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July 19, 2011

Do you trade Koji Uehara by the July 31 deadline?

J.J. Hardy is officially off the trade board now that he has inked a three-year contract extension with the Orioles.

Hardy was by far the Orioles’ most coveted -- and potentially available -- trade commodity.

Of the pending free agents, the only other one who might draw real interest this month is reliever Koji Uehara, who has been perhaps the club’s best pitcher. I’m not sure how much a right-handed setup man would bring in return, but Uehara has been one of the best.

He is 1-1 with a 1.84 ERA in 40 games. He has allowed 23 hits and eight walks in 44 innings while striking out 58.

The remaining pending free agents are a bucketful of high-salaried disappointment right now: Michael Gonzalez, Derrek Lee and Vladimir Guerrero. Maybe a contender bites and takes a chance on one of those guys, but the return would be minimal, at best. And all almost certainly would pass through trade waivers, so they could be dealt in August if there are any suitors.

Two other potential trade chips are starter Jeremy Guthrie and Luke Scott, who are both arbitration-eligible at season’s end. But neither has helped his value recently: Scott is expected to come off the DL on Tuesday but has batted .223 in 63 games; Guthrie leads the majors in losses (13) and has a 4.45 ERA. You aren’t getting a top prospect in return for those two.

So, really, that leaves Uehara, 36, as your main trade bait. There is another thing to consider with him, though. He needs 15 more games to kick in his $4 million vesting option for 2012. And, honestly, $4 million doesn’t seem bad for a guy who has pitched so well this season in a relief corps that has struggled.

Obviously, we don’t know exactly what the Orioles would get in return for Uehara, so this is a little tough to answer. But let’s say, theoretically, you can get one legitimate prospect for him -- say a top-10 player from another system.

Would you deal Koji at the trade deadline? Or do you want to keep him for next year based on the way he has pitched?

Daily Think Special: Do you trade Koji Uehara at the deadline?

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no way. the bullpen is depleted as it is.

I think this really depends on the interest Koji can garner on the trade market. If the interest is high, and somebody offers a player the scouting department legitimately feels strongly about, then you need to pull the trigger. If you're just going to move him for a mid-range prospect or two, somebody who isn't considered much more than a future bench player or a longshot prospect, then the Orioles are probably better off just holding onto him.

I don't think the Orioles are in a position where they NEED to move Koji considering how good he's been and that we will probably have him under contract for another year for less than he's realistically worth. The Tejada trade last year was a good comparison: He was walking after the season and they had little to no interest in bringing him back, so we end up with Wynn Pelzer, a vaguely interesting prospect, and technically a top-10 guy, but not what anybody could seriously call a legitimate prospect. That's NOT what the Orioles should be looking for, since a Pelzer type is really more of a longshot, bordering on organizational filler. Good return for Tejada at that point, but bad for a guy that has legitimate value to most organizations.

The Orioles need to be looking for a haul contextually similar to what they got from the Dodgers for George Sherrill. Bell was a legitimate top-10 prospect with real upside, and Johnson was an interesting and young pitcher who looked like he may have had a bright future. Neither have really panned out yet, but that was a pretty solid trade at the time. I doubt we can get that for Koji, but something in that ballpark is what the requirement should be. Interesting rather than a trade for the sake of a trade. There's really not a lot of pressure here, and they're better off keeping him and hoping he stays off the DL unless they can get something worthwhile.

Well, you see what happened tonight when Koji and Johnson are unavailable. I say no to the trade. It just opens up more holes.

I just looked at the MLB standings. Looks like we might have a shot at the #1 draft pick in next year's draft. I expect the O's will sell if they can. Agree, don't expect other teams to beat the doors down looking to buy from a last place club.
For what it is worth, I would not trade Koji for a marginal return. After watching the bullpen blow up recently, we need all the help we can get to get through the remainder of the season.

I suppose you would consider trading Koji if we had someone in the organization who could be the lights out setup man or closer. But, we don't!!

Dan, Koji...and anyone else except for Hardy, Weiters, Jones, Markakis, and Reynolds. No pitcher should be untouchable. Trade Guthrie if you can get something of value.
I have seen enough. We need some new bodies.

Keep him. We've got have at least one guy we're glad to see come into the game. Trade Gonzo for a bat. Not a player. Just a bat. Maybe a bat to be named later. I'd take that.

This team is just horrible to watch. Did Buck Showalter want to win the game or not?

Bergesen was a train wreck. He sucks. He doesn't belong in the majors. What was Buck doing with him? Eating up innings? Might as well have forfeited the game. Same with Michael Gonzales. Why is he pitching two innings? Do you want to lose the game? You need to win games right now. I don't care that JJ and Koji have been overworked. You need to get out of this funk, and will have to do so with your best pitchers. When Buck Showalter puts that kind of pitching on the mound, against that kind of team, that says that he doesn't want to win.

The most embarrassing thing is that the Redsox put a major league whooping on them with 45 minutes of sleep, after having played 16 innings in Tampa.

The state of Maryland needs to pass a law that prohibits people like Peter Angelos from buying a sports team.

Absolutely !!! As important as he is to the O's, he is more valuable as trade bait. For the right return that is. Not for a few middle of the road prospects. Esp. since he rates out as a Type A player right now, which gets them 2 draft picks.

Use Koji and Guthrie to restock the system with some quality prospects. Last place is last place. Might as well for the #1 pick in the draft.


The Orioles would probably get alot more for Kevin Gregg than Koji at this year's trade deadline. But I'm almost sure that Gregg has a no trade clause(and maybe Koji does, too). But if the trade were for top 10 prospect that could possibly be a MLB regular(starting pitcher or position player) within a year, then I would probably make the trade whether it be Koji or Gregg.

If we could get a top starter for him, then I'd say to consider it. But otherwise, he's the only member of the O's bullpen that I feel confident and happy would take a lot for me to be pleased with letting him go.

if you can get a player or 2 that are close to the majors with a big upside trade him. we're in last place. we have little depth. just don't trade for more triple a players who are just that, triple a players. the 25 man roster has plenty of those guys right now.

Uejara can't be traded. There is ZERO depth pitching depth in the Os system.

You do NOT trade Koji Uehara at the deadline. Koji and Jim Johnson are the only reliable guys in the pen. The starters are horrible. I believe they only had one Quality Start in 19 games.

And now you suggest that we move our most reliable reliever? If Uehara goes, what would be my incentive to watch Orioles baseball?

They wont get much for him and he has an reasonable option for next year. They should hold onto him.

If we can get a top-10 prospect, I think you have to trade him. Relief pitchers can be fickle and you can compete with a completely renovated bullpen (See: Rays, Tampa Bay). Of course, that requires a competent front office, which we aren't guaranteed.

Dan, I would trade Koji. He is 36 and his value will never be higher. There is no market for Pie, Guerrero, Lee, Gonzalez. The team is going to lose 100 games with or without Koji. So let's move him and possibly acquire a young prospect. I feel for you, having to sit and watch this horrible excuse for a major league team!!!

Why not? We don't have a bull pen anyway and no chance of even a remotely meaningful season. It would force the Os to bring up some more limp arms from the farm, and just perhaps senior management will finally comprehend the farm system and those employed in the farm system are incompetent and the system itself is a disaster and actually do something about it. In the interim, the high dollar flatulent failures, Gonzalez, Lee, and Guerrero, let them ride the pine. We have to pay their salaries anyway, but it would send a shocking message up and down the entire organization, that slackers are simply not going to be tolerated, irregardless of contract, veteran status, and prior reputation. That goes for the minor league coaches and scouts as well. The Os need a little shock therapy. I can just imagine what Cal Sr. would think of this current situation and the attitudes and conduct on the field of many of the players.

i am adamant they retain koji. andy has an abysmal record of signing relievers . gonzales is a bad one but you can list many flops in the pen. guaranteed whoever replaces him is much worse let alone an improvement . dejean stunk, cherry stunk on and on.

I say no. This team is in constant rebuilding mode. Will they be WS contenders in the next year or two? Probably not, but when you constantly trade your most promising players for mediocre prospects, you never get any good return on your investments. Trading for prospects means nothing if you're not guaranteed good prospects. And the O's have gotten very little return the last few years on their trades for prospects.

What if we just let him leave at the end of the year and got a compensatory draft pick? That seemed to work pretty well for Tampa Bay last year, and we need all the draft picks we can get.

With the Orioles bullpen in such a state of flux why would we get rid of the one pitcher that can be called in and throws strikes. Nobody else on this staff can say that. Plus he is 36. Just what do you think other teams are going to give up for a 36 year old pitcher? Keep the man and give him the 4 million dollars. At least he is earning his money. That is more than I can say for Vlad, Pie, Lee, and Reynolds.

Why would you trade him! He is the second best reliever we have behind Johnson. Keep him!

I would try to move Scott, Lee, or Vlad.

How can the O's trade Koji Uehara ? He is one of 2-3 reasonably good pitchers we have. July 31st will come and go as it always does with either no moves or more bad front office moves.

No farm system. No future. Buying aging Once Weres, is not a winning strategy, but one Angelos and the front office consistently indulge in.

Time for us fans to call down to New Orleans to get the paper bags the AINTS fans use to wear on their heads

keep Koji. he is one of the only bp guys that can be counted on.

Looking back.
The O's had rushed Matusz to the ml team. Seems others may have been as well. That they are in the minors now and maybe doing better is not enough. Showalter took note in his comments about the pitchers not understanding how to hold runners. There are certainly other issues as well.
Bell is brought up with all his strikeouts. Andino is on the club as a utility player but is unable to play 2b (I played and coached. It is TRUE some players only see the game and play well on one side or the other of the field). Brad Davis has shown he can hit and is at least as good as Andino in the field.
Geuerreo hand is hurt. He is replaced by Reimold at DH. Already we are seeing more power than Vlad had in that spot though so far not the average. Scott is asking to come off the injury. He is wincing on swings. Is this ready? Angle has shown of Reimold, Scot and Pie he has the best defense. He showed the capacity to hit in the minors. I have been a supporter of the Pie experiment. No more. The clock is at midnight on the experiment.
Looking forward.
Change is needed. Looking to 2012 is the vision. Planning for 2012 based on what you know about your roster and players in the minor’s capacity to fill the mlb team with a better opportunity for next year. How can you find out about 2012 without playing extensively the questions? Angle, Davis, Patton, Snyder, ....... are unknown quantities. Reimold deserves a decision.
Facing the season and at the trade deadline with Lee, Guerreo, Pie, .... Letting them go in trades for a box of peanuts or releasing to make space to 2012. I love Guthrie for his guts, and character. Same with Uehera. But time to admit he is not going to be here for the success (2013 or 2014). Could be Markekis is in the same boat. So ONLY with good value trade those not expected to be part of this push.
If the trade deadline would yield a pitcher like Jimenez I would go at it even to include one of our promising young pitchers.
We need 2-3 pitchers out of trades or free agency that can pitch and take up innings. Leave the young guys in minors the remainder of season to BUST the Door down after they learn everything needed to succeed. Let them taste the desire to be back on the ml team.
Yes I am talking about striping the team. Yes I am describing a last 2 months of complete disaster maybe. Surprise if the young people actually perform. But with the pitching that will be remaining as starters not likely. So buy the pain pills at discount. It will be hard as by the way depression medication would be suggested as well. This is needed to finally make a push forward. Stop with the blinders and be Bold and make moves that will establish to be in the minors and on the ml team for the O's is based only on your performance. Lack of talent or performance only can mean GONE.
I put my cool aide away for the year. I am using my microscope and I am feeling good about my O's for the future. By the way resign Andy Now!

I love Koji, not only for his success but also for his style. He's fun to watch and root for.

But I doubt he will be on the next Orioles' winner. In that context, I would trade him for the right player(s). I'm not sure top 10 in every organization would cut it, but basically I would be very open to it.

If for whatever reason they don't have any long term plans for him or they can get something really good, I guess deal him. But I don't think they can afford to trade him because the bullpen and pitching is so poor right now. Early in the year I thought they should consider trading Guthrie. Besides lost value they can't even afford to trade him. So for the reason of depth reasons I say no.

If Koji could bring back a legit prospect, as good as he has been, I think the Os should pull the trigger.

He is 36, and that means there's only so much time he has before he will probably be not good enough to stay on a majorleague roster. It could even be next year. So, I think if you could flip him for value that is younger, and may stay with the club for at least 6 controllable years right now, you have to do it.

That said, I think this year's market of relievers seem unusually strong to me. A lot of very hardthrowing guys in pens today. Koji isn't a lefty and doesn't throw as hard as what's out there. You can't really argue with Koji's results (they have been phenomenal), but I am questionable if Koji actually would bring back a good prospect.

You mean trade the guy who AM thought could be a starter, even though he couldn't handle that gig any longer in Japan?

You mean trade the guy who was turned into a closer in Japan, yet even then couldn't pitch on back to back nights?

You mean trade the guy who if you don't treat him with incredibly kid gloves, he'll go back on the DL any second?

Nah.... Let's put him in there tonight, when the Sox are up by 5 and the Red Sox fans have lost their voices from cheering.

You know, the same fans that call our stadium....

Boston Park at Camden Yards.

Absolutely keep him. It would be one less question mark in the bullpen next year. You don't just trade someone because they have value.

It really comes down to age. At 36, Koji won't be around by the time the O's are actually playoff conteders, which won't be for several more years. So getting a young player in return just makes sense for the future.
The O's should get rid of any older players that they can in exchange for young players with potential.

Trade Gregg instead, Koji was our closer until getting hurt. Whatever happened to the old rule of you get your job back when you return? I personally would get rid of Gregg and give Koji his closer role back. Oh, and by the way Buck, thank for doing the small ball with Adino laying down the bunt to score the man on third base.

Keep Koji.
Trade Scott, Gonzalez, Lee, Guerrero, Pie, Izturis; get whatever you can for these guys.


I think that you just articulated the very question that is running through Andy Macphail's mind as we speak. Although it appears that the 2011 season is over from a compettitve standpoint, do the Orioles throw in the towel this early and start looking towards 2012? That is a tough call for any owner, GM, and manager to make, and I'm sure that if the dismantling is to begin now, Andy, PA, and Buck are all going to have to buy in. Does the team try to win as many games as they can this year, or start ripping up the floor boards.

I would suggest that it is time to start remodeling. There are other players that should be moved, or waived no matter what we get for them. Felix Pie, for example, has had his chances, but has poor instincts defensively and does not know how to translate his physical gifts to the game of baseball. I say either dump him for a mid level prospect or release him and let Reimold play left field for the rest of the year. Same with Guerrero and Lee. They are not part of the future, let's see what Bell and Snyder have. Scott may be able to pass through waivers in August and be traded to a contender if he can heat up. Buck should send Gonzalez out there every chance he gets to see if he can help next year.

Sad to say, 2010 was about wins and losses and 2011 is about recognizing that the team is poorly constructed, and more than a few players away from contention. To paraphrase jim66, '"Time to let'r rip, and nuke the site from orbit."

Do you agree Dan?


To an extent. The next two months-plus should be about evaluating the current players in the system. No worry about the record. Guys like Reimold and maybe even Snyder and Bell should get a true look. Because this can no longer be about trying to compete in 2011. But Gonzalez for next year? No shot.

If you get a top 10 legitimate prospect, yes, trade him. Koji is nearly 37, has a track record of fragility and even with him, we're not exactly challenging for the league lead. As one pundit put it recently, we should bust our butt to trade every veteran we have because these guys aren't going to get us over the top. For me, the bigger question is, Where's Peter (Angelos)? Despite this debacle, we have not heard one word from the owner. If George Steinbrenner were (1) still alive and (2) owned the Orioles, do you think he'd be making like a Simon and Garfunkel tune, i.e. the Sound of Silence?? Something needs to change here, really, some THINGS need to change here, the problems have been innumerated ad nauseum on this and other blogs. The Orioles look about as well off as the current economy and the problems are about as complicated. I'm a fan, will always be fan, and I'll be there at the ballpark on Friday, but it's getting tougher to keep drinking the Orange Koolaid. What in the name of Cap Anson, Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Sr. and Earl Weaver (wait, he's not dead yet)is going on here?????

We're .400! Trading Koji means nothing. We keep talking about keep this guy, trade that guy. At what point do player speculations become wasted time?

Frustrated that we don't know more about the larger direction of this team. Our 'big news' shouldn't be that JJ Hardy signs a large contract extension. Love the guy, but shouldn't extending him be a secondary matter?

Seems like a combination of many problems - player development, coaching, major league talent, minor league depth, passive management... You name it - if it's an organizational problem, the O's have it.

So with these *small* issues in mind, sure, trade Koji. We can call up VandenHurk and se if he does better here than he is at Norfolk...

I like Koji a lot- but at 36 years old, how many more years does he have left?

Obviously, getting prospects is a crap-shoot, and besides players like Matt Wieters, the O's scouting department doesn't have a boastful track record-- but if there is a consensus top-10 prospect, I'd say trade him.

If Koji was 10 years younger, it would be a different story-- but it's not, and you gotta make sacrifices for the better of the club.... but dammit, that prospect better be worth it.

Sell high.
This team has almost zero talent in the minors and very few talent streams are being used. We don't sign from the Latin American market. We don't sign from the Asian market (other than koji). We don't spend in the free agency market. The only talent streams this club uses are the draft and trades. And the draft record speaks for itself. Without some decent trades to restock the farm system, the next 5 years will end up worse than the last 13.

See, the picture you see today is Koji, but the bigger picture is that the 4 year experiment called the Andy MacPhail Plan, the exact strategy to Grow Arms that in theory should have prevented the 2011 situation, has been a miserable failure. So much so that one might be inclined to believe that the only thing actually planned was failure. It's almost impossible for so much to go so wrong and so little go so right in a 4 year stretch that it boggles the mind.

So while some worry about trading the pitcher that is statistically the best of the lot, the people responsible for this entire mess go through their routines and continue to make decsions about the future of this team.

This is the thing that is probably all too common in poorly run organizations- everyone is worried about the guys on the field and not concerned enough about the management team that put them there.

Here's the question that needs to be asked- Do you trust the guy that put this organization together to continue to try and move it forward?

I'll start. No.

"The remaining pending free agents are a bucketful of high-salaried disappointment right now..."

The O's never sold naming rights to OPACY. Breaking news: AM re-ups; O's sell naming rights to The Dollar Tree or Scratch & Dent in keeping with AM's free agent philosophy.

at this time i say no to trading koji. i was never a fan of him,but when you have nothing you do not get nothing in return. i would also not consider the other so called trade bait worth while trade material. when the season is over, the orioles do not have to offer arbritration to these players. presently i would not offer arbritation to them.

I don't think you would get much for Koji because of his age and injury history. But you might be able to get a top 10 prospect if you package him with a Guerrero or Lee or Pie. I think that's the only way that Gonzalez gets traded, too - in a 2 for 1 package deal.

@dave: Good one.

How about Ollie's Park at Camden yards?

What will we get for Koji? A minor leaguer that never pans out or a has been major leaguer?

Please keep Koji, Please dump Mike Gonzales as fast as possible. I haven't played competive baseball in 30+ years, am 60lbs overweight, can't see much out of my left eye and Gonzalez still couldn't get me out with men on base! Why do we keep these guys?

Trade Koji if you can, but what Gm would give you anything for him. I know I wouldn't if I were a Gm. The Orioles have only four players that I would want in a trade Jones. Hardy, Weiters and Markakis.

As much as I would hate to see Koji go, it really won't matter at all. The O's are gonna lose 100 or more with or w/out him and the FO will trade hime for someone who hasn't a prayer of being better that AAAA player.


Trade everyone you can. I was really surprised to hear Andy claim that there is more interest in his players this year than the previous few years - seems hard to believe.

Guthrie can be traded, if you lower the asking price. The guy needs to be moved - for his own sake... he is exhausted of this scene.

I would send Luke out for whatever I could get for him... even if it was a case of beer.

We would likely have to keep the rest - no one would be interested in Gonzalez or anyone else... maybe Jim Johnson could be moved.

But honestly, I think we should be thinking about the first pick in the draft - so go ahead and bleed the club for whatever prospects or picks you can, then get another early pick in the draft. It amazes me how thin our system is after Andy has been so diligent in reporting the successes there since his arrival... I know he had an epic job on his hands with that, but it is ridiculous that we can not even find a usable talent at any level in our system for the daily grind of the big leagues... and yet we keep seeing other clubs, every other club, pulling up 2 or 3 kids a year that make noise.

My philosophy is to keep Markakis, Hardy, Britton, Arrietta, Jones, Weiters - possibly Jim Johnson because I like his mentality... everyone else is debatable.

There is no market for any Orioles, get over it. No one wants someone who can play CF/RF and hit, nobody wants clubhouse leadership and a good hitter who can play RF, nobody wants a solid 1B, nobody wants a decent hitting catcher, nobody wants a positional reliever or a reliever who can eat innings.

The only guys teams will trade for are 2B who hit 30 home runs, power outfielders with great averages, and relievers who have a strikeout rate of 14/9.

If you can get a top 10 prospect from another organization, especially one at AAA or ready for a shot at the show, I'd say go for it. I'd also throw in a million to sweeten the deal. We need depth in the system and this is how you do it. Uehara's value will never be higher, so might as well trade him. Also, if you trade him while he's at the top, that leaves him with a good impression of the O's and that may help open the door to more future Japanese imports down the road. If we ruin our relationship w/Koji, we may never see another player of Asian decent play in Baltimore.

As for Gurthrie and Scott, I say trade them if you can. Guthrie has proven that he can't shoulder the burden of being a #1 starter, and he's not going to win here. He might be better off with another organization. We've gotten our money's worth out of Scott, and unfortunately, you can no longer go with a streaky hitter as your DH/LF- you need a more consistent hitter from his spot in the lineup. I'd also say it's time to say goodbye to Pie, he has shown flashes, but he's been given ample time and hasn't done much with it.

I say keep Uehara. It shows loyalty to potential future Japanese imports and his option is relatively affordable. Here are some more interesting questions.

1) Do the O's offer Scott arbitration in the offseason? He's not tradeable at this point and would likely get more $ than he's worth in arbitration due to the rules now in place.
2) Do the O's release Lee, Gonzalez and Vlad some time in late August to give them a chance to latch on to a contender? They too are largely untradable and will likely not play in September when the usual callups happen.
3) Has there ever been a worse pitching corps in recent memory? I know the O's were terrible when Hill and Eaton were here but I just can't recall a roster with so many lemons in the bullpen before this year.
4) Why have the O's given up on Tillman? He's certainly a better option then Atkins, Jakubauskus, etc. I know lot's of oflks hate the guy but comparatively speaking he's better than the guys who have followed.

I agree with the majority of the posters here. Trade him (or Gregg) IF you can get someone valuable enought in return. Koji will be 37 next year and this is the only year he hasn't spent a good bit on the DL, so far. If we don't trade him now, we have to hope he stays healthy and effective and look to trade him this winter since he will get his vesting option. I really don't see us gambling on a 37yo Koji next Spring.

Yea, let's trade the one respectable pitcher we have. He only pitches one inning every other day but he's still fun to watch .. a true craftsman, unlike the rest of the sorry staff.

Yes, trade Koji 'Killing Me Softly' Uehara before he gets injured. But I don't want two mediocre prospects in return. I want just one real solid prospect back. This prospect should be high on the list of Baseball America and other scouting organizations. I'm sorry, but I don't have much faith left in O's scouting.

What nonsense.....

You people talk on this blog as if this subject matter is relevant. IT'S NOT.

Koji is an older spot relief pitcher who is incredibly fragile. While is numbers are good this season, they are a mirage as to his overall effectiveness to this team.

This is a LAST place team, in and out of having the worst record in the league.... and you all are debating keeping an old, fragile reliever? Seriously?

This is in dire straits. While they have a few good players (every team has at least a few good players), the overall team is one of the absolute worst in the game. DO YOU SEE THAT?

And there's NO LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. Red Sox fans will be taking over BOSTON PARK AT CAMDEN YARDS for years to come.....

...meanwhile, you'll all be coming on here debating AM's newest version of Koji. Enjoy

You pull the trigger and trade him for someone young with potential. This team needs to get younger, faster and if we can plug any hole by giving up a reliever, then you do it. Relivers are too volatile and we have larger needs.

DAN ANY NEWS ON THE BUNDY FRONT?? If I was in their position NO TRADE unless I could get a true top ML prospect even if in A ball I would rather hold onto him move Johnson into rotation in august offer arbitration and see if his numbers are good enough to get draft picks when somebody signs him we can do a lot worse than by keeping him in our BP.

Jeff Z's reply: Nope, they are having periodic conversations with him and his representation. Don't expect that to heat up for a couple of weeks. I don't know the exact number of first rounders who have signed at this point, but it is very few. That's the nature of the beast nowadays.

We should trade Koji for absolutely nothing provided the other team is willing to take on the Stockstill brothers.

This decision is so one sided - shop him around.

His value is high with his only limiter being injury history. They need to have high demands for him demanding a total of three prospects: 1/2 prospects ranking at least 5-10 in the organization (both of whom should be 2012 MLB ready) and 1/2 low level prospects.

If they can't get that value or something close to it, then don't bother trading him -the F.O should then take a stand and show their willing to stay with him if their demands aren't met. It would not be farfetched to see a desperate playoff contender (i.e Indians, pirates) throw a little too much our way and give the above package or a similar one totaling two prospects (One top 5) and a journeyman.

As for those saying to keep him? Really? Just because our bullpen is depleted doesn't me we SHOULDN'T trade away what we got: what's the difference between going 68-94 vs 50-112? Your still a losing team. The players who they kept would at least know they are serious about the short term beyond this season (as evidence by the Hardy Extension). Plus, this is Koji's final year - they can always tell him that they plan to bring him back, but they want to help the team.

Depends on the return but definitely look to shop him around.

Start demands high - 2 top 10 prospects or 1 top 5 and 2 low lvl - and go from there.
It's hard to imagine that teams with a fan base that wants a playoff team now (impatient fan base) wouldn't sacrifice some solid prospects to get even a small fix at the October Classic (I.e pittsburgh).

Settle only at 1 org top ten prospect (exp MLB ready 2012) a Low lvl prospect, and a journeyman RP to eat innings for the remainder of the season.

Koji has been great, but he's 37 and is not part of our long term plans. Plus, he'll be a FA after this year - let him know you are committed to winning and that you want to bring him back next year.

Sidenote: Pirates are interested in Koji

Thoughts? Connolly?

Of course you trade Koji if you're getting a good return. How is this even a question? I don't understand how the state of the bullpen this year is a factor. Trading for a prospect is all about the future. Will the bullpen struggle without Koji? Probably. But he's a 36-year-old reliever with an injury history, and reliever production from year to year tends to be volatile. Sell high. Anyone who's not nailed down should be traded for prospects.

First, this page has a list of current signings.

Only 7 of 33 picks (non-supplemental) have been signed. None of the top 9.

Its fine to trade Koji if you are getting a good return. Scott should have been traded last year. The fan obsession with trying to trade guys when they are hurt and non-producing is classic buy high sell low. Guys like Vlad and Lee have close to zero value (even to the Orioles). Dump them and move onward. They both fizzled big time.

Derrek Lee, yes; Vlad, yes, Guthrie, yes, Pie, yes, Scott yes, Koji-san no. Pitching Pitching Pitching. Can't have enough of it. Guthrie is expendable.

I wouldn't trade Koji simply because I don't trust the O's scouts and management to pick the right player to replace him. It is as simple as that. The O's need a change from within and stop treating the symptoms.

SOMEONE explain to me the purpose of the consistent process of giving away something that you recognize as good for something that is supposed to develop into something good later?
if you keep and build the pieces that you have then you have a solid foundation. if you continue to barter all your attractive items, then you find yourself looking for stability and a something to build from OVER and OVER and OVER again.
hello orioles.

This is the kind of column that cracks me up about the Sun writers. Why are you asking us? Shouldn't you be taking the lead in a town starved for a media that will hold this organization accountable to some degree? What is your opinion Dan? I hope you don't think we should keep him. I think a team would give us a pretty good prospect and heaven knows we need all the prospects we can get.

If you can get something of value for a 36-year-old, slightly built pitcher, do it!

The only "untouchables" on the O's should be Markakis, Jones, Wieters and Hardy. Possibly Zach Britton and Jim Johnson. Anybody else on the team who can be dealt for a couple of decent prospects should be dealt.

And for heaven's sake, put Reimold in LF every day for the rest of the season and see if he can be what he was a couple years ago with regular ABs.

The O's clearly need a major overhaul and a youth movement. Let's bite the bullet and get on with it.

I think it's going to take a more ballsy move then moving Uehara if the Orioles expect any kind of meaningfull return for the future.

If a contending team views Uehara as a closer and is in need of him, you might get an offer for a decent prospect. I just can't think of any contending teams who are in that position right now.

Uehara is a set up man and the O's aren't going to get much in return for him. Keep him. Put the energy elsewhere.

above post is from me

I'd have NO problem trading him as this season is LOST -- but would this be another trade for NON-PROSPECTS. Have we gotten anything over the past 14-15 years from these mid-season trades (OR are they really disguised SALARY DUMPS?). We've made maybe 15 trades since late 90's and have absolutely NOTHING to show for it. I'd love us for once to get a decent prospect.
The bigger question with this long consistant failure to secure anything remotely productive is - are these salary dumps versus trades OR is our minor league scouting so pitiful that they can't recognize a prospect???

Get him out of here. O's need to sell. Everything. No need to keep a 36 year old reliever when the team is broke in so many other ways. By the time the team is any good (if they can even get back to mediocrity is a question) Koji will have long left the game.

Of course not. Don't trade away good players to get all the prospect garbage-keep them and buy some more in thier prime.

I really hate to trade him but if the price is right, move him. Until then make him the closer and sit Pie. Okay Pie is not connected to Koji but he still needs to be benched.

Depends. Is that a top 10 prospect according to the Yankees or Red Sox scouting department or a top 10 prospect according to the Orioles scouting department. If it's the former yes, the latter no. We have enough Bottom 10 prospects the front office keeps telling fans are top 10. I would gladly trade Koji, Hardy, Jim Johnson, Markakis, Jones and Wieters for a new owner; preferably one without any sons who think they know baseball.

There are only two Orioles with any real trade value, Jones and Weiters. Markakis contract (way overpaid) cancels him out and none of the pitchers including Britton, Johnson and Arrieta would get enough of a return to make any difference. Like it or not, this team is stuck and the only way to move forward is to sign all the draftees possible (especially Bundy, Esposito, Delmonico) and hope some of the young guys grow.

For a top ten player from another system I would trade Koji in a heartbeat. He's had a good season- his best since coming over from Japan- but he is 36 and injury-prone, and we have bigger needs to fill if we are ever to turn this thing around.

Heck, I'd throw in Michael Gonzalez for free too...

Yeah, I might trade Koji......if we still had David Hernandez.

Unless the Orioles are wowed by an absolutely great offer in return (which they won't be), trading Koji would be the stupidest move of Andy McPhail's tenure.

If the O's were teeming in plus bullpen arms, then it would make sense, but such isn't even close to being the case.

Why trade the pitcher who's been the best on the team, when no help is on the horizon; the O's need some relief stability and Koji brings that.

No, No, No.
Will next years promise disolve like this year, yes if they get rid of one of the few bright spots that has performed this year.

Yes,to Koji. It is being reported that Detroit and others are interested in Guthrie. Tonights effort has to have helped. Trade trade trade!

The O's have not one player at AA or AAA who can setup for the O's this year or next, so no way do I trade Koji!

The guy loves it in Baltimore and he's been very durable in the BP, so why can't he pitch a few more years? Looking around at the guys who signed for big money this year from Jenks to Soriano, injuries or bad performances took over, so why take the chance and get a prospect now and sign a big free agent or two for the pen in 2012 since JJ might not be in the pen much longer.

Today's front page of the Sports section (inside your story "Guthrie shows guts") says that the game today starts tonight at 7:05 PM. I thought today was a day game? Can the front page lead be incorrect?

See if the Chicago Bears will take him for a fourth rounder. Just make sure they call it in this time.
Seriously, the Orioles should trade him. Why not - so we get 70 wins instead of 66? Thank God we have football to read about again.

I believe that he should be traded perhaps to a team like the minnesota twins. They desperately need relief help. In return, they would most likely send over Kevin Slowey, a solid starting pitcher who is still quite young

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