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August 31, 2011

Pedro Strop is player to be named

Pedro Strop, a hard-throwing right-hander who has appeared in 25 games for the Texas Rangers in the past three seasons, is the player to be named later in Wednesday’s deal that sent Michael Gonzalez to the Texas Rangers, according to an industry source.

The 26-year-old was 0-1 with a 3.72 ERA in 11 games with the Rangers, before being demoted in May. He has pitched with the Rangers in three seasons, compiling a 7.24 ERA in 33 big league games, walking 22 and striking out 29 in 27 1/3 innings.

A reliever all his career, the Dominican Republic native posted a 3.59 ERA with 11 saves and a 4-4 record at Triple-A Round Rock this year.

The Orioles have not confirmed Strop’s inclusion in the deal.

Strop, who throws in the mid-90s, was originally a shortstop signed by the Colorado Rockies. He converted to pitching in 2006 and was released by the Rockies organization in 2008 after missing most of the season with an elbow fracture.

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He throws in the mid 90's. If it gets any hotter than that he doesn't pitch. Da dump dump!


Wonderful. Another has been or never will be, with an injury history. Couldn't we have traded Gonzalez for a healthy Single A pitcher - that alone would have been considered, in recent historical comparison, as smart move by management.

Brilliant move. Almost as brilliant as signing Gonzalez to begin with. Ranks up there with we traded Who for What? And What is on the disabled list and Who doesn't play first anymore. Maybe we can get I don't know for Gregg.

Do we know when this deal might get completed? Perhaps it's due to minorleague roster situations, so it was maybe a matter of when the minorleague season technically ends? Just wondering if we might see him this year to see if he might have a chance on next year's team.

We traded Mike Gonzalez for a hard throwing late-inning reliever with no control?

Wait a minute...

I see Tillman was pulled in the fifth tonight after giving up only 4 hits and 1 run. Is he hurt or is he on his way to Baltimore?


It was the continuation of a rain make-up that he started. He didn't pitch today. He will pitch Friday in Norfolk, so he is not coming up Thurs.

Another in a long line of idiotic moves for the Orioles. Gonzales was setting himself up for next season and the O's could have probably gotten him for a 1 year $1M contract. Instead, he goes and we get nothing.

I realize he's a free agent again and we could "Sidney Ponson" him, but really....we just continue to gut the bullpen. Let's trade Gregg.

Is there still time left to get the Rangers to throw in his brother Jacques in the deal? At least then, the O's would be getting something useful in return for Gonzo...

"He has pitched with the Rangers in three different season, compiling a 7.24 ERA in 33 big-league games, walking 22 in 27 1/3 innings."
WOW!! Let's see that again. A 7.24 ERA. That's Gonzales-like numbers. Another great deal for MacFail.. Is there any way we can throw in Gregg on the deal?

Bill_H, seriously? You must be joking.

Fans have been begging the F.O. to dump Gonzo for over a year, and now when they finally get a taker, you want to quabble over the quality of the player in return?

Get real.

I would be thrilled to trade Gregg for I don't know. Just getting the salary for next year would be a win.

In all serious though, I have no idea why anyone is bashing this trade. Do you really expect to get something of value for Gonzo. We are lucky he picked it up lately, and we get a 26 yr old reliever who has some promise. Also, as poorly as Gonzo pitchd, its not like he was a money grubbing theif who didn't care - he was as frustrated as anyone with the way he pitched. Hopefully he can keep his success going down there and he can team with Koji to help keep the Yanks/Sox out of the world series.

I would have been happy with a bag of baseballs in return. Bye Gonzo!

For some time I have been saying they should trade Gonzo for half a tuna sandwich.

Now I wish they had!

I'm not sure I'd take Strop for Gonzo. Seriously - what was wrong with having Gonzo instead of Strop. Was Gonzo so bad that we had to get worse? This is rdiculous! I truly think the front office is incredibly cheap that they cast away Gonzo simply because he was being paid 6 mil. and wasn't living up. Wow! If a light bulb suddenly went off....maybe they'll cast away Markakis finally? Since Andy is leaving maybe this is his way of setting Angelos up for even worse future? Maybe our plan is to obtain the #1 draft position next year and we suddenly won too many games lately. Before we criticize this move...maybe there is a glimmer of hope that their plan is grand and we will one day soon understand why they made such a move? Then again, I'm still waiting for the grand plan to play out for letting Mike Mussina go 11 years ago! i would have never fathomed that a plan to let Mike Mussina go would have been to not fit the void for over 11 years! When is Angelos going to die or finally sell this team?

Just great !! We bring in Mike and he needed time to adjust and had some problems. That was LAST year. NOW he looks great, like the guy we thought we were getting. And ...poof...he's gone, and we have to rely on an inconsistent Gregg, when Gonzo is looking fine.

Many of the moves.....especially the timing...leave me wondering "why ??"

Better check your Gonzalez #'s again, posters. Not as bad as you might think.

Clearly the best in the O's bullpen of late.

He could be a late bloomer like Gonzalez. It was something for nothing. Gonzalez was gone in a month regardless and we got an arm for him. Not a bad deal. The guy has only been pitching for 5 years and he pitches well vs righties. Some people will criticize every move the front office makes regardless. Nobody was going to give us much for a 1 month rental.

Sorry, my last post should have read " late bloomer like Simon"

The idea that we didn't get someone good enough for Gonzo is simply absurd. We should have held out for more? We're lucky they didn't charge us a removal fee.

Still, I am not unaware that Gonzo has been lights out since the break. He is not some bum who was willing to take the money and run. He was as unhappy as anyone else with his performance. But his performance in the Red Sox fight showed me he had integrity,

Solid left-handed middle relievers are not easy to find, and the Orioles are worse at finding them than anyone . For example, Jamie Walker was the best lefty specialist in the league with Detroit. He comes here and sucks immediately, as in right off the bat. It's as if there is something in the water.

So Gonzalez may want to come back and make it up to us with a cheap, performance-based, contract, that pays him well if he blossoms. Or he may like playing for a winner. Figure the latter and don't hold your breath.

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