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September 26, 2011

Do you care what the Orioles do against the Red Sox this week?

The Orioles are back home for three games before their 14th consecutive losing season mercifully ends.

I know a lot of you have moved on to football by now.

(By the way, we re-start Prediction Friday and our first winner is the guy who often dominated last year, Barry. The Ravens crushed the St. Louis Rams, 37-7. Barry had them winning 38-17. That’s the closest of our predictions. He also said Joe Flacco would have three TDs -- though he didn’t have Torrey Smith breaking out. But he was close enough to get the open bar tab of the week. Congrats, Barry. Same as it ever was).

Today, I am wondering whether the Orioles’ recent run as a spoiler has piqued your interest. Really, I want to know if you’re going to pay attention this week – even though the Orioles have been done for months – because they can help stop the hated Boston Red Sox from winning the Wild Card.

Orioles players and manager Buck Showalter have been downplaying the spoiler aspect for a while now. But on Sunday, Showalter rested almost his entire starting lineup on a day game after a night game. Maybe that’s the reason. But I don’t think it is coincidence that the Orioles’ best players will be a little more rested versus Boston.

I want to know if you care what the Orioles do against the Red Sox over the next three days. Or can you no longer muster any interest?

Daily Think Special: Do you care what the Orioles do against the Red Sox this week?

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Heck, yes! I'll be watching every game I can. Go, Orioles!

I'll be watching every game, every pitch.

First of all, I love watching the Orioles, period, and after Wednesday, I won't be able to do that until spring training.

Second, they're playing better than they've played all year and it's very gratifying as a fan to see this.

But finally.... it's absolute icing on the cake that the Orioles will truly determine whether or not the Red Sox even make it to post-season play.

I dislike the Red Sox even more than I dislike the Yankees. After the plunk wars we had with them a couple of series' ago which resulted in the suspensions, I REALLY dislike them.

On the other hand, next to the Orioles, I really like Joe Maddon and the Rays.

I'd LOVE to see the Orioles keep the Sawks out of the playoffs and enable the Rays to reach them.

This would not only give me a reason for watching the playoffs..... but I believe it would give each Oriole player a true sense of significance about the 2011 season and a forward looking attitude for 2012.

Yes, I care very much.

Living in Maine... ABSOLUTELY! I HATE the Sox b/c the fans up here are obnoxious! I hope the O's can take at least 2 of the 3 games, and somehow the Rays can sweep the Yankee's (resting for playoffs?) and knock the Sox out!

The only reason for any interest MIGHT be to see "the nation" go nuts if the Sox collapse. Otherwise, its 3 meaningless games in Sept. for the O's once again and no big deal. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Yes. Without a doubt. I hope the Orioles BURY the Red Sox deep into the ground.

I hope Oriole fans show-up to the Yard and give Boston a nice warm welcome!!!!


Bear, the other thing is that this will clearly put the spotlight on the Orioles and player development. Tampa is a small market team and if they can do it, the the Orioles have no excuses.

Hell Yeah!!!!

Anytime the Orioles beat the Red Sox is great. Just like beating the Yankees is great. Since the Red Sox desperately have to make the playoffs, the Orioles can end their season. Gee another $200 million plus payroll team won't make the playoffs.

Ditto on Bear the Birdfan. Nothing would please me more than the Orioles taking it to the Sawx and the Rays making the playoffs instead of Boston. I would love to see all the crying that will go on in "Red Sox Nation," how I dislike that phrase and arrogant boors it describes!

NO! The Orioles STINK and have so ever since the "Great's" like Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, Booge & Jim Palmer, just mention a few retired. The players, or should I say "businessmen" of today's game wouldn't give anyone the time of day if their life depended upon it. There isn't a player out there on ANY team that I would want my children to look up to in this era.

I would love nothing more than to see the Sox out of the playoffs.... go Birds!

Absolutely! It would do my heart good to see the O's knock the Sox out of the postseason.

On an unrelated note, Dan, what do you think of the prospects of Jake Fox as a full-time DH next year? The guy can obviously swing the bat, and I think he could hit 20-25 home runs if he played every day. Plus, with his versatility, you could use him at other spots occasonally if needed. Vlad and possibly Scott won't be back, so the spot should be wide open, and Fox would come cheap.

I know, I know, I shouldn't have started my day with a couple of Kamikazes.

I don't see Fox back next year. If he were in their plans, he would have played a lot more. Or, really, played at all. By the way, I don't see the Orioles having just one DH in 2012 either. That hamstrings a team that's trying to figure out who can play at this level.

Anytime we can beat the Sox or the Yanks is a good thing. At least the game means something since it has to do with the play-off race

Personally as much as i love seeing them win, I also want them to get a high draft pick in next June draft. So I hope they manage not to mess that up by winning too many when it doesn't count. The Red Sox I don't care about it's only the Yankees I hate.

Yes I care and I'll be watching every game. I think it would be great if the O's can keep the Sox out of the playoffs. Now if we could have only found a way to keep the Skankees out as well.

After 14 Losing Seasons, And With #BuckYea! Showalter "The Master" At The Helm A Season Plus+ @batspeed29 Going To Become #BostonRedSox Fan. We Have "Baby" #RedSox Last 4 Seasons Here Locally With #SalemRedSox #milb Really Hope Parent Club #BostonRedSox Makes #Playoffs #mlb

I'll be watching. If they can knock off the Red Sox I will be delighted.

The Red Sox are more arrogant than the Yankees these days. If they complete their epic collapse, that would be the best event of an otherwise dull and worthless baseball season.

However, I want the O's to get as high a draft pick as possible.

So I'll be rooting for the O's as long as the Red Sox have a chance of blowing their playoff spot. In the event that the Red Sox clinch, I will avert my eyes and silently hope the O's lose their way into at least the No. 4 draft pick and possibly back up to No. 3.

Absolutely I care! I hate the Red Sox about as much as I love the Orioles, so to see the O's have a hand in the Red Sox potentially missing the playoffs would be a sweet ending to a dissapointing season. Go O's!!!

Absolutely I'll be watching the O's. As Bear says, I love watching the Orioles period. While I plan to go to Sarasota in the spring, that's a long time off and the Orioles are playing well now.

There aren't any football games that conflict with the remaining O's games and besides, we've got months to watch football so that's a no-brainer for any baseball fan.

Just the Chronically Abused care about the Orioles

I will be intently watching with great interest. I hope the O's dont get swept/ Also, how does Buck decide who plays. REIMOLD GETS THE short shrift while big ERA gets babied. He should have stayed in the minors with his 10 plus ERA yet he gets chance after chance to fail. Fox never got a decent chance either in a season that meant nothing.

A little bit off-topic, a little bit on-topic:

Major League Baseball appears to be in the process of deciding that each league will have two wild card teams, with a one-game playoff between the two wild card teams determining which wild card team advances.

Any one out there have an opinion?

Mine is that baseball is very unlike football, and one-game playoffs are far too brief to determine a winner. I also think that even the best-of-five division series are too short; we need seven game series to determine advancers.

HOWEVER -- baseball's post season is already too long. The only way out is to have a shorter regular season. I think that's the way to go, but it would take place only in a dream world; ain't gonna happen.

So what do we do?

Other opinions?

I will watch with great interest. This new era of obnoxious Red Sox fans and their feeling of entitlement to the playofs is rerally annoying. They flaunt their recent 8- 10 years of success in the faces of Oriole fans. Looking down on us like paupers. They are drunk and mean at Camden Yards and I hope payback by the Orioles can bring them down a notch.

This is the most excited I've been for September baseball since 1997. The only downside to all this winning is the ever worsening draft position. That being said, a sweep would mean 70 wins, and that's an accomplishment for a team that completely fell apart for four months of the season.

Yes indeed, lets knock them out GO Orioles! and Rays.

I echo everything Bear the Birdfan said.

I am planning to go to the game and I hope to see us hurt our longtime rivals who have done so much to hurt us over the years. I said a week ago when we were starting this stretch of 7 games against Boston that this is like our World Series and the games last week felt that way. I hope for more of the same this time around.

I worry that Ellsbury's homer last night might light a fire under the Sox and they'll come out swinging tonight, but the O's really showed me something last week and I would love to see them win.

Vladdy's milestone would be icing on the cake!

I explicitly care how the O's fare against the Red Sox. I would LOVE to see the O's take them down and keep them out of the playoffs. I have been so pleased with the recent wins and my spirits are buoyed by the effort the players are putting in. I haven't seen any player "dog" it. Everyone goes all out all the time. It just hasn't translated into wins. My beloved O's forever!


Yes, I care! I have been an O's die hard fan for 50 years now and I don't intend to give up on them. Whether the O's are in first place or in last place they will always have one fan. Go O's.

Helping the Rays beat out the Red Sox would be really sweet. I'll watch the O's because they have been playing good baseball recently. Spoiling the Red Sox season is an extra bonus. Of course, eliminating the Yankees would be even more fun.

Absolutely. As an O's fan living in the midst of "Red Sox Nation" I would dearly love to see the O's sweep the Sox and make them sit at home and watch the playoffs like the O's will.
For the last couple weeks it's like the two teams traded uniforms. The Sox have been looking a lot like the O's have most of the season. They seem to invent new ways to lose every night. Stupid mental mistakes, lousy pitching, errors at the worst possible times, while the O's on the other hand have been looking more like the team that started 6-1. It just goes to show you that the line between good teams and bad ones is often thinner than we realize.
The O's have been a pain in the a$$ to all the contending teams down the stretch, and I'm looking forward to seeing them continue the trend by knocking the Sox out of the playoffs. Darn right I care about this series.

Now living in Boston, I am so tired of the patronizing arrogant Sox fans. Early on they were claiming this to be one of the best teams of all times and now they growl how they suck, even losing to the pathetic Orioles. So, I hope we kick their butts and let the arrogance in Fenway have a season to simmer. Go O's!!

I hope they sweep the Sox and knock them out of the playoffs.

Absolutely! Knock the 'Sox out- in front of all their bandwagon fans who try invading our house! Sweep- and win 70 games.

This is why Tommy Hunter wants the ball tonight, He wants to be involved in knocking the Red Sox out of the playoffs.

Need another reason to dislike the Red Sux? Read this! I doubt Lackey is going to be the Roberto Clemente nominee anytime...

Boston Red Sox pitcher John Lackey has filed to divorce his wife, Krista ... who is in the middle of battling breast cancer.

Lackey filed on August 30, according to court docs in Texas, claiming "the marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities." Krista and John got married in November, 2008.

Sources close to the family tell TMZ ... Krista underwent a double mastectomy back in March and underwent chemo as recently as June.

The divorce petition says John and Krista had a prenup. It also says Lackey has "separate property" he wants to keep for himself.

Lackey filed the divorce papers using only his and Krista's initials -- a tactic Tony Parker and Eva Longoria ... and Sandra Bullock and Jesse James also used in their Texas divorces.

It's unclear why Lackey -- who's struggled on the field all season long -- didn't wait til the off-season, about a month from now, to start divorce proceedings.

Lackey's camp had no comment.

Yes, these games matter. If I have it my way, I would like to attend the Wednesday game. I don't want Red Sox fans invading Camden Yards either, even if it's a one seat at a time approach.
Oh one other thing Dan C, The Big E correctly called a blowout and predicted only 7 points for the Rams, that person was pretty much on the mark in addition to Barry. Also, how did Maryland lose to Temple over the weekend. That should not happen, but it did. You know if the Orioles make the right decisions in free agency for 2012 they could be in the running for the wild card next year. I feel I have the Orioles clocked, I know where there weaknesses are as well as their strengths, problem is finding the right solution is a but murky. The bottom line is, I hope the Orioles are willing to gamble, it will be the only way back to a winning season

Dan, yes I care and will be watching. My question to you is if you are writing about the O's why are you pushing the Ravens at the same time. The article was Do you care what the O's do against the Red Sox. It seems to me you only ask the question because you had to. Go O's

You better believe I care. Go Birds!

The only thing worse than having to sit next to Red Sox fans at Camden Yards is to travel to Boston once a month like I have to do on business. I know the Orioles are a bad team, just like everybody in Baltimore does but I am tired of hearing it from those arrogant ba*****s in New England. I hope the Orioles knock them out of the wild card so that when I go up there next month I can ask them what happened.

Looking to next year, the biggest mistake the organization could make would be think that because the team won a few games at the end of the season, that minimal changes are necessary. The Orioles need two established starters, an impact bat in his prime and should make every effort to upgrade offensively and defensively at third, first, second and left field. That's if Peter Angelos decides that 14 losing seasons in a row is enough. Improving the OBP throughout the lineup next year should be a primary goal.

Absolutely! I hope they crush the Sox and keep them out of the playoffs. It would be a small measure of payback for the invasion of all their incredibly obnoxious fans to the Yard.

If you root for the O's you gotta want to beat the Sox. Think not end of season...think next season, drink some kool-aid and get the hopes rising up. I'll be there Wednesday night and I'm hoping no obnoxious sox fans show up...but that is then it might not matter, I hope, for them. Don't want Tampa either, rooting for the Angels, but thats a long shot. GO O's !!!

Wait! The Orioles are still playing?!??

Brian, that was silly. We don't need to speculate on Lackey or his wife. That's low and uncalled for.

That being said, I can't stand the Red Sox or their fans. I hope they get swept out of Baltimore and they watch every October game on their couches.

I won't be watching, but would love to see the Orioles knock out Boston in what would be a semi-repeat of 1974 and keep them out one last time before the double wild-card takes effect.

And as someone else pointed out earlier, it puts another nail in the can't compete with the big boys claims coming from the warehouse.

As sad as this may be, this is the closest we get to the playoffs. Hell yes I care. Anytime you can ruin the Sox season is special

I'll be watching but I can't say I really care that much how the games turn out.

IMO Buck didn't rest his starters yesterday in order to play the spoiler against the Sox. Rather since the next 3 games are meaningful to several teams he will need to play them "straight up" using his regulars, out of fairness to ALL the remaining contenders for the wild card. So the final game against Detroit may have been his last opportunity to play Florimon and the other young guys.

Yes, I care. They're rivals. The Os better win as many games as possible against these guys. It isn't something we should take pride in, but knocking them out of the playoffs is what we are supposed to do when possible.

I think you asked the wrong question: The correct question is "Do you care enough about these games to go to one of them?"
Watching tv or listeing on the radio is easy.Attending in person- if your schedule and situation allow-is the acid test.

As for Lackey's personal life-let it alone, whatever you think. It is out of bounds. He is not running for public office and proclaiming himself publicly of the highest moral rectitude. He is a ballpayer, a human being whose workplace is somewhat in the public eye. (We dont see his training etc.) Whether I agree it is really bad-which it sounds-is irrelevant. Give the man his privacy. When you invade his privacy you open the door for others to invade yours and that of your friends and family etc. Give it a rest.

I'll be watching, when time and my little boy and girl allow. I'm interested in seeing how our pitchers handle themselves. Yeah! I know. I'm a hopeless romantic and should be over this by now, but I am genuinely interested in Orioles' prospects for the future.

go O's

As another fan blogged the other day, I am a lifetime (since 1958, when I was 6) Oriole fan, and I care a great deal about every game. Just ask my wife, who had to listen to me grumbling out loud, with a few choice 4-letter bombs, when Matusz gave up the TWO OUT three-run homer in the 4th, just after the O's had tied the score. I've lived in Maryland three different times in my life, but not since 1976. Colorado is my adopted home, but my baseball heart is always in Baltimore. AFter another dismal season, nothing would be better than to be able to spend the winter savoring a three game sweep of the Red Sox, which knocked them out of the playoffs. If as some claim, the only reason to play is to win the World Series, and the other 29 teams are losers, then keeping Boston out of a chance to win it all places them in the same bucket as the Orioles for the winter (and for $200 million, to boot). SWEEP!


Off-topic but very much to the point: How many of us are going to be here to read your column in another two weeks?

"The Baltimore Sun will begin charging frequent users of its website a subscription fee Oct. 10, joining several news organizations that have recently established price tags for online information.

"The Sun will allow users 15 free page views a month on But for unlimited access, users will pay either $2.49 a week or $49.99 for six months."

I for one will be getting my baseball news (and other news) at a bunch of other websites that are not insane enough to do this. I just hope you still have a job after your readership tanks.


me too

Of course I wanna see the O's take out the Sux. You'd not believe the amount of support the O's have been getting down here ever since the LAA series. Ranger fans constantly thanking me for the the O's support in helping them get the home field advantage. Kind of nice hearing nice things instead of the diatribe from the SuxNation, that you locals have to digest. Go O's. Draft well.

I could care less. After 14 years of this baloney, nothing to get excited about. Boston is going to get in anyways. I will be watching HBO and looking ahead to the Ravens on Sunday night...

trmahoney... I didn't write the article on Slackey.. I saw it, copied it & shared it here...

O's-Sox? Forget that, there is a great football game on tonight. Our areas top team is playing!!!


The Red Sox series is the Orioles' playoffs. A chance to make a difference.

Yes, absolutly, I care. If the roles were reversed, you could bet your bottom dollar that "beantown" would relish the spoiler role. So why can't we?

Of course I want to see them sweep but it is twofold reason. One I want to see the Sox knocked out, but two, I DON"T want any chance of a Yankee-Red Sox series in the playoffs!!! I refuse to watch Yankees-Red Sox games and I want to be able to watch all the playoff series.

As a displaced Oriole fan living and working in Boston, heck yes I care. I'd love to play spoiler and knock the Sox out of the play-offs. Would make wearing my O's hat so much sweeter this weekend!

Are you kidding me? This is the closest thing to playoff baseball the O's have had in the last 14 years. Of course I'll be watching!

Obviously Dan Oriole fans are responding WELL to your question! YES, we need to kick their "-ss" out of Baltimore!!! Better response by some is can we fill the stadium with orange & black & drown out those dam red sox fans!!!!! That would be a great way to end this frustrating season!!!!

I've loved every moment of the Orioles resurgence. Look, only one team will win the World Series so every other team will be disappointed this year. If we can win the Series, we can kick Boston to the curb which would be so satisfying.

Go O's!

I can’t watch football, it puts me to sleep. I’ll gladly watch the Orioles play Boston. I hope we win! Red Sox and Yankee fans are as obnoxious as football fans. I don’t care about playing to spoiler, I’M TIRED OF IT!!! I’d be far more interested if Toronto, or us, were in first and the wild card came out of another division. Is anyone else worried that the final week of the season has become meaningless? Seems like it’s the same teams winning the division and the same teams competing for the wild card. An additional wild card spot will just make sure that New York, Boston and Tampa are all playing in the postseason. I love fall baseball, particularly when it’s two teams that have nothing to gain or lose. I’m just tired of being that team.

The fact that Baltimore, and Oriole fans in particullar, are spending time contemplating whether they will enjoy watching their team play a "spoiler" roll is more of a statement of the condition of their team and their franchise than anything else. This is a team of ne're do wells, managed by an egomaiac, owned by an even bigger ego maniac who are perennial cellar dwellers. When you guys get a real major league team that actually competes with the rest of the league maybe then you'll have something more to look forward to than this.

Absolutely. I love my birds. Been a faithful fan through the best of times and now the worst of times. Baseball season is the best and these last three games are going to be something to watch. Go O R I O L E S!


Any time you have the chance to eliminate an AL East team from post season play it's a big deal. I am a Ravens season ticket holder and an Os season ticket holder.............. I will always place by allegiance to the Os ahead of that to the Ravens........

I don't have cable TV so I won't be watching, but I will be listening. I may try to make it down there Tues. if I can turn in my dead season tickets for a couple of upper deck seats. Yes, these games matter and I hope they sweep the Sox and knock them and their obnoxious fans out of the postseason.

Dan--I'll be locked onto every pitch--like always. The Birds have played sharp ball over the past few weeks. Though I picked Boston to win it all (World Series over Philadelphia) in my preseason picks sheet, I'd love to see the Orioles sweep the Red Sox while Tampa Bay takes care of business in New York. I'll be watching both series.

As long as both connelly and "THE QUEEN SCHMUCK" are ouit pounding the street, then the readers of this rag will have a more intelligent level of script to perruse. Clueless is not necessary along 10th Ward.

Is spelling?

Yes, I am still interested -Josh Beckett's pitch over Mark Reynolds head - a slip or more headhunting as Rick D has intimated?

On the 1 game WC playoff - Short series are a coin toss, as you said, but since Wild Card teams really don't belong in the playoffs, I think it is acceptable. The season needs to be shortened.

Doesn't matter what the Orioles do against the Red Sox. The Sox are still a major team. The Orioles? Nothing but a bunch of losers with a loser for a Manager. Dump him!

It would make it all worth sticking behind the Orioles all year long if the ended the season with a flory. To knock the Red Sox out of the playoffs would be terrific.

I am pumped for what the Orioles are doing right now. The guys on the field everyday are working hard to prove their value to the team and the MLB in general. It seems like Showalter is giving everyone a fair shot. I have a lot of respect for the O's because it would be a lot easier to lay down and let teams roll over you at this point, but the Orioles and the players cannot afford that type of attitude if they want to make a significant turn around next year. It is pretty obvious that each series against the Red Sox is especially important to each player and fan in an Orioles uniform. Spring training can't come soon enough

I hate it when the obnoxius Red Sox hordes descend upon what they like to call Fenway South, instructing Os fans what it was like to live in occupied Iraq. Last night it was wonderful to hear the sound of their silence.

Sadly, this is the closest thing to a playoff game we've had since 1997. ESPN breaking news updates during Monday Night Football on the O's game? You've got to enjoy whatever you can get.
My only regret is that I wasn't there last night, but I won't make that mistake today. Heading up after work.
It helps that the Red Sox invasion fans are the worst of the worst. Watching them suffer will help ease the pain of another sub .500 season.
(I just hope Dempsey doesn't give up on the O's before we get rid of Showalter)

Read where a lot of respondents said that they'd be watching tonight. Did anyone indicate that they're actually going to the game to root for the Orioles? Perhaps this is why the stadium was less than 1/2 full last night.

Last time I checked, we can't drown out the Boston fans at Camden Yards cheering for their team from the comfort of our living rooms. The reason they make so much noise is because we don't buy enough tickets to prevent them from attending in large numbers.

Hell, Yes. I care!
Wish O's could build a contending team.
Attend most exhibition games here in Sarasota and I am a huge fan. Go O's in 2012 and Mr. Angelos, Please spend some $ and build a first class contending team starting in 2012. Bring in a Good GM.
Bob L.

Sounds like some of these classless comments on here are by bitter 'Sox fans- who have probably never lived in or even been to Boston! And to "JohnJames"- why don't you learn how to spell before making your absurd comments about Dan, Pete, etc.

Go O's! No "Dirty Water" playing in Beantown after this series!

I posted this on Roch's blog, but I want to repeat it here because I wish you guys would do more with Francona's quote. It makes a great rallying cry for the Orioles. By the way, I am watching each game against the Sox. I love them beating them as much as Buck does.

Do you all remember the controversy this past March when Buck said, "I'd like to see how smart Theo Epstein is with the Tampa Bay [Rays'] payroll. You got Carl Crawford 'cause you paid more than anyone else, and that's what makes you smarter? That's why I like whipping their [butts]: It's great, knowing those guys with the $205 million payroll are saying, 'How the hell are they beating us?'"

Francona replied, "I don't remember them beating us that much."
(March 27 Baltimore Sun)

I bet after the last 2 weeks, Francona will remember the beatings much better now.

this is our world series to have a say in knocking out the red sox makes this year end on a high note . they been kicking us ariund for years watching there faces as they lost again made me feel we were champs . if you dont care then you were really never a oriole fan in the first place !

Rather than tonight I REALLY care about what the O's will do AFTER tonight. I understand that its almost a certainty that Andy the Turtle will be gone. Happy days! Now we won't have to wait days upon days for "the Turtle" to finally make his off-season trades (to acquire a couple of 2-3 level players to fortify the Birds for next season. When did Andy EVER make a move that included 3, 4 or even 5 players for a couple of men who would help the O's significantly in 2012..
As bad as the '54 O's were they traded Turley, Larsen et al for quite a few men who helped carry the O's until Brooks, Frank, Palmer and others were ready to take on the world.
Seeing the possibility of MISmanager Showalter moving out of the dugout is also pleasant news. Buck sits on his hands while starters are in deep trouble before starting up the bullpen. In the past week plus he left Britton, Guthrie, Matusz, and Britton again, in to the detriment of the team's chances of winning all four of those games.
As to the players, who picked Jones as most Valuable!! Player? In 3 years he has almost never resisted swinging at a curve low and away. Don't remember him being successful at it either. Additionally, he insists on playing a shallow center which cancels out his speed. Rather he miss one in front of him than over his head. Don't see very many of those catches against the wall that we saw in '10. Also don't see very many stolen bases for a speed merchant. Next year a couple of the newcomers will beat him out in that phase. Bring on Angle, Hudson et al. Maybe Reimold, if he survives, will learn how to usehis speed also.

Like I said: no "dirty water" playing in Beantown tonight! Such an annoying song/Red Sox tradition. Red Sox Nation- your improbable, historical collapse is complete!

In response to JayceeO's-

I actually think MacPhail has made great trades: Jones, Hardy, Reynolds to name biggest ones.

Why? Because this is the area he has the most direct influence on. I think the biggest problem isn't MacPhail but rather the overall scouting, drafting and player development. There is no way MacPhail can know all this. He has to rely on Jordan and scouts to give him good data. Not saying the onus is necessarily on Jordan (it could be), but there is clearly a weakness here. With so many players involved in MLB draft, you would hope the entire O's brain trust (including Buck) could be in the war room, but rather the O's are playing a game and Buck is in the dugout. In my opinion, we just need better scouts and instructors- top to bottom. If AM does go, I understand but still think he's not biggest problem.

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Appalachian League (R)
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