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July 9, 2011

Orioles react to benches-clearing incident

By now, you've probably seen the highlights of Boston Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz charging Orioles closer Kevin Gregg in the eighth inning tonight of the Orioles' 10-3 loss. Ortiz was ticked that Gregg threw three straight pitches inside to start the at-bat, and then yelled at him as he jogged to first base after popping out. Gregg was sick of watching Ortiz beat up on Orioles' pitching, objected to his reaction to three balls that really never came close to hitting him, and didn't appreciate the fact that he swung at a 3-0 pitch with the Red Sox leading by seven runs. I'll let the Orioles talk about the rest below (Ortiz, by the way, left the clubhouse before reporters were allowed in so nothing from him until tomorrow):

"To me, it’s a situation [with] Ortiz, the place to get him out is in. You got to pitch him in. The first pitch wasn’t too far off the corner and he jumped away like it was at his head. Next pitch was a little bit further in, he didn’t like it, he stared at me. I’m still going to go in there. I’m not going to let him lean over the plate like he did to [Brad Bergesen], lined a ball back up the middle. He’s hitting stuff off the wall, he’s real comfortable in there. The best way to get him out is pitch him in. I’m pitching him in, 3-0, they are up seven. I think there is some ethics to the game you got to stay within. Run. Hit a fly ball, a lazy fly ball, you got to run the bases. Apparently he didn’t like me telling him that stuff and he came out there. It’s part of the game. He has a right to come out there. I’m going to defend myself if he comes out."

"There’s 17 inches on the plate. You got to use all 17 inches. If you don’t, you are going to get your [butt] kicked every time you go out there. So that’s what we’re doing, that’s what I was doing when I was out there. They are going to whine and complain about it because they think they are better than everybody else. But no, we have just as much right to pitch inside as they do. Everybody’s frustrated. It’s part of the game."

"We are playing the game of baseball. You got to go ask David what he was thinking. It’s 3-0 and you are up seven runs and the opposing pitcher gets upset with you hitting a weak fly ball and not running. If he thinks there’s something [wrong] with me saying that, than he’s got other things he needs to figure out in this game."

"This is a team sport. I take offense to every run scored off every one of our pitchers. I take offense to every one of our hitters that’s hit every time out there. We are a family. We spend more time with these 25 guys than I do with my own family, and I take it personal. And so, to be able to go out there, you get tired of getting your butt kicked every night when you come in here. I’m going to stick up for what ours and try to get the plate back. I think you showed them that we are not backing down. We are not scared of them and their $180 million payroll. We don’t care. We are here to play the game. We have just as much right to play the game here, and we are going to do everything we can to win."

"I’m not going to get into all of that, he said, she said, we said, all that stuff. It is what it is. It’s a game played by passionate men who care about what they are doing. We’re kind of wounded right now. I’m sure he took some exception to him swinging 3-0 there, and I’m sure he took exception to him pitching in. It’s part of the game. There’s a lot of things that led up to that, that some people probably didn’t notice. But we did."

"I’m proud of them. They handled it the right way. We’re a little wounded and some things happen out there that kind of wakens wounded people. We’ll see what happens."

"It’s the way Kevin pitches, it's the way [Jim Johnson] pitches. I just wish other guys take notice because you can’t constantly allow other guys to get extended and feel real comfortable all the time."

"I like the guy, I like Ortiz. I respect the way he plays the game, but I think it was a little bush league, bottom of the eighth, up by six, two outs, swinging 3-0. I don’t think we were hitting anybody intentionally there. If it has to come down to that, it has to come down to it. He knows how to play the game. I think he’s going to look back at it and realize that he screwed up there, but what happened, happened. It’s over."

"I don’t understand why he went after him. It’s a 3-0 pitch, two outs and you have a guy tagging up and a guy swinging at a 3-0 pitch in a six-run game. It doesn’t make sense. He knows the game better than that. Put them on our side and us on their side. It’s a little bush league. Like I said, I’m sure he’s going to look back and realize that he made a mistake, especially charging our pitcher regardless of what was said."

"If you ask me, this happened in the right spot at the right time. We still got two more games left with these guys and we have seven more games after the break. We’re going to see them. We’re going to get our opportunities and they’re going to get their opportunities. We’ll see how it works out."

"You hate to see it, but it was sure-as-[heck] necessary in that situation. We’ve been getting hit around a bit and [forget] it, we took some blows back. That livens everything up in here. We need to come out and use that as some ammo."

"You have to stand up for yourself. I’m not mad as how that situation escalated one bit. We’ll just use it as an ammo and get after that, and hopefully that energy carries us into tomorrow, and the second half of the season."

Proud of Gregg: "Exactly, 100 percent. Couldn’t be prouder."

"Pretty crazy. It’s part of the game but those two pitches - I was in here watching the game - the two pitches that Gregg threw to Papi weren’t even close. So it was unnecessary for him to stare in and act like a tough guy. Kevin’s not going to back down if you are going to stare at him like that. There’s no reason we are trying to hit him. We are getting our [butts] kicked, we are not trying to hit him. That’s what you get. Big Papi, he is what he is. And that’s what happens."

"The atmosphere in here right now is great. I’m not saying this is what baseball is about, but I think this brought us a little closer."

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My 2 cents: Why do the bullpens need to run all the way in. Can't they just fight out in the field?
2) Pay Dylan Bundy whatever he wants.
3) anyone else see Millwood pitching for us in August?
4) This is too painful to watch anymore. After the first inning, someone tweeted that the O's outfield had been replaced by the Three Stooges. My wife thought that was an insult to Moe, Larry and Curly.

Hey Markakis, what game were you watching? 2 outs? Wrong...there was only 1 out and there was a runner on 3rd. Completely different situation. The only thing "bush league" here is the hack team in black & orange. Can't beat 'em, throw at 'em. Right?

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Gregg got more hits in than half the offense.

hey gregg, he wouldn't be swinging at a 3-0 pitch if you could avoid the count to begin with. if you don't want a swing at 3-0 in a 7 run game, don't get the count to 3-0 by throwing inside trying to send a message. a better message would be to get ahead of him and retire the batter.

No wonder Oriole players act like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction:

1) The franchise has been irrelevant for 14 years

2) They have by far the worst owner in baseball

3) They play18 "home games" each year in Baltimore against the Red Sox and Yankees where 75% of their own stadium is rooting for the visitors.

Where have you gone, Frank, Brooksie, Boog, Al, Elrod, and EBW??????

Can someone PLEASE buy the team Montgomery Burns???????

Gregg - YOU'RE the "bush leaguer" here. YOU throw three straight inside, close enough to hit Ortiz, YOU fall behind 3-0 in the count, then YOU further instigate things by yelling and showing up Ortiz. And YOU'RE whining about getting your backside handed to you AGAIN?? You're lucky Ortiz missed you with that left or you'd STILL be wondering what happened. Why don't you grow up and TRY to be professional, and maybe get a hitter or two out??

Hey Eric Bousquet... The Sox whole team is bush league, not just Ortiz.... A sox player gets thrown inside they automatically think people are throwing at them, hmm.. just like the Yankees,.. hmm.... girls be crying....

Now, if only Peter Angelos would sell the team, than it'd be an okay week.

Peter Angelos, one of the worst owners in sports, ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey laser,you MUST be a sax(sox) fan if you think we threw at Big Cry Baby.How many years did Clemens,etc throw inside? They cant take it when someone does it to them. This is why I hate them and the Bronx crybabies. They think that the Os shouldn't do that,but they should pitch inside,plate is 17" wide. And if Gregg hit Ortiz his teeth would be wider apart than they already are!

+100 respect for Kevin Gregg

His uppercut needs a lot of work though, but if he keeps facing guys trying to act their way to first he may end up having some more chances to work on it.

gregg comes across as a self righteous crybaby whose team is getting hammered again and he cant take it....the orioles were a great franchise from late 60s to 1983 so as a sox fan i really dont like seeing a once proud team being mediocre for so long

@Dan and lasershow

You guys are either sox fans or just started watching baseball!! Gregg was pitching the right way! You got a power hitter that's hanging over the plate, you back him off by pitching inside. Ortiz was very unprofessional and was being a punk. Hopefully like Jonesy said they'll use this as ammo, but I have the utmost respect for Kevin Gregg as a result of this. And by the way, did anyone else see how close Gregg was to landing that punch?!?!

Kent W- true until the last line. The arrogant Red Sux are homering all week and finally one of our pitchers tries to come inside by inches and Big Baby thinks the HR derby has already started. If one of the BP pitchers in the Derby misses inside, will he charge him?

Great Clemens reference too. They always whined it was part of the game to come inside when Roger Steriod was coming inside. I hope our young pitchers wake up and reestablish the inside, especially Zach & Mat.

Papi crowds the plate to force pitchers to throw into his strength. You have to jam him or he is going to hurt you. Papi was trying to get Gregg to back off, first by putting on a show for the ump to solicit a warning and then by trying to intimidate Gregg. Gregg stood his ground.

I have always respected Papi's talent but he does have a tendency to violate baseball etiquette by studding like a peacock after hitting a homerun to show up the pitcher, which he did to Britton in the first. On the fly out he was meandering down the line as a show of disrespect to Gregg and Gregg called him out on it. The "game within the game". Good for Gregg

Lost a lot of respect for the entire Os organization tonight. Gregg pitching inside to Big Papi for what reason? Is it the bottom of the 9th with a 1 run lead and 2 out? Because then, you might have a reason to throw Ortiz inside like that. It was pointless and came from nothing other than frustration on the part of the Os. Weak, and then to jaw at him because he pops out on a 3-0 pitch he's "not allowed" to swing at, because he's not running? Neither swinging 3-0 or not running out a pop-up are violations of any rule, un-written or not.

Advice for O's pitchers, pound the zone, mix up your pitches, try to get ahead in counts. Advice for Os batters, see the ball, hit the ball. All the other crap you're focusing on is probably a large part of why you're at the bottom of the standings. Grow up.

Love to see this. Gregg did nothing wrong. Ortiz and the rest of the Sux are drama queens. He pitched him inside. Im sure everyone will still take the Sux side, but they were no doubt in the wrong here. Its about time someone called them out on it. Beckett starts Sh1t all the time anyways.

Just like Gregg said alls they will do is whine and complain just like they always do.

Gregg has no place telling a player from another team to run a popup out. The Orioles aren't very good and seem very proud of being able to pitch inside and starting a fight. One they are good at, the other they aren't.

I agree with Gregg. The pitches to Ortiz weren't that close - except the third one. But 2 things - Gregg initiated the brawl by yelling at Ortiz to run down the baseline, and 2) the Orioles once again bring up "payroll". Okay, so if the Oriole's are that opposed to players asking for and getting a lot of money, then no Oriole player should ever make more money than he is making right now. Is that what he's saying? And he should NEVER be able to leave for another team that can pay him more money. Right? Because that's frowned upon by the Oriole organization, right guys? If that's gonna be your rallying cry, if you're gonna whine about payroll all year, then you gotta walk the walk and never take another dime or shut up and realize money is a front office issue. It's sad that Buck and his Orioles still feel that they can get some mileage out of this embarrassingly pathetic act. I know it's hard to watch the "haves" spend money, but that's the way it is. The Yankees still out spend the Sox. I can understand fans being upset by it, but to see other ballplayers complain, it's really sad. (As if Kevin Gregg would never sign for more money to play somewhere else. What a joke.) The O's are a struggling team because their ownership has driven a once well-respected franchise into the ground. Or should I say basement.

That's not what I saw happen. The balls were increasingly close to hitting Ortiz. And, Gregg yelled at Ortiz first.

I don't mind our hometown paper being a bit biased in its views, but don't be so bad as to get the facts wrong.

We brought all the tension to the situation. The Sox, regardless of how you feel about them, were just playing ball. Ortiz is a very level headed guy, not easy to upset.

Kuddos to Kevin Gregg!!! The Red Sox are very smug team. I wish he had put Ortiz on his ***. Hopefully we wake up and feed off this in the second half.

A guy who belongs in AAA throws at someone's head (twice) and then the whole team whines when the opponent swings at a 3-0 pitch? Last time I looked the batter was still up when the count was 3-0. I know Gregg needs a free pass to throw a strike, but let's get real.

I didn't see the game, but the replays showed those pitches would not have been close to Ortiz if he didn;t crowd the plate. I played a lot of baseball and I lived in Boston when they stunk and their fans at least pretended to be classy. To the league: if someone charges the mound for no reason suspend him and give him some classic films about baseball to watch in his spare time. I love baseball and I hate arrogant players like Ortiz. They are bad for the game. Suspend him.

Stupid of the Red Sox to get into it with a last place team. O's got nothing to lose. I hope a Red Sox gets beaned today.

The Red Sox are everything the Orioles want to be, and everything Orioles fans wish the Orioles were. The Red Sox actually have a functioning ownership and management team willing to pay for free agents and capable of drafting players that will someday be good players in the major leagues. They actually want to win. They trade for and sign Adrian Gonzoles, we get Derek Lee. Thank you, A. MacPhail; take Derek Lee and go back to Chicago. How this team is so inept in scouting and drafting is stunning to watch. I think we should sign Mike Tyson. He probably can't pitch any worse than what we have now, but we'll win the fights.

Reading the Orioles' players comments: let me get this straight. The Orioles are mad because they say the Red Sox whine about inside pitches? So what if they do? Oh, wait, so that explains why Zack Britton said, "I was gonna strike him out, but he whined so much, I had to throw it right down the middle of the plate and he hit a homerun. I mean, there was nothing I could do, he whined." Obviously the Oriole players are trying to save face, clinging to this notion that they know how to play the game right , even though they don't have a high payroll. Well, they showed how to play the game right in the first inning. And by the way, the Orioles have the 18th highest payroll in baseball, but yet 27 teams have a better record. Hmm... Hey Kevin Gregg, if high payrolls bother you so much, you should talk to your union and see if players will voluntarily reduce their salaries. Or you can maybe try throwing at Peter Angelos.

I thought Gregg did exactly the right thing and showed some fight that the rest of the O's should take note of, that he won't take crap off of anyone. I like Big Papi, but he was totally in the wrong here. Those above who don't understand all this really don't know much about baseball. Kudo's to Gregg and here's hoping the O's get fired up and take it to them the next two games.

Seems to me the O's are really concerned about what the Sox are doing. How about playing better baseball? Then you might not be in a seven run hole. Or 16 back in the division nearing the break.

If it were me, I'd dust Ortiz off the first time he comes to the plate today. Hell I might even bean the clown.

Glad to see a little fire in the O's for a change. Just what the doctor ordered.

Kent, you hate the Red Sox and the Yankees because they destroy your team most of the time. It's that simple.

The front office (yes, that's you, Angelos) needs to admit accountability for this mess. Peter Angelos is the worst owner in baseball. The guy bought MASN so he can control the Nationals and the Orioles, makes a $50 million per year profit which does not go to the team. Basically, he pockets it. If he's not going to spend to make this team better, at least give it to city schools, let this town know that you care. Oh wait, he doesn't. His day job is an ambulance-chasing lawyer who made it big with an asbestos suit. So, how appropriate that he made his money off the suffering of others.

Wow. Look at all these sox fans commenting here. Hilarious ! Yeah, Gregg threw at him, 3 times ! Then followed him up the first base line calling him a fat you know what. Can't wait for round 2
Tonight. John Lackey against Simon ? Bring it.

Not only is Gregg bush league so is the manager. Baltimore deserves better.

Ortiz should have been ejected immediately when he took several steps towards the mound, bat in hand and trash talk on his lips.
Trouble is, the Red Sox get away with stuff like that for some unknown reason.
If Papi's thrown out at that point and both benches are warned, then there is no incident.
Even as it actually happened, Ortiz was the one who charged Gregg a second time..... I don't care what Gregg yelled at him...... what... it's illegal for players to yell at one another ?

Ortiz approached the mound twice and Gregg only yelled at Ortiz. So they both get ejected.
Yeah...... that's fair.

Yankee strike zones and Boston rules of behavior.
Buck was sure right about those two phenomena.

It's all bush league. Ortiz has every right to defend his home turf. You start yelling at him to start running, and okay fine, he runs right at you. Bonehead move on greggs part. It's not like their in Baltimore and Ortiz "showed them up" with another home run. This stuff happens Baltimore is frustrated and Ortiz is pissed I dont think the sox "180million" payroll even crosses Anyones mind when you're getting thrown at and is a cop out by Gregg and the orioles. Use all the plate you want but expect to get yours handed to you when you're in Fenway yelling at one of the best offensive players.

This is laughable. You Baltimore writers and players should man up. I watched the game real time. To say that those pitches weren't even close reveals stupidity or flat-out-homerism. The third pitch was headed for Ortiz (not the plate) the whole way in. So man up, you felines. Admit you were throwing at Ortiz. Admit that a pitcher who yells at a batter to run to first (when he was clearly doing that) is "bush league." And admit that you have a sorry franchise with a bunch of loser players.

And one more thing: Zach Britton says those pitches weren't close because he was watching the game in the clubhouse? Oh, that's right, he was in there pretty much from the end of the 1st inning. In any event, Buck should see about getting his young pitcher some glasses. Clearly he needs them if he thinks those pitches weren't close--he needs something to help him if he wants to be with the big kids in the dugout watching the game in the late innings.

Hey Gregg, you know you were throwing at Ortiz just happens you are so bad you couldn't hit your target. Once you get some talent you might make some of that money you mentioned about the Sox payroll. The Sox draught and develop talent and then pay it to stay.

I have no comment about the fight, although it did bring some excitement to an otherwise boring baseball game! the birds need help in all phases of the game! is there anyway you can cut salaries when you don't even perform any where near what you should? I guess not in the sports world just in the real world!

please check how many times Red Sox players have been hit compared to O's. Gregg had no business yelling at Ortiz. By the way, Rick Dempsey's post games comments were almost as bad as he played...a clown!

Absolutely nothing wrong with the way Gregg pitched to him. If he wanted to hit Ortiz I am sure that would have happened. Papi should have been thrown out after he walked towards the mound the first time. Gregg certainly escalated the situation when he started running his mouth but the fuse was already lit before that. I can understand the frustration but you are a professional and you should act that way. If your really that pissed just drill the guy and get it over with. And yes, please Mr. Angelos sell the team to someone who wants a winner and not just more $$$.

As a Red Sox fan I have always liked the Orioles, just hope they can field a more competitive team soon. I would be pissed if I was an Oriole player and got steamrolled by the Red Sox game after game. Management needs to field a better team. Concentrate on pitching.

This is unreal. For anyone to suggest Gregg had any fault in how he pitched Ortiz is absolutely ludicrous.

I don't care what the score is...when a guy crowds the plate, as a pitcher, you take back control by moving him back. Even if some of the pitches came close, it was clear that Gregg was not trying to hit Ortiz...he was just trying to move him off the plate, and it was taking Ortiz out of his comfort zone, so he got pissy. If Gregg was throwing at him, the Ump would have issued a warning after the first or second (or even third) pitch, but he didn't.

I don't necessarily agree with Gregg chirping at Ortiz, but Ortiz was showing up the O's first, so he has to expect it back. And regardless, you don't charge the mound just because someone chirps at you. Ortiz proved tonight that he's an immature punk.

it's funny how posters here (Red Sox or O's fans) make up their own rules. Listen, I saw the situation developing. The first two pitches were nowhere near Ortiz though they were inside. Ortiz escalated the situation on the 2nd pitch by staring out at Gregg. The 3rd ptich was the ONLY pitch that even came close to hitting Ortiz. If Gregg wanted to hit him, he could have put one up and in, NOT at the belt. On the other hand, Kevin Gregg on the pop up should have been running to back up the throw behind the plate NOT yelling at Ortiz as he was going down the line. So both players were wrong, and throwing insults at each other on a blog don't make posters any better. Does it make you feel good? I thought both managers did the right thing and downplayed the incident to allow it to cool off because they know they have 2 more games to play in the series. Grow up people!

Jeff Z's reply: Congrats Dave. Easily the best post I've read this morning.

The problem is that the players are taking exception to Ortiz swinging at a 3-0 pitch in a runaway game, but not to Gregg throwing high and tight on a 2-0 pitch in a runaway game. It seems like a double standard. Either the O's back it up today and win the game or it all means nothing. I don't have a good feeling about the Sox left-handed lineup against Simon. If he throws inside (which he seems to like to do), he'll get ejected. It is the natural reprecussion of yesterday's game. Then the O's will parade out weak right hander after weak righthander. Those lefties will be sending the balls high and deep. It just isn't setting up as a good time for it.

Okay, I'm officially a Kevin Gregg fan now. It's always hard to tell what some of these jokers are like off the field, but Gregg's obviously the kind of guy the team needs around.

None of these players of today have a clue. If that had been Drysdale or Gibson on the mound Ortiz wouldn't be eating solid food for a while. Why is it if a guy misses outside he's wild, but if he misses inside he's a head hunter? If you lean out over the plate and your first move is to dive in, then expect to be knocked down every once in a while. And that goes for your guys too Joe Girardi. And if you can't handle that then go play soccer where you get rewarded for being a wuss.

Hey Sox fan: 2 for 93 still sucks.

It really must suck to be an Orioles fan . Pray for new ownership , and a general manager who is not ********,

I'm a Sox fan, and have been for almost 50 years. That being said, I can see and agree with both sides of the argument about Gregg vs. Papi. I lean towards supporting Ortiz, but that's probably because I root for the Sox. On the other hand, If I were an O's fan, I'd totally support Gregg and his teammates.

The reason I'm actually commenting, though, is because I'm tremendously impressed with the general tone of the commentary on this and the other Sun sports blogs. The relative civility, intelligence, generally good grammar and spelling are all very heartening. Yes, I know comments are moderated, but still, it is nice to read peoples' opinions without mindless invective and hate as is so often found in readers' commentary on sports, political, and other articles.

Oh, and one other thing: the greatest team I ever saw, other than the 2004 play-off Red Sox, was the 1969 to 1971 Baltimore Orioles, bar none. I know they lost two of three World Series during that span, but I believe those losses were flukes. The 1927 Yankees may have been better, but I'd need a time machine to go back and see it for myself. I don't want the Orioles ever to be that good again, because the Red Sox would never win again, but I'd like to see the O's better: baseball would be better if they were.

I totally side with Gregg ... to a point. The one thing I wish he didn't do was mouth the F*** word as Ortiz was jogging towards 1st base. Would have been better if Gregg just laser-eyed him and let things play out from there. Would have made Gregg appear less provocative and made Ortiz appear more in the wrong. But that's kind of minor. I agree that Gregg did NOT throw so close inside that Ortiz had to make an issue out of it. Gregg is a bull and I'm glad he came in with ATTITUDE. Love it !!!!!!!

I am a Sox fan but I have no problem at all with what Kevin Gregg did or said!

First, you pitch inside if you want to be effective. Pitchers need to knock a hitter down if he is crowding the plate. That is baseball. Translation, Gregg is correct in throwing inside to Ortiz.

Second, Ortiz needs to respect the game and run it out. Hustle is needed in baseball. No matter what, hustle and run out everything you hit. Translation, Gregg is correct once again. Papi should have run out his pop up and no brawl should have happened.

I love the Sox but baseball is baseball. Good for Gregg for pitching inside and telling Ortiz to play the game right. Today`s players don`t practice fundamentals anymore. Hustle! I am tired of hitters admiring HRs and jogging down the line. Old school baseball is hit the ball and run hard.

P.S. The O`s fans were great when I saw a Sox game there a few years ago. They deserve a better product on the field because Baltimore is a great sports city. Most of us Sox fans agree that O´s fans treat us kindly and have a tremendous knowledge of the game. I am rooting for them. The O`s are a proud franchize with a long track record of winning and a beautiful ballpark. I love Camden.

Love how Boston and NY fans aways log on to the vistors local papers and write things and put down other players and fans. I am an O's fan and Dolphins fan so I get to read thier crap all the time but I do remember when thier teams have sucked and I never heard a peep from them. Why dont you just go float away you bunch of freakin losers. Now on to the O's, I am not sure as what has happened to them but they are getting every wrong bounce available. Maybe it is the curse of Angelos, I am not sure but we have sucked ever since he chased Davey and Pat out of town. The kids have great talent but cant seem to pull it together everynight.

Pitch number three from Gregg was meant to hit Ortiz. Gregg already brushed him back with the first two. No pitcher wants to waste a 2-0 pitch unless you are planning to walk the guy or hit him. As for the payroll comment, at least the highly paid sox players are producing while the O's stars like whiney Markakis is putting up National League middle infield numbers in a little league sized ballpark!

Bottom line....The Sox wake up in first place this morning and the Orioles are right where they belong....LAST PLACE!!

The Orioles are just poor losers. None of Gregg's "excuses" make any sense. He was bush league and will be suspended for being so.

Ist batter against Lackey tonight better watch carefully.

He was never an actual member of the Orioles team, of course, but when Angelos chased Jon Miller (in addition to Davey and Pat), something around here died, never to be the same.

But we digress . . . . . . . . .

Just sitting here reading these comments and wondering. Did some of you watch the same game as I did. Yes, Gregg did throw at Ortiz closer and closer each time. What did he expect Ortiz to do?
The O's are frustrated, embarrased, and jealous. Trying to cover it up with comments about "playing the game right" trying to justify is rediculous.

Gregg threw in on Ortiz - closer every pitch. What Ortiz reacted to was Gregg heckling him. It was self defense. Those of us who watch the Sox know that it tales a lot to rankle Ortiz!

What a bunch of Balto crybabies! I'm glad I'm a Red Sox fan.

7 run lead does not mean game is over. man up O's.

Who is Kevin Greg?? Some nobody who will be out of baseball in what one year? I never heard of him before.

Stop feeling sorry for yourselves Orioles. It's about player development and signing the right guys yes including FA's

This happens all the time it's like when the Patriots go on a long winning streak people get jealous and make up excuuses like cheating. Now all the sudden they are mad because we are not running out fly balls or swinging at 3-0. Yea this is pull you out of the cellar. Keep thinking you need to be more like the 70's

An out of control bush league Orioles (I know bush league and Orioles is redundant) ruined Nomar Garciapara's career.

None of the Orioles hitters are a threat at the plate, so there is no one worth throwing at

everybody get a life. its easy for the stronger team to pounce on the weaker
team and be arrogant. REd Sox showed no class. The game was out of reach. The Red Sox forgot where they came. Didnt win a World series for 80 years. All of sudden they the kings. I don't think so.
The Orioles did have a proud history. It may take another couple years. This season, things just fell apart before they can challenge the rest of the division. The Orioles still have to play the second half and who knows whats going to happen.

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A Baltimore native, Dan Connolly has been covering sports for 14 years, and baseball and the Orioles for 10 seasons, including the past six with The Sun. His first year covering baseball on a daily basis was Cal Ripken Jr.'s final season as a player. It's believed that is just a coincidence.

Steve Gould is an assistant sports editor for The Sun, overseeing Orioles coverage. The Columbia native joined The Sun as a sports copy editor in 2006 after graduating from the University of Maryland.

Peter Schmuck has been covering baseball for a lot longer than Steve Gould has been on this earth. He is now a general sports columnist, but has been a beat writer covering three major league teams (the Dodgers, Angels and Orioles) and also spent a decade as the Sun's national baseball writer. If you want more of his insight on the Orioles and other sports issues, check out his personal blog -- The Schmuck Stops Here.

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