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October 11, 2011

Phillies interview O's Joe Jordan for player-development job

Orioles amateur scouting director Joe Jordan interviewed this week with the Philadelphia Phillies for their vacant director of player-development position, according to an industry source.

The Phillies asked for and were granted permission to interview Jordan. According to baseball protocol, they have a short window to decide whether they want to hire Jordan.

Jordan declined to comment when reached by The Baltimore Sun ton Tuesday.

Jordan, 49, was hired by the Orioles in November 2004, replacing Tony DeMacio. He is responsible for drafting several of the players who make up the Orioles’ young nucleus, including catcher Matt Wieters and starters Brian Matusz, Jake Arrieta and Zach Britton.

Shortstop Manny Machado, whom Jordan selected out of Brito High in Miami with the third overall pick in 2010, is considered one of the game’s best prospects. Right-handed starter Dylan Bundy, whom Jordan took fourth overall in June out of an Oklahoma high school, then signed to a $6.25 million major league deal, was viewed by some as the most talented player in the 2011 draft.

However, Jordan, who has been the subject of more and more criticism because of the organization’s alarming lack of depth and dearth of position prospects, has also had his share of high-profile misses, none bigger than the selection of New Jersey prep infielder Billy Rowell with the ninth overall pick in 2006.

Jordan’s contract with the Orioles expires in December, and there is uncertainty in the front office now that Andy MacPhail has stepped down as president of baseball operations.

If Jordan is hired, he would be the second executive to leave for Philadelphia in recent years. Scott Proefrock, the Orioles' baseball administration director, left for the Phillies before the 2009 season to become assistant general manager. Proefrock is considered a potential candidate for the Orioles’ vacant GM/president job.

The Phillies have been looking to fill the player-development position since assistant general manager for development Chuck LaMar resigned last month.

Posted by Dan Connolly at 3:34 PM | | Comments (17)


With a resume that also counts Top 10 picks that are serious busts beside Rowell such as Hobgood, Snyder & Matusz...the Phillies would be fools to offer this guy any job other than throwing the cheese on the stadium cheesesteaks.
Even that job in Philly is taken serious so actually Jordan has no chance in the City of Brotherly Love of a positive job status.
Do us all a favor though & get the heck out of've accomplished nothing here & we are the worst team in baseball talent wise in our minor league system thanks to your great department.

SO LONG JOE!!!!! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!
In nearly 7 years what has he done with this organization? I’ll give him credit for Weiters, but honestly until Showalter arrived Wieters was beginning to look like little more than reliable everyday catcher. Arietta, Matusz and Britton are all on the fence and there is a very real possibility that none of them will be in this equation next October. How many other former O’s minor leaguers can we mention? Very few because they all seem to quickly fade into baseball obscurity. Jordan needs to go!
Since 2004 this organization has had among the worst, if not the worst, rated minor league system in baseball. How would someone like Jordan not be held accountable for that?
We’ve been doing a better job growing talent for the consistent contenders than ourselves. Like Gonzalez in Texas, Kranitz in Milwaukee or Samuel and Perlazzo also in Philadelphia, sometimes getting out of this organization can turn a person’s career around. Best of luck if you land in Philadelphia Joe, but it ain’t happening here.

Tampa Bay's player development would have to be the gold-standard. How would one measure the O's progress, using that metric?

The Orioles are not proactive enough to can the man, so hopefully this is a positive development, he is given a job in Philly, and we can move on (which is something we should be doing anyways, as Jordan's tenure has been terrible).

I think it's hard to evaluate his performance because you cannot separate the intrepid development team from the scouting director.

I think you've got that right 'sometimes'. Jordan takes way more flak than he should. On the whole, I'd probably give him a grade somewhere in the B range. It's undeniable that he's brought in a significant amount of talent since arriving here. He took a farm system ranked in the bottom five of baseball and turned it into one that at one point was ranked top 10 and remains competitive.

Most people who complain about him do so mostly because they do not properly draw lines between talent acquisition and player development. Matt Hobgood, for instance, was not struggling to hit 90mph when he was drafted out of high school. Everyone and their mother predicted Brian Matusz would turn into a top of the rotation starter. These are issues of player development, not scouting.

There's no denying Rowell was a botched pick, especially considering Lincecum went next. I also didn't like the Hobgood decision at the time, but again I think both departments share blame for that. But in general, the O's have had a steady diet of elite prospects since Jordan took over. The fact that we routinely have a respectable number of guys on top 100 lists speaks to the job he's done. If you read chats with some of the industry experts, he's pretty universally respected as well. All in all, he's at least average at his job, and probably quite a bit better than that. The O's real problem over the past five years has been a total inability to grow any of the tremendous talent they have into elite players. That's not Jordan's job.

Jordan wont be missed. Most all the picks who made the bigs from Jordans drafts were no brainer picks anyone would have made. All the non obvious 1st rounders or late round picks save for Britton, so far have gave the Orioles nothing.

Good riddance....we can have a better head of player development than Joe is so bad that he even struck out on picks as high as the orioles had..not all of course but tons of early picks....but it his his lack of drafting in the rest of the rounds past the early rounds that sucks and why the Orioles have such a weak farm system. If he had drafted properly since he got there all those years have gone by and we still do not have a strong farm...It is time for Joe Jordan to would have happened with the new GM so now is as good a time as any.

Fire them All! Let them interview wherever and whenever they want. These guys can walk the dog, take a vacation, or even plant a garden. I really don't care!

What I want to know, is what Showalter & Angelos have in mind for the next GM and PPD.

Keep in mind that there are not hundreds of talented scouting and farm directors sitting around waiting for jobs. The Phillies didn't go after an unknown. The chose to pursue a man with a track record of some success. Just like with MacPhail's job, there is not a huge pool of talented people to fill the job. There are lots of second and third tier baseball execs but which one can turn a team around quickly? Maybe none.

You'd think the Phillies would know better. Well maybe they do. maybe they realize that Jordan aint the problem, it's the guy writing the checks.

Anyone can pick in the top 10 of the first round (and, unfortunately, that is where we have picked of late). The real test of talent is picking in the middle/late rounds. Many a great player has come from rounds 5 to 25. How haw JJ done here? Miserable....

I hope the Philly brass is not reading these blogs and gets scared off....

The Phillies won 102 games this year with Sam Perlozzo and Juan Samuel as their 1st and 3rd base coaches. They might just know what they're doing. Just sayin'...

Jordan, don't forget to leave your key when you go to interview. And don't try to have any duplicate keys made when no one is looking.
This move tells me that Buck already knows who he wants in Jordan's position.

If Jordan was so bad, why would a team like the perennially winning Phillies be interested in him?

People here still miss the whole point. Scouting is a crap shoot after the first couple of rounds. Real talent cannot be hidden and every scout across the country knows intimately the Top 100 players eligible. Finding talent below Rd. 3 keys on what a team is willing to pay and this organization doesn't spend on getting talent like the other MLB teams who win. It's not rocket science, just a plain & simple fact.

agree with Ben's points... and would also say, do we really know how much freedom Jordan had in making the final choices? nevertheless, the broom should keep sweeping.

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