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August 21, 2011

Will Adams get extended shot? (UPDATED: Bell sent down)

The Orioles are expected to recall Triple-A Norfolk second baseman Ryan Adams in time for tomorrow night's series opener in Minnesota.

Adams, 24, is batting .283 with 10 homers, 37 RBIs and five steals in 93 games for the Tides. He was up with the Orioles earlier this season and went 5-for-23 (.217) with one RBI in nine games.

No word on the corresponding move, but adding an infielder obviously doesn't bode well for third baseman Josh Bell, who is not in the lineup this afternoon despite the fact that Mark Reynolds is out with a sore left ankle.

Matt Wieters is making his first big league start at first base, and Blake Davis is making his at third base instead.

At this point, the Orioles might as well give Adams a look at second over the last month plus to see how he does. Robert Andino and Davis could play third.

UPDATE: Bell has indeed been optioned back to Triple-A Norfolk to make room for Adams.

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Funny trend.... Kevin Gregg remains the closer because we have no other options. Matt Weiters plays first because we have no other options. All season long, Matt Weiters plays a ridiculous workload because we have no other options. Blake Davis plays third because we have no other options. Nolan Riemold and Felix Pie keep getting run out to LF because we have no other options. Virtually every pitcher on the team, except Guthrie, Hunter, and Jim Johnson keeps his spot because we have no other options.

Very sad. Can't wait to see what free agents we add this offseason, because with a doubt we only add those that come here because they have no other options.

they all will be over the free agents with nothing left.

Gonzalez over Gregg: 10ER over the past 8weeks or so

Riemold or Pie = limited options of power or defense(supposedly)

Blake Davis or Reynolds or Josh Bell or Izturious = limited options(rookie, injured/day off, mental health day!, injured)

Weiters or Chris Davis or Reynolds = limited options (needs day off, injured, injured/day off)

Yeah, it sucks ....

Does Anyone still here think Blake Davis is the answer? I"ll be nice here. It's not totally his fault. However......!
Is Felix Pie the answer?
How about Nolan Reimold?
Team Execution of the bases loaded?
After the first inning, I would have traded places (Andino and Davis)
The way I feel right now, I would call up all starting outfielders in AAA and replace the current starters for the O's. The Orioles can't do any worse! That's for sure.

Hi Jeff; I don't think Andy or Showater are the blame for the orioles. I do think it's time to release Gerrero and Pie. Val is good as he was his time is up . I think he is a hall of famer . I think Pie will never be a baseball player . He doesn't have baseball instincts. When I played . When I was young . I knew where to be and what to do on every play if it was hit to me or someone else . I studied the game from when I was very young,even before I started playing . I know we have people that know the game,but give me a break.Orioles please cut these two players before they give me a heart attack
Thank You
One more thing Jeff. What is the reason for the distorted letters anyway?

Jeff, did you expect the boys to come out and play inspired baseball today after last night's fiasco, and the after-game antics of Gregg? You'd be hard pressed to find a player who actually cares. There are no consequences for being bad for the Baltimore Orioles.There are no consequences for bad behavior. That is issue No 1 on this club.

Should Matusz now follow in The Mentor's footsteps and come out and complain about Davis and Tatum? No, but Matusz should go back to Norfolk or Bowie because you can't pitch BP with his stuff.

If people don't think that what Kevin Gregg did is injurious to a ballclub, then they ought to think again. This team is about to implode. If you thought previous years were bad, this one, in the final year of Dopey's contract, I guess will beat them all.

If Showwalter is back for another go 'round, I'll be the most surprised guy on the blog. Not that it is in him to quit, but the performance this year, and prospects for next year, well, they ain't all that promising are they? Who would put up with this if they did not have to?

Idea for the front office.

1)Stop coaching these kids. They only get worse the longer they are with the team, with a couple rare exceptions.
2)Stop drafting and trading for power hitters that can't hit their weight.
3)Please read Money Ball.
4) stop trading young talent for players at the end of their careers.
5) stop signing and trading relievers that can't and bring up young talent from the minors that can throw strikes.
6) Sell the team to someone who will invest some money in developing international talent.

Advice to fellow fans:

Boycott the team until you force the sale to someone who will invest money in this team.

Gregg has a guarnteed $5M next year and a $6M option for 2013 if he finished 50 games in 2011 or 100 games in 2012.

There is no way the Orioles can survive more Gregg appearances.


Best guesses are that the Orioles have about 10,000 season ticket holders left. Over 100 losses is not going to attract any more and they will probably lose at least several hundred more. My guess is that the majority of the full season ticket holders left are corporate, and the remainder are small personal plans, 15 games or less. It is pretty clear now that attendance is not a key issue to Peter Angelos and he is loathe to make a serious financial investment in the franchise. I'm sure one of the numbers people like Not Brooks would know, but if the Orioles lose 100 games this year, how does their last 5 year loss total rank in baseball history? Do you know? Can you look it up? Thanks.

Release Gregg today and eat whatever remaining contract he has. Show this team you won't tolerate his actions from last night.

Send a message that this is a team sport and you expect more from a veteran.

This team has ZERO heart and almost less class. For one of the very few times in my life, Kevin Gregg has made me embarrassed to be an Orioles fan.

Disappointment is reaching historic proportions. I think following this team is worse than in 1988. At least that team had a little young talent and a GM smart enough to trade his veterans to acquire more.

Isn't it time to say that this team looks like it never played baseball before? High school kids know the game better - I would rather see triple a players who hustle and know the game play instead of some of these lost players who can't anticipate anything related to the game - did they waste spring training - Buck's fault? If a player screws up why isn't he punished? And when or ( if wil) Gregg ever be released and Johnson given the job?

gil, in no other five year stretch have they failed to win 70 games each year. I'm sure the Brownies had a few five year segments where they didn't play 432, which is the winning pct for a 70-92 season.

So yes, if this is where you are heading, the Andy MacPhail years are the worst in Orioles history.

That's fine and dandy that some want to release, DFA, or just simply eat the contract of Kevin Gregg. The Problem is who wanted Kevin Gregg in the first place. Was it Andy MacPhail, Buck Showalter, or both? If they're going to do anything to him (Gregg) someone or both are going to have to admit they made a mistake. What are they chances of that? Kevin Gregg has been totally ineffective this year, so even if he apologizes, it still doesn't change the fact that he stinks!
Lastly, if fans are serious about this (season ticket holders or the casual fan) maybe someone can come up with a petition and force the issue with the Oriole management. It would be a first if something like that were to happen. Could the Sun get involved with the petition? Maybe they could insert something in every paper without much additional cost to them. I think it would show how serious the fans and The Sun are about this matter instead of blogging about it. In other words "Formalize" it!

Gregg's act is unpardonable. He needs a visit to the woodshed, regardless of what Bell did or did not do. Bell is Showalter's problem, not Gregg's.

Kevin Gregg owes a very big apology to the club. Showalter should bury him in the bullpen and force MacPhail to do SOMETHING.

Jeff, Fans at home can always turn off the radio/TV when it starts getting ugly. It must be very difficult for you to watch this "stuff" every night thinking that it can't get any worse. But, yet, it does get worse as this team finds new ways to lose every week. I think that 105 losses are conceivable, given the schedule and the incredible poor play that will only get worse.

The number of guys we have playing out of position serves as a window into the lack of depth for the whole organization.

MacPhail has to be responsible.

34, you're SPOT ON ! Trade whatever talent we have [ Jones, Markakis, Wieters ]. These few have been affected by the viral conditions that surround APACY and have to be privately screaming from within to be separated from a franchise that is totally uninterested and uncommitted to winning baseball games. Do the right thing this offseason and use the few bargaining chips we have to bring in top young talent that is similarly un-affected.

When the vacant house next door becomes a total eye sore and all avenues for improvement have been exhausted, the only recourse left is to burn it down.

Bell never should have been playing with the major league team and neither should Adams. I know, I know, they have no other options.


What I actually was tryng to ask was assuming the Orioles lose 100 games{and I think they will lose 104} has any other major league team lost as many games as the Orioles in a 5 year stretch starting with 2007?

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