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July 5, 2011

Scott headed to DL (slightly updated)

Asked Monday night whether the Orioles were definitely sending out a pitcher to make room for Tuesday’s starter Mitch Atkins, manager Buck Showalter said, “not necessarily,” adding that the move could take “another form.”

The obvious speculation written about Monday was that that form could be a disabled list stint for outfielder Luke Scott, who has a right labrum tear and has been trying to play through the pain.

Well, looks like speculation has turned reality and Scott will head to the disabled list today. It will become official later this afternoon. The move can be backdated to July 4, meaning he can come off the DL during the second series after the All-Star break. It’s possible he could have surgery to repair it and miss the rest of the season, but that wasn’t in Scott’s mind last week.

Showalter also hinted on Monday that more than one move could be made. So the Scott decision doesn’t necessarily mean that the roster spot of Chris Jakubauskas or Pedro Viola is safe.

UPDATE: I'm being told now that Scott to the DL will be the only move made today. That could change, but that's the plan right now.

MASN Sports first reported the Scott move was certain to happen.

Posted by Dan Connolly at 2:37 PM | | Comments (23)


"Scott headed to DL:" it's about time!

Now maybe Reimold will get a fair shot!

about time.

This organization's futility just keeps repeating itself in a continuous loop. Here's the top of a story in the Sun on July 5, 2005, after the O's took a July 4 shellacking from the Yankees.

Their starting pitcher was terrible. Their late relief was even worse.
After yesterday's devastating 13-8 loss to the Yankees, the race is on to identify the Orioles' biggest problem as they try to keep their surprising 2005 season from unraveling.

Jakubauskas needs to be sent down to the minors ASAP, or just flat out released. Their Cinderella story just didn't happen. The guy is not equipped to pitch in the Major Leagues. Let's be honest about that. Is he a good guy? Who cares? Can he pitch? No he can't!

Buck Showalter and Andy MacPhail needs to be doing things that will put this team back in the hunt. Anything less is a disgrace and an insult to fans. Realistically, they will not be in the hunt, but they can't operate that way.

They need to part ways with over-hyped prospects and bring some players who actually belong in the MLB. They cannot let this losing season streak continue. It's now or never time, if you ask me. If were the owner of this team, I would put every member of the organization on notice. They better deliver a winning season, or look for a job.

And also Pie.

No miracle cure, Luke?

Agreed, I want Reimold to get out there and get hot or go home. The guy deserves a fair shake...and the Orioles desperately need a left fielder.

Overdue for Scott.

I believe a similar decision will be made on Arrieta in the near future - his elbow should have been operated on last winter.

There is no sense letting Scott try to play through this after the All Star break. Surgery would end his season but the injury is obviousy hindering his ability to extend his arms on his swing. He has been told not to lift weights, which is a significant part of his training regimen. Shut him down and let's see what a healthy Nolan Reimold can do with about 200 AB's.

Macphail's ongoing strategy to fill holes with washed up and or oft/injured vets rather than impact players has really come back to haunt him this time. We can't give Lee or Vlad away at this point. We probably won't sign Hardy if he wants three years so he will likely be traded before the deadline. It's nice to see some home runs coming from a corner infielder, but Reynolds is on a pace for 40 errors. His glove lets in more runs than he bats in. That doesn't work.

Oh the Orioles. Always a day late and a dollar short.

I wonder if Luke Scott will "believe" he's on the DL or not.

Hurray! No more having to watch Scott strand runners on base time after time and occasionally hit a meaningless home run.

I guess it's time to acknowledge that McFail's 4 years of rebuilding has not worked.

The arms haven't grown - as a matter of fact, they've regresses. Matusz and Tillman have lost their fastballs. Bergesen has lost his sinker. Arrieta is damaged goods. How long will it take before Britton phsically breaks down in the finest tradition of Orioles pitchers.

None of the failed, ex-Cubs that McFail loves to sign have made any kind of a significant contribution.

The free agent pitchers MsFail has signed have generally been busts with Gonzalez as the poster boy for this effort.

Buying the bats has turned out to be a joke as McFail has bought past-their-prime hitters on the cheap.

To improve, we need an entire new infield as Reynolds' fielding makes him best as the DH. Hardy won't sign here. Roberts can't stay healthy for more than 50 games a year. And Lee is over the hill and a one year rental. We need a LF. We need 2 starting pitchers (at least).

Let's dump McFail, hire his replacement, and blow it all up and start over.

But Billy Beane or Theo Epstein could not fix this mess as long as an Angelos owns the team.

If Scott can't come back this season fully recovered then maybe he ought to go ahead and have the surgery for next season. Ditto Arrieta.

Give Nolan a fair shot and if he doesn't produce, the O's need to get someone in free agency to play LF, but if he does work out than at least they can cross that off the list.


I keep hearing the O's should trade Koji, but why? He can't pitch back to back nights, but he's been outstanding the BP since last season. I just don't think the O's are going to get a top notch prospect for Koji plus his contract is reasonable and who will the O's count on in the 8th next season? I don't see the O's breaking the bank for a reliever, so it doesn't make sense to trade guys that you can't replace.

On Tuesday I discovered that - assuming my math is correct (and I double-checked it twice) - the next Oriole loss will be their 1500th under the ownership of Peter Angelos. Entering Tuesday's game, O's regular season record since start of 1994 is 1277-1489, plus 9-10 in the '96 and '97 post-seasons.

Hats off to the man whose personality drove away respected baseball men like Doug Melvin, Pat Gillick and Frank Wren and sullied the team's reputation as a good place to work!

Buck has turned out to be a major disappointment. Not because we are losing - Coach Jesus himself couldn't win with this bunch of losers - but because he is accepting the losing just as his predecessors did.

He should be in there reaming Andy Mac a new one to be making QUALITY July 31 trades (i.e., no bums ... quality prospects or nothing at all). and signing Hardy for three years and what train out of town should he buy the ticket for Jasabaukus.

Instead he is doing nothing except putting Luke on the DL for an injury he does not have. Luke's only disease is non-playingitis. He should be taking Vlad's place, but Buck is clearly intimidated by Vlad and that's no way to run a team.'

Same old, same old.

Does Scott have to produce his birth certificate to go on the DL? Long overdue with that anemic bat and clank of a glove in left field...

@Ken: what about pie? The guy just can't hit. Maybe it's because he's not been given a fair chance, but he's got to choose more carefully the pitches to hit...right now he can't hit. @ Jim: I agree! Look at how few at bats he's had, and has better numbers than at least a couple players that have played the same amount of time this year.

Luke Scott is an awful one demensional player who would not be in the majors except for the poor talent evaluators with the Orioles..... (no arm, brick hands, poor judgement on routine fly balls) . Hopefully he gets a full time. 9-5 job

Keep Scott, trade Guthrie. Luke can produce as a utility bench guy. If the excuse for our "ace" Guthrie's record is that he's always played against the opposing team's Ace, what does that tell you? Who ever heard of an "Ace" that's never had a winning season? The O's continue to need a real Ace. I like Guthrie. Let him go somewhere to fit in a different role, and use his talent to get some wins for somebody else.

I love these people who come on here and act like baseball managers can just go into the GM's office and DEMAND that things happen. Good luck doing that with your boss.

Tommy, how do you know he can't hit? Pie's hit when he's had half a chance. Remember his first year year? When he got regular playing time, he did very well. His season only ended when he tore his hammy beating out an infield hit.

The next year, last year, he was on the DL to start the year and only played the last half and still put up decent numbers. He warrants a chance to play and see if he can do anything. He's not going to get that chance rotting on the bench.

Ken, I just want to know, if you were a GM, you'd give a guy who pretty much has given you the same offense as izzy, a chance. I'm sorry, as far as I'm concerned, players like him, vlad, and some others just seem to be taking up space....not really worth watching when you swing at everything

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