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August 15, 2011

Klein to have season-ending shoulder surgery

Dan Klein, the Orioles' third-round pick last year and one of the organization’s top pitching prospects, will have surgery tomorrow on his right shoulder. That decision came after the 23-year-old reliever met with renowned orthopedist Dr. Lewis Yocum today in California.

Dr. Yocum will perform tomorrow's surgery. Klein was diagnosed with a SLAP tear in his right labrum in June. The team isn't exactly sure how long Klein will be out because that will depend largely on what Dr. Yocum finds during the surgery.

"In all likelihood, we’ll have him right back in Sarasota depending on how the surgery goes," Orioles director of player development John Stockstill said. "We’ll start a rehab program, and hopefully he’ll be ready for next year. But we won’t have a timetable until we know how extensive the surgery is."

Klein was a combined 3-1 with a 1.11 ERA between Single-A Frederick and Double-A Bowie, allowing 23 hits and six walks while striking out 37 batters in 32 1/3 innings. He last pitched June 1, when he was shut down with shoulder tendinitis.

Klein consulted with Yocum and Orioles team orthopedist Dr. John Wilckens in mid-June, and the decision was made for him to rehabilitate the injury rather than have surgery. However, he recently tried to resume throwing and still felt pain and discomfort, leading him to reconsider.

He has a history of shoulder problems dating to his days at UCLA. He missed part of his freshman year and his entire sophomore season with a shoulder injury that required exploratory surgery in 2009.

Klein was used at the Bruins' closer for the 2010 season, but the Orioles drafted him with the hopes of making him a starter. However, they were using him in relief in his first full pro season because they wanted to limit his innings and appearances.

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So when will the O's schedule Dylan Bundy for surgery with Dr Lewis Yocum ?

O's are better at Workmen's Compensation than at Baseball .

At least the organization doesn't have to take the heat for ruining Klein. He was damaged goods already.

Either way, throw another one up in the loss column for the O's pathetic drafting department. I don't know which is worse, drafting or player development. Of course, things would be easier on the player development guys if they actually got a few warm bodies to work with.

I really don't understand why we drafted this kid then?
This really don't make any seance to me. Who making these drafts anyway. This is why we don't have a wining team for almost thirteen years.
Curt S.S.

The O's need to start drafting pitchers and immediately send them to the big leagues. At least that way they get a few appearances out of them before they head to the scrapheap.

I finally figured it out. Peter Angeloser is going to file a class action suit against Stockstill for creating crippling arm injuries. Not the same as asbestos but he'll settle out of court for 1/3 as usual.

He is not as dumb as he looks!

You just gotta wonder what goes on in the Orioles minor league system.

You get guys who either:
1. Get hurt
2. Progress, progress and then fall apart in the MLs
3. Guys who never develop

Is it because the lack of depth/success makes each failure that much more notable?

I still got to wonder whether:
1. The scouting staff is a complete mess
2. The coaching/development of players is a failure
3. Combination of the two

Regarding someone's comment above, the best thing for the Orioles to do is to immediately trade ANY prospect who is rated highly and grab any solid veteran. That would be better than the failures they seem to produce. (I'm being somewhat sarcastic although you got to wonder.)

It just seems impossible to consistently pick high in the draft and not develop some top pitchers/fielders. The regime changes but the results don't. It is hard to imagine being this bad even if you tried (i.e., the Pirates).

If Machado doesn't develop into a solid everyday player I'll ........

When the Orioles sign a young pitcher, along with the bonus comes a 50% off coupon for surgery by Dr. Yocum even if they have been released. I'd jump on that.

It's been obvious to fans for years that the Orioles pitchers seem to get hurt before they make the big leagues. I realize every team has similar issues but it just seems that it happens much more frequently to our pitchers. If us fans see it then I'm sure the O's brass has to see it. You mean they're not doing anything about it? That's not like the O's brass to do nothing when other teams, probably 10 or so, are doing something. The O's need to sign a top of the rotation starter and Prince Fielder. We're sure to win 10 more games next year than this year. That should put us into the low 70's in wins!! The O's will blame this year on O's pitchers such as Brian Matusz and Jake Arrieta and players like B-Rob being injured....Let's be honest, if they were healthy how many more games would we have won? I would be willing to be they would hope we would have won 10 more games but that's wishful thinking. I love the fact that Mark Reynolds has hit 26 homeruns but the K's are killing us as well. I know some players have contracts that give them a "bonus" for such things as homeruns. Reynolds should have a "deduction" if he had 150 strikeouts and even bigger "deduction" if he had 200. I realize that most guys who hit a lot of homeruns have more strikeouts but 200....not many. I guess we shouldn't complain. He's on pace to only have 174. On the bright side, JJ "Ruth" Hardy is tearin' it up. The O's did a wonderful job in keeping him around for a few more years.......then they'll have to extend him again because I'm sure Machado will get hurt at some point or, will end up like the majority of the O's minor leaguers who don't have any real homerun power.

While everybody is falling all over themselves to pin Klein's injury on the organization, I wish Dan Klein well in his recovery. If there is a pitcher in the organization I'd like to see break into the rotation it is Klein.

And the surgeries just keep coming. Is there ever any good news about this team.

Im 45 years old, have been an o's fan my entire life, I have never seen any thing like this year.

I want to take issue with the comments that Dr Lewis Yocum is the O's "go to guy" when our pitchers arms fall off. Sometimes we use Dr James Andrews. What do we do to these kids arms? It happens to often to be just a coincidence.

Speaking of player development, I've read where scouts say former #1 pick Billy Rowell has too much of a long and loopy swing. Same is said of Weiters. Do we coach and teach these guys in the minors? Why wouldn't we teach them to shorten their swings?

Our whole organization top to bottom just sucks.

Are you folks serious. Every team in MLB has pitchers with arm problems, at every level. It's not just an O's thing. Remember Stephan Strasberg? He just came off surgery. Do you hear anyone questioning the Nats judgement in selecting him?

Mitch Williams said yesterday on MLB that the problem with pitchers today is they don't throw enough and I agree. Along with too much weight lifting.

Jim Palmer had more than 200 complete games in his career and didn't break down until late in his career.

One of the top five draft picks told all teams before they drafted him they they would not be allowed to mess with his routine, that it works for him and he believed in it. He also told them not to limit his pitches or innings and if they couldn't do that then don't draft him.

Again, arm problems and other injuries are the way of life in baseball and every team has had problems keeping players healthy, not just the O's.

Why doesn't one of the Suns baseball writers talk to Mike Marshall, 1974 Cy Young Award Winner?

He tell you why the Orioles (and other teams) continue to have this tsunami of pitching injuries. And why they continue to do what Einstein considers insanity, i.e., doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

The previous comment from Mitch Williams about pitchers not throwing enough is a starting point. Ask any exercise causes atrophy.

So all these teams talk about "shutting down" pitchers. They baby and baby them. And what happens? More injuries and surgeries.

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