we may get for him might not be worth it.

All is quiet on the trade front as well as at the Yard. Too bad the O's dont have a creative marketing dept to entice fans to show up....this team / season is boring

It is hard to believe that someone has not claimed him. He's still fairly young by most people's standards and he's having a great year. With only one affordable year left on his contract, why wouldn't someone want that kind of bat for the last month.

That said, I think the O's could be crazy to move him for the reasons above. Moving Huff and not extending Roberts and Markakis is only going to hurt our chances of getting someone like Texiera, if that's at all possible.

Pete: I see that idiot Marriotti resigned claiming he's too good for "the dying newspaper industry". Who now replaces him as the countries most despised sportswriter?And let's have a moment of silence for

More Boras craziness: P Alvarez has been placed on the restricted list since he won't report after signing. Boras claims the deal happened after midnight and should be void. Pitt says Alvarez signed before Hosmer(another Boras client) and wonders why he's not lobbying for a void there as well.

sign trembley why? so we can finish last place next year too

I see that there is a rumor that the Bowie Baysox could possibly, that's only possibly, be moving to Richmond. Since I live in Richmond, I'm all for it. Would just love to see all of our young O's here. I'd quit my job and try to catch on with them in some capacity in a heart beat. Any truth to this rumor Peter?

Pete's reply: Can't verify that. I've heard whispers about various teams, which is par for the course at the end of each minor league season, but I haven't heard anything solid on Bowie.

I was not a Huff fan before and I'm not a Huff fan now. Do with him what you want Schmúck.

Pete's reply: If I could really do what I want with him, I'd have him sign over his paychecks to me.

LA O's Fan...I agree with you on all points. Isn't this what we signed Huff to do? 25+ HR's, 100+ RBI's? He's hitting a shade over .300 and plays a good defense when asked. Why would we want to move him when he's doing what we asked him for? I wouldn't consider it a "career year", but average+ for him. Considering what others are being paid these days, I'd say he was a bargain, too.

Huff's having a really good season and the O's should not move him for less than major pitching

Wouldn't call Huff a bargain by any definition - but the O's DO have a real bargain on the roster for production vs salary ... Luke Scott

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