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August 11, 2011

Would you trade Brian Roberts for Adam Dunn?

Let’s start by saying this question is hypothetical.

And since this bar is fake, I figure I can get away with it.

Let me reiterate that this has not been discussed by either side, as far as we know. Let’s also say it doesn’t seem like a perfect fit because the Chicago White Sox have a young second baseman in Gordon Beckham (though he could play third) and a young third baseman in Brent Morel. (Of course, they’d still love to have a true leadoff guy.)

And the Orioles have two swing-and-miss sluggers locked up at least through 2012 in Mark Reynolds and Chris Davis, so it’s probably redundant now. (Of course, the Orioles would love to have an established left-handed slugger.)

But let’s have a true bar argument today -- about something that almost certainly won’t happen (hey, and for those of you who just want to rip and can’t do hypothetical, go grab a stool elsewhere).

If you are the Orioles, would you trade Brian Roberts for Adam Dunn straight up?

Think about it for a second.

Dunn, 31, has been terrible this year -- probably the biggest disappointment in baseball. But he has been on the field, playing in 98 games.

Roberts, 33, has played in just 39 because of a concussion this season after only 59 last year. That’s 98 in two seasons.

You’d probably have to accept the other’s lofty contract, so that might be a factor in your thinking.

After this season, Roberts has two years and $20 million left on his deal. Dunn has three years and $44 million remaining on his.

The Orioles would have loved to have Dunn in the past. The Chicago White Sox have inquired about Roberts’ availability previously.

So maybe it’s not completely far-fetched.

Personally, I’d do it. Because I think Dunn is a lot better than he has shown (and boy was he terrible Wednesday night with three strikeouts and a groundout). Then again, one White Sox observer I asked said he would do it if he were in charge of that team.

Given Roberts’ age and the way his body has broken down, I just wonder what he’s got left. As good of a player as he has been, he’s a huge question mark moving forward.

So is Dunn for different reasons.
What would you do?

Daily Think Special: Would you trade Brian Roberts for Adam Dunn?

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Where would you play him? Why? You'd have to remove a player who was productive for a guaranteed out. Might as well have your pitcher hit instead of a DH.
And Brian Roberts sitting on the bench gets almost as many hits and a whole lot less outs. Even Vlad is better than Dunn.
Now I would trade BR for Konerko.

I absolutely would not do it. When a slugger implodes the way Dunn has, there's often not a bounce back, plus he's solely a DH, he's not getting any younger, and he's never hit in the American League. And like you said, Mark Reynolds and Chris Davis are of similar profiles (not that Davis is someone you'd plan around). Roberts is likely sunk cost at this point, but no sense in adding a year and 24 million to the bill.

Yes, I would trade Roberts for Dunn, because although Dunn is having a horrible season, he has a great track record as a hitter and he is relatively young. Roberts is older than Dunn and has virtually zero chance of being a productive player ever again. Roberts is also a confirmed liar, cheater, and steroid abuser, and he also refuses to hustle. I would not want Roberts on my team.

Great question. Neither are producing for different reasons. I would only trade Brian Roberts if he were done, and I don't mean Dunn. When is Roberts coming back is what I wish to know.

No. Why in the world would we want a no hit no glove first baseman? I wouldn't take him for Robert Andino.

Well there's a few more questions/thoughts that you can add to the kitty. First, I didn't think Dunn wanted to come here. Second, doesn't Gordon Beckham currently play 2nd base for the White Sox? Third, Ol Gordon is still young, born in 1986 so he still has some tread on the tire. Fourth, and this might be the most important thought about the trade. If I were the Orioles, I would not only ask for Will Ohman, I would damand that he would be apart of the trade. This trade cannot be consumated without the inclusion of Will "The Thrill" Ohman! Orioles fans across this great land should demand for him! At least, that's the way I feel about it.

Throwing good money after bad.

You are writing about trading the wrong Oriole. Trading Nick Markakis should be the Orioles #1 priority in the offseason. Why? We could get any number of above average defensive RF's that bat 280 and hit 10-12HR's a year for way less then his current 11million dollar salary-not to mention his last 2 years of his contract he will be making 15mil per year. 15million per year for very very average offensive production doesn't make sense and will quickly become one of the worst contracts in baseball. And don't give me that he is a fan favorite and attendance will suffer because attendance is down and fans like winning more than any player on the Orioles.

So to answer your question, yes I would trade Roberts for Dunn. Lol!

Well...Yes - I would actually trade BRob for Dunn, but only under the following circumstances: if we can include Vlad as well, and if we can get Viciedo and Lillibridge in return, too. So it would be BRob and Vlad for Dunn, Viciedo, and Lillibridge.

Viciedo(who is awesome at the plate and plays 3B and 1B as well as LF and RF), Lillibridge,( who we can pencil in at 2B as a starter)...and the almighty Dunn, (who just may be very unhappy as only a DH and hence unproductive), very well may do much better in an Oriole uniform. I remember Dunn's comment last fall that he wanted to stay in the NL so he could play 1B - he specified that he did not want to be a DH...and I laughed when he took the money in Chicago anyway.

So, a trade like this is good for both teams imo - Beckham goes to 3B, and Morel becomes their utility infielder, with BRob at 2B and Vlad the new DH there(and maybe happier there with Ozzie and more hispanic ballplayers to be friends with in the clubhouse.) For the O's, Viciedo plays 3B, Reynolds is the DH, Lillibridge starts at 2B, and Dunn plays 1B guarunteed. I have a hunch that a happy Dunn means better production at the plate. Lillibridge and Viciedo would also both be very happy to get their opportunities to start in the major leagues finally. Personally, I think Lillibridge makes for a great 2B, while Viciedo would be better than anyone we've had at 3B in recent memory.

Hows this affect Chris Davis? He becomes the bench guy - a new Wigginton type, but who bats lefty. Yes, the lefty pinchitter off the bench that we have been lacking for so long.

I'd trade Brian Roberts for a bag of balls and a bottle of Excedrin!

Would make the trade in a heart beat. Problem is-- the only pulse that counts is Peter's, and Counsel would veto the deal without issuing a written opinion from the bench. Case dismissed with extreme prejudice....

Dan, shirley you must be kidding. Not sure I understand your admission that your bar is fake, but certainly your hypo is fallow to say the least. OK, you got me laughing at least.

Based on the contract money remaining, NO. However, if it were a straight up deal otherwise, YES. But more to the point, would Chicago ever want that, given their stash of future secondbasemen and Roberts' status as an 'athletic self-injurer'?

No way.

Dunn is not better then Reynolds or Davis, just older and more $$, not what a rebuilding team needs. Probably a down year because he has not adjusted to the AL yet as it took Reynolds a while.

Plus, I have a bad feeling B-Rob may never play significant time again unless he wants & can play through migranes the rest of his career. If I was running the O's I would figure B-Rob is retired going into the 2011 offseason.

No way would I do that deal. Adam Dunn would give us what we already have in Reynolds, Davis and Scott (low batting average, with lots of HRs and average to below average glove). What we need is more athletic and versatile ball players like a Chone Figgins (in his prime).

As it is we have minimal depth at 2b, why trade your leadoff hitter with above average glove, while his stock is at an all-time low?

Trade one player who can't get on the field for another player who can't play on the field? It's a Dunn deal.

I would trade Roberts for a bag of chips. But I would not want to take on Dunn. He fits the profile of players that come to the O's to watch their careers die. Reynolds, at least, has 27 gigantic homers. No Dunn.

I probably wouldn't, just because a healthy Brian Roberts would be more important to the lineup than a typical season from Adam Dunn. On the flip side, say Roberts is done because of concussion and Dunn can never refind his stroke, Roberts contract is a little less handcuffing than Dunn's

Sure Dan, I'd trade Roberts for Dunn straight up, for the same reasons you would. I think B Rob is done. Dunn can at least play most of the time.

I would have no inyerest in Dunn. We have enough strike out artists on this team and I amnot referring to the pitchers. My question I would like topose to you is on what date do you predict the Oriole pitching staff will shutout the opposition. THis year, next year or longer?


You better believe it. Not that Dunn is "all that", but Roberts is washed up as a player and because he is "Angeloser's" boy, they held on for him far too long.

I would do it for no other reason than I really believe Brian Robert's career is over. Sure, he might have a short come back next year, but I would be surprised if he played over 50 games total for the rest of his career. IF Dunn starts hitting again, and I think he could, then at the trade deadline next year we could have some interesting options.

By all means, as much as I wish BR a speedy recovery, he is worthless at this point to a rebuilding club.

Hungover? No coffee yet this morning?
This is a dumb question.

I would trade Roberts for a pack of snack crackers. Cheese and Chive of course, just would n't give him away.

Heck no I wouldn't pull the trigger on a Brian Roberts for Adam Dunn swap. For the hypothetical, it appears we've settled on the premise that Roberts produces when he is healthy enough to be on the field (and not hitting himself in the head). Your proposed hypothetical also doesn't preclude us from considering our past Oriole experiences... so the Garret Atkins and Derrek Lee experiments of "buying low" on an aging slugger and hoping for a bounce back hasn't worked out so well for us. Andino is a solid fill-in while we wait for Roberts to get back... I'd say we'd be better off sitting this one out.

No brainer- Roberts will likely never play again, let alone at the level he once did. Concussions aren't hamstring/shoulder injuries. There's no fix for them. His bell will continue to ring for the rest of his life.

Would I trade $20mm in negative value for $33 million in negative value? Ummm... no.

gee how can anyone be hypethectial here.if brian roberts wasn't in his present condition this subject woouldn't even be comming up at this time. who is to say adam dun would or could be any better than vlad. what team in their right mind would even consider trading for brian roberts

I would do it only if Dunn would DH not at 1st. I'd like to see what Davis could do with a full year. Like you said at least Dunn will be on the field.

Headhurts for Done ain't exactly DiMaggio for Williams, is it? Since this is a fake bar with local ownership discussing a fake trade involving a fake team with local ownership, I'll play along.

Pour me a double.

I'd trade Brian Roberts for Ted Williams' frozen head. That way I would dump millions in salary while being able to sell the latter on eBay for tens of thousands. Oh, that wasn't the question.

Adam Dunn, huh?

Sure. Why not? Play Davis at 3rd, move Reynolds to 2nd, reintroduce Dunn to 1st, and when Hardy is unavailable, the Orioles could sport an infield with 700 strikeouts. And that's just with fielding.

Pa-rump-dum. I'll take another double. No, not a two-bagger. No, a two-bagger is not my former prom date where the second bag was insurance in case the first bag broke. A fake double. Another fake drink.

Okay. Where was I?

Oh, yeah. Then bat these three guys -- Davis, Reynolds and Dunn -- in succession. That way, they most assuredly will be batting most of the time with no one on base, thereby increasing their chances of hitting a HR. And bat them 3rd, 4th, and 5th. That would increase their chances of batting late in the game with the Orioles up or down by four or more, thereby increasing their chances of yet another HR.

Considering there's no shortage of DH's who are past their prime, the Orioles could slaughter the single season strikeout record while sprinkling in some tape measure shots along the way.

Speaking of shots, I'll have another double.

Since we're getting Mendoza'd out in LF, I propose we discuss whether we should entice Ricky Henderson out of retirement. Even at his age, he can probably bat .220, hit 10 HR's, and steal 15 bases.

But, hey, it ain't my fake bar.

I would not make such a deal. The main reason is that Dunn's deal lasts longer, and is a bigger albatross. Roberts is a long-tenured Oriole, and when he's right he's still a good player. Let's see what happens with him in 2012: why not?

Not until Dunn proves he can hit AL pitching. We've had enough failed experiments with lifetime NL players (mostly pitchers). Besides....I think 3 strikeout kings in one lineup is 1 too many.

For as bad as Roberts has been for the club the last couple of seasons, I still don't make that deal. It has nothing to do with getting back a one-dimensional hitter who would have nowhere to play on the roster. Ignoring other factors, I make the deal. However, the fact that Dunn costs more (between $4-5 million per season) and has a contract that runs a year beyond Roberts' deal is the killer. It's bad enough we're held captive to "is he healthy" or not discussions with Roberts for the second full season. The stronger likelihood is that Roberts never recovers and we've lost our 2B and lead-off hitter who made things happen for this club. Even if Dunn gave us some promise to get out of the BRoberts drama, I still can't take him because of what he brings to the roster (very little) and the extended costs of the Big Donkey.

I would. Yes. I love BRob, but it comes down to this for me:

The chance of Dunn's power-based game bouncing back is better than the chance of BRob's speed-based game bouncing back. Even if BRob hadn't gone through all the injuries of the last couple seasons, he'd probably be entering a period of regression in steals anyways about now. To expect him to come back and go right back to the same old Roberts at the highest level is quite a big assumption. In all likelihood, I think we can only expect Roberts to have drips and drabs of starts here and there, like Morneau. Dunn's been undoubtedly bad, but he's still in the lineup, and still too young to expect a natural decline, so he has a shot to make this season a blip in the career, an unexplainable "lost" year that happens sometimes, even to quality players.

I would trade the whole team, the coaches and the water boy if somebody would switch owners with us. If the Geek Greek isn't the worst owner in sports he is just a jinx, a dark cloud that has covered Baltimore for too too long!!!

Alright...let's do it. Then Orioles will have Reynolds, Davis, and Dunn to strike out 400 times between them right in the middle of the lineup.

They will hit a combined .215 with 90 HRs, 200 RBIs, 400 Ks, & 100 BBs.

That sounds about right.....


Roberts has no trade value{even hypothetically} and will probably end up retiring. I believe that Dunn is having trouble adjusting to the American League and will bounce back once he becomes more familiar with the pitching.

Hypothetically, if the Orioles were ever in a pennant race, you probably would be having more fun and wouldn't have to lay awake thinking up columns like this. I have said it before, but you, Jeff, Pete and Steve are doing your penance on earth covering this disaster of a franchise. You all are sure to go straight to heaven after experiencing hell here on earth in the form of the Baltimore Orioles.

I would trade him in a New York minute. Brian will never play here again, he is completely broken down from steriod use, which everybody wants to believe
was using just once. I agree with brett however in regards to trading Nick M he has to go just to shake these mess up some. . Those 2 contract extentsions given to those players have proven to be horrible and continue to show why this organization is the down right disgrace of baseball.The only question that remains to be answered for me is does the management from andy down to jordan to player development have any remorse for the horrible job they have done over the last 4 1/2 years .

What an absurd question. You must be bored.

That depends... is Adam Dunn code for "Ham Sandwich"?

Trade for a guy who is guaranteed to compete for the league strikeout title? They did that already with Reynolds. If they get Dunn, it can only be because Angelos wants a lock on the team strikeout record.

Yes, in a heartbeat. I'd do it if both players were at their peak and I would certainly do it with both players having major question marks.

Now, would you trade Luke Scott for Dunn?

I would trade him for anything because I think he's done, but not for Dunn!

$20 million is less than $44 million. So, I'm going to hold on to my dollars in this economy. But if they throw 10-15 mill my way then I definitely would.

Also, I don't want to have 600 strikeouts hitting back-to-back-to-back.

Roberts is a big concern. Maybe, he can still lead-off as a DH and be productive.

Yes and No. Yes if it means the Orioles will finally give up on Roberts and find a 2nd baseman since he is done. No since they are both done and they both need to be cut, but 44 mill is higher than 20 mill so it would be easeier to cut 20 million. However, I think the Os can get rid of Robert's $20 million by cutting him and blaming his injuries on something that wasn't baseball related (HITTING SELF IN HEAD WITH BAT) and voiding the contract.

Angelos would never do this because as far as he knows, Roberts is out there playing every night. In fact, besides Markakis, Roberts is probably the only player Angelos would even know if he saw him.

If Roberts leaves, the Orioles Community Relations Dept would go away as he is the only one that really does anything.

Jeff Z's reply: That's so ridiculous. Several Orioles are active in the community. Markakis has his own foundation, Guthrie and Jones are doing stuff all the time. And that's just mentioning a few.

Too much money left on Dunn's contract plus you have the 2010 Diamondbacks issue of too many swing and miss hitters. Roberts is not likely to be the player he was but I think the best way to improve the offense is probably by picking up a bad contract with some upside. We won't get Prince but how about Kendry Morales?

Jeff Z's reply: Hasn't played in a year and a half because of injuries. And didn't know he was available.

I would not.

It's not that I wouldn't trade away B-Rob because I would in a heartbeat for a bag of balls and cash considerations (50 bucks oughta do it). But I wouldn't dump anyone for Adam Dunn, he's stinking it up and I think only a return to the Senor Circuit would help.

Let's see....Dunn is hitting a buck something, is on pace to strike out 3 times in a game without a hit more than anyone is baseball, already has 133 strikeouts and is barely in double digits in homeruns. B-Rob, although he's on the DL will come back and hit in the .270's, steal some bases, be an above average leadoff hitter and be on base about 40% of the time and hit a few dingers. Hypothetically speaking......NO!!!!!

Don't want either one...We need good players. Neither one, at this stage in their careers is a good player. And that's the name of that tune.

Hi, I'm a White Sox fan. I think the Sox might GIVE Dunn to the Birds if they would take his salary. Getting Roberts back (he KILLS the Sox) would be Christmas.

JeffZ - are you bartending here today?

Jeff Z's More like bar backing today.

That would be crazy! Angelos would never allow his puppet to pay Dunn that much money to strike out 2 out of every 3 ABs.
Just ride out the Roberts contract and wait to sign his replacement or promote him from AAA.

Sorry to say, but BR can't steay healthy and they need a reliable good bat and good glove at second. Trade for Dunn, then package him with a few deadwoods for a first rate second baseman.

Barkeep, you see those stale pretzels over there-hand them to me, and I'll swap Roberts straight up.

I would actually consider making this trade. I mean, I know that Dunn hasn't been having a very productive year... But Roberts? He's barely played at all over the last two seasons. Plus, he certainly isn't getting any younger...

It's pretty hard to believe that Roberts has been on the team long enough to have played with Cal Ripken, Jr. Not to mention, he's the only one left from that era. (Which seems like forever ago!)

I have never heard of such messed up people in my life. You people make me want to throw up . You call yourself baseball fans . All of you make me sick. This is why the orioles are in the place thier in . Everybody wants to build a team as long as it can be done in one or two years. Andy said in the begining it would take awhile
to rebuild . He also said if you had six prospects you might get one or two make it.
Curt S.S. Md

Out of curiosity I googled Adam Dunn my thought process was maybe someone from the White Sox media asked him about the possible trade and asked his opinion. I didn't find anything on that matter, but I did find this article. It states that Adam Dunn should be removed from the heart of the line-up. My question is if White Sox fans/bloggers want him removed from the meat of the order. Why do some of the Baltimore Media want him to be a member of the Orioles heart of the line-up? I mean this is the same media who want Vlad Guerrero sent to another team or sent down in the line - up. My question is why?
Link to the article:

Roberts for Dunn? Virtually nothing for... someone worse than nothing right now? Imagine how Orioles fans would have howled had Dunn signed with the O's this year... Worse than Atkins? Instead, they moan about Roberts... No, I'll take moaning over outrage. I think we should assume that Roberts may never play again... but that Dunn looks worse.

Dan; They both are at the end of their careers,and completely nonproductive. They both stink. Why pay another 24mil for a hasbeen?

How many tornadoes do want swinging in Baltimore next year?

No, I wouldn't trade Roberts for Dunn, though I might consider trading him for Alfonso Soriano.

Sure, I'd trade Roberts for Dunn. In a heartbeat. But the White Sox wouldn't even think of making that trade. Like Dan said in his post, it almost certainly won't happen. So why in the world are we talking about it?

Oh... Right... Our team is terrible, once again, so we're doing what we always do in August. Wasting time, waiting for the season to end.

So while we're wasting time, waiting for another wasted season to end, why don't we ask a few more ridiculous questions?

Would you trade Robert Andino for Hanley Ramirez? Sure, but the Marlins wouldn't do that.

Would you sign Prince Fielder? Sure, but Andy and Angelos aren't going to make that happen.

Would you put big money into the international market? Sure, but Andy thinks it's a waste of time, despite the fact that a substantial percentage of current top tier players were signed as international free agents.

Apparently, Sun staffers are just as bored and frustrated as we fans are. With that in mind, does anyone else have a few random, preposterous hypotheticals to throw out?

Sure, why not? Dunn is Dunn while Roberts is done.

waspman - hilarious! Your next round's on me.

I don't have much to add to the discussion - Roberts appears to be stickaforkinit done, Dunn is arguably worse than that, and do we really want 700 K's in the heart of our order next year? Pretty much covers it!

No ... at least with Roberts, we can put him on the DL and bring in another player to fill his spot.

Dunn would simply take up a roster spot and produce just as little.

Wow, Dan, where'd you come up with that idea to kick around? Are you having a contest with Roch and Z to find out who can find the most creative way to endure yet another disaster of a season? I think I need a couple shots of Jameson just to even contemplate this one.

Hmmm... lemme see now... I honestly don't think Roberts is going to get back on the field this year, and the future is pretty dicey beyond that as well. Dunn I would have signed as a free agent if I could have gotten him last year for 3/40 or maybe 4/48, but I would have passed at what he got then, and I sure don't want it now. Though I do think Dunn will play more games and generate more runs in the remaining life of his contract than Roberts will.

So from a purely baseball standpoint, it might be worth considering. But the economics on top of it makes me say no. There are other ways I'd rather spend the incremental $24MM over the next three years than to give it to Dunn.

Has Dunn ever been in the Chicago Cubs organization? But he does play in Chicago so that's close enough. Roberts appears to be physically shot based on recent history, but taking on millions of additional salary dollars for another guy who strikes out a whole lot does not make sense. Just realize Roberts is a part time player for the rest of his contract and hope Schoop in the minors actually develops into a 2nd baseman. In the interim, use Andino who is really not all that bad even by the reduced Orioles standards.

Just imagine the heat the Os front office would be taking if they had signed Dunn in the off season. Reynolds and D Lee, even Luke Scott, are having/had a better year. I wonder if ChiSox fans are calling for their GM's head?

Not that it would ever happen, buy I'd take the deal, Sorry to say, I think BROB is done (all puns intended) and Dunn will bounce back next year.

We already have Dunn clones in Reynolds and Davis. We already have a bunch of non-clutch hitters also. Even though Roberts isn't contributing by being on the DL, Dunn wouldn't contribute much to the team either. I'd say pass on this hypothetical trade.

What do you mean the bar is fake? Blasphemy. We all know that it's the Loch Ridge Stag Bar, at least in my mind.

I'd take a bag of balls for BRob at this point. Concussions and back injuries have a tendency to keep coming back.

That is crazy. I think Brian will come back and make everybody glad we stuck with him. Don't understand why some are so against him, especially when he is hurt. We should be supporting him.


The guy to trade is Weiters (and maybe Matusz). Those two are overvalued in the market and a good scout can find good prospects from other teams to swap for a puproted lefthanded stud starter (Matusz) and the best catcher in the major leagues (Weiters...not!). Oh wait, the O's don't have any good scouts. Oops.

You are a major tool for even throwing that question out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If Roberts doesn't come back, the Orioles have insurance (don't they, like they had for Albert Belle)? If he does come back, he might still be a good player, having rested for a year.

Perhaps the Orioles should try to get a better trainer so the players don't keep breaking down.

My God, with Dunn and Reynolds, we would lead the Majors in strikeouts by a wide margin!

We already have two Dunn wannabes in Davis and Reynolds. Why not just keep Roberts and bring Dave Kingman out of retirement?

Yes.... I like Brian, but I'm afraid he may be forced to retire. So any value that you might be able to get would be a plus. Even though Dunn would create duplicity on our roster, he still has a lot of Big Fly Balls left in him. Somebody would give up something you may need for him down the road.

Yes.... I like Brian, but I'm afraid he may be forced to retire. So any value that you might be able to get would be a plus. Even though Dunn would create duplicity on our roster, he still has a lot of Big Fly Balls left in him. Somebody would give up something you may need for him down the road.

In a NY minute! While we're at it, a few other moves worth exploring:

CF/LF/RF-Adam Jones to Toronto for LF/RF-Travis Snider, LF/RF/DH-Eric Thames & 3B/1B/DH-Edwin Encarnacion

RF-Nick Markakis & SP-Jeremy Guthrie to Boston for CF-Ryan Kalish, RF/LF-Josh Reddick, 1B-Lars Anderson, SP-Weiland & RP-Daniel Bard

2B-Brian Roberts to CWS for 1B/DH-Adam Dunn

3B-Mark Reynolds to LAA for 2B-Jean Segura, 3B-Alberto Callaspo & SP Tyler Chatwood

SP-Matusz, C-Craig Tatum & 1B-Joe Mahoney to SD for SP,RP-Josh Spence, SP-Wade LeBlanc, 1B-Anthony Rizzo & C-Nick Hundley

Sign any/all "Bud Norris Type SP" and young, upside bats (like Francouer this yeasr with KC)


That's how it's done, baby...

As a White Sox fan from Chicago, I'll say this. At this point, if Jerry Reinsdorf could shake lose the Dunn contract for Roberts, likely he would do it in a heartbeat. Dunn is on the verge of breaking 100-year-old records for hitting futility. Truly amazing. So send Roberts over! It is hard to believe that the Orioles are this bad for this long -remembering the teams they had in the late 1960s through the 1980s.

"Diva" Dunn has absolutely no business being in or around the Orioles organization. The man has no work ethic. My reply to the question in this entry's title? HELL NO!

As for Brian Roberts, the constant waiting for his return to the Orioles by fans and members of the media has been more destructive than anything else. As far as I'm concerned, he no longer has a future with this team. His leadoff skills are grossly overrated; he just doesn't get on base as much as one would hope. If he does get traded, the best the Orioles can expect to get back is a minor leaguer or two.

Heck No Roberts has some years left as a DH Besides if he can come back at least he puts the ball in play, Keep him use him at DH start Andino or Adams At second fill First with Feilder Poulghs or PENA

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