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November 15, 2011

What's the best MLB hat ever?

The Orioles are about to bring back the cartoon bird hat. We’ll ask you what you think of that on Wednesday after you get to see the new version Tuesday morning.

Maybe you’ll love it. Maybe you’ll hate it. I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts.

But today I want to know about your favorite baseball lids of all-time. I’m not a uniform guy, though I am a big fan of wearing baseball caps, especially now that they cover up some seriously exposed cranium.

Although I always liked the Montreal Expos’ blue one with the red bill, there are two caps that really stand out to me:

My second favorite is the classic Detroit Tigers’ black cap with the old D. So clean, so cool.

But the greatest of all-time has to be the Milwaukee Brewers’ M and b that formed the glove with the ball inside. Absolute genius.

You’ll have to really wow me to better that one.

Daily Think Special: What’s the best MLB hat ever?

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You know what is sad, is that here in Baltimore we are talking about hats and uniforms, rather than the O's brought in such and such free agent. I know that everyone says that free agency doesn't really start until the winter meetings, but other teams are bringing in free agents and we are talking about hats. Sad situation for O's fans.

It's sad that during free agency we talk about yet another "GM" and hats and so forth and so on. Wouldn't it be nice if we were talking about what a splash the O's made in Free Agency, and that the sports rags all declared us a "winner in FA"... sigh..but, for my money ya gotta like the interlocking NY of the Yankee ballcap. And, NO, I am NOT a Yankee fan.

Obviously I'm partial to the cartoon bird with the white background. Usually I don't like hats that are three colors (i.e. orange bill, white front, black back) but you can't beat those three colors.

The Cardinals hats are almost all good. It's a great symbol with the StL.

I also like the simplicity of the Red Sox hat. I know it's blasphemy, but the colors are good, the font of the B is good, and it's the type of hat that will never go out of style.

I like the little boy taking a leak on the Chevy logo -- sorry, that was my favorite IRT hat.

I'll take any hat that gets the Orioles back into post season play !!!!!!

Still partial to the 1970 Orioles throwback cap.
Original classic cartoon bird, black cap, orange bill.
A winner.
Worn by Brooks, Frank, Boog, Davey, Belanger, Blair, McNally, Palmer & Company.
When the going was good on 33rd Street.
The cap of World Champions.

Just seeing it brings a big smile to your face. Great memories.

Some other crazy/good hats include the Angels hat with the halo on top, the Padres brown and yellow hat with the skinnier yellow front panel, and the worst/best hat is the Pirates painters cap with the horizontal rings... terribly awesome.

Hey, negative O's fans... enough complaining.

Yes, the O's have been atrocious for >10 years, I hate Angelos as much as the next guy, and yes, it's all frustrating. But baseball is supposed to be fun. If you're so upset about everything, and have to be negative all the time, just follow politics. Now that's really sad.

I mean seriously, the O's revealed their great new uniforms just FOUR HOURS AGO, and already you're already going off. Get a life.

I think the new uniforms are great, and the Sun and real fans should be able to stop worrying about the over-priced free agents and Duquette and have fun for a couple days. Besides, we actually have a group of exciting young players that are going to be wearing those awesome new uniforms: Wieters, Markakis, J.J., Jones, Britton.

I myself have been waiting for them to bring back the cartoon bird for a long time. The O's were one of the best 3 teams in MLB for a 25-year span (early 60s to mid 80s). Now, for the last 25 years (mid 80s to now) they've been the worse (except for those couple 1996-97 steroid-juiced ALCS years). If you think about it, the anatomically correct Oriole has corresponded to all those bads years almost completely. Good riddance real bird and welcome back cartoon bird!

But to the topic at hand...

In my biased opinion, the 1960s era all-black, orange-bill, cartoon-logo O's hat is top 5 all time, and now we have it back. It should remind us that the O's are a Classic franchise and can be again.

Other hats in top 5: Giants, Tigers, Cardinals, RedSox.

Yankee and Dodger hats are classic. Old California Angels are great

Totally agree on the Brewers--but it's better with the gold background than the all blue...and the old cartoon bird hat with orange panel was good, too...I love pretty much any hat from the early-mid 80's--White Sox, Mariners, Brewers, and Padres were my absolute faves...

detroit tigers by a landslide

Um, the GM meetings are just getting started, we're experiencing a lull, so at least having new uniforms and hats to talk about is better than talking, bowling, field hockey, whatever trash sports fill the newspaper when there's no baseball or football to discuss (and you can keep football, I'm fine with that). Yes, liked your observance about the old Milwaukee Brewers cap, how the glove/ball/bat made the "MB," that was indeed genius and why the heck they changed it is beyond me, replacing it with a very-much-less-than genius "M." Wow, an "M." What "ad wizard" came up with that one? Hopefully in the next week or so, we'll have some good news from the GM meetings and the "winter meetings" that follow. Go O's!

Baseball players don't wear hats. They wear caps. They don't wear jerseys. They wear shirts.

Love the O's, don't know about the hat, but the best uniform is plainly the "Birds on the Bat" in St. Louis!

The best uniforms are the ones that stand the test of time. Why do the Orioles change the uniform every few years, anyway? What on earth is the point? To waste money?

For my tastes, the best hats are worn by the Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Cardinals, and Brooklyn Dodgers. And I can't believe I wasted the time to type this.

1- Toronto Blue Jays all blue circa 92 or 93

2- Cleveland Indians with Chief Wahoo

3- 80s Orioles

1- Montreal Expos
2- NY Mets ( a blatent rip off of the NY Giants)
3- 80S san diego padres

Obviously the '70s O's cap, but also I like the old Astros navy cap with the orange star & white "H", as well as the Braves bright blue & white lid with the lower-case red "a" from the 70's. Also the solid red Reds cap with the white "C"--classic!

The reason MLB teams come out with different logos on the to sell more hats! We can wax nostalgia all we want, but remember pro baseball is a business. And you go into business to make money.

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