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August 26, 2011

Yankees in bad mood after loss, reschedulings

Predictably, a 12-5 drubbing at the hands of the Orioles did little to make the New York Yankees feel any better about the rescheduling of tomorrow's games, postponed by Hurricane Irene.

To review, the game, which was scheduled for tomorrow at 1:05 p.m., will be made up on Sept. 8 at a time to be announced. The originally-scheduled 7:05 game, will be played as part of split-admission doubleheader at 7:35 on Sunday.

And to nobody's surprise, Yankees manager Joe Girardi was not at all happy.

"It's silly to me. I don't understand why we didn't play a split doubleheader today," he said. "Someone's got to step up, and they did it all over the country. They did it in Philadelphia, they did it in Boston, they did it in Florida. Football games have been moved up. Soccer games. Golf has been canceled, 18 holes. Why we didn't play a split today, I have no idea. And now they want us to give up our off day, the only off day that we truly have as we're coming home from Seattle, and we're going to get to Toronto at 9 or 10 in the morning? We didn't agree to play Sept. 8. They scheduled it, we didn't agree to it, and I really don't understand it."

Orioles player rep Jeremy Guthrie took the high road.

"It’s a very difficult process, a lot of people, a lot of factors involved with both teams," Guthrie said. "Both business operations and so it is very difficult to schedule this many games. It’s unfortunate that it’s a natural disaster and we have to be sensitive to the needs of those who are going to be negatively affected by that. And so, we are just trying to make it work with both sides."

I'm not taking any sides here, but I can at last provide reasoning for the Orioles' reluctance to play a doubleheader today.

One, the Orioles were coming off an 11-day, and 10-game road trip, and they clearly didn't want to arrive at the ballpark early today for a doubleheader after the long trip.

Two, it's obviously been an emotional and taxing time for the organization with the death of Mike Flanagan, and I'm not sure they were too prepared or eager to spend 3/4 of the day at the ballpark.

Three and this is probably the most important one, the Orioles did not want to lose a home night gate against the Yankees. This was supposed to be a huge weekend attendance wise and that's already going to take a hit with the storms.

Four, the Orioles didn't approve of the Yankees' and MLB's rescheduling of the April 12 game at Yankee Stadium. That game was scheduled as part of a doubleheader on July 30, two days after a Yankees' off day. The Orioles had asked to make the game up in September and were denied.

And five, Girardi clearly didn't put his organization in position to gain any favors when he started to campaign for the change through the media a day earlier. The Yankees are one of the least flexible teams in terms of scheduling their home games and accomodating other team's wishes. The Orioles certainly weren't going to back down to them in this case.

Girardi says that the Yankees will fight the rescheduling, but my guess is we'll see him again Sunday, and again on Sept. 8.

Posted by Jeff Zrebiec at 11:48 PM | | Comments (70)


Great article, some awesome insight there. I wonder how tired the Yanks would have been though, may have been an easy two wins. Either way, screw Girardi. You're exactly right about his attempt to undermine, by going to the media.....and so nice they got thumped to top it all off. Orioles on a nice offensive and defensive roll here, sure would be great to do well on sunday too. Thanks again for this article, you always seem to hit the nail on the head.

And six, Girardi turned down the opportunity to manage the Orioles. Joe Girardi can bite me. See you on September 8th cry baby. Go file a grievance.

screw the Yankees, for once they aren't getting special favor from the Commish's office so what do they do? they go and whine

six it's the goddamn yankees and if it pisses them off, do it.


The Orioles are a bitter, greedy, third rate operation. They haven't sniffed the postseason since Clinton was President. They are an embarrassment. I went to their outdated ballpark last September and the ushers treated me like I had shot their dog. The Yankees unaccommodating? How many day games do they schedule on getaway days as compared to the Yankees? Forcing the Yankees to play on September 8th is the highlight of their season. The only way they ever get out of last place is if they contract. Or move back to St. Louis.


this just in. outside ny no one cares if the yankees are cry babies. one more think new yorkers. that rathole nyc is not the center of the universe.

Great job Jeff, Girardi whines about everything be a professional and suck it up you spoiled Yankee !!

I'm surprised Girardi didn't find a way to blame the whole thing on Gurthrie, like he does with everything else.
Girardi's such a tool.

Great call Jeff! The Yankees are a bunch of cry babies. Too bad Joe. Deal with it!! This has been a tough couple of days for the Oriole family. It's not all about you stinkin Yankees!

Great call Jeff! The Yankees are a bunch of cry babies. Too bad Joe. Deal with it!! This has been a tough couple of days for the Oriole family. It's not all about you stinkin Yankees!

Girardi should not whine about the off day , remind him he has today off.

If Baltimore got its way in April, it would have really put the clubs in a bind.

This problem could be addressed by a reduction of regular season games, and while they're at it, eliminating or greatly shrinking the interleague games and balancing the schedule, but I digress.

I'd like to see the Yankees roll over again on Sunday.

Girardi is usually a classy guy. But here he sounds like a pouting, spoiled rich kid. If he wanted to confirm the worst stereotype of the despised and arrogant Bronx Bummers, he did a pretty good job. How eager would he be to play two if the Yankees suddenly lost one of their greats?

Hats of to Jeremy Guthrie for being the adult in the conversation.

Waaahhhhh!!! I'm a Yankee and I always get my way. How dare you!
And as for being grumpy about losing...
Boo Hoo. Your so called Gold Glove infielders all booted a bunch of balls and your 82 million dollar pitcher can't pitch.
I feel so bad for you. Suck it up,' There is no crying in baseball! '

Well I guess they can always forfeit the game if the day off is that important to them....suck it up!!

My heart goes out to the Yankees in this tough time. No one understands them or listens to their needs. They bend over again and again to accommodate others in the league and this is the thanks they get? Poor poor Yankees. I'm glad they released a statement so everyone would know just how hurt and sad they are...

On second thought... shut up, Girardi!

Like it or lump it!

The primadonnas are whining? There's a shocker.

Hey Ramundo,

Message sent, message received, then? Clear enough for you? We don't want or need Yankees fans in our ballpark, outdated or otherwise. And if you think Camden Yards is old, how about Wrigley? Or that piece of decrepit architecture your team just left behind?

And when the O's were playing in World Series, the Yankees were paying Don Mattingly to nurse his wonky back and watching Steve Balboni swing (and miss) at anything that moved.

Go cry with Girardi.

Robert Ramundo, judging by your post, you weren't treated poorly because you're a skankee fan. You were treated exactly the way an entitled, whiny, obnoxious little troll should be treated. Karma sucks, huh?

Jeff, what's he talking about when he says, "they did it in Philadelphia, they did it in Boston." Did what? The Red Sox didn't play a doubleheader Friday; neither did the Phillies.

(BTW, just to add to the prevailing opinion, if it irritates the Yankees, I'm all for it.)

Jeff Z's reply: I think he meant that they rescheduled some games ahead of the Hurricane. I haven't really followed what other teams have done. Frankly, I'm sick of hearing about it. It seems like wasted energy with the other stuff that has gone on in the past couple of days, and is going on now.

Kind of funny, the Orioles are terrible and this is what gets the fans passion going?

The writer has NOTHING else to talk about because writing about the Orioles stinking it up everywhere they go is getting old and bothersome. So as the Orioles organization does, milk the fanbase when the Yankees are in town.

The premium ticket prices are bad enough when the Yankees come in, but now the Yankees are used in a story to derive some sort of uniting reaction out of the pathetic fanbase called the Oriole fans.

Way to keep it pathetic Jeff and to you as well who got sucked into this story cuz quite frankly, there is NOTHING else to talk about when it comes to your actual team except how they stink and what poor signings they may do next offseason...maybe you will sign Manny out of retirement so you can have something else to use as a lightning rod for the misery you are going through! Enjoy last as the Yanks prepare for YET AGAIN another playoff run!

Jeff Z's reply: Matt, it seems that the only people consumed by this are the Yankees. All the dialogue is coming out of their camp. I'd happily not write about it and ignore it, but Girardi and Granderson are making that difficult.

"Hats of to Jeremy Guthrie for being the adult in the conversation."

Great line Sarasota!!

Yes, Yankees can complain until they go blue in the face, we'll only enjoy watching the spectacle.

However, it HAS been since the Clinton administration that we Orioles had a winning season. They haven't had a losing one in that time. I do wish our team played a little more like theirs - working the count, etc. - and I wish our farm system produced consistently like theirs, and I could wish our owner consistently bought up the best available free agents, or attempted to do so. In short - much to emulate about the hated Yankees.

Tom the contrarian.

Joe, please stop the whining! Remember, what goes around, comes around!

Yankees need to get a grip........

The Orioles botched this on every level. You're all just bitter because your team is god awful.

@ Robert Ramundo

Orioles fans are bitter. They should be.

Peter Angelos is greedy. He's destroyed this organization.

The Orioles are a third rate team. Because of Peter Angelos. A truly dysfunctional business organization from top to bottom.

But all that aside, in this issue, Joe Girardi is clearly being self-centered and acting like an entitled brat. The Orioles organization just took an emotional blow in the loss of Mike Flanagan. It is a true tragedy, and the circumstances make it an incredibly sensitive issue. It affects the whole Orioles organization. Friday was the first home game the Orioles have played since the story came out. And Girardi wants them to play an extra game early, just to accommodate his Yankees?! Incredibly insensitive! He should be ashamed of himself.

Hey Js and Ramundo. If you don't like it too bad!Your idiot crybaby manager are jerks. I guess you think you should always get you way. We don't make the schedule ML baseball does stupid.

Hey Joe & Curtis: As Tom Hanks playing manager Jimmy Dugan told Bitty Schram playing right fielder Evelyn Gardner in "A League of Their Own" - "...There's no crying in baseball..." How much compassion did you have for the Orioles for their recent loss or the Oakland A's Thursday night? Get over it! (I believe the "Jimmy Dugan" quote should be posted on the scoreboard each time the Yankees visit Camden Yards.)---Ted in Parkville

Hey JS, we don't care if you think we botched it! It makes us HAPPY to inconvenience the Yankees, your team is the symbol of everything wrong with baseball. I LOVE it, and I LOVE that it bothers you so much! Enjoy losing your off day, and hopefully losing the division to the Red Sox (who we dislike slightly less than you).

With any luck, we'll get rained out Sunday too, so we can use up the Yankees' other September day off.

So you O's fans are all happy you won the scheduling battle with the 27 time World Champion Yankees yesterday. It's the only thing you won the past 25 years, enjoy it! Losers!

Please correct my memory on this,but:
Didn't the Yankees force the Minnesota Twins to play an ALDS game in NY the day after the Twins won a playoff game several years ago? The kicker was the next day was an "off day" - the Yankees forced the Twins to play the day after they clinched rather than allowing the Twins a travel day first and then play on the "off day".

Great article Jeff!

Again it's a case of everyone is supposed to allow the evil empire to dictate what happens. If they are so superior to us, then they shouldn't be worried about playing the orioles. Buy another box of tissues, or maybe since you are the mighty yankees, they should just give them to you,which is the way you like everything else.

Mike (and all other skankee fans), if you have to find your self-worth by bragging about what other people have done, your own lives must be pretty miserable. You might want to try stealing candy from some babies if you really need something to make yourself feel good.

Tough Krap for the Bloated Bankees and their overpaid prima donnas! That whole team including too good for us Girardi and he can't hit LHP loudmouth Granderson can kiss my Orange & Black hiney!

Awwwwwwww, poor little coward boy Yankees. Wwaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!

Wonder if they would want to play a double header right after Yogi Berra dies.
NYC equals Kleenex City.

haha @Robert Romundo - I am an O's fan living in NYC and that new Yankee stadium is a sellout carnival-like amusement park. Camden Yards is more classic than that park will ever be. Your classic (or as you'd probably say "outdated" park was torn down so you could build that amusement park. Well done. Can't wait until all that money you spend is wasted again when the Yankees fail to win the world series. Lean on one of your series you won in the '20's like most Yankee fans go to when arguing-- but those might be "outdated" by now.

Hey Jeff: I'm a Yankees fan from PA, that's ok right? If you can't see the Orioles were the last entity on the Eastern seaboard to react to the effects of Irene, you're dumber than the Orioles are pathetic! I'll be down for the DH tomorrow with the other 30,000 NYY fans to boost the gate, something your 25-under .500 team can't do. That's why the Birds didn't want to accommodate Yanks: they didn't want to lose a gate. Now take that gate money and sign some players to be competitive to truly honor Mike Flanagan!

Jeff Z's reply: Frankly Jim, I don't care where you are from or what team you root for. I also don't have a "team." I'm paid to cover - not root for - the Orioles and I was giving the reasons for why they didn't want to play a doubleheader Friday. I'm not judging who is right or wrong, as I think the whole conversation is so damn trivial with families scattering and evacuating their homes and with the Orioles dealing with a tragic death of one of their most beloved players ever. Too much energy is being wasted on this and quite frankly all the dialogue and the complaining seems to be coming from one side.

I dont see Girardi or granderson crying about how them and MLB thinks its fair for them to spend over 200 million dollars a year. Stop Whining, you have every advantage in baseball beuase you happen to be in the biggest television market in the country

Hey Jeff: The conversation is not trivial. The O's seeming reluctance to do anything until 9 p.m. Friday is what was an inconvenience and an outrage. That's what I am reacting to. I thought the organization knew something about the storm the rest us didn't. Your mayor announced a state of emergency for Sat. while the O's were still scheduled. Get it? You're damn smug for someone who is paid to see both sides of an issue. Don't get a big head listening to all your hometown readers tell you how great you are. Consider the source.

Jeff Z's reply: An convenience for who, jim? You? Yankees fans? Joe Girardi? Buck Showalter? I'm not making excuses for Orioles. They've had problems with this kind of stuff in the past and they're not exactly known for being proactive in situations like this. Like everyone else in the pressbox last night, I was wondering why there was no resolution, and why the games hadn't been banged yet. A big part of that was the two sides couldn't agree to the makeup date and times. It was well known pretty early yesterday that today's games were going to be wiped out. They just couldn't agree on when they would be made up. And while you claim it was an inconvenience on your side, the Orioles claim it would have been an inconvenience to all the people who had tickets to the game to find out Thursday night that a game was being replayed in about 12 hours. And yes, I stand by the trivial comment. Calling this an outrage? It's a rescheduled baseball game. No teams or fans have been put in harm's way. If having to play a makeup game against the last-place Orioles on Sept.8 is the worst thing to happen to Yankee fans and their organization this year, I think they're going to be just fine.

Gee Torbik, you just got your New York *** puckered, didn't you Sport?

I am a Yankee fan and I agree with the writer of this article. There are too many problems in the world today to talk endlessly about this. The reporter is doing his job to report it and it should just be left alone. I have been to Baltimore for Yankee games and the fans and workers there were very polite. Playing a game on Sept. 8th should be no big deal. I am sure those who are unemployed would not mind working Sept. 8th or any day of the year. I teach inner city kids in Manhattan. Believe me, baseball is not talked about much but having their Mom or Dad find a job is talked about plenty. It is just a game. If people were less mean and critical about it maybe Mike Flanagan would still be alive. Our concern today should be for his family not about some stupid make-up date.

Hey Jeff: I hope you didn't dump my rebuttal because I didn't buy your response. Up here we like a good debate.

Jeff Z's reply: I didn't dump anything. I was in the process of responding to it. The comments on this blog don't go up automatically. You have to approve them by hand.

Wow..what an annoying topic. Let's focus on important things, like hatred of Red Sox and Yankee fans.

Hey Jeff: Well written response and thanks for explaining the rescheduling delay. It wasn't an end-of-the-world, you couldn't even see the end-of-the-world from there, but it could have been resolved sooner. Finally, I promise, I never agreed with Girardi about playing 2 on Friday. Which game was he going to move? Totally unfair to those with tickets. Good talking with you. That's enough on this.

Jeff Z's reply: I guess they were talking about moving one of the two Saturday games to Friday, and then the other one to Sunday as part of a doubleheader. The Yankees didn't want to play a doubleheader on Monday ahead of Tuesday's big series-opener in Boston, which is understandable.

Hey Jeff: One final question. Promise, no debate, but as a former newspaper editor, I have my thoughts. Will the paper pursue Mike Flanagan's suicide motive? Does his celebrity status supersede right to privacy? Since Alex Flanagan raised the financial problems issue, is it fair games to investigate? Please, I have no dog in this fight and am saddened by the events of this week. Your thoughts and the paper's position? No more questions, promise.

Jeff Z's reply: Interesting question, one I've certainly been struggling with the last couple of days. In Friday's paper, we wrote a story touching on the issue a little, quoting several of his friends - Scott McGregor, Joe Foss, Gary Thorne to name a few. We had several of his friends talking about how depressed he was after losing GM job. We included the financial issue which was in the press release put out by the Baltimore County police. But you have to be real careful there as you know, and speculating on such a thing is pretty shameful. Simplying such a tremendous tragedy and blaming it one thing, like the O's losing or financial issues, also shows no awareness of mental health issues and depression. Ultimately, I'm not behind the decision-making process on this, but if there comes a time where his wife and family members were willing to talk,then maybe it could be explored a little more. But that time certainly isn't now.

suck it up yankees we are in a middle of a hurricane incase u havent noticed there was no way u guys were going to play at all today good article

What difference does it make Joe? Clearly you will not win it all again this year. Its called starting pitching.

Agreed. Thank you.

Gee, deal with a hurricane and reschedule a couple of games to a later date, or bow down to the Yanks so they can get things their way and make it easier on themselves to set up the rotation for Boston. No brainer. Hopefully Tampa will catch the Yanks AND Sox and the Wild Card will come out of the AL West. Serve the high and mighty ones right.

Romundo, move to NY. We don't need whining Yankee lovers here!On another note, I'm perplexed by everyone trying to place blame on others and situations that may have caused Mike Flanagan to commit suicide. To me, it is cowardly and an easy way out if it was financial or otherwise and leave his wife and children to deal with both the problem and his passing . I think that most of us would have loved to have the life that he did and the income that he generated , even recently. He had a handsome pension from baseball and a (to me) great job as a color commentator with MASN, probably at least a 6 figures plus job. Nothing there that I can see to justify what he did. And to blame Angelos ( who I despise) or tha O's franchise and the fans is ridiculous. Doesn't anyone see this side of the situation or is it just me?

Why do Yankee fans need to come on here? You don't have Mike and the Mad Dog to scratch your backs anymore?

Call Chuck Schumer's office - maybe he'll help out.

Go away. The home teams wins these arguments for a change.

....And six,

The last thing Angelos wanted was an injury to a fan who attended both games and on his/her way home got into an accident. No game, no hurricane tragedy to add to the grief the city/organization is already dealing with.

The Yankees can't handle any situation they can't but their way through.


The Yankees have this incredible sense of entitlement. They always have.

They don't give a hoot about the other team home or away.

I worked as a chef at Yankee Stadium for the past two years and when it comes to providing food for the visiting clubhouse we would put out food that was never fresh always a day old, usually mistakes that were overcooked and reheated AT LEAST once and sometimes twice. In fact the Twins got reheated food that was reheated from family meal that was served at two o'clock that afternoon.

I wonder what Delaware North is feeding the Yankees.

Given the set of circumstances surrounding the Oriole community, all they worry about is themselves. How insensitive, how disrespectful, how cold, how typical.

What is the factual support for the statement?: "The Yankees are one of the least flexible teams in terms of scheduling their home games and accomodating other team's wishes. "

The Yankees schedule more midweek getaway games as afternoon starts than any team in the American League. Go look at the schedules. If it's rainout rescheduling this is referring to, again I'd like to see some support for that.

If this is about the Minnesota Twins ALDS flap, I find that argument quite specious. The Twins had the lease that prohibited them from playing game 163 on Monday because of the Vikings game.

I am all for criticism of the Yankees, but it has to be fair and factually accurate. Please advise.

"Wonder if they would want to play a double header right after Yogi Berra dies."
GOOD GOD!!! Isn't HE dead yet?

"The Orioles botched this on every level. " Translation: you refused to do cartwheels for me.

Wait a moment?

Wasn't it just 8 years ago that Joe Torre and the late George Steinbrenner were RIPPING the O's for playing a game as Tropical Storm Isabel (read NOT a hurricane) was approaching Baltimore?

Funny how things work out, eh?

All the more reason to SPANK THE YANKS, just like we did Friday night.

the Orioles are not a third rate operation when it came to history. The Orioles may not have won 27 world championships like the Yankees (how many were bought is anothre matter) but the Orioles have three to be proud of. I'm sure Peter Angelos will allow MacPhail to hire the next GM is he steps down which I'm sure will happen. For all the Yankee whiners, just shut up. you're going to the postseason. i wish the Orioles were. What's another make up game to you. A hurricane is coming thru the area. It's easy to put another team down when there losing. The Orioles are not losers.
I know the Orioles will become winners again. I'm 47, I will be around to see that happen. The reason Yankee fans come here is because they cant afford them up there. For the remaining Oriole fan base , if you want to keep the Yankee and Red Sox fans out of Oriole Park, the Oriole fans need to come out. Stop selling your tickets to the enemy.

Okay O's fans I agree with decision, safety of the fans, players and people that work at the park first but why do feel the need to bring the Red Sox fans into this when it is clearly an issue between the O's and the Yankees? Stop being so obsessed with us! Worry about yourselves.

Spank the yankees, blah, blah, blah....just look at the standing O's fans. Only 5 more weeks and you can play golf with all the Oriole players.

The Yankees and their fans really are self indulging jackasses! They would be the first to complain for the lack of respect when one of their favorites die, but of course every other team and fan would show them respect! They really are a classless franchise!

Would Girardi like some crackers and cheese to accompany his whine?

The Sun should pursue the Mike Flanagan story and apologize to nobody for doing so. There is a reason why he ended his own life and. whatever that reason is, it is national news generically and local news specifically.

Newspapers and journalists are not here to bury the truth but to find it. Nobody is suggesting that there should be a tabloid / Rupert Murdoch feel to it, but the reality is that Flanagan's suicide is news, the reason why is news, and it should be covered fairly but specifically.

And if sensitivity to the Flanagan family is the problem right now, I can only say that there probably have been hundreds if not thousands of stories in the Sun over the years in which sensitivity was an issue, but it was covered nonetheless. Why is this case different?

To be honest, the Flanagan clan may very well be appreciative of such an investigation. Suicide is an important issue in today's society and learning more about the reasons for such an act from a man who seemingly has it all would be informative and maybe ease their pain a bit by seeing some good come out of it.

And finally, it might put to rest all the many unsubstantiated rumors that can only be bringing pain to Mrs. Flanagan and her kids.

The Sunpapers is a newspaper and this is a legitimate news story and it does not make one a voyeur or tacky to expect it to be treated as the news that it is. It is anything but. It is journalism.

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