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November 1, 2011

LaCava talks about his decision to turn down Orioles

Here’s what Toronto Blue Jays assistant general manager Tony LaCava had to say to the Sun after he turned the Orioles’ offer to become the club’s next general manager.

LaCava stressed that the Orioles did everything right in this situation, but ultimately he didn’t want to leave the Blue Jays, who many believe are one of the up-and-coming teams in baseball.

“This was about the Toronto Blue Jays more than it is anything about the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles were classy in everything they did and I think they are going to go down the right path. For me, it was how much I love the Toronto Blue Jays and I really, really treasure my relationship with my general manager, Alex Anthopoulos, and I really want to see this through with him. He created a great atmosphere to work up there, along with president Paul Beeston, and it is very hard to leave them.”

LaCava said he wasn’t actively searching for a GM job this time around, and was very much interested in the Orioles post.

“When I decided to interview, it wasn’t that I was looking to leave. But there are only 30 GM positions and I was interested in it. When I weighed both at the end of the day, I just didn’t feel I could leave the Blue Jays.

“I am working in a great place, a job that I love. It’s just as simple as that.”

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Wanna bet that Angelos authored his statement!?!

He basically said in his own statement "there are only 30 Gm positions, and I was interested in it" that it was something about the Orioles he didn't like. If there are only 30 and you are interested, why don't you take this job? Its not because he wants to stay and be 2nd in charge, its because there was something wrong with the situation that he didn't feel was worth the opportunity to be the main guy.

That says so much about the situation the O's are in with Angelos and family.

So now we head into the opening of free agent season without a GM.

Oh wait, lets let Angelos take care of all the free agent negotiations, yeah that will turn out great.....pathetic.

Lets wait longer so all the Type A free agents are signed with other teams

Translation: "I would much rather be an Assistant GM in Toronto than a GM in Baltimore."

What does that say about Baltimore, folks? Yikes...

BS. I appreciate the kind words, Tony, but you don't go out for burgers if you're happy with the "Grade A steak" you have at home.

I'm sure he loves working with the Jays, but if his job was that great and important to him, he wouldn't have bothered interviewing. He clearly saw/heard things he didn't like.

maybe we can get a GM from japan.

Yeah sure,,he doesnt want a GM job....this is BS. Have fun selling tickets this year Birds

Seriously? I'm ready to make Peter Schmuck the effin GM. How embarrassing this is...

He's very gracious about it.

He has nothing to gain to speak out any negative things here, if there was any. Being classy and respectful is the way to go. For the sake of argument, let's just assume for a second, that he was put off by the Orioles, Angelos, or whatever, it's in his best interest to pass on the job, and explain his reasons in the least confrontational way as possible. He still has to work with people in the league who might be taken aback by him if he says unnecessarily spiteful things in public. It may even be a knock against him to be in the running for future GM roles.

THat said, all of this would look very different, if, say, a week from now he is offered another GM position at another organization and he accepts.

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! And the sickening beat goes on. THE ORIOLES ARE INSIPID LOSERS....Period. They let Dipoto go because of their constant foot dragging. Angelos and this team eat it.

If LaCava really loves Toronto and his GM then why did he look elsewhere? That is a joke of an explanation. Obviously something broken down between him and Angelos. I wonder what it is? hummm.

Translation - I realize there is 0 chance I even finish .500 here in the next 5 years given how pathetic and barren the minor leagues are, so I am better off staying in Toronto and waiting until I get a real chance to win with a real organization.

According to Ken Rosenthal, Angelos low balled him and then wouldn't budge on many important issues related to amount of control.

Keith Law weighed in that this is a disaster, caused by Angelos. He added that "you either want to improve as an organization or you don't"


He's lying. What a joke this organization is. Why would he interview twice if he wasn't interested in the position? He wanted the job, something happened to turn him off (big surprise there) and he went back to Toronto.

Like so many before me, I'm officially done. Angelos is a POS and has ruined this city's beloved baseball team.

Now I have to buy the MLB package and buy a new gear for a new team.

For those who say I'm turning my back on the O'S . . .They've turned their back on me for the past 14 years by choosing profits over their fans

Of course he going to say it has nothing to do with the Orioles he's a professional in a very close knit industry. Do you really think he traveled here twice because he wanted to stay with the Blue Jays?
Why are the Baltimore sports writer afraid to go against Angelos?
It sort of like Nero and Rome burning the most of the Baltimore media refused to note the the Orioles are on a crash course and losing season #15 is coming up.

Wow, what an embarrassment! The guy comes to two interviews and then decides he'd rather remain an assistant where he is instead of the #1 here? He must have had a conversation with McPhail in between and found out what a waste of time it would be. Makes you look at Dipoto getting away from them a little differently too, perhaps he was their first choice after all, but jumped at a chance to manage somewhere else.
Let's face it, nobody good wants to work for Angelos. We're going to end up with the scraps, just like we always do in the FA market. So, who's #3 on the list?

You do not fly to Baltimore to interview for a GM spot unless you are interested in becoming one. You do not fly in for a second interview to decline an offer. Peter Angelos continues to take a once proud franchise and drive it further into the ground.

Not only do the O's have to grossly overpay free agents, now they have to overpay GM's to come here.

What a disaster this is becoming. No real plan to replace AM, they wait to make offers, and when they do, they're cheap and reluctant to give real authority to the new GM. Now here we are with the 2 best GM prospects off the board, no GM, and FA beginning.

Thank you Peter Angelos for ruining baseball in Baltimore.

I am sad to say John Stockstill is your new GM. His outstanding job improving our minor league player development is fundamental in turning this organization into a perrenial loser and he is perfect for driving this mother as far into the ground as possible.

Peter Angelos later today at a press conference. "I called Tony back to Baltimore yesterday to let him no we have passed on his services and have chosen John Stockstill to be the new GM. John was instrumental in turning a once proud franchise into a perennial loser. His addept skills in destroying high draft picks and an accute ability to find career A-Ball players in the draft, let me know that he was the perfect person to drive this mother into the ground." - Peter Angelos

Oh, he wanted the job. The deal breaker was when Uncle Peter's assistants came through the door with wheelbarrows full of Confederate money. All the lawyer's assurances couldn't convince him that "confederate money is about to make a big comeback"

If the Orioles continue to go in the direction they have been for the last 14 years, i.e. losing seasons and declining attendance, the inevitable question will eventually come up: Will anyone care if the Orioles leave town?

Look at the bright side if they higher John Stockstill at least they will get someone new in player development.

Let's be realistic. The person who takes this job will either be one who's ready to retire from baseball or one who knows nothing about baseball or one who's just desperate for a baseball gig.

Okay Bird fans, here's the new scenario. Since Peter the Great has basically run this team as a fantasy baseball program for most years of his reign, let's truly make it official. Let's hire another duo team to general manage. Keep it all in the family and the great one can name his sons, Louie & Dewey as GM's. Or is it Louie & Hughie! Or Screwy & Phooey! Oh well, who cares who comes in as GM as it's a lost cause! The only reason I as a fan can accept for LaCava spurning the O's, is he didn't feel secure with Showalter's perceived control with off field decisions.

You should have known all along that Angels only wants a yes man for Showalter. Stockstill or some other crony will be the figurehead.


Dan - Who is going to be making the decisions tomorrow on an interim basis when free agency begins? Who will be heading the Orioles if there isn't a GM by the winter meetings (yes, this really seems possible)? Do you know how the chain of command breaks down? Lastly, who do you think isthe new favorite for GM - De Jon Watson or Stockstill? Thank you.


Dave: I'm not handicapping this race anymore. If I keep at it, you're all gonna think I have no clue (which really seems like the case for all of us during this search). My guess is the start of free agency will be a joint effort with Buck Showalter and Matt Klentak doing a chunk of the work. Maybe John Stockstill as well. As for no GM until the winter meetings, even I would be against that. That would be unprecedented for this club.

I'm a jays fan in toronto, just heard about Lacava not taking accepting the job there and was just curious to see what the reaction is from the fans. As a jays fan i am happy so see lacava stay so he wouldn't use some our tacticts against us like having 5 or 6 type B free agents sign else where so we can get compensation draft picks. But not to worry when JP Ricciardi becomes the new GM in baltimore he will fit right in with your idiot owner. Jp did do somethings right when it came to drafting however, he did draft ricky romero for us and also did trade for jose bautista, but the problem with jp he thougt he was thr smartest baseball guy in toronto and was let to do what ever he wanted too. Good luck next year and hey we can always use some extra bandwagoners if some of you decide to find a new team.

i'm, probable old, and senile,however,thought yahoo sports reported lacava was not being included in jay's decision making for 2012.
if correct, than lacava's going back to toronto with nothing to do!


Not true.

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