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June 23, 2011

Machado, Schoop selected for Futures Game; Orioles agree to terms with ninth-round pick (UPDATE: Machado goes deep)

Orioles minor league infielders Manny Machado and Jonathan Schoop were teammates for the first couple of months of the season at Low-A Delmarva, and they’ll be manning the same infield again tonight when Machado makes his High-A Frederick debut.

On July 10, they’ll be opponents in the Futures Game as part of major league baseball’s All-Star festivities in Arizona. Machado, the 18-year-old shortstop who is considered the organization’s top prospect, will represent the U.S. team, along with Washington Nationals phenom Bryce Harper. Schoop, a 19-year-old infielder who signed with the Orioles as a nondrafted free agent out of Curacao, will play for the World team.

Schoop batted .316 with eight homers and 34 RBIs in 51 games with Delmarva before earning a promotion to Frederick, where he has batted .302 with seven RBIs in 13 games for the Keys. He’s ranked as the Orioles’ 10th-best prospect by Baseball America.

Machado, the organization’s third overall pick in last year’s draft out of Miami Brito Private, batted .276 with six homers and 24 RBIs in 38 games for Delmarva before he was promoted this week after the South Atlantic League All-Star Game.

(UPDATE): Machado popped out in his first at-bat for the Keys and then hit a solo homer in his second.

In other news, the Orioles have agreed to terms with ninth-round pick Devin Jones, a right-handed pitcher out of Mississippi State. He is the fourth pick in the first 10 rounds to agree to terms with the Orioles, who have signed nine of their 50 picks overall.

Jones went 2-5 with a 4.37 ERA in 19 appearances (eight starts) for the Bulldogs in the 2011 season.

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Ninth round pick has signed -is this another difference maker for the Orioles delpleted minor league system - probably not.

There are only two players the Orioles drafted this year that will make the Orioles competitive in the near future - Dylan Bundy and Nick Delmonico.

Where is the progress on those two signings?

This team needs to sign future MLB talent now!!!

Jeff Z's reply: Steve, the only guys signing now are going to be guys signing at or near slot. Bundy and Delmonico aren't signing anywhere near slot. This is how the process goes. Don't expect either of these guys to sign much before the Aug.15 deadline. And getting worked up every time they sign one of these later round picks is probably pointless. They are going to wind up signing about 20 to 25 of their 50 picks. Even if they were deadset determined to get these guys signed now, it wouldn't happen.

Can you explain the reticence to use Adams semi-permanently at 2B until Roberts returns? The concern, I suppose, is his glove. If it's the case that his glove is that bad, then is he ever going to get a chance? I doubt his glove can improve that much in a short time. Another non-prospect?

I respect Buck, but like any other manager it seems like he develops these semi-crushes on guys (Andino, Gregg) and writes off others (Reimhold, Adams, Fox) and this confuses the process of evaluating what we have and what we don't in the system.

Jeff - Thank you for your reply - but unfortunately the Orioles cannot afford to follow the mold of " This is how the process goes"

The Orioles should be the one team to "break the mold" of waiting for their talented draft selections to sign near their appropriate slot. They need to be ultra aggressive with an early "blow them away" offer to players who can help change the fortunes of this floundering franchise. The Orioles cannot stand and wait for August 15 before they show Bundy and Delmonico how important they are to the Orioles future..

Jeff Z's reply: It takes two to tango and these kids, for the most part, don't want to sign this early for obvious reasons. Some agents won't even take calls or offers from clubs until two weeks before the deadline. That's just how it works.

Please Mr Angelos. If you care anything for the city of Baltimore, please sell the team.

Please don't make us beg. You've taken away enough of our pride as it is

I was really unimpressed with just about everyone they drafted other than Bundy. Their second round pick espeically, I saw numerous reports projecting him to be a utility player in the majors. I really wish we grabbed someone from the Marlins organization and gave ourselves a chance.

Jeff Z's reply: Just FYI Joe Jordan, the Orioles scouting director, came from the Marlins organization.


I think that the time has officially arrived for Angelos to consider replacing the entire front office. Andy has had four years to make a difference and it just hasn't happened, nor does 2012 look any brighter the way he operates. Macphail kept most of the group intact when he was hired, except for making his nephew Head of Professional scouting. Of course we know that PA will not fire his son John, but the baseball people need to go. There needs to be a culture change, and a different way of thinking about how to build a winning team.

How close is Angelos to Macphail, and do you think it is possible that PA could pull the trigger and clean house if the season really begins to disintegrate?

Jeff Z's reply: Andy and Peter have a good working relationship and Peter told us in spring training that he plans to extend Andy's contract. But that could have easily changed and I've said all along, don't think it's a guarantee that Andy wants to be back. He has other things going on and other ambitions as well and II never felt that he took this job with plans to do it for eight or more years.

JEFF great comeback pointing out jordan came from marlins.. I think there are several other pitchers in this draft that will standout in a few years.. Not number ones but good solid prospects..

How hot a prospect can Devin Jones be with these COLLEGE numbers? "Jones went 2-5 with a 4.37 ERA in 19 appearances (eight starts) for the Bulldogs in the 2011 season." Yikes, is this as good as it gets?!?

Jeff Z's reply: I don't know anything about Jones other than what I read, but I do know that college statistics don't say everything. Scouts look at stuff, projectability, size, roles, etc. I could be wrong, but I think Gerritt Cole, the No.1 overall player in the draft, had a losing record and close to a mid 3.00 ERA this year, and he was the top pick in the draft. Jones was a 9th rounder.

Steve (and anyone else wondering)-

As Jeff said, Bundy and Delmonico won't be signing until near the deadline. In Bundy's case, I'd be reasonably surprised if he signed on any other date besides August 15th.

There's not actually anything the Orioles can do about it. Not only is it the way things work, it's actually controlled by the commissioner's office. Overslot deals, especially in the first round, cannot be announced until the deadline approaches. The thinking is that if one guy goes over slot, that will cause the guys picked within a few picks of him to request more than slot, and so on. It's a stupid, illogical policy because teams and players largely ignore slot, and everyone knows who is overslot and who isn't, but it is what it is. Even if the Orioles wanted to 'break the mold' as you suggest, they wouldn't be allowed to. Overslot deals are pushed to the deadline. You can expect Cole, Hultzen, Bauer, Rendon, Bundy, Bradley, Starling, and the other elite players in the draft to all sign within days, if not on, August 15th.

It's really just not worth the time or the energy to blame the O's for not doing something they're not even allowed to do. Outside of the Hobgood pick, they've handled the draft fairly well, I'd say even better than average, over the past few years. The real questions should be around their lack of involvement in the international free agent market and, more importantly, the total failure of their player development system to develop any stars despite having plenty of talent to work with over the past half decade.

Ben I have to agree with the comment about the development results in the organization. I would think that it's almost impossible to strike out like they have based simply on the sheer number of players drafted in the last 6 or 7 years. I'd like to hear the scouts and the development people sit around a very large table in a meeting chaired by the GM so they can discuss each other's efforts over the last half dozen years.


That's your fanhood speaking. Peter Angelos is not a fan of the O's. Never has been. He's probably a Pirate and Steeler fan. All kidding aside, he is a fan of the Benjamins. Why would he gut a profitable business and start from scratch? Andy MacPhail is the only GM who's done magic tricks for his business. He's kept the fans interested with smoking mirrors. He has increased revenues each year, while lowering payroll by as much as 30 million per year in his first 3 years as a GM. Are you kidding?! Firing MacPhail is not an option for Angelos.

Now, if you're talking about winning, yes, the entire scouting department, and front office need to be sent packing.

The O's will continue to stink for as long anyone with the last name of Angelos runs this team, whether is Peter, John or anyone else in their family. In short, we're doomed. One thing I will make sure when I have kids, is to never let them be Oriole fans. I have no choice but to be an O's fan. I'm not a front runner. I will be an O's fan 'til the day I die, but I will never, ever in my life, financially support an Angelos owned team, as long as status quo stands.

Hey Mesotheliangelos-- You say that now but watch... you'll be naming your firstborn after Peter before we know it.
But seriously... either the Orioles scouting is bad or the player development system is lousy. How can all those "good" prospects fail to rise above the mediocre as hitters? Like Snyder, Bell, Avery, Hoes, Waring (has he lost his bats?), Rowell, Givens, Ohlman... Then there's the international market...

The only O's propsects I hear and "buzz" about are Machado and Klein. And Klein turns out to be damaged goods,

I have no qualifications of idea if the O's scouting or player development sucks. All I know is from O's drafted players, we have Markakis,Weiters, Matusz , Britton and Arrieta who are actually contributing to the major league team. Their are some so-sos like JJ and Berken, but these are role players.

McPhail has had 4 years to make something happen and he hasn't. The minor league system seems to be mostly pedestrian and McPhail and/or Angelos are obviously not going to spend big bucks on free agents who could actually make a difference.

We need another starting pitcher, a SS if Hardy leaves, a 2B, a 1B and a LF upgrade if we are ever to compete. But aside from Machado, there is no "buzz" about any prospects for these positions.

I really think Angelos should show some civic pride and sell the team so we can really start fresh with no McPhail and no Stockstill Brothers and no Joe Jordan. A new management team.

Remember these quotes that never came true:

"Grow the arms and buy the bats" - McPhail. It's 4 years now and no bats.

Invest MASN money on signing marquee players - Angelos. Never happened.

Now all we hear is the Yanks and Bosox spend too much for us to compete and we're a small market team and blah blah blah.

Were we a small market team in the 90's when Camden Yards routinely sold out or did Angelos' incompetence make us into a small market team.

I've given up any hope that the O's will ever be even a .500 team under Angelos. Wouldn't it be neat if Mark Cuban were to buy the O's!!!!!

What Ben said needs to be a mini article by someone here at the Sun.

So tired going around and reading comments from uninformed fans about draft picks.

Orioles could(they don't mainly because agents prefer to deal at the last minute to attain leverage) have a deal with Bundy right now but MLB will not release the information or approve it because they are scared it will drive prices up for other draft picks.

Be very afraid if they do decide to hard slot draft picks going forward. There are a lot of 2 sport talents that will pick the other sport because it could offer more money. They really need to be careful here. While they are at it, they need to allow teams to trade draft picks as well. I haven't heard one good reason as to why they don't allow this. Most of the excuses just make little sense, at least to me.

Ben - do you really think "Outside of the Hobgood pick, they've handled the draft fairly well"?
Well Ben considering the high positions where the Orioles have had the opportunity to draft the past five to eight years - PLEASE supply me a list of players who are prospects that are "looked upon by non- Oriole fans/employees as being worthy to where the Orioles selected them. Probably Matt Weiters might be the only exception of a recent Oriole draftee that was worthy of his draft pick.).

And Rob M - I am also "so tired going around and reading comments from uninformed fans about draft picks" like you. Unfortunately your baseball draft knowledge is limited to what has always has been done - it is time to expand your mind to what can happen if a creative organization starts thinking "outside the box" in regards to signing future takent.

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