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August 11, 2008

Next man up for grabs?

walker.jpgDon't usually deal in rumors, but I've been told by somebody from another organization that Jamie Walker has cleared waivers, which could mean the Orioles are getting ready to move him.

No way to confirm that because waivers are confidential, and -- anyway -- it's fairly routine to pass players through in August. The reason the Walker whisper got my attention was because Andy MacPhail just dealt his right-handed counterpart, Chad Bradford, in a waiver deal that recouped $4.5 million in payroll. Walker is due a similar amount for the remainder of his contract, but if he wasn't claimed, another team might be looking for the Orioles to pick up some of that.

Posted by Peter Schmuck at 9:16 AM | | Comments (11)


I hope they do deal Walker. IF this team is rebuilding they have to get younger.

Hopeflully they have a replacement for Millar next year (Huff)

Mora is knocking in the rbi's, but he is 36. Hopefully a young 3b steps up.(Moore)

I would guess the idea is to either pay his salary and get a marginal prospect back, or not to pay his salary and get an "organizational player" back. Either way, you can't argue with the move...guys like Walker - even when they're pitching well - aren't a high priority for a rebuilding team. They now have enough depth to reach down and mix-n-match among the 15 or so AAAA pitchers they have. Who knows, they might find another Jim Johnson.

A young co-worker from PA went to the O's/Rangers game on Sunday and said it was disheartening. He noted that both Aubrey Huff and Kevin Millar failed to run out ground balls that were muffed and the starting pitcher threw at Josh Hamilton after he hit a home run in the first inning. Bush league!

Pete's reply: I try not to make that kind of judgment unless I see something with my own eyes. The Waters pitch inside to Hamilton was clocked at about 75 MPH, which means it was a changeup that got away. Hamilton laughed at it. I didn't see anybody dogging it, though I did see some terrible defensive play.

I hope it's true......

Mickolio has been lights out since moving to Norfolk, so bring him up and see what he can do.

It's early in the morning, yes... but just because Walker cleared waivers doesn't mean the Orioles are any more or less ready to move him. I don't think Walker's status to be traded has changed much since the last deadline. His salary is a burden and it's not really a shock he passed through waivers given his homerun numbers and his ineffectiveness against lefties as a left-handed specialist.

This would be good news. He's had a terrible year though, so what are we gonna get for him, a player never to be named?

I don't think anyone is taking Walker unless we pick up a big chunk of his salary. Lefties are always at a premium, but a situational lefty who is on the downside of his career, hasn't been pitching well and is overpaid.

If Walker cleared waivers, that means nobody wants him, and the O's won't be able to move him (unless they pay some of his salary). Bradford was traded because he was claimed on waivers--exactly the opposite of the Walker situation.

Pete's reply: True, but many players clear waivers who are attractive to other teams. Somebody might want him for less money, or somebody might develop a need three days from now instead of two days ago. Gentleman's bet: He gets traded before Aug. 31.

Hey Peter. Just got back from vacation so welcome to the blog world. You have big shoes to fill but so far, I like what I see.
As far as Walker goes, it makes no sense to just dump him for nothing or even worse, pay him to pitch elsewhere. A few mill here and there is peanuts when you consider we're paying Gibbons 11 mill. Walker could be another Orosoco or Groom-you know, the aging lefty that pitches forever. It's not his fault he got injured, probably from overuse, so we might as well keep him unless we get at least warm body return.
I still think gave away Bradford.Look at his career numbers and tell me he's not better than Farnsworth and the Yanks got an everyday player.
It's one thing to rebuild but don't just give away the productive guys!
I'm guessing that both Walker and Bradford will be around for another 3-5 years.

MacPhail would be a miracle worker if he could get rid of J Walker at this point of the season. If Jaime can put together a couple of weeks of good outings AM will have a better chance, if not I'm expecting it to happen over the Winter meetings. Go Orioles

Dump him now, he can't get lefthanded hitter out, he just blows! Were already eating Randor Bierd for the balance of the year, we need some arms that can be counted on! Dump him now and lets see some more young arms!

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