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May 7, 2011

Which Orioles' reliever do you trust the most right now?

The Orioles bullpen was supposed to be one of the team’s strengths in 2011.

It still might be.

But the Orioles starters aren’t going deep, forcing some of the relievers into roles in which they may not be successful.

And, regardless the role, some have been just plain awful.

In their past 17 games, the bullpen is 1-3 with a 6.20 ERA. The relievers have combined to give up 22 homers in 31 games.

Koji Uehara, the rock of the pen late last season, has allowed four walks and three homers in 11 2/3 innings this season. Uehara gave up five homers and five walks in 44 innings in 2010. And Koji has the second-best ERA in the bullpen (3.86) right now.

Who has the Orioles’ best relief ERA so far in 2011?

Yep, closer Kevin Gregg at 2.45, despite allowing 16 baserunners in 11 innings.

Frankly, I trust Gregg right now to get his job done more than any other reliever. Maybe that’s because all he has been asked to do lately is his role – and not go outside of his comfort zone like some of the other relievers due to short outings from the starters.

So here’s what I want to know -- and I am curious about your answer -- which Orioles’ reliever do you trust the most right now?

Daily Think Special: Which Orioles' reliever do you trust the most?

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Sadly enough, Kevin Gregg.

We have 3 relievers below a 5.00 ERA.

I don't trust any of them right now. Gregg has a good ERA, but he is always one walk or hit away from blowing a game.

It's a really bad combo right now of terrible offense, starters that can't go past the 6th or 7th, and a bullpen that is guaranteed to give up runs.

It is unreal that this team is only a few games out.

the oriole reliever i trust most is david hernandez and rafial soriano lolmy question is why when we get down in a game we never seem to be able to overcome an opponent's lead?

Might be surprising to say, but I'd say Michael Gonzalez, who is been on fire his last two outings, and Gregg. I'm bummed out about Koji.

Still Koji. He has the propensity to give up HRs, though. Johnson is usualy solid when not overused.

i do not trust any of the orioles relievers.

Over the past three outings, Gonzalez looked pretty good, especially since he's gone back to his rocking motion as he did before he pitched for the O's. I still wished the O's didn't trade power arms like Hernandez, Mikolio, and Hoey. The bullpen would have resembled that of the Royals who threw nothing but heat from the 7th inning on. Oh well, water under the bridge.

Arthur Rhodes is the only player from the 1997 Orioles (their last winning season) who is still an active mlb player.

the pitchers whether it be starter or reliefer has to feel like if I give up a run I am defeated because of the o's hitters I just don't understand them everyone of them will look like they are going to take and do something one game and then the next game they are back in the same old groove no good consistance cy at all! I he may not say anything about it but I can tell by the look on his face that buck is getting pretty disgusted with some of those hitters especially the new aquired trio! he should be chewing some you know what! Holy Moly LEE hit a home run but there was no one on base and we also lost the game so it didn't amount to very much! he was named player of the game I just don't know why they do that there can't be a player of the game if you lose the game! just my own opinion!!!

The problem with the bullpen is the offense. Starters can go longer with some run support. When you score 3 or less runs per game, starters have no room to work through a bad inning.

I don't trust any relievers, but if its a must to pick one, I'm picking Jim Johnson. If TILLMAN were placed in the bullpen, where he REALLY BELONGS, maybe he'd develop into a dependable reliever.

I Michael Gonzales. The rest are terrible.
Even the starters have trouble throwing first pitch strikes. The pen..geez, they fall behind at least 1/2 the hitters they face.
Seems like they are afraid to challenge hitters. Maybe they do not believe they have the stuff?? They dabble around the outside edges..of the plate. You have to show umpires you can throw get close calls.

Nuke LaLoosh

As the bullpen turns...

You really have to wonder about Berken's shoulder. I mean the guy starts the season like he didn't miss a beat, and then once the workload starts increasing, he's losing the bite on his slider and his fastball command isn't there.

I think Buck needs to be careful with his usage of Berken from here on out.

They are are mostly bad...

...I'll go with Johnson.

I like Koji but he will continue to blow it with a HR ball from time to time. I wish he would not keep his 88 mph fastballs up so high in the strike zone.

Gonzalez is getting better and Gregg is doing a good job. Accardo and Jim Johnson will normalize and I don't know what's going on with Berken. Maybe the shoulder as someone else suggested. I really want Rapada gone. I don't trust side-arm throwers! And Rupe is no good. Not repping Portsmouth very well, those two.

George Zuverink........ look it up!

tippy martinez!!!


There is an Orioles reliever who hasn't given up any earned runs in 17 innings.
Problem is he is not with the Orioles anymore. He's with the NY Mets - Pedro Beato. Why did they let him go as a Rule 5 pick?

If Kevin Gregg is the most trusted reliever and closer is it's a sad commentary. I would say he's been less than stellar. The one bright spot so far this season has been Zack Britton. The new improved Orioles are certainly not as advertised, but it does'nt take much to improve on last year.

Not a reliever but trying to get the word to O's Management.

Mark Reynolds needs GLASSES!!! He swings under every pitch except when he makes a mistake an accidentialy hits the ball. Take note. That's why he pops up so often. Just watch!

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