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July 9, 2011

Hendrickson to get call (UPDATE)

Everything kind of got put the backburner with all the late-game fireworks, but as of last night, the Orioles were planning on selecting the contract of veteran left-hander Mark Hendrickson from Triple-A Norfolk. We’ll find out soon if that plan has changed.

(Update: It hasn't. Hendrickson is on way to Boston as we speak).

Hendrickson is 2-4 with a 2.87 ERA in 19 appearances for the Tides. He’s not allowed an earned run in seven of his past eight outings.

The 37-year-old pitched in 105 games with the Orioles over the previous two seasons before spending this year with Norfolk after failing to make the club out of spring training.

Even with the Orioles currently carrying an eight-man bullpen, they are still pretty short down there after Zach Britton just got two outs last night and Jake Arrieta didn’t make it through five complete the night before.

Brad Bergesen was nailed in the right forearm by a David Ortiz comebacker so his availability will obviously be in question. Chris Jakubauskas has pitched on back-to-back days so you’d think he won’t factor in the equation. Pedro Viola has essentially pitched on back-to-back days as well though he didn’t actually throw a pitch in last night’s game. He did go through the full warm-up to get ready.

Hendrickson and Jason Berken could serve as the two long men and one of them will probably be needed as Simon has not pitched more than 4 2/3 innings in the big leagues this season. Jeremy Guthrie will then go down to the bullpen on Sunday to provide an extra arm.

The Orioles have space on their 40-man roster available so selecting Hendrickson’s contract should be a rather easy move. I’m not going to speculate on a corresponding move, but the Orioles do have some options, and some of the decision may depend on Bergesen’s availability as well.

Posted by Jeff Zrebiec at 7:00 AM | | Comments (19)


Bergesen needs to find another line of work. The kid is a ball magnet. I'll bet he was the first kid out when they played dodgeball in his neighborhood.

Was the game 4 to zip when it started? I fed the dog and I swear I turned the TV on just about gametime. I switched to the golf channel 5 minutes later and I hate golf. Those guys looked like Red Sox hitters the way they squared up and teed off.

If I were an Oriole pitcher the first Red Sox player I would nail would be Dustin Pedroia. He looks like he belongs on an 11 to 13 team. Nobody that little is entitled to come out of his shoes on every swing. He would be goin' down, man.

Do you ever wonder what Andy is like when he goes grocery shopping? He's the one clogging up the line at checkout with 75 coupons and can't remember the pin code on his debit card. He spends 30 minutes in the dairy section deciding on Parkay or butter.

Oriole fans mark the season by how many games the team is out of first by Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor day. We don't need a calendar, just the standings. I looked this morning and realized it's about July 16 back.

Jeff just about running out of words to describe the futility of this team.Just saying that andy had the right intentions trying to build this team doesn't wash anymore.

There really is no excuse for the way Arriettea and Britton have thrown the last couple of nights. And it has nothing to do with them being young pitchers. I'm becoming more convinced each time out that it's being young pitchers in the Orioles system that is the issue.
Everyone knows that if you cannot command your fastball, you will not have success in the major leagues.
It sets up everything.And that right there is it in a nutshell.
How do these guys get to Baltimore without having that one simple fact nailed down as THE staple of their repetoire? Unless you're throwing 98, for the most part, you better be living on the black, in and out, up and down.
When you pitch like that, it actually looks like you're pitching with a purpose, rather than just throwing the ball towards home plate.

Sometimes I watch these games and I cannot figure out what they're trying to do out there. What is the plan, the approach. And if you cannot execute on the plan, well, you cannot pitch in the major leagues.I don't care whether you are 15, 25, 35.

Why does it take these guys 100 pitches to go 5 innings? Can someone answer that?

We all watch a lot of baseball, listen to many different announcers. If you listen to guys like David Cone, Hersheiser, Ron Darling, even Al Leiter- when they take apart a pitcher on any team-that's one of the first things they talk about.

Even Joe Maddon said it one night after a Rays-Os game. These young guys NEED to command the fastball. And if they can't, what are they doing in the Major Leagues?


When I turned the game off last night there were 2 outs and Viola was warming up. At that point Gregg had recorded only 2 outs, but the box shows him with 3. What did I miss?

Jeff Z's reply: They got the final out in the inning because the Red Sox baserunner ran out of the baseline to get into the scrum.

Considering the all-star break and all, the Orioles could option Britton (he needs a break anyway) or any of a few others... maybe bring up Patton as well and on the 40-man.... They'd only be without them for a few games, what with the all-star break and all...

Bergesen is a pinball wizards and a prime target for comebackers for some reason.
The future only looks worse for the woeful O's/ Big changes need to be made in player selection but I am certain the status quo will be maintained.

Nolan Ryan was hired in 2008 and turned the Rangers around during that span with the team in bankruptcy. AM was hired almost 5 years ago and we still can't see the light of day (more politically correct than how I would really phrase it).

The Rangers, as well as Tampa, KC, Pitt, Cinn and Wash. and others are light years ahead of the O's in minor and major league talent. Boston drafts late and is also loaded.

Where did we (he) go wrong?

Gil, i really don't know what to say anymore.I am not a Peter A fan but if i were him i would have andy m in my office first thing Monday morning to explain to me how this whole thing once again got away from him,and what can be done to correct it. If i hear anymore about sir we have to be patient i would fire him right on the spot.Gil enough is enough.


Jeff says that there is plenty of blame to go around for the awful shape that the franchise is in and I agree. However, ANDY MACPHAIL is the PRESIDENT of BASEBALL OPERATIONS, and the buck stops on his desk. Andy has had four years to try to fix the mess and begin to turn it around.

The results at the major league and minor league level prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was the wrong man for the job. It makes no rational business sense to give him any more time. Peter Angelos should act now to show the fan base that will not accept such a terrible performance from not only Andy but the entire front office.

Look at the official websites for other MLB teams and count the number of Latin American players at all levels of the system. Then look at ours.

Andy has totally ignored a worldwide cradle of baseball talent.

He has failed to bring in an impact bat in his prime for the middle of the lineup.

He has failed to acquire a top of the line starter or two to anchor he rotation.

He has failed at scouting and player development.

Without doubt, Andy Macphail deserves to be relieved of his duties immediately, so that his foot can be removed from the throat of the franchise. He took a bad situation and made it worse. It's time to move on. Even Peter Angelos, absentee owner that he is, can see this situation has spiraled completely out of control under Andy Macphail.

When will Showalter be held responsible? The non-renewal of Rich Kranitz and the failure of Buck to deal with the wild swinging with runners in scoring position can be placed at his feet.

Yes to all of the above comments. While I know NY and Boston have unlimited dollars to buy whoever they want, I'm struck by the homegrown talent that seems to continue to replenish the major league rosters. Just a sampling of the Red Sox: Lester, Buchholtz, Padroia, Youkilis, Papelbon, Daniel Bard, Jason Varitek, Jacoby Ellsbury ... Of that group at least five or six are or have been all-stars. You'd think that the Orioles would be able to identify talent of that magnitude ... and DEVELOP that talent. I don't thinks its lack of talent, but I do think it's lack of development. And that means from the lowest minors on up, and to the overall philosophy of the organization. The O's continue to blame lack of consistency or progress on youth, when pitchers or position players in other organizations are developing players better and younger. Here's a helpful hint: O's should take a look at Brad Brach, a closer for the Padres 3A team, and lights out in A and AA before being promoted to 3A just recently.


Thank you for responding to my question regarding how the final out was made after the brawl. I doubt that there are many, if any, who care but I am fascinated by this call and by the situation. The last time I checked the baseline is determined by the runner’s position prior to an attempt being made to put him out. For example, a batter runner who runs through 1st is entitle to run as far as he deems necessary. For argument’s sake let’s say he runs 20 feet beyond 1st and realizes he has an opportunity to advance to 2nd. The baseline for that runner is then determined to be from his position when he decides to advance to the 2nd base bag and not from a line between 1st and 2nd. Likewise, a runner at 2nd base is not required to set up on a line between 2nd and 3rd, but may position himself well behind that line. His baseline would be from his setup point to 3rd base. It would seem that, in the brawl scenario calling the runner out for being out of the baseline is incorrect since the runner basically established his own baseline and no attempt to put him out was being made.

Another possibility is that the runner may have been called out for abandoning his effort to attain the next base assuming “time” had not been called. This begs the question at what point during a bench-clearing brawl is “time out” implicit? I have watched the replays and have been unable to see any of the umpires actually call “time”. At any rate, if "time out" was assumed to have occurred then a runner cannot be called “out” for either offence.

One other possibility remains. Is it possible that the umpire was given the “nod” by both sides to make an incorrect call, thus ending the fiasco, with the assurance that neither side would protest the call?

Thanks for enduring my essay but, again, it’s fascinating.

Gil i couldn't agree more. However i do agree that because Peter A is such a absentee owner the problem becomes magnified. Look once again i am not a peter A fan by any means but in this instance he needs to show the fans of this town that he cares and intervene in this horrible state of affairs.What is going on now is totally unacceptable and shouldn't be tolerated 1 minute more.

On second thought, I think I may have been a bit rough on Britton. The botched double play by Hardy on the ball where Pukeless was given a hit by the blind scorekeeper who reacts to the crowd and not what actually happened, Hardy's other error, Andino's non-play on the ball up the middle, and the dive-and-miss by the world-class athlete know as Felix "How Did I Get here and how long can I Stay" Pie
was more than enough to do him in. Sure he got himself in a jam, but with major league defense he pitched well enough to get out of it.

Sorry Zach, continue on.

The Orioles are a really bad team, and as my brother said after attending last night's debacle, 'I didn't drive all the way up here to see Felix Pie and Robert Andino".

Just heard that Zach is going all the way down to AA? Does this make sense? Before last night, his performance was not all that bad the past few games. Whats the deal?

On that runner on 3rd during the melee. Even tho it was ruled a douible play as you noted, they never did change the score board and that 10th "run" was on ESPN as well.

One last question - why are the Os so insulted that Big P____ swung at a 3-0 pitch - was he supposed to do nothing?

OK - 1 more thing - this verification thing is irritating - the letters are rarely clear and the sound is not that much better.

This team is a lot closer to contention than a streak like this indicates. Hopefully we will keep the stability that this organization needs. It would be foolish in my opinion to go around firing GM's and Scouts etc, We should just ride this out and hope for the best. Hopefully Andy stays for at least another 3 years with Buck.

Sorry Jim but who did your brother drive to see?....Reimold and Blake?..

Every season about this time I ask myself, Why didn't the O's sign at least 2 proven free-agent pitchers???????

Its always an over-used bullpen that keeps rotating. How about the fact of where are the starting pitchers being signed in the off-season? Not there, we failed to sign them, but we got an old 1B-man and an old DH. Oh right, we signed a guy who was cheap but, he has been on DL since January. McFail?

The Orioles have had high draft picks and have been the recipients of many mid-season "fire sale" minor league players. What happened to them? Did they fizzle out in the minors or are they just not major league quality players? Why can the better major league franchises draft further down and still continue to develop good eveyday players? Is the blame at all levels of the organization?

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