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September 27, 2011

The big day?

Most of the educated speculation about the date of the Orioles' front office shuffle continues to center on Thursday, and Buck Showalter did nothing to change that during his pre-game news conference on Tuesday. He was asked about what aspects of the team he felt needed the most work during the offseason, and he seemed to say the process of reconfiguring the organization would start immediately.

"We all have ideas,'' he said, "but I don't know that now is the time to be discussing them. Our season ends tomorrow. I'll make a bet there will be things going on Thursday that will be moving toward next year."

It doesn't seem that difficult to read between the lines. There aren't a lot of players moves to be made this quickly, and the Orioles definitely need to have their front office aligned properly before they can set about the business of improving the team on the field.

"Things move pretty fast in this game,'' Showalter said. "I feel pretty confident we'll be pretty relentless about trying to improve our club."

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I hope Buck does not become GM. I think he'd be a good one, don't get me wrong, but I think he would be muchj more valuable on a game to game basis in the dugout. Ranking, rating, grading a GM is terribly difficult. Wins and losses obviously are the final rating, but a move made this year might not pay off for two or three years. Derrick Lee to the Pirates for aome single-A infielder probably will never pay off, but it might. Best scenario for the O's would be Buck in the dugout, and a GM with good sense and a good ear and a willingness to listen to the manager. Best of all would be an owner who is embarassed by all the losing, who recognizes his mortality, and spends the money to at least try to bring in some first rate talent.

Anything shy of having a new owner is irrelevant to me.

"I'll make a bet there will be things going on Thursday"

I wonder which middle reliever the Orioles will sign to a 2 year $10M deal?

There is zero evidence to support the notion that Showalter would be a good general manager. None. Didn't he recommend trading Adrian Gonzalez for Adam Eaton? What does that tell you?

Oriole fans want someone, anyone, to ride in on a white horse, be it Showalter or Cal. But until Angelos is gone and this organization is cleaned out from the ML team to the international scouts, the results will be the same.

i will agree with sometmes.while peter angels is holding the purse strings of the orioles there will be no winning team in baltimore. i will be very surprised if buck showalter is not the next gm of the orioles.i would also be quite surprised if prince filder becomes an oriole. i do not see that happening.

i have to agree with most of the posters so far. As long as Peter Angelos owns the team I don't see things changing much and going back to vets like Lee and Vlad as Buck likes to do isn't the direction that the O's need to go.
I think Buck should stay manager and get in an experience GM with a track record as a solid talent evaluator.

I dunno how there can be any interpretation of Buck's comments to believe anything other than the future GM of this club is already in its employ.

Can you say Matt Klentak?

And, oh, by the way, Theo might be available, but I think he'll be somewhere other than Beantown.

I simply don't understand what all of the "secret squirrel", "special ops" , "CIA" hush-hush treatment is all about? Somebody help me. The GM with one of the worst records in ML baseball during the past 4 years decides not to return for more losing and he's being tight-lipped with one day left in the season? Will all T.V. shows be interrupted on Thurs. to announce the resignation to the American public?

Angelos owns the team, and so it doesn't matter who the GM is...
All this talk about Cashman - surely he's not dumb enough to come work for this goof.

Fans, get used to at least how old is the owner?

Take your nephew with you, MacFail.

Peter, No wonder the Oriole's are in such a mess . Then never keep anyone long to fix the problems . If people can see Oriole progress , I don't know what to say anymore .
That's the whole problem with the O's . Too many changes .
Looking for a reply

Just my opinion. A new GM with Angelos still here is the same as using Preperation H for hemeroids. The symptoms are relieved but the unerlying cause of the pain (see Angelos) still exists. A more encomassing solution is needed in the case of the Orioles and a noted medical condition. are needed.

Angelos is the constant in the failure. Until he is gone we are toast.

Get rid of cry baby Brian Roberts.
Pitching, pitching, pitching

Here's a team that plays .580 baseball for the last month of the season TWO years in a row. Does that show any possibilities?

So before ANY management changes are made, we fans need to know why this "last month success" is not for an entire season. The current top brass should step up now and explain why this Aug.-Sept. thing happens, and why can't we have a WHOLE season of winning. Then tell us about the front office changes and how they will extend the winning. Explain how this team can be so bi-polar, and how it will change.

I agree with the posters who have said that as long as Peter Angelos is the principal owner of the Orioles, we will never have a winning season, much less a World Series title. You'd think he would be able to figure that out by now, but apparently not.

Unless the Orioles can bring in Theo Epstein or John Hart, I want a young, energetic 1st time GM who has new ideas and is willing to gut the franchise to its core. If you can't or won't drop $200 million on the payroll, the way to win in the Majors is obviously develop young talent and sign it long term to keep the players together.

We can't continue to sign Derrek Lees and Vladimir Guerreros to be every-day players. They can be supporting players to help the young kids learn, but they can't be 150-game guys for this club. If he's willing to be a once-a-week catcher, I'd love to see Pudge Rodriguez bring his knowledge of 20 years behind the plate to help these kids really learn the game. No offense to Craig Tatum, but he's not the difference between winning 90 games and losing 90 games as your 2nd catcher-- but a guy like Pudge could teach our young pitchers a thing or two and help us pick up games here and there now and in the long run.

No more 2-year, $10 million pitchers who might make nice trade bait at the deadline. Grow the arms across the board. If you can't do this to put together a 12-man staff at the Major League level, it's all for naught. You'll never be successful. Even the Yankees, Red Sox, and Phillies grow some of their own. You cannot buy an entire staff so you have to plan as if it won't happen. Why aren't we trying JJ as a starter? This was the time to get a jump on 2011. If you want him to close, fine. I know he can do that job. Let's find who the 8th inning guy is gonna be and go from there. Show me the plan. For a team this bad, it should be obvious what everybody's role is going to be now and in the future.

There's an endless list of things wrong with the organization, having said that ... the fall of Brian Matsuz is going to set this club back 3 years. He was supposed to be the 'ace' which would allow Britton and others to be slotted against lower caliber pitchers. If Britton was playing against a #2 or #3 each night, and Arrietta #3 or #4, we'd be in far better shape. We will struggle to compete until Bundy is ready .... assuming we get that far.

There needs to be stability, now! The current lineup is the best one in years......just need to "sure up" these young Pitchers. I don't think the FARM system is a total disaster. Every player isn't going to be a bonafide "Blue Chip Major Leaguer. Other than 3rd Base, the lineups being trotted out every night (over the last 6 weeks) have been very competitive and put up some runs. Now they need decent enough Pitching to complement that.
Im not sure ownership is an answer, even though if Angelos would sell.......I wouldn't complain. I'm not crazy about Buck becoming the GM. I like him in the dugout, but if he does move up? Bring in Cal Ripken as an Asst. GM and elevate Willie Randolph to the Manager role. Keep people like Scotty McGregor and Mike Bordick and some of those heady former O's who understood about winning, in the fold. I don't want this to sound trivialized, but if this current group of Fielding players and DHs can get enough decent Pitching? That could help to win 1 more Series a month and and get 1 more "W" a week? Sounds too simple, doesn't it?

Buck for GM and Mike Bordick for manager.

Angelos, Angelos, Angelos... everyone kicks the owner. Yeah, he made some bone headed moves in the past. But this year he spent $85,000,000 on this team. Tampa Bay spent $41,000,000. Is it really about the owner? Or scouting and development?
Face it people, the O's are never going to spend $160,000,000 on a team. Can't do it... I hate to see McPhail leave. This organization finally has direction - a plan. And the next guy may tear it all apart... Above all I want continuity in that front office.

Will somebody get a memo to Andy about things moving fast in this game. I have never seen a more cautious, slow moving decision maker in my life. Although impossible to quantify, his hesitation to make any move has certainly cost the O's over the years, to the point where I fear he slows the O's ability to move on by dragging out his departure. Please do something in a reasonable time frame for once and step down Thursday so the club can move on.

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