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November 1, 2011

GM search grinds on

Just when it looked from the outside that the Orioles were closing in on a replacement for Andy MacPhail, there are rumblings out of the front office that the interview process may be extended for at least a few more days.

Draw your own conclusions. Tony LaCava was in Baltimore yesterday to meet with the ownership component of the search committee, which raised everybody's antennae and led to some speculation -- right here, in fact -- that they likely were getting close to the point of talking contract and perameters of authority.

Apparently, the Orioles still aren't settled on a candidate, since a source indicated yesterday that there might be more interviews. That could mean that Angelos wasn't that impressed with LaCava or LaCava wanted more authority than Angelos was willing to allow. It could also mean that the meeting was just another meeting and not really a late-stage negotiation.

What we do know is that we're kind of late in this game, since the free agent market is about to open and the new guy needs to do some other things, like hire a scouting director and figure out the hierarchy of his front office staff. The winter meetings are what, five weeks away?

Clearly, there is not the sense of urgency you might expect from a team that wants to win anytime soon. It was pretty obvious a couple of months ago that the Orioles might be hiring a new president of baseball operations this fall, and they're still treading water two days before free agency.

By comparison, the Angels, who were in the AL West and wild card races until the final week or so, already have hired Jerry Dipoto to be their new general manager, even though they had far less time to think about it.

Posted by Peter Schmuck at 10:44 AM | | Comments (29)


When haven't the Orioles been late? We're always behind. Why must they drag their feet on every stinking decision? I keep waiting for some real leadership and it never comes.

Thoroughly nauseating and unsurprising. This organization is garbage.

All I know is after supporting the 0's since 1959, if they pick Stockstill as GM, i will no longer attend, support or watch or listen to O's games! Stockstill is a very large part of why the O's Farm System is so, so bad! He is also responsible for the people in charge & conditioning the Farm System players!!!

We are the laughing stock of MLB.

Things will NEVER change as long as the Angelos family owns the team. It just gets worse and worse. We are the laughing stock of major league baseball.

This isn't news. Lets hope that Buck has enough influence to pursue any Free Agents he wants.

I don't know why I'm surprised...

In the (almost) four weeks since Andy MacPhail announced his resignation, the Orioles have interviewed four GM candidates. Some people took that as a sign of the O's dragging their feet. After complaining for a few days about the lack of candidates, I stepped back for a minute, looked at the situation again, and decided to take it as a sign that they knew who they wanted (Dipoto or LaCava) and didn't want to waste any time.

Now, after hearing no news from LaCava's meeting with Angelos yesterday, I'm back to complaining. I don't know why I ever gave this organization any credit. This whole thing stinks of Peter Angelos's meddling. The lack of candidates interviewed, the absolute BS that John Stockstill was given an interview, the radio silence on LaCava.

I wanted to be rational. I wanted to think that the Orioles were about to start over with a top-quality GM candidate. I wanted to think they were serious about turning things around this time.

Now I know it's all BS. Now, I don't expect the Orioles to have a GM in place by the start of free agency. Not that it matters anyway. When was the last time the Orioles were proactive about any free agent? 2004?

Say what you will. Tell me I'm overreacting. Tell me I'll eat my crow (I hope I have to) when the Orioles hire LaCava tomorrow.

I'm just sick of this. Why is it that every other organization in this game can make an important decision quickly and effectively while it takes the chumps in the warehouse six months to figure out what they'll be serving at the company Christmas party?

"Clearly, there is not the sense of urgency you might expect from a team that wants to win anytime soon."

Thank you, Peter, for telling the complete truth here. And this organization wonders why so many people have given up on it.

I thought we were waiting to interview the guy from Texas...which was somewhat understandable...but I haven't heard a thing about him since the WS ended. Is he still in the running or not? Now we'll probably lose LaCava too. If we end up hiring Stocksill, I am giving up my season tix. I don't know the man, he may be the nicest guy in the world, but his track record is terrible and he should be fired, not promoted.

Pete...I know Angelos doesn't really care what people think of him, but why doesn't he just come clean about it? Does he think people actually buy into the fact that he's trying to turn this team around?

He figures if he drags his feet, Dipoto, LaCava and Watson will get scooped up and then he can say "sorry guys. we were trying to be thorough and got scooped by other teams. Stockstill it is!"

And even more importantly, Buck is supposedly a hard-nosed, no-nonsense baseball guy with input here. So why is he allowing this to drag out? He could be in Angelos' grill telling him to get something done now, but it seems he's become part of the "system".

Hey Peter,
Is the Orioles 'Committee' all lawyers (Smouse, Rifken, Angelos)?

Even when MacPahil, and all the others before want to do something, it is decided upon among the "Star Chanmber". Correct?

It's obvious that these guys that we interviewed are just to good at what they do, therefore do not have the job. It has become a trend... If they are good, let them go. If they have no baseball experience at all, we hire!!

Pete -

If there isn't a GM in place by the winter meetings (HA!), who would represent the Orioles? Matt Klentak? Showalter? Just trying to figure out how the Orioles hiearchy breaks down.

Maybe Angelos should send Stockstill to the Meetings. It could be like a trial and error session. lulzzzz...

What about Thad Levine?

This is typical of a very bad organization. The free agent off season begins this week and the Orioles are sitting on their hands. The organizational motto should be... "a day late and a dollar short".

Don't panic guys. It's just taking Peter Angelos awhile to find another bobblehead GM like Macphail. That's pretty hard to do when applicants come in actually expecting to make some decisions. Just give PA some more time, he will find another rubber stamp executive, who won't make waves. Did anybody on here actually think anything was going to change? The only two constants in the organization are Angelos and losing. You can take that to the bank, just like Angelos does with the MASN money. He doesn't care if he is the laughing stock of professional sports. He gets the last laugh when he looks at his financial statement.

totally out of left field, I know. but is there any thought that Larussa might like to GM?

Jerry DiPoto was the candidate the loser Orioles should have picked. The Blu Jays have not picked well in draft for 10 yrs. Look at their current roster. Who was a high draft pick that starts now? Exactly. PA is a fool not to pull the trigger on a young aggressive GM and Baltimore fans will ultimately pay for it with 10 more losing years. Sorry PA, you will take the losing team with you to the grave. Fool!

Thank you Peter for saying as it is. I am so tired of the Baltimore sports writers making up excuses for the inept way that the Angelos run this organization. I even lost faith in Buck.
Bringing back the cartoon bird is fitting because this organization has become a joke and PA should be run out of major league ownership!

Damned Orioles are always late to every party thanks to Peter the control freak.

Thank you Peter for finally saying this! I have been waiting for someone covering the team to make it known that this process has been brutal. I get a sinking feeling with everyday that passes and LaCava is not our GM. I mean he only gets high grades FROM EVERY PERSON IN BASEBALL. This is sad.

Also, Peter or any of the staff. Is this ad that popped up saying I have used 5 of 15 free uses of Baltimore Sun for the month legit. If I seriously have to pay money to visit a web page, that is too bad, you will be losing a reader. Not to sound like a jackass but I can find all this information in multiple places, I just enjoy your guys perspective.

Re: jeff Davis's assertion that the Blue Jays don't draft well...

J.P. Arencibia - 23 home runs as a rookie catcher. Drafted in the 1st Round in 2007.

Adam Lind - 23+ home runs for three straight seasons. Drafted in the 3rd Round in 2004.

Ricky Romero - Averaged 200+ innings, 3.60 ERA through first three seasons. Drafted in 1st Round in 2005.

Brett Cecil - 4.64 ERA through first three seasons. Still just 25 years old. Drafted in 1st Round in 2007.

And that's not even mentioning the trades for Brett Lawrie, Brandon Morrow, Yunel Escobar and Kyle Drabek. And the fact that they saw something in Jose Bautista and gave him another shot.

When it comes to drafting and developing players, the Blue Jays know what they're doing. There's really no way to dispute that.

Who would want to work for Angelo's with his track record? It is not dragging out for any other reason than who would really want to be here?

Sounds familiar. Rinse, lather, repeat. Lose 90+ games. There isn't a Peter Angelos, Jr waiting in the wings (I hope).

You keep hoping this time would be different.....but alas, Lucy (Angelos) pulls the football out from under Charlie Brown (fans) once again..... good grief!!!

Can it get any worse?

What in the hell is the matter with you people ?
They offered the job to LaCava and he turned them down.
Why did the wishy-washy son-of-a-bitch bother coming to town TWICE if he was so enamored with the Blue Jays all along ?
Your wrath should be aimed at this jerk for wasting the Orioles' time.
Instead, you habitually find a way to hold the Oriole ownership responsible.
That's just bull%&*#@!
Finding the right GM is a process..... and the Orioles have done everything right so far.

I know its a blog Pete but you have become just like everyone else here....Thats not a good thing

Bear the Birdfan-
You need to grow up and understand how the world works.

"Orioles have done everything right so far" Who are you related to at the Orioles?

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