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August 30, 2011

Hobgood on DL; likely done for year

Orioles minor league right-hander Matt Hobgood, the club’s top pick in 2009, has been placed on the seven-day disabled list at Short-A Aberdeen.

“He didn’t feel comfortable making his next start, so we placed him on the disabled list,” Orioles development director John Stockstill said.

Hobgood had his shoulder examined by Orioles orthopedist Dr. John Wilckens, and no specific injury was diagnosed, Stockstill said.

It’s possible Hobgood could make one more start for Aberdeen in the IronBirds’ season finale Sept. 4, but that scenario is unlikely.

The 21-year-old Hobgood, who was selected fifth overall out of a California high school in 2009, is 0-6 with an 8.76 ERA in 13 combined games this season for the IronBirds and the Gulf Coast League Orioles. first reported Hobgood’s placement on the DL.

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when joe jordan gets canned, he can thank rowell, snyder, and hobgood among others.3 number one picks who have done and are doing nothing good at all. You can't miss this badly and still have a job.

On a side note, reimolds 700+ OPS must put him in the 'need to replace' category as extended playing time has done nothing to bolster his fortunes. He's a left fielder. Not that good a fielder. You gotta hit. A lot. Most of the time. He doesn't.

Remember a couple years ago, when all the Hobgood critics got hosed down in the comments section?

Does this prove anything? No, except, maybe, just maybe, all us "non-baseball people," were right to smell a rat.

Something to consider next time you get all gung-ho about shooting down people's perspectives.

Every day Joe Jordan has a job he should thank his lucky stars. Everyone bashes his high profile misses, but his complete inability to find anyone of value with picks in the later rounds is just as damning in my mind.

This was a very strange pick when it was made and it soon became apparent that this kid was never going to be a pitcher. I do seem to recall that he is the all time California High school home run champion - any chance he gives the outfield a shot next year?

Another Orioles pitcher with arm problems. This sorry organization will never learn you don't build strong, successful pitchers by babying them.

I've read all the bashing of MacPhail in these pages, but I have been pleased with the moves he has made. Joe Jordan has been the issue with miss after miss in the draft. MacPhail has traded to bring us Adam Jones, Mark Reynolds, JJ Hardy, Troy Patton (who I list here because I think he will prove useful), without giving up anyone of substantial value (Hernandez is the closest to being good). Yes, MacPhail rolled the dice with Vlad and DLee and others in the past, but those signing were more plugging holes with level C talent as A/B players want nothing to do with 'Balmer'. Finally, Cal Ripken isnt the answer....just because a player is a HOF doesnt qualify them as a front office savant. Look at Jordan and the Bobcats, Lemieux and the Penguins. It would be a feel good story but we've had some great GMs (Pat Gillick comes to mind) not pan out because of PA's meddling. Clearly we need to overhaul our scouting because in my opinion, that is the crux of our problem. We need to be able to at least grow some talent here and its just not happening.

All those bashing Joe Jordan can thank Angelos/MacPhail for giving him a scouting staff half the size of the other teams in the division.

Sadly this year some promising yound pitchers took serious steps backward and aging vererans like Vlad and Lee showed their skills had eroded too far to compete.

However, one of the the worst parts of this year has been watching how badly this organization plays the game. Tonight's game highlighted this with bad base running, guys that can't get down a simple bunt, two misplayed balls in the outfield (one led to the go-ahead run in the 10th), failure to cover bases resulting in a double steal that led directly to the tying run in the ninth.

I thought, if nothing else, Buck would have the team playiing decent fundamental baseball. Even the young players come up from the minor leagues unable to bunt, turn the double play etc.... isn't the organization teaching them anything?

Now the team finally did a couple of decent things - they spared us from watching Felix Pie embarrass the organization with his lack of understanding of the game and it looks like this may be the last year we see Luke Scott.

Also, tthey are finally giving guys like Reimold and Adams a chance to show what they can do. Yes Nolan struggles a bit in left, but he starting to show signs of the player he was in 2009.

Mark Reynolds is awful at third, but is playinng a solid first base. With him there and Andino at 3rd, the infield defense is much better and it gives the pitchers a chance. That said, you can't go into 2012 with either of these guys at these positions.

The worst part of the year though has to have been watching Gregg try to close. I posted all winter that this was an awful signing. The Cubs and Blue Jays couldn't wait to be rid of him, but somehow AM decided he was a closer.

He's been the teams 4th or 5th best reliever all year and while maybe he'd be a decent 6th inning guy, Koji should have been the closer early, and Gonzalez probably should be now, Just think of the small difference a legitimate closer might have made in this miserable year. How does Jeremy Guthrie keep his composure watching this guy blow another W.

BTW = while I was typing Andino failed to bunt again, followed by Fox's hit to tie the game, but it would have won the game, but Adams - one of the guys I've been clamoring for all year - picked them all up.

Anyway, just a frustrated fan, but somehow they have to get some quality baseball guys added to this roster next years. Enough with washed up vets and former cubs minor leagueres.

I'm not understanding why Jordan still has a job? Does he have some incriminating photos of Peter? Take a look at Jordan's lack of success since he was named director os scouting in 2004. To be that inept and keep a job means you:
a) have connections
b) you have something on the boss
c) the boss is an idiot.

I'll take C

Like a previous poster said, time to convert Hobbad into a position player.

let me pose a question: if somebody gives you a job, and does not get you the resources you need to do the job the right way, leading to you doing your job to half of your real abilities and delivering an inferior product compared to many of your peers, how long do you stand for that? Is it worth being the face of failure?

Jordan will sit there and tell you he drafted the guys he wanted in the rounds he wanted, paid them the money to get them in the organization.

I've said it before- I'll pay good money to sit in a room with jordan and the development people when they get to discuss what's gone way wrong around here.

I believe that Jordan's screw ups are not always necessarily his inability to scout talent, but sometimes the result of a directive from the "TOP", that he is not to draft college players of any type who have the talent to demand the largest contracts. I believe that he would purposely skip over top-level talent and sign any high school player out of fear of losing his job. Coming back from the draft with 1 of the 3 best college players, would probably put him and the GM in the hot seat with Angelos.

Hobgood will never pitch in the major league, and McPhail & Jordan know it. Hobgood is wasting the organization's funds that should be utilized for the 2012 #2 draft pick. How does the front office not release this high school pitcher? How can a team that refuses to spend a dime more than the 1995 Orioles' team pay roll, be so horrible at scouting talent. Won't spend and can't pick. Bad combination

How can anyone defend the 1st round picks of this club. Half the scouts of other teams or not when you are drafting in the top five you could have one scout pick a guy. Limited scouts would get you in the later rounds not the top of the first.

I don't need a super duper advanced scouting system with gov't backed financing to know that drafting high school pitchers is just way to risky for a team that cannot afford to swing and miss on players the way the Orioles do.

They are not in the position to take flyers on people.

Now before I get jumped on by someone saying something completely obvious and shoving it down my throat as brilliant, yes, I realize that all baseball drafts are crapshoots.

But this does not mean there isn't varying degrees of risk. Orioles have to minimize all risks and maximize returns ESPECIALLY since their scouting department is so slim.

(Or, well, they could do something wacky and try starting a real scouting department, complete with outposts in Latin America. Real outposts, not some poor sap running around the Dominican trying to keep up with the rest of the league's hordes.)

Hobgood is a bust, and I see no reason to think otherwise until he does *something*. As with all things Orioles, I have to look at what they do with a skeptical eye until they prove us fans wrong.

Entire Scouting Staff
You're All Fired

Boy, this group of posters are thowing some serious darts at Joe Jordan.

Fact of the matter is Jordan's first round selections are in tune with the player evaluations of scouts across the country. Even Hobbgood was rated where he was drafted.

There's plenty of blame to go around for 14 years of straight embarrassment in the Orioles' organization.

The #1 culprit has to be pitcher development. And that is development mentally, arm strength, shoulder strength, strike/ball ratios, strike position in the zone and a winning attitude.

Look at this 24 year-old kid Nova from NY who beat us the other night. He has not lost a game this year when given a lead at any point in the game.

The Orioles don't even have a closer who can give us that for 1 inning.

I honestly believe that we would do better using one of the legitimate mock draft sites as our blueprint and draft board than to hire people who will do even worse.

While I agree that Angelos hasn't done the scouting department any favors, I also believe that all the money in the world wouldn't help a guy who considers Matt Hobgood to be first round talent.

2009 HS RH Pitchers overlooked for Hobgood
1.Wheeler - traded for Beltran
2. Miller - AAA - MLB 2010
3. Jacobs - AAA - MLB 2012

Why would they want to let him pitch again this year with an 8.76 ERA? torture?

The prolonged inability of the O's farm system to produce major league talent is a reflection on the organization's scouting and player development. I don't know how much responsibility lies with each of those functions. It would be interesting to know how much the O's spend on scouting compared to other major league clubs, and how much they spend on their farm system. Are they getting less bang for their bucks, or are they just spending fewer bucks than other organizations (or could it be both)?

Perhaps the fans could chip in and buy the scouting department an accurate radar gun. Too many pitchers with bogus resumes in the organization. By the way, if you're reading this Mr. Jordan, please take me with your first pick in next years draft. I'll take less than slot money and I have a cannon for an arm. You'll have to take my word for that last part, but I promise its true.

Billy Rowell and Hobgood have to be the single worst hitting/pitching combination ever drafted by one team in the top ten of a first round. Jordan could not have done any worse than if he tried to do so in drafting this pair who neither will ever get out of A ball and are a complete embarassment.

What i am not hearing and what us O's fan are forgetting is that Hobgood was drafted because he was signable. Nothing more or nothing less. He let it known that he was going to sign at slot or even below. What did he know that Joe jordan didn't is the question??

We passed over Drew Storen and Mike Leake for this fat sack of potatoes w an .837 fielding percentage.

During the recent Angels series someone was pointing out all of the Angels draft picks that were on the major league roster. The last time I checked, the Angels were a pretty good team. I'm sure the Orioles had a shot at some of these players. Why do other teams know how to draft and/or develop talent, but the Orioles haven't developed a first baseman since 1977?


Wasn't Hobgood a top power hitting first baseman in HS also...Is there any thought in the organization to give him a shot there, and maybe see if that works out like Lowen has in Toronto; especially since we don't run the risk of losing him by taking him off the 40 man roster like we did with Lowen...and Hobgood would only be 21 vs. Loewen who was 24 when they tried to make the switch...Thanks, Mike

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