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June 17, 2011

Accardo's last stand; Bergesen and Davis officially promoted

Reliever Jeremy Accardo was designated for assignment after another rocky outing in which he gave up the decisive runs in tonight's 8-4 loss. The team has 10 days to trade him, pass him through waivers and reassign him to Triple-A Norfolk or grant him his outright release.

The move was one of four announced after the game. The Orioles called up pitcher Brad Bergesen and infielder Blake Davis from Triple-A Norfolk and optioned infielder Ryan Adams back to the Tides roster.

Though Accardo's won-loss record (3-3) and ERA (5.29) don't jump out at you, he had given up 55 baserunners in 32 1/3 innings.

It also certainly didn't help his cause that he allowed three of the four hitters that he faced tonight to reach base, including a four-pitch walk to Nationals reliever Sean Burnett. It was Burnett's first at-bat since 2009.

The Orioles also optioned second baseman Ryan Adams back to Norfolk, and selected the contract of Blake Davis to take his place. Brad Bergesen was recalled to take Accardo's spot.

Bergesen will likely be used in the bullpen and if he hasn't pitched, he'll emerge as a candidate to make Tuesday's start if Jeremy Guthrie is unable to

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A 5.29 ERA doesn`t jump out at you?

Sorry Pete, but even for a starter that's rough...for a reliever, it's downright terrible. That's the mentality that saw us end up with Gregg as our closer.

Reynolds deserves the same fate.

It's about time! Now they need to dump Gonzo. It has been painful to watch those two pitch.

Good riddance. The guy is horrible. Now he'll go somewhere else and excel. That always seems to be the game plan for this terrible, baseball worst team. Gonzalez needs to be released also and they should be fitting Reynolds with snow shovel sized glove for his right hand. Obviously he's left handed. He couldn't hit a barn from 2 feet away with his throws or bat. This team is awful and why? It's the same time in and time again. I mean 4 runs on 18 hits? What other team comes close to that futility? My God, Showalter really screwed up taking on this train wreck. Look for him to get fed up and resign. How much of this crap can he or the fans take? I, for one, am an ex-fan now. I suggest everyone go out and find a team that the front office cares about. This one? The FO just doesn't give a flying #$%@!

This was a wise move on the part of Showalter, but he can't stop there. Its time to take the same action on Kevin Gregg, and Michael Gonzalez.

You are an ex fan? why are you posting on here? go find another team then...I am a true fan through and through, I will never leave my team. Yea Accardo may have hit a rough patch, but Why have we not given him a try like Mike G? There are plenty of lefties in the minors looking for a shot. This is a team effort and this team wins and loses as a team. Whether they spend 200 million a year or $50,000 a year, it comes down to fundamentals...This teams has the potential, the right coach to keep them on track, and nothing to lose..

Yeah, 5.29 in the 1970's was a horror show. You were done with that kind of number.

How the mighty have fallen due to steroids and pitch count.

I know that nobody wants to hear this, as everyone on this site is too busy bitching and moaning about everything, but this Birds team really isn't that bad. Their stars (minus Vlad) generally have not played well, they've had very little offense in general, yet they are 5 games under .500 in the toughest division in baseball. Everyone needs a little perspective here, especially considering where this team was last June.

this team will go nowhere until they get rid of gozalez,rapada,&gregg, what do you have to lose by giving some of the minor league pitchers a chance instead of these jokers? i say you have nothing to lose, these guys are like buying used cars,just getting someone else's problem. they really need to work on their defense too, i swear in all of the years i've been watching the orioles, this may come close to some of the brainless baserunning i ever seen, tatum shoulda got whacked on the head for not scoring,looked like he was out there feeding the birds in stead of running.

Is there a wsy of assigning losses to manager, gm and/or owner? So that honzalez gaffes go to andy, with lee's, andmanagerial mscues ggo to Peep Anngelos, for firing d. Johnson. Selig gets blamed for everything 'cause he hasnt contracted the boreorioles for failing to compete. Similarly, ebw, fir dying, brooksie for retiring, cakes for. Broadcasting, demper for vonsorting with non-jocks like vim hunter, and ernie tyler for enjoying it all!

Is there a wsy of assigning losses to manager, gm and/or owner? So that honzalez gaffes go to andy, with lee's, andmanagerial mscues ggo to Peep Anngelos, for firing d. Johnson. Selig gets blamed for everything 'cause he hasnt contracted the boreorioles for failing to compete. Similarly, ebw, fir dying, brooksie for retiring, cakes for. Broadcasting, demper for vonsorting with non-jocks like vim hunter, and ernie tyler for enjoying it all!

For those of us who grew up loving baseball back when being an O's fan consistently meant a summer of thrills, it's sad to see the disgust reflected in the comments to this blog. I've adopted a new strategy of detachment that is helping me avoid another summer of pull-my-hair-out frustration. If I want to see what's happening to the team, I'll Tivo a game. That allows me to fast forward through all the parts featuring Gonzalez and (until now) Accardo pitching, or Mark Reynolds in RISP situations or playing defense. I'll look for nuggets of competence or grace (which are most likely to come from Adam Jones or JJ Hardy), or I'll catch the amazing, swing-at-anything performance of Vlad Guerrero, who actually knows how to hit a baseball when there are RISP. Beyond these guys and a core of talented pitchers, there's not much reason to watch this flop of a team. Maybe one day, Baltimore baseball fans will be able to enjoy their summers again. But I suspect that will require a makeover from the top down of an organization that has failed miserably year after year, incapable of developing an offense and too cheap to develop a credible farm system. In the meantime, I'll catch up on my reading and tell stories of past glory to the generation of young people who have grown up without seeing a single winning team. Baseball is still a great game, but you wouldn't know it from watching the Angelos/MacPhail Orioles.

I've been an O's fan for over 40 years but this season I am following and cheering for the Nats more, especially since I live closer to DC than Baltimore and go to more of their games. The play last night was just more reason to switch teams. You can see the future the Nats have with their starting lineup of young talent. Not so the O's with their retread declining vets (Lee), one trick ponies (Scott), and players no one else in the majors would start (Reynolds and Andino). Yeah Lee and Andino finally did something last night but look at their season, mostly a pile of cow chips. If the Nats had Jones, Arrieta, Matusz and Britton they would be contending for the division next year. They should have gotten something for Roberts years ago but knowing management they would have gotten an arm that immediately went to rehab and some minor league bust.

I am sensing why the pitching coach quit. The team is falling apart Trembly style. From Brooks to this. How the mighty have fallen. A 200 hitter who whiffs often and makes tons of errors. Good acquisition.

i am agree with u

Please outright Reynolds. I have a pet rock who can play 3b,and doesnt strike out 2 times every game

@Tom Thumb, this born-and-raised Baltimorean no more can root for the Montreal Expos (who happen to temporarily play home games in DC because of some amazing lack of Angelos' business judgment) than a Kuwaiti can root for Baghdad.

The dawn of my Orioles' fandom was the trade for Frank Robinson. My Dad thought giving up on Milt Pappas was nothing short of atrocious. Saw all three world chamionships in person, including on the road in Philly in '83. Some historic perspective:

1. We have sucked for a long time, including the entire lifetimes of my children.
2. The reasons for this are two-fold. First, Edward Bennett Williams' win-now philosophy, when the jewel of a farm system was stripped of funding to sign aging free agents. The '85-'86 Orioles easily had a half dozen '75-'78 Red Sox on the team, by way of example. Second, the Glenn Davis trade. Anyone too young to remember it can Google this travesty of baseball mismanagement.
3. The starting pitching and the up-the-middle strength give me a degree of hope I have not felt since the early '80s. No, not '96-'97, as that surreal team was bought. Matusz, Britton, Arietta, Wieters, Jones and Hardy will take us back into contention by next year probably or 2013 at the latest.

Don't lose sight of the following:

*It's not about 2011.
*We are growing the arms (see Tillman and Bergensen performances) and buying the bats (see Derek Lee).

Any failed, ex-Cubs relievers available to replace Accardo?

For the $20M annual combines salaries we are paying Lee, Gonzalez and Gregg we could have signed a real ball player who could make an impact. Instead we have an over-the-hill first baseman, perhaps the worst reliever in the game and a closer who can't avoid putting runners on base.

Does Andy MacFail have any other relatives he can hire into the front office?

I'm with Daniel Abrams, get some perspective folks. At the beginning of the year if you would have told everyone that we'd be 5 games under .500 at this point of the season you would have taken it. Now all the complainers come out.

You all are clamoring about the Nats but they are only three wins better than the O's right now and you all are annointing them the second coming of the '27 Yankees, not.

Yeah there are a lot of thing not to like about how the O's are playing but good or bad this is my team and I'm sticking with them.

The rest of you just go find another team if you don't like this one.

Freakin' loosers!!

surprise surprise a Reynolds error cost us another game... his blistering .200 average makes up for that though...great move McFail

I quit buying tickets when the Os fired Davey Johnson. He was there last night, by the way, working for the Nationals. I'm pretty sure the Lerners didn't feel threatened by him. At least we're safe if we are exposed to asbestos.

Ditto for Reynolds. The 40+ extra runs and additional pitches his errors cause more then offset the MAYBE 30 HR's and 90 RBI. Let's not forget the stellar 215 average he MIGHT achieve and the 180+ SO's he WILL reach. He is a AAA stud, but that's it.

good teams buy one good steak with free agen buyt money. bad teams like o's 3 packs of chicken thighs.

Reynolds haters are silly. At least he can play the field, though admittedly average at best, and take pitches. His OBP is better than Guerrero's. Guerrero is the worst signing ever, brings nothing to the table and needs to go.

The slide has started. Can Buck pull the team out of the tailspin or will it be more of the same that prior managers could not correct? Getting rid of inept players is a starter.


You're calling everyone losers? That's what you're doing?

Meanwhile, the beloved O's continue to lose at a pace only the Pirates can out do historically.

Reynolds may be the worst player the O's have ever fielded (along with Atkins of course). Not only does the guy kill rallies by not being able to put the bat on the ball, he may be the worst fielder 3B we've ever seen. Oh, but he does have 12 hoe runs, right?

Then of course you have the other great acquisitions of Vlad, Lee, Gregg and Accardo... what a motley crue. Hardy has been solid, but remember, he has just about missed as many games as he's played, which of course is his MO.

The Orioles are the best of the last place teams (according to CBS Sports). That's the best you'll ever be able to say about this team as long as PA and AM are running things.

That's not me talking.... That's the O's talking (see standings).

My main concern after such a poorly played game against the nationals is that this level of play is unlikely to attract good free agents to the Orioles. My complaint is more with the front office selections in past drafts and the failure obviously to develop players with good skill. Good skills means pichers who can throw strikes consistently, batters who hit doubles as well as singles, fielders who can make the routine plays regularly. Draft guys that can hit and field. The drafting pitching and trading and buying hitters seems not to work.

this team needs to go into games with their starting pitchers not scared of whats going to happen when the bullpen comes in.i've been a fan since i was a kid and i don't think i can recall seeing such bad baserunning and horrendous defense in 1 season as this 1and the sin of it is sometimes they look like they could care less, if thats the case get rid of them for someone who at least wants to play hard.

@TGC3RD and Daniel

I don't think the haters are really fans of the O's otherwise they would be able to keep some perspective

they are pretty much demanding a fire sale when we're so much better than last year and can't seem to comprehend that this is a rebuilding project years in the making and is finally starting to pay off but are ready to fire MacPhail and even Showalter when we aren't even half-way through the season and only 5 games under .500

under the old management we wouldn't have gotten players Jones

if they think the O's are so bad go ahead and root for another team, we won't miss you

BRYBABIES who say they give up on this team and are going to find another team to root for good riddance don't let the door hit you in the ass.. WE are as tired of your imbecile crap as you claim to be of rooting for the O's.. WELCOME back BERGESEN I would have preferred to see him dominate 3-4 more starts but he showed more what we asked him to do than Tillman.. IF GUTHRIES back is okay he could well be taking MATUSZ place while he goes to NORFOLK to find his velocity and command and learns to look at base runners leads..

uimmmmmmm last i checked Gregg still has a sub 4 era so why would we dump him???? i agree with dumping gonzo and i think we all know why and i have been waiting for accardo to get dumped but gregg still has a good ERA so there is no justified reason in getting rid of him.

Haven't posted in a while but now is as good a time as any. Have been an Orioles fan since the 70's. I was in the Boy Scouts during the '83 World Series on a camping trip and listened on a little purple pocket radio that only got AM. This is still by far the best team they have had since the 1983 season, as a poster above stated the 1996-1997 teams were bought. I have seen the horrible late 1980's teams and the horrible 2000 teams. The O's are making progress and to be only 5 games under in June is amazing for where we were. I like the fact that players are getting released or sent to the minors because that is something 2 years ago would not have happened. This is still the best management and players we have had in almost 30 years, I stuck with them and can tell you we are not far off with the home grown talent, the management is here. People who hate are not fans, How many fans would the Red Sox have if they simply went by win loss record over 90+ years of losing. A true fan sticks with his/her team, the Orioles used to have the best but I guess Boston has them now, from reading this board anyway.

I am sorry, but did anybody watch last season. We were horrible. The team isn't that bad. Showalter is actually holding players accountable. Reynolds is a nice power bat at the bottom of the lineup. Just need to get a real 1st baseman, B-Rob back in the fold, 1 more starter, and a real closer, jj putz would have been nice. Well don't give up guys. Atleast we are competitive this year.

The Orioles are a poorly run organization. We have no players at AA or AAA ready to move up. What potential or stars do we have on the big league club. The Orioles remind me of a expansion team. They need a general manager or president who will clean house.

Just becuase you are born here, it dowewsn't mean you have to have BLIND loyalty to a failure of a franchise of more that a decade brought on by a bad owner.

You are simply in denial of lack of talent on this team.

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