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August 21, 2008

Love them NY tabloids

The New York Daily News ran an online story under this headline yesterday:

Mark Spitz: Michael Phelps Couldn't Have Beaten Me

Now, if you just read that headline, you'd think that Spitz was raining on MIchael's parade, but the quotes for the story were almost identical to those from the three-way televised interview with Bob Costas, Phelps and Spitz soon after Michael won his eighth gold medal of the Beijing Games.

phelps-spitz.gif"I think that the relationship between people that are great is they have a common thread of knowing how to beat their competitors and they know how to constantly be in shape and in top form," Spitz said. "If that's the case, I'd know everything about how to beat Michael. He'd also know everything to beat me. We'd have to tie."

Say what you want about Spitz, I watched the original interview and his response to Costas' question was an appropriately diplomatic reply to a question that really has no legitimate answer.

There's no way to match up athletes from different eras. If Spitz were 23 now and took advantage of all the most modern training techniques, nutritional advances and space age swimwear, who knows what he would do. Maybe it would have been nice for him to demur and say that Phelps would be better than him in any era, but there's no way of knowing that and he's under no obligation to diminish his own accomplishments.

Never been a huge Spitz fan, but he has played his proper role in Michaelmania.

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Going back to this blog entry:

Pete, has there been a change in the facial hair policy for the O's? I've been noticing a lot more "scruff" this year, as opposed to clean shaven faces in the past. If so, is there a direct correlation to the increase in offensive #'s?

Pete's reply: There has been no official change. I think the players just push it to the edge of acceptability, and Dave isn't going to make a big deal about it unless there is a Manny situation.

Why does the Orioles want the players to be clean shaven anyway? Facial hair doesn't hurt their performances. Besides everybody (the fans and the players) could use a different look sometimes.

Pete's reply: It's a Peter thing. If I recall correctly, Sam Perlozzo tried to get it changed and got nowhere. Millar made a big deal about it two years ago also and got nowhere, too.

Maybe we can do some Blangst and get the ball rolling for the facial hair policy?

I just would love to see Huff grow a beard. And have Millar grow a blonde goatee. Boy, that would be a sight.

And that also means Adam Jones can have his goatee back too.

Mark Spitz is a competitor. Why should he have to admit he'd lose? How the hell do we know that he would? And why hasn't the NY Post offered the Schmucker a job?? Tune in next week, same BatTime same BatChannel.

Going back to the earlier post about the Baysox, someone commented that they don't draw as well as they used to. I don't know the numbers, but that could be because there now is another major league team (although one that doesn't draw so well either) in the area. When I went to a Baysox game earlier this year, it seemed like lots of fans were from DC (Foreskins jerseys and hats everywhere), so I would think Nads games have to affect the Baysox.

Bowie is a bit of a haul from B-more. If they want to really draw more O's fans, they should put the AA franchise (usually the most exciting prospects are there) in Aberdeen. They could then move the AAA team to Bowie (I believe its stadium was built to meet those standards).

Pete - you do a great job with this blog. It is obvious you have taken it seriously and are determined to do your best with it! Keep up the good work. I do have a question - during after game interviews when the players are being asked questions by Amber there is almost always an annoying "banging", hammering, in the background!! Is it players kids beating on something on Kranitz hitting his head against the wall?

Pete's reply: Probably the latter.

Seems that CC. Sabathis is having a Cy Young year, but divided between two leagues? How does that work for the poor guy? If the Brew Crew makes it to the playoffs then he deserves the MVP.
The only pitcher I would want the O's to pursue this offseason.

Did you ever find out about Matusz and his status if he played this season in the minors. Would playing in even one game in 2008 use up one of his option years?

Re: Matusz and his option years. Since he is listed on the Orioles' active roster this year I gotta believe this counts as one of his option years. If I understand correctly (not necessarily the case) he has four option years, so 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. So that means on the active roster to stay beginning in 2012. I don't think that was expected to be a concern, or else a whole lot of people are mistaken about his readiness. The bigger concern is over who has to be dropped from the 40-man roster after the season when they can't hide guys on the 60-day DL. Yeah, some of the guys will fall off as they become free agents and are not offered arbitration, but there are currently five guys on that list so something (someone) has to give. Stay tuned after the season.

CC Sabathia will get a big contract then spend most of it on the DL. He's been overused like crazy and pitching his heart out. It can't last forever.

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