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August 25, 2011

Guthrie wants to know whether he should keep No. 46

Right-hander Jeremy Guthrie is trying to decide whether he should keep the only uniform number he has known as an Oriole, No. 46, or switch to something else to honor Mike Flanagan.

And he wants as much feedback as possible.

“I really just want to do what people would view as the most respectful to honor him and his memory and what he did for the Orioles,” Guthrie said,

Flanagan, a former Cy Young Award winner, team executive, coach and long-time Orioles pitcher who wore No. 46, died Wednesday outside his home in Sparks.

Guthrie found out in the middle of Wednesday’s game about Flanagan’s death and continued to pitch the Orioles to a victory at Target Field. Guthrie joined the Orioles in 2007 – and was given the number then – when the club claimed him off waivers. Flanagan was the Orioles’ top executive at the time.

After Wednesday’s game, Guthrie had some conversations with people who knew Flanagan well – including Flanagan’s good friend, former teammate and MASN broadcast Jim Palmer – about whether he should continue to wear the uniform number as a living tribute to Flanagan.

“I’ve seen a lot of fan reaction, just through communications. Some say continue to wear it, wear it with pride,” he said. “There’s also been some sentiment that you can put the number away in his honor. It’s such an emotional situation. … Whatever people think would be the right thing is probably the best thing.”

The Orioles only retire numbers of their players that have gone into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. But they have an unofficial policy of holding out some numbers – Cal Ripken Sr.’s 7 and Elrod Hendricks’ 44 – of former Orioles that have special meaning to the organization.

Guthrie wants your input. Here is a chance to give it.

Daily Think Special: Jeremy Guthrie wants to know whether he should keep uniform No. 46. Should he?

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Good that Jeremy is thinking about this.

I feel he should change numbers in honor of Flanny.

no 46 should be (should have been) retired.

No Jeremy you shouldn't because you suck in comparison the Flanagan and have disgraced the number. Give up the number and then give up your career as a BP pitcher. This is your only chance to be remembered for something good.

Keep it and wear it with pride. It will help those who saw Flanny pitch remember better times.

If Guts is asking the question he already know the answer.
Many are immortalizing Flanny now. Me I did critcize what was visible when he was GM. Many things I new would be invisible. But as fans this is what we can do. Never was it about the person. It was more about the success.
As a player he was the epitome of professional. As an announcer he was great. Fully of knowledge and information.

But Guts like Flanny has class questioning this. This is why "IF" he is traded it will be a great loss to the organization. He is Character, Dignity and An Oriole in the real way. Respect is an understatement for me with his suggestion.
Yes it should be his number is retired. All the Oriole HOF numbers should be. These are our legends. That is wy it should be very difficult to be elected to the Oriole HOF.

Jeremy epitomizes the kind of player and person that Mike Flanagan was: tough, a battler, articulate and a student of the game. He gives you his best effort every time out, with no excuses or big-timing it. He also represents the Oriole tradition intelligently and without fanfare, something that Flanny also did. I think Flanny would be honored to have Jeremy continue to honor his legacy by wearing #46 with Oriole pride, dignity and class.

Tell Guts to keep No. 46. He did Mike proud last night and has the same kind of grit Mike always did. After Guts stops pitching for the Orioles (whenever that day comes), the team should put that number on hold. I've been watching the Orioles since I was 5 years old (1957) and will never forget Mike Flanagan. God bless him and his marvelous sense of humor. My heart went out to his family last night, and to Jim Palmer and Rick Dempsey, who loved him.

Mr. Guthrie, you are a class act just for asking. You should keep the number and wear it with pride and in remembrance.

I think he should wear it for the season as a tribute, then change next season. Then the club should unofficially retire it.

Guthrie should continue to wear it each game. He has represented the Orioles well and is a stand up guy himself. He knows/respects Mike Flanagan and should wear it with pride. God Bless the Flanagan family.

Guthrie has always seemed (to me, at least) to be a very class guy, both on and off the field. Yet the simple fact that he is asking the question and that he is so concerned with what that question means is enough for me -- I say wear the number unless/until the club determines that no one else should ever wear the number again.

Keep wearing it in tribute, at least for the rest of this season!

I would wear the #46 proudly, in order to honor Flanny.

he gave you the number to wear.

The, when you no longer wear the uniform....retire the number permanently

Guts- Wear another number if you want.

Number 46 should be on the sleeve of every Oriole player for the remainder of this season and maybe into next year also.

Jeremy should keep wearing Flanny's number as a tribute to him until he leaves the Orioles. Then it should be set aside.

Flanny gave you the number.... Keep it & go kick butt in his honor!

Jeremy, I have the up most respect for you. For a player to sit back and reflect on someones life and what they meant to the organization is the meaning of a true professional. This is my recommendation, I personally would take a new number for the rest of the year, then I would wait to see what the Baltimore Organization will do with the number. Maybe you could take 64 and honor Mr. Flanagan.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to provide my input.

I was thinking about this yesterday, as I'm sure many were. The only thing I came up with was, let Jeremy Guthrie, a solid professional and a classy individual in his own right, wear the number until the end of the season. And then, at some point next year, retire it, kind of like how the Yankees did with Yogi and Bill Dickey.

Other Orioles wore number 46, including Johnny Oates for a brief time as a coach, and Dave Leonhard, who was Jim Palmer's roommate.

But number 46 will always be remembered for Mike Flanagan, and to a somewhat lesser extant, but through no fault of his own, Jeremy Guthrie. Both men are worthy of having their number retired, and I can't think of a current Oriole who is more deserving of being enshrined along with Mike Flanagan.

I think Mike Flanagan would want Jeremy to keep the number, and pitch as well as he can while wearing it.

I think Jeremy should give up number 46, at least for the rest of the year.

It's typical of Guthrie's class to seek input on a decision such as this. As a fan who is old enogh to say that he saw Flanagan's first game as an Oriole and his last game as an Oriole, I respectfully suggest that Jeremy stop wearing Mike's number out of respect. I also suggest that the Orioles wear a black #46 on their sleves for the remainder of this year and all of next year and that his number be officialy retired after that.

I think that he should wear it through the end of the season and then switch numbers next year.

I think Guthrie should keep the number until his last day as an Oriole. Having spent my youth idolizing and studying the O's as every Bird baseball crazed kid during those years, Guthrie best personifies his doggedness on the mound, and humility and graciousness off it (as evidenced by how he faced the discussions of being traded this past July) on the current staff.
Wear it with pride and respect Jeremy.

Wear it! I didn't know Mike Flanagan personally, but I did watch him pitch for the Os in the 70s and 80s. He was hard to hit against because he was smart and tough as nails, and I think he would enjoy seeing any current or future Os pitcher who displays those same characteristics wear his number/

Keep it Guth. You honor those who left us by remembering their deeds. Seeing a #46 in an Oriole uniform and on a mound is that, especially since Guth knew him and had a profound effect on him.

He should wear it with pride and remembrance. Once he is done in Baltimore, it should be shelved.

And the Oriole rule of only retiring numbers of HoF'ers is kinda dumb.

For Jeremy to seriously ponder this issue leaves me no doubt about what I think he should do. Guthrie is a class guy wearing the same number as another class Oriole. I think Jeremy should continue to wear No. 46 and be the last player as an Oriole to wear No. 46.

Continue to wear number 46; let your legacy honor this great Oriole pitcher. I'd rather see 46 on the field and remember Flanny for his greatness rather than the tragedy of his death.

Jeremy: I think you are the perfect person to wear Flanny's old number because of the way you care about the organization and your commitment to doing things the right way. Your class and your acountability are living reminders of the "Oriole Way," which Mike was such an important part of. I personally think you should wear his number until the orioles mount it permanently at Camden Yards. I'm sure longtime Oriole fans feel good that a person with your qualities is carrying that symbol of caring and determination..

Tell him he should keep it. Guthrie has done the Orioles proud with his effort on the field and his behavior off it. I can't think of anyone more deserving of honoring Flanagan by wearing the number. He's a class act just like Flanagan was.

Hey Jeremy, you're old enough to know what the right thing is to do.

Yes he should keep wearing for Flanagan memory.

Guthrie you should not be an oriole therefore, you won't be wearing #46 punk.

Guthrie should keep it. I think the best way to honor Mike Flanagan is for the best pitcher this team has seen in a long while to keep hurling with his old number. Long live #46!

Mr. Flanagan had "special meaning to the organization," and his number should be withheld. Mr. Guthrie would best demonstrate his respect for his former General Manager by changing his uniform number.

You should do what feels right to you, but what ever you decide, don't let it become a burden. You have to do what is right for you in the long run

You should do what feels right to you, but what ever you decide, don't let it become a burden. You have to do what is right for you in the long run

He should. I've always seen them as kindred souls. Tough crafty lefties. Smart guys. Tough luck at times (Guthrie obviously more so but that's because the team stinks).

It's very reverent of Jeremy Guthrie to ask us whether he should continue wearing #46. My take is that we should treat the number in much the same fashion in which we did with Elrod's number 44. Guts should make his new number 64. Again, in times like this, the best part of whatever is left of our humanity, comes to the forefront. An absolute classy sentiment on the part of Guthrie. Please check out Tim Kurxhian's article about Flanny. Our hearts go out to his family and Oriole fans and baseball fans everywhere.

Guthrie's the perfect guy for it. Keep it.

He could wear it for the rest of the season as tribute and then hang it up in Flanny's honor. That would be very classy.

You can hate Jeremy's stats, but what a classy question. I think Mike would want him to keep the number.

I think the decision of wearing #46 should be Jeremy Guthrie’s alone, not decided upon what we say or write. To be honest, I didn’t even know Guthrie’s number till today or if I did it certainly wasn’t on my consciousness. I never really paid attention to that sort of thing at least for baseball purposes. Anyway, to my point, I pay attention more to how the player plays during the game. For instance, last night I thought Reimold played a beautiful game. He’s been hitting the ball really well as of late and I couldn’t tell you his number. I don’t know Robert Andino’s # offhand either, but I do know his hitting streak is intact. In fact, I think his hit last night was the first off Slowey. I also know he had two strike outs on bad pitches; he also made a spectacular play on a foul ball last night. Even you Guthrie started off poorly last night, when you drilled Cuddyear in the hand. I was like oh here we go again, he’s going to blow up early and be out by the 5th inning if that long. Instead, you settled down and pitched a very good game. Jeremy, if you truly want to honor Mike Flanagan’s memory, keep the #46 on your jersey. I judge a player not by the number they wear or who wore that jersey number in the past. I judge them by how they play the game. Honor Mike’s memory by finishing up strong in the 2011 season and take Mike’s advice which he gave within the past month, in fact you were pitching that day when he did. By stating and I am paraphrasing here, because I don’t remember it verbatim. He stated a pitcher should be like a goaltender in Hockey, meaning do everything possible to allow a minimum amount of goals or in this case (baseball) runs. I can’t tell you how sick I am of hearing about lack of run support! What you should be worried about is pitching and seeing how close you can get to pitching a shutout each and every game. Let the hitters worry about hitting and you worry about pitching and being the best you can be. By doing that, you would be truly honoring Mike’s memory, because that was the kind of pitcher he was. Not necessarily the most talented, he did have enough talent to win a CY Young in 1979. It was the fact that he was a pure competitor that helped him win that award, that’s for sure!

Wear it with pride, Guts. Just like Mike Flanagan did.

Please RETIRE the #46!!

Keep the number Jeremy and pitch well (like yesterday).

Whether #46 or any other number, JEREMY GUTHRIE should ALWAYS remain an Oriole - talented, classy, and would hate to lose him.

As for the jersey number, I think the O's should retire it IF Mr. Guthrie gives it up.

This is a tough one for sure.

Maybe Jeremy should change his number and to honor Flanny have a 46 jersey hanging in the dugout.

And next season maybe wear the black arm band with 46 on it.

As I've said many times, Jeremy is a class act through and through. Just like Flanny.

Wear it with pride - and do what you can to emulate Flanny's pitching, leadership and perspective on life.

I tweeted him my view, seemed the best way to reach him.

He should switch from 46... never should have had 46.. why wasn't 46 retired when they put flanny in the O's hall o fame?

I doubt Jeremy will read these comments, But if he does I hope he ignores the bitterness of Anonymous. I respect what he is doing by asking, and I think they should retire the number.

I want Jeremy to continue to wear #46. Jeremy is a good man who has worn the uniform with professionalism just as Flanny did.

Keep it and do him proud. It had to be tough to pitch that game last night knowing what had happened. should keep wearing #46. You had his blessing to wear it. The Orioles can 'retire' it after you 15-18 seasons.

It should be retired never to be worn again.

Jeremy you show alot of class for your question just like Mike, you both are nothing but CLASSY through and through. I think Mike would want you to keep that number but, if for some reason you are traded than retire the jersey.

You should keep the number. Flanny did his and you will do you. Question is are you an orioles life or not. Are you staying or leaving? The first five inning you pitch , you are responsible.....not the catcher, manager or team. You should be at your best no matter what....Your career is up to you. It is in you. P.S. always think about full game....BAD.

Guts, Flanny chose YOU. He picked YOU out of all the players he could have chosen in the supplemental draft when Cleveland made you available. He then gave his blessing to YOU to wear HIS number. Wear it with pride. I'll never forget the year you became an Oriole. My son Jeremy was 16 years old and it was his first year on the tarp crew in Baltimore. My son and I were both so excited about his new job on the field and in the cage at Camden Yards. That was also the year you threw my son and some other members of the crew a few simple passes of football at the yard. That simple act is an example of what the O's of Flanny's generation would exemplify on a regular basis. You keep that legacy alive as an Oriole especially with #46 draped across your shoulders. Keep honoring Flanny's legacy by playing hard and representing the Oriole's community. Wear the number. Do it proud. May God bless your humility Jeremy.

Jeremy has been an Oriole for a while now, and he has represented the club well. I think he should wear the number proudly to honor Mike every time he takes the mound. Jeremy has earned the right to wear that number, and he is respected. However, when Jeremy leaves the team either through trade, free agency, or retirement, the number should be retired. It does not seem right to just arbitrarily assign it to someone else after Jeremy leaves. RIP Flanny.....

My first thought in regard to the number 46 was for Jeremy to take another number and allow the Orioles to put it aside as a tribute. I can see both points of view. I will respect Jeremy's decision either way because I know this is not an easy choice and whatever he does will be done with the same intent.

This really goes to show how most players still "get it". A players number is something very personal, and that Jeremy can see the bigger picture is a credit to his character. I personally would like to see 46 vacated and taken out of the rotation like 7 and 44.

Guthrie is a classy member of this organization and he should continue to honor Mike Flanagan by wearing it this season. He should consider switching in the off season and start fresh in 2012.

I think it was very respectful for Jeremy to ask. I also think everyone that posts regarding this should keep their comments related to the question that Jeremy has asked and stop bashing. Have some respect! We just lost a very special member of the Orioles family...

I'd say it would be a nice gesture if he changed numbers.

Retire the number number. Both Flanny and Guthrie deserve no less.

Rhonda said it perfectly. By virtue of even considering to change his uniform number in honor of Flanny, that says he is deserving of that number

Keep it and wear it well. Last night was the first example of doing that.


Pay no heed to the haters and trolls. Wear the number, and win. Best tribute you could make.

Guthrie guts out nearly every time he pitches as Flannie did after his knee injury, that required the wearing of a brace. Wear it with honor to Flannie and as an inspiration to the team. The number 46 should still be placed on the "O's" shoulders for the rest of theis year and next. Both are really class acts!

Guthrie is all class.

Read this over on Orioles Hangout, and I think it is a splendid idea:

1. Wear #46 for the rest of the season, but have the name Flanagan on the back
2. At the end of the season, retire #46
3. New number for next year

Flanny would want Jeremy to wear the number 46. Wear it with pride and if and when you leave the O's then the Orioles should retire the number.

RIP Mike Flanagan

Wear it for the rest of the season. Retire it at the end of the year.

Whether to retire the number is probably best discussed in the off-season. For now, I think it would be great if the team and the league could arrange for Guthrie to wear a black #46 uniform for the remainder of the season, both home and away, as literally a walking memorial to Mike Flanagan.

Wear it for the rest of the season. Retire it at the end of the year.

Now that we know that Flanagan committed suicide my opinion is why would Guthrie want to keep #46?

Jeremy Guthrie is the inheritor of both the uniform number and the sterling character of Mike Flanagan. The greatest tribute Jeremy could pay to Flanny is to wear the number as long as he is an Oriole. When Jeremy leaves, the number should be retired as a tribute to two men who considered it an honor to play for the Baltimore Orioles.

Continue to wear it, I am sure that is what Flanny would want you to do. Then, retire it at the end of the season.

Guthrie should continue to wear it, but he should be the last to do so. Treat 46 like 7 and 44.

Wear it to honor Flanny, Jeremy

Turn the numbers around. Have him wear #64.

Not to be harsh or anything, but are we going to have this same discussion regarding the number 24 if Rick Dempsey dies under tragic circumstances? I appreciate Guthrie's compassion, but to me the best way he can honor the memory of the positive things Mike Flanagan brought to the Orioles organization is to wear the number with pride and continue to seek to excel every time out.

Oh, and he should also ignore the people who have written the absurdly harsh comments on here. He may not have the W-L record to show for it, but he has been the best Orioles pitcher for the past five years and is a credit to the organization.

While I understand the idea of honoring Flanny, my question is, why hadn't they done it yet? Before yesterday, was there even any thought by the O's to honor Flanny? Then he KILLS HIMSELF and everyone wants to build a shrine a for him. If he died suddenly and tragically, I would be all in for honoring him, but I can't get behind this one.

I think Guthrie should wear #64. He gets to keep the numbers, but just in a different order.

There have been many players who have worn the O's uniform let alone thousands in baseball. As much as I love the O's, I'd still allow #46 to be worn. I think in times of tragic people (myself included) allow their emotions to take over. Not once before this have I ever heard of someone saying #46 should be retired. In fact there are probably a few others in line first.

It's a number just like the others, and we all remember countless people wearing the same number. Yes we have those few Baseball Hall of Fame numbers, but #46 is just that. But we always remember the player and person which is important.

Keep using the number along with those others and keep making memories.

Jeremy, I agree with those who say you should continue to wear #46 as a tribute to Flanny.
You honor him with your class and demeanor.
And maybe throw the first pitch of your next start left-handed.

Keep the number but make it stand out from the numbers on others uniforms. If the #s on the day's uniform is black have #46 outlined with orange or vice-versa. Have 46 look different. The tribute is in keeping it on the field, playing the game for the team he loved.

In the sports world, there's not supposed to be an "I" in team, but in the last few decades the "ME" in team has certainly been on display. I greatly admire Jeremy for stopping to think of someone other than himself. We shouldn't have to thank someone for being human but in professional sports it often seems lost. Thank you Jeremy for letting us believe in the human spirit. Seriously! And as far as your decision, I honor whatever you want to do. As much as I loved Flanny as a fan, he unfortunately, heart-wrenchingly, made a final decision of his own. He no longer has a say in your choice. What to do? When the time comes, ask his family what they would like. I would think it would be awkward for you to don the uniform, but I would ask his family. Thank you for having a big heart.

The team should wear #46 and to heck with what MLB has to say about it.

Yes, he should keep #46 and honor Flanagan by his actions on and off the field.

I would think it a proper tribute to Flanny if Guts were to change numbers now. I agree with the O's policy of only retiring HOF numbers, but for now and the immediate future, #46 should not be issued in memory of Flanny.

if what i just heard is correct,that fans & collegues blamed flanningan for the orioles problems , shame on all of them!!!
i don't thinkanyone cared about the orioles then flanny did.
so wear that shirt with pride jeremy,in remembrance of'' # 46-MIKE FLANNINGAN''

Guthrie is classy - wear the number as long as he's here and then put it away forever

I think Guts should wear it the rest of the year in tribute and then the Orioles should retire that number forever.

Until Guthrie wins as many games as Flanny won - 167, wins a Cy Young Award like Flanny did in 1979 and gets into a World Series like Flanny did in 1979, JG should IMMEDIATELY give up #46.

Guts should wear 46 for the rest of this year in tribute to Flanagan, who was smart enough to pick Guthrie up off a waiver claim. Any decision about 46 moving forward should be made during the off-season.

Well it took less than an hour to change my mind! If it's true that Flanagan not only assisted in putting you on the roster, but he also agreed or wanted you to wear #46, I vote for wear it with continued pride. But again, ultimately, I honor any decision you make with the family.

Jeremy, please keep #46.

The number isn’t retired by the team nor should it be. Only the “rarest air” O’s earn that distinction. That said, Flanny was a true Oriole, a champion and a delight to our fan base with his pitching feats and broadcasting intellect/humor.

Mike Flanagan is the Baltimore Orioles and the team is him.

We honor Mike whenever we don our O’s caps and cheer on our birds. We honor Mike by raising our children to be life-long fans. He is honored by our love for the team to which he dedicated his talents and over a quarter century.

Keep the number, Jeremy. Our tribute to Flanny is everything else.

I think Flanny would rather have his old number out there on the field to be present the next time the Orioles win a World Series than sitting dusty in retirement.

Jeremy is a classy guy and should continue to wear it.

Wear it for the rest of this season.

Pitch your butt off.

Unofficially retire it at the end of the season

I think Guthrie should keep wearing it.

Continue to wear it as a tribute to Flanny. I think that is what he would want, especially if it is true that Flanny himself assigned the number.
But Guthrie should be the last Oriole to wear the number.

Guthrie should give up the #46. Maybe wear #64 from here on out. Give it up as a sign of respect for a great player and from all accounts and even greater man.

I think Jeremy Guthrie is deserving of the number 46. I think he should keep the number but I will support his decision either way. He seems to be a classy guy and Im sure Flanny wouldnt mind him pitching in 46.

RIP Flanny

wear it. The two obviously had a relationship. If it was Sidney ponson, I'd say change it, but Guthrie has been nothing but a true professional in his 4 years here.

Jeremy has been nothing but a professional since he got here and he deserves to wear it. If it were Sidney Ponson or Albert Belle, I'd say no way. But Guthrie is really one of the best pitchers and leaders we have. No reason to switch it.

Finish the year in 46.

Then switch to another number IF THE ORIOLES decide to make a public gesture that the number is retired or simply pulled from active duty.

Jeremy: You do what you can do to honor him this year. Then it's up to the O's ....

Jeremy - I appreciate you asking the question. Flanny gave you the number, I say wear it with pride and honor. (signed) The Memorial Stadium Right Field Bleacher Crew

Why haven't I heard Andy McPhail speak about Flanny yet?? Am I missing it - or has he issues a statement?

"I think he should wear it for the season as a tribute, then change next season. Then the club should unofficially retire it."

I agree with this statement

JG, thank you for asking our opinion. You are a real man of the people and a great Oriole. I think you should switch numbers.

I think he should continue to wear the number this year to honor Flanagan but then retire it next season.

The number should be retired and painted into the grass at Camden Yards for the rest of the year. But if there is one Oriole who has the mettle to wear it, Guts is that man.
Further, I think his coffin should be draped in the Shield of Lord Baltimore, and drawn through the streets of the city en route to his final resting place. Workers should be given the day off, and schools closed so that everyone can come line the streets and the city can show it's love to a man who needed to feel it. Sent the bill to Peter.
Flanny personified the soul of Baltimore more than anyone could, and dearly loved a city and a team that can be very hard to love sometimes. Rest in Peace, Flanny.

Thank you to Jeremy Guthrie for asking the question. You're a true professional and compassionate person. Wear that number and do your best. That's the best tribute to Mike Flanagan.

The Orioles should retire Flanagan's number, Guthrie should continue to wear it similarly to how Rivera still wears 45 even though that is league wide retired.

Guthrie is a class act and one of the few things that makes the current Orioles mildly palatable. There's no reason he shouldn't keep the number for the remainder of his career unless he's uncomfortable with it. After he leaves or retires, they probably shouldn't assign it to another player.

Good reasons both ways. I say let Guts wear it as long as he is an Oriole (he does the number proud) and then retire it .

Wear it with pride, Jeremy. Mike gave you the number, and he would want you to wear it with pride as he did.

wear it with pride man. honor a oriole lifer. and keep doing your best on the mound thanks for your time here you were good but we didnt give u any run support.

I think there are reasons for both answers here. 1 - he gives up the number, and they do an honor for the number, but 2 - which is where I would like to see it go, is keep wearing it and making the Baltimore Orioles fans that knew Flanny, to keep their good memories of him alive, and in the front of their minds. Guthrie is a pitcher much like Flanny, he cares about this City, this team, and the fans, and is only looking to do the right thing.

I believe that Jeremy should continue to wear #46 in honor of Flanagan. When he is no longer an Oriole, the team should place it on the "unofficial" retired list along with numbers 7 and 44.

Guthrie is exactly the kind of classy player who should be wearing #46. Keep it and honor it.

Jeremy, Wear #46 with pride and to honor Flanny. When you are no longer an Oriole, #46 should be retired.

Guthrie should absolutely keep the number 46 for the remainder of his career, if he wants it. At the very least, he should keep it for the remainder of his time with the Orioles. Flanny selected him and gave him the number, and Guts has worn it with class and dignity. Since that time, he has been a leader in the organization, and one of the O's best pitchers, even when the line didn't show it.

When the time comes for Guthrie to move on, set Flanny's number aside with Elrod's and Cal Sr.'s. For now, however, I can't think of an Oriole more deserving of #46 than Guthrie.

Guthrie should absolutely keep the number 46 for the remainder of his career, if he wants it. At the very least, he should keep it for the remainder of his time with the Orioles. Flanny selected him and gave him the number, and Guts has worn it with class and dignity. Since that time, he has been a leader in the organization, and one of the O's best pitchers, even when the line didn't show it.

When the time comes for Guthrie to move on, set Flanny's number aside with Elrod's and Cal Sr.'s. For now, however, I can't think of an Oriole more deserving of #46 than Guthrie.

It's a fitting tribute for Guthrie to wear #46. I have no doubt that if Mike could choose anyone on the team who exemplifies the class and professionalism that he dispayed, Guthrie would be the one. In fact, he already made that choice. Keep it as long as you remain an Oriole.

Hey Guts, I love ya buddy, but give the number up. Flanny's 46 should be retired by the Orioles organization tomorrow. Put it up on the rafter with the retired numbers asap, Pete.

And kudos to you for seeking our opinion!

I admire Jeremy Guthrie's dignity. He's in a tough spot here. There's nothing disrespectful about keeping 46, but I think it's best to change because absent an unequivocal declaration from the family that they want him to keep it, continuing to wear it might be a distraction that nobody needs. Raising the question to the family would be inappropriate at this time, and nobody should wait around and hope for input from people who are presumably too grief-stricken to deal with the issue. Truthfully, I hope the Orioles can work out a trade that gets Jeremy into a pennant race. He's a good guy who deserves that chance.

Jeremy should keep the number. Mike
gave it to him. I think Mike would be upset if anyone took the number away from Jeremy. Jeremy was hired by Mike and was close to Mike. It will help him to be more like Mike as a pitcher if he wears his number.

Keep it as long as you're an Orioles. Flanagan selected you as an Orioles and gave you the number. Wear it in his honor.

I've always had a lot of respect for Jeremy and even moreso now. He honored Flanny last night, an O's win for #46 on a dark day for the ultimate #46.

Whatever Guts decides to do is fine by me, but I'd say keep the number and retire it next year on Opening Day.

Hopefully, Jeremy will be pitching that game for us. We need more players like him!

The best way to honor Flanny's service to the team is to retire the number.

So Guts... is 46 a special number to you? If so, you are entitled to keep "your" number just as other players are entitled to "their" number. Wear it with pride!

If it's just another number and you can move away from it, then use it the rest of the season so fans can see it on the field for the rest of the year. Next year, choose another.

I appreciate the fact Guthrie has considered this and I feel the number 46 should be retired from an Oriole player. This shows the class act Jeremy Guthrie is and I know Mike Flanagan would want him to keep it but I feel because of the positive impact and dedication to the Oriole organization thru the years Flanny should be honored with his number being retired.This is such an emotional day and enough can't be said about the respect I have for what Mike Flanagan meant to the Organization ! Forever Orioles ! You are sorely missed Mike ! God Bless the Flanagan family.

I guess Guts should continue to wear 46 until his time end with the Orioles. I don't care. But I can't believe we are even discusing this. I think 'we' all have our priorities mixed up. This was a man's life. And for a human to be in such dispare over money or even worse a sense of failure over how a team plays a GAME. I don;t know what is worse. It is only a game. I am sick. God bless you Mike.

Give up the number now. Guthrie has the potential to imortalize his own number!

I think he should reverse the numbers and be 64. The Orioles should retire the number and in dedicate the remainder of this season and next to Flanny. Maybe with inspiration the Orioles could achieve the ultimate honor to his memory and who knows maybe through his death he could achieve what he truly wanted to do while alive, inspire a group of ballplayers to play as a team and find a way to win without excuses. Guthrie is a great player and person who exemplifies everything that Mike was in character. Long live the greatness that was "Flanny".

Wear it with pride. Hope not to sound disrespectful but if every number is retired for some reason or other we'll need to use numbers with three digits eventually. Not good.

Jeremy, you have handled this difficult season with class, which is in direct alignment with Flanny. You are a great symbol for what is good with sport and what Flanny represented......wear 46 with continued pride.

Jeremy - I agree with those who say keep it, and for the same reasons. You've exemplified many of the same good traits Mike had when he wore that number.

But please, if you're going to continue to wear number 46 in an Oriole uniform, I beg you to pick up your game a notch. With the great talent and command you have, your intelligence and your plus fielding, you should be excelling far more often than you do.

I doubt that you have ADD, but it sure seems that way at times; you may be pitching masterfully, then it's like you lose your concentration just enough to groove one at the most inopportune time and give up a critical homer. This has happened so often, and cost you so many games that if you feel you're losing the mental edge, maybe it would help if you'd back off the rubber, grab the rosin bag, push the reset button and refocus.

Moving above the plateau upon which you've been stuck for so long, and finally realize your full potential would be the greatest tribute you could pay Mike while wearing number 46. You can be sure that's what he'd have wanted, as he had such big hopes for your success.

Jeremy, after seeing the class and dignity with which you have handled this difficult season, you should wear the 46 with pride.

Guts, I say wear the number for the rest of the season in honor of Flanny. Then hopefully, the Orioles will do the right thing and retire numbers 46, 7, and 44. Guys who were a huge and exceptionally meaningful part of this organization and who are all now sadly no longer with us.

Arlo, wear it with pride!

I think Flanny would be proud everytime #46 went out and won a game for the Os. Keep on wearing it Guts.

Guthrie is a class act - I loved Flanagan and Flanagan let him wear it - keep wearing it until you are are done here and then retire it. Guthrie has been one of my favorite Orioles ever since he came on board just because of how he plays - he never complains, supports his mates, and plays his heart out even on a poor team - he has taken the brunt of more bad luck than any pitcher I can remember. I would have loved to have seen him in the rotation when Mussina was here as a #2. Jeremy keep plugging away and do the number proud.

I think Flanny would be proud everytime #46 went out and won a game for the Os. Keep on wearing it Guts.

shows class that your even asking. Hope you have as long and prosperous career that he did with the number.

Jeremy...thanks for paying Mike such respect, that says so much about you!

I get the impression that Mike was probably a selfless person. He needs to be honored...46 should be retired!

I think Guthrie should wear the number for the rest of the season as a tribute (and all the players should wear Flanny's number on their shoulders this year) then the number should be put on hold like Cal Sr and Elrod Hendricks. RIP, Mike, you were a beloved member of the Orioles team and this community. We are proud to have known you.

I think Guthrie should wear the number for the rest of the season as a tribute (and all the players should wear Flanny's number on their shoulders this year) then the number should be put on hold like Cal Sr and Elrod Hendricks. RIP, Mike, you were a beloved member of the Orioles team and this community. We are proud to have known you.

Give Flanny's family time to grieve, then let them make the call. If they want to retire the number, a ceremony sometime early next season seems appropriate, Or maybe they'd like to see Guthrie or other players in the future continue to wear it, although to me, doing so kind of diminishes all that Flanny has contributed to the franchise over the past 40 years.

Regardless of what happens with the number, it won't change the fact that this just sucks. When I think of Flanny, the first thing that comes to mind is not the wins and the Cy Young, it's how he supported Steve Bechler's widow during that tragic situation a few years back.

Losing a great human being like Flanny long before we should makes no sense, and it never will.

#46 should be retired. Just to be clear there is no offense meant to Jeremy. I hope he is a Oriole for a long time to come...

#46 should be retired. Just to be clear there is no offense meant to Jeremy. I hope he is a Oriole for a long time to come...

Either decision is a good one -- the point is that Jeremy wants to do what he can to respect Flanny. If he continues to wear 46 in honor of Flanagan, that would be a great way to honor him. But I think he should switch numbers, and the entire team should wear a black #46 on their sleeves for the rest of this season and next -- in place of that state flag patch.


Keep the number and keep wearing it with the gamer mentality you've had your entire O's career. You'll honor Flanny by doing that and by giving everything you've got to the O's, just like he did.

Keep wearing the number for as long as you're an Oriole, Jeremy, and do Flanny and us fans proud.

Those who never even thought about retiring the number until today need to get off of their high horse and quit being so self-righteous.

Those who are posting insults towards either man need to crawl back under the rock from where they came and stay there.

I vote for Jeremy to continue to wear the number 46 for the rest of the season. After this season the Orioles shouls retire number 46. Mike Flanagan was a gamer who never wanted to leave a game so based on that i think Mike would be proud that his number is still on the field. It is somewhat fitting that Guthrie has his number because he is a fierce competitor just like Flanagan.

Mike gave his blessing to Jeremy to wear it and as long as Guthrie is an Oriole he should continue to do so. When Guthrie is no longer an Oriole, the number should then be retired. If not officially, at least unofficially nobody else should wear it.

Miss you Flanny!

Trust your heart...

I believe out of respect for Mr. Flanagan his number will be retired and Guthrie will have to give it up anyway....but as a gesture he should just give it up....without even thinking about it!

Honor Flanny....don't wear the number...retire it! One of the greatest O's

Jeremy should wear the number with pride. Let it represent quality pitching on the baseball diamond, not a tragic death.

I really like the idea of changing your number to 64. This way it would simultaneously honor Mike's memory while also allowing his #46 to be retired, if the Orioles choose to do so. It would also have the added effect of reminding us of him even more, since it would be a new number on you. I see this as the most meaningful way to honor his memory. But do what you feel is right for you, Jeremy, and thank you for asking our input.

Let him keep it as long as he is with the organization. Guthrie will wear #46 proudly. I like Guthrie and hope we can finally get him some run support. I think he is a asset to the organization and was PO'd when Millwood got the opening day start last year.

I believe he should keep wearing it. Jeremy Guthrie represents what's still good about the Orioles, and what was good about Mike Flanagan. When Guthrie leaves the team, hopefully years from now through retirement, the Orioles should then 'unofficially' retire the number that two great Orioles wore well.


Please give up this number. Let's have it put aside to honor Mike Flanagan. It is very nice of you to consider this. Flanny meant alot to the City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland. I will always remember him as a class act and I will remember you as a class act too for doing this.


Jeremy Guthrie is a class player.
I think Mike Flanagan would be proud to have Guts wear #46.
Keep the number alive, keep the legacy alive. Guthrie will come through as a gritty Oriole player.

Keep it... that way you know that it is worn with appreciation and respect.

Jeremy, You should keep # 46 and if the O's trade you or when you retire ? The O's should then retire the number at that time. Wear # 46 with PRIDE !!!

My sister came up with a good idea. Ask Mike's family what their wish would be, what THEY would be more comfortable with and abide by their decision. Whatcha think??

No. Give up the number so we can retire it. Besides, they way he's been pitching, maybe another number would help.


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