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August 16, 2011

Dylan Bundy: 'The plan for me is to get up there in 2013'

I just got off the phone with Orioles first-round pick Dylan Bundy, who is headed to Sarasota, Fla., to begin his professional career. I don't have time to put this in story form because first pitch is in less than an hour here at The Coliseum, but here are some of Bundy's comments.

Reaction to deal: “I’m very excited. My brother [Bobby] is with the Baltimore Orioles, and it would be awesome to get an opportunity to play with him. I’m living the dream, getting a chance to play professional baseball.”

Confident deal would get done?: “I really didn’t know. It went down to the last couple of minutes. I was getting nervous, and I wasn’t sure it was going to happen or not. Obviously, God has a plan for me, and his plans are for me are to go to Baltimore and play with Bobby.”

Immediate plans: “I’m going down to Sarasota tomorrow. I’m excited. I want to get it going. It’s been a long summer. I’m definitely ready to go.”

Importance of playing with your brother?: “It would be a life-long dream, and it would definitely be worth it. We didn’t really think about it until about two weeks before the draft. We are very excited to see what happens in the future.”

Worried about big expectations?: “You can say I thrive on it, but I really don’t pay attention to it that much. I just play the game like I always have, play the game with respect, respect the people ahead of you.”

You think you’ll pitch in Arizona Fall League?: “I’ve heard rumors about that, but I’m not sure what the plans are. I want to, definitely. I just want to get on the field for the first time and be out there with the team.”

What is your timetable for the big leagues?: “Definitely, the plan for me is to get up there in 2013. That’s a very high goal. We’ll see what happens.”

Why major league deal was important: “Me and my adviser and my dad, we all thought that we were worth it. We truly believe that I’m going to be up there in 2013 and help the Orioles win some games. We thought that was necessary.”

Posted by Jeff Zrebiec at 9:15 PM | | Comments (17)


2013 is a lie. Guy has pitched, what 50 innings in a season? And he's going to be ready to throw 130-150 IP in 2 years? Don't hold you breath. If he's up in 2013 it will be for a cameo.

You can say he's not lacking in confidence.

Wonder if the O's are going to change his workout routine?

Don't think they have to worry about someone charging the mound.

We need to buy some proven quality pitchers and let these young bucks actually push their way in. No more pipe dreams.

Obviously, Dylan is a very focused & determined young man, but reality dictates that he should only be up to about 120 inning by the end of 2013! We all now need to simply pray for health & wisdom to "grow the arms'!!! Good luck Dylan, we sure need you & Bobby in Baltimore!

Wow. You're certainly earning your paycheck today. I count five long posts already today, covering everything from Roberts to Bundy, and the game hasn't even started yet. And that's not counting two other posts from just after midnight last night. And most of what you write has to be researched, too. It doesn't just drop into your lap.

It would take Schmuck three months to produce this much material.

Pace yourself, my man. We can't afford to lose you to injury, too. Many thanks for all your hard work keeping us informed.

Jeff Z's reply: Awesome Rob. I'll make sure Schmuck sees this. It's sure been a busy couple of days. Glad you're enjoying it.

Please don't blow your arm out trying to do too much too fast, young man (see Steve Strasbourg). We need you in one piece when you get here. Wishing you the best.

Don't hold your breath on Dylan or Bobby being good pitchers. They were both acquired under AM and according to the "Chicken Little crowd", nothing that AM has done has helped the O's. There are no major league players in the farms system and nothing good will happen until AM is gone or Baltimore gets a new franchise.

Good luck anyway Dylan. Many of us fans who don't really understand baseball are still behind you.

Aside from the Major League contract putting him on the 40 man squad, Jeff, can you offer the pros and cons of a minor league deal vs a major league deal? Is the bonus for the Major League deal prorated over the contract term and the minor league deal paid bonus potentially over a one year period?

Jeff Z's reply: Yes. The biggest pro is that a Major League deal allows teams to spread that money over the course of the deal, and lessen the impact upfront. I was told today that once the Orioles knew they'd consent to Bundy's wish for a big league deal, they put some of the money they saved up front and put it toward getting Davies, the Ariz. high school pitcher they got in Round 26. The cons are it limits team's roster flexibility because Bundy will take up a 40-man spot. It also can accelerate Bundy's path to the big leagues whether he's ready or not. Now that he is on the 40-man, the Orioles will only be able to option him to the minors either three or four times without having to pass him through waivers. The first time will obviously come in February and March when Bundy is sent down during big league spring training.

Given the Oriole propensity to rush players -- especially pitchers -- to the majors, the negative seems to be built-in anyway.

Perhaps (and this is assuming he is the real deal) the Orioles will go old school when he summoned to the majors by letting him relieve games throughout his first year with the parent club with spot starts here and there. That's how it worked successfully in the late '60s and throughout the the '70s.


Thanks for the reply to sarasotafan. Always good to learn something.

Bundy- congrats and welcome to Baltimore .

Jeff-since you answered an earlier blogger's question on Minor vs Major deals . What is your own opinion on that issue ?
My opinion is that Baseball should ban Major League deals because
1) it put too much pressure on that player
2) every player has their own timetables
3) it defeats the purpose of having player development system for that player
4) it is also increases injury risks
5) that player should EARN his promotion , not because he feels ENTITLEMENT to one

Jeff Z's reply: Not crazy about it, Allan, but that's more about the idea of giving a big league deal in general, rather than giving one to Bundy. But I wasn't privy to the negotiations. I don't think the Orioles could afford to have not signed this kid with where they are as a franchise. So if the only way they could do that was a big league deal, I don't have too big of a problem with it.

If the kid has as much raw ability as advertised, he could probably get major league hitters out by late next season for a cup of coffee and end up a rotation regular by 2013. As others have mentioned, he needs to get stretched out for a couple of year. 2014 is more likely, that is if his arm hasn't fallen off by then as a result of teaching and tweaking by our crack minor league coaching team.

I saw this kid pitch as a junior in high school. Amazing talent. He threw two games in one day to get his team to the championship. His first pitch was 97 mph and his last pitch (around 120) was 95.

eric -

50 innings? You think that's all Bundy has thrown each season throughout high school? In fact, he actually threw 71 innings for Owasso this year, and that was just during the high school season. What about summer ball (Bundy played for the DBAT Mustangs in the summer)? What about fall ball (the Mustangs have a fall team as well)? What about indoor workouts during the winter?

As a high school pitcher, this kid is otherworldly. These types of kids don't just pitch for their high school team for three months and then sit around the rest of the year.

2013 seems a stretch and those limited options could be a problem seeing as how that has been a real yo-yo this season. I listen to Mitch Williams and Nolan Ryan say that pitchers have to throw, throw, throw and the opposite side which is an innings limit. Really hard to know whose opinion should count. The length of Ryan's career and the fact tha the Wild Thing was an elite relief pitcher for the usual time span makes it sound like trying to decipher a physics question. I think Bundy needs to chill a little with his expectations. Anybody see that O's fans jacket last night??? Now thats a fan.

This kid made the biggest mistake of his life signing with the O's. Another potential prospect is on track to be ruined by the shills up and down the O's "organization".

I once doubted that Mr Bundy could handle moving from 3A highschool ball to 6A ball. I was eating crow. The kid is the real deal. Unreal how his focus is as is his work out ethics. I've seen the kid throw. He WILL be a force in the majors.

he was the best arm in the draft, only an idiot would pass on him, i guess u would pass on harper, u take your best shot like straussberg stuff happens, Many coaches and scouts have said he is the most pro ready pitcher in the draft,

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