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August 12, 2008

Counting the ways

When Dave Trembley was asked during his postgame MASN interview with Buck Martinez what he thought made the difference in his team's latest unsightly loss, he seemed pretty sure of himself:

"I think the key to the game was not getting the last out of the first inning,'' he said.

Fair enough. Garrett Olson got the first two outs of the first inning, but the Indians went from down two runs to up two runs before he could get off the mound. Hard to dispute the significance of a four-run rally in a game decided by two.

Of course, you could also point to the four errors -- the second night in a row that the defense fell apart -- though Trembley again seemed to look past that to keep the focus on the club's rocky pitching. Maybe he's still trolling for the roster move that did not come today.

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Why should he have to troll for a roster move?? Does he have no say??

Pete's reply: Fair question.

Year after year we hear the same talk about going back to fundamentals but we see the same things. Bad baserunning, lack of hustle, poor fielding, holding runners on base, block balls in the dirt and just a lack of smart baseball. It seems to apply to veterans (obviously Hernandez, Mora constantly with stupid decisions) but also to the young players (Markakis more than once with bad base running, Montanez horrible fielding).
The veterans you can eventually phase out but to see it continual with players progressing in the minors is a bad sign. Managers don't want to show up players but sometimes you need to teach them a lesson the hard way.
Do we really know to see more or Mora and Hernandez's lack of fundamentals? At least lose with hustle and smart decisions.

The key to the game was in the hands of Asdrubal Cabrera who banged a shot through Jim Johnson's wickets to break a 5-5 tie in the 8th inning and unlock the door to the Indians' 5th straight win.

Rich, the answers simple: with bad players comes bad play. You've got a handful of guys on this roster that deserve to be playing for a good team in Markakis, Roberts, Guthrie and Jones. I'd throw in Sherrill, but let's face it, Sherrill puts himself in horrible situations every time he comes in. I love the guy, but he's not K-Rod. More often than not he gets lucky and gets out of it, or channels Cy Young and strikes out the side.

But I digress...

As for Mora, (and I'm by no means defending him) I think the majority of his lack of fundamentals stem from him not being a natural third baseman. He belongs back in left field and they should have Huff at 3rd. I don't know why they insist on leaving him there when they have a guy who is a career corner infielder while Mora's a convert.

On a side note:

Pete, do the O's sign Matusz and if they don't, how soon before McPhail's head is on a platter?

Pete's reply: I think they do, and MacPhail's head is just fine regardless.

Mora is off with this glove work of late, but he's played some real good 3B this season, but Ramon is flat out AWFUL. He is lazy, doesn't even attempt to block the plate and when does he ever come to the mound to calm a pitcher down? The play at home was a result of great D from Payton and Castro.

This guy went from being amazing with his bat and glove in his 1st year to out of shape and injured in his 2nd to awful in his 3rd year. Andy, gets Executive of the Year, if he can get a team to take Ramon.

I wish we still had Chad because 4.5 mil for a reliable 7th inning reliever in this day and age is a pretty good price. The guy was solid.

Olson pitched better than his final line, as he was striking guys out and seemed to be in a groove, but the D was bad.

I have to agree with Rich. The problem may not stem down as far as it seems, once some veterans leave things may change, i.e. Hernandez, Mora, Huff, but I cannot watch an Orioles game with out seeing more then one obvious fundamental baseball mistake. Not that mistakes cant be made but not to the extent they are. Pitching, defense and timely hitting is what wins ball games. We need to start doing all three. At least teaching all three. Although the struggles were going through right now, there is no doubt in my mind DT and AM are preaching the fundamentals. Just give it patience, well be ok...eventually.

Please remind everyone to calm down. The birds are who we thought they were (Dennis Green). We have some aged veterans and a bunch of young pitchers still learning. MLB is having a bullpen meltdown so its not just us. We have 2 weeks to decide what to do with B Roberts and if Andy does not get value we need to sign him and build around he and Nick and Guth. Jeremy will stop the bleeding today as our ace and stopper.

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