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August 21, 2008

No reason to rush Jones, but...

When it became apparent that Adam Jones had fractured his foot with a foul ball early this month, I think most fans were resigned to him being lost for the season...or shut down for his own good if he recovered quickly.

Now, it looks like he'll play again relatively soon. He got off crutches and out of his walking boot earlier in the week, and we're hearing he might start taking batting practice before tomorrow's game against the Yankees. It's great to see him chomping at the bit to get back. Just not until he's 100 percent ready.

Unrelated and unsolicited opinion: Can't wait to see $40 million pitcher Carl Pavano make his comeback start against the Orioles on Saturday. From the perspective of the Orioles -- who also showed interest in Pavano when he signed that contract -- that old saying is true that some of the best deals are the ones that are never made.

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Wow! Adam Jones is really recovering quickly. I didn't expect this.

And, it will be very interesting to see how Pavano pitches. I predict he will not do so good.

Jack. Re: your earlier post about service time for Matusz,etc. I think there is way too much time spent worrying about when a player can hit free agency/factoring in when they should call him up,etc...
Are we trying to win or not? If a player is ready for the bigs call him up. Upper managment shouldn't care if they can 'control' him for an extra year or if they have to pay him more to retain him. In the big picture, does an extra few million really matter, when we are paying guys like Segui/Gibbons and god kows who else to sit at home? From a player's point or view, he's going to have plenty of time to make huge$$$ if he's any good.
It really ticks me off when the click starts ticking before Weiters and others even make it to the bigs. As a fan I want to see the best team possible on the field, regardless of these monetary factors.

If our fans think we have weak hitting shortstops, and we do, check out the power shortage of Joey Gathright, the outfielder the Royals got from Tampa Bay. He has been to bat 247 times so far this year, and has a total of 3 extra base hits, two doubles and one triple. His Total Bases only exceed his Hits by a total of 4. In his career Gathright has had 1,113 AB's with 1 Home Run. Buster Narum had more power than that, and so do some of the kids in the little League World Series.

C'mon Blue Jays... hang 31 runs on the Yankees. You're already into the weak belly of their bullpen and up to 16 after 5 innings. Don't let up!

Call me a sinner, but I smiled when I saw Sidney's line for the evening.

TerryP - I was mostly trying to answer the question about minor league options for Matusz. I agree that decisions should be made based on the overall good of the team. I can't imagine that with Matusz it is going to matter whether this year burned an option year. All indications are that he could be in Baltimore by sometime next year. I don't think he'll start the year with the big club, because of missing time this year from not getting signed. But even if he stays at Bowie and/or Norfolk all next year it's a safe bet he'll be in Baltimore as soon as he's ready, with no need to hold him back. I certainly hope he's ready by the beginning of 2010 at the latest.

Likewise with Weiters, if he is the number one catcher next year coming out of spring training then he'll be in Baltimore and they will have an $8M backup unless they can work out a trade for Ramon. If he's not going to be the starter, he'll be in Norfolk to start the year. But much as it would be fun to see Weiters called up in Sept, it really makes no sense to do so.

I would like to see Adam back if he is 100%. It would be nice to see him finish up a great rookie season on the field instead of on the DL.

Pete, since a lot can happen from now till the end of the season, how about a list of your picks as of today for AL and NL MVP, Cy Young, R.O.Y and Manager of the year awards.

peter i agree. there is no point in rushing adam jones.there isn't much more that can be written about the pitching. the pitchers that were brought up to replace those on the disabled list had golden oppertunities to make it to the major league.. we have seen how they have failed to step up

Hi Pete.Loving the blog over here in Birmingham, England.

Speaking of Jones and the whole trade with the mariners, I thought people would like to see this link below about our old friend Erik Bedard. This reads like a casualty unit on the battlefield and confirms that he is a primadonna and a softy.

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