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May 9, 2011

Scott has tear in labrum; Hardy likely to be activated tomorrow (updated with Scott quotes)

A MRI taken today on left fielder Luke Scott's right shoulder revealed a torn labrum, according to Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail.

"It’s something that we have to manage so it’s not anything that necessarily is a [disabled list]-type thing," MacPhail said. "I think as a practical matter you may see [Felix] Pie out there [in left field] an inning or two earlier. But from what I’ve been told or what I can gather, it will just be something we have to manage."

Scott has been playing through the injury and will continue to do so. It mostly affects him when he throws, not hits. However, Scott may have to have surgery on the shoulder in the offseason.

"I knew it was definitely a possibility," Scott said. "I was very disappointed to find out, but as I’ve said, I’ve had miracle healings before and I’m just trying for another one. I’m going to play through the pain, pray and believe in my miracle healing. That’s it."

Scott had issues with his left Achilles tendon earlier in his career, but the pain eventually went away without his having surgery. That's the miracle healing that he's referring to.

"Luke doesn’t complain," MacPhail said. "When he wanted an MRI on his shoulder, you kind of figured that the chances were that there would be something there. [It's] something he probably will have to take care of in the offseason."

Scott said offseason surgery is "possible," but that's not something that he wants to discuss until later this season. Tomorrow, Scott will have a sitdown with team orthopedist Dr. John Wilckens and head athletic trainer Richie Bancells to discuss how to rehab the tear and manage it while remaining in the Orioles' lineup.

MacPhail also said a final decision hasn't been made but there is a good chance that shortstop J.J. Hardy will be activated from the disabled list before tomorrow night's series opener against the Seattle Mariners. Hardy, who hasn't played since straining his left oblique April 9, will make what is likely his final rehab appearance tonight for Triple-A Norfolk. The Orioles are expected to drop a pitcher in exchange for him getting back on the 25-man roster.

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How about this:
Andino 3b
Pie lf
Weiters C
Vlad dh
Jones cf
Markakis rf
Fox 1b
Hardy ss
Roberts 2B

Hey it couldn't do any worse--right? Something--Anything! Hey Buck--WAKE UP!

Buck's not the issue. An intelligent organization geared toward winning would be out on the prowl NOW to find bats to replace Reynolds, Lee, Fox, and to augment Scott, who's likely to hit worse with his injury, not better. But this is the Orioles. MacPhail buys the wrong bats, plain and simple, and the organization is a desert for position players. Have a nice day!

Should have traded Scott last year. His value was never going to be higher.

Now clubs have to take into consideration:

1) His middling performance. Will he bounce back?
2) His torn labrum.
3) His habit for opening his mouth... how will this effect the clubhouse?

Keeping Scott around was a big mistake.

I'm with Buck on this one, shaking the lineup up won't solve this problem... these guys have to solve it... now that Scott is hurt i think you will Pie in much more now!
as for the pitching.. only one thing i can say about that... throw strike one! after that it get's easier to pitch!

So much for Scott playing 1B. Wonder if this hastens Vlad's exit and opens LF full-time for Pie and Reimold??

Jeff Z's reply: A little early for that, I think. Vlad is making some decent money right now and I don't know that he has much value at this point. Hope is obviously that he'll get hot and that will change.

and barack obama has his final say

What is the matter with orioles management? Put Scott on the DL and let Pie play. That's what happens when you ask a DH to play LF full-time. Anyone else and they'd be on the DL. It's torn, will it get better throwing out there in LF? I doubt it.

The Andino ship has sailed, skins_fan. He's 2/19 in May; however, Robers is 2/28. As a team, they're hitting a scorching .226 in that time. If you removed Jones and Markakis, they're hitting .198. Geez.

I'm curious about the Matusz injury. Is it something that will nag him all season or is the rehab rebuilding it. I know anything can happen, I was just concerned he wouldn't be 100% for the rest of the year.

Jeff Z's reply: You never know with these oblique and intercostal injuries. He wouldn't be the first guy to aggravate such an injury after he returned. However, the Orioles have been very cautious with him to avoid such a thing occurring. Matusz says he's pain free. Now, it's just a matter of building his arm strength and endurance up. Remember, Matusz really didn't have much of a spring training with the wart removal, and then getting drilled with a comebacker, and there was that one start where he only pitched like 2 innings despite being scheduled for five. These extended spring games and minor league rehab starts are almost like his spring training starts all over again.

I'll need to see the doctor's report. Long form.

Thanks to the O's abysmal play and to Luke Scott's ignorant comments about the President in USA Today, I just gained about three hours in my Summer days. I've been an O's fan for 30 of my 43 years, but I've had enough. I just wish I could get my money back on the MLB package.

why doesn't scott just go on the dl and have his shoulder fixed. i do not tink he would be all that missed. he most likely will not be with the orioles next season anyway. bring up nolan reimold. things can't get much worse than what they are now from a lack luster team maybe nolan reimold won't strike out as much as scott does when there are runners on base with two outs.

I hope this doesnt hurt his trade value

Wishing the best for Scott. I believe in 'miracle' healings also. Hopefully, everything will be fine. That being said, please re-think your continued public political pontifications. I watch sports for entertainment and diversion. In other words, a way to GET AWAY from political, financial and every other form of everyday mumbo-jumbo. Listening to athletes digress detracts from the point of watching/following sports. It's a sport, not a soapbox.


Dear Luke Scott,

My fantasy baseball team appreciates you playing through the pain. As a person who also deals with a torn labrum on the daily, I understand the constant ache. You're legit, homie.

What an egocentric wacco with that miracle talk. Sure Luke, our omnipotent god declined to intervene with the tornados and now the flood (etc etc), but he's standing by to heal your shoulder as fast as you would like.

Didn't Scott have Tommy John surgery on his throwing arm in the past while he was in the Astros organization? It almost sounds similar to Xavier Nady, who has had two TJ surgeries (although I know we are talking about the shoulder in Luke's case). It's unusual for a position player to have this many problems with their throwing arm.

Jeff Z's reply: Good memory. Scott had TJ surgery in 2001 after Cleveland drafted him in the 9th round that year.

Obama wants second look at Scott's xray, thinks he may have forged it.

I refuse to believe his labrum is really torn until I see some documentation from a board-certified physician. Then again, those kind of documents can be faked, so I'll probably never believe it.

Luke Scott AKA-Roswell, AKA-The Grassy Knoll, AKA-Nut Job!

Torn labrum?! I don't believe it. Do you know how easy it is to doctor the results of a magnetic resonance imaging? Please, Luke. I want them authenticated.

Wonder if Scott uses a shotgun recoil reducer ? Seriously.

I can't understand how six home runs, four doubles and 14 RBIs is considered mediocre at this point in the season, especially since Luke Scott has had way fewer at bats than the regulars. He was our MVP last season and given a chance, he may well be the MVP again. I'm sure there are plenty of teams that would love to have him. Anyone who doesn't like him or says anything bad about him is small-minded and needs to find a new team to support. Go Luke.

At SG: "Preach it" brother/sister ;-)

Luke Scott: I don't care about your opinions on matters outside of baseball. I'm bored with you. Please keep them to yourself.

I'm sorry but this is insane! A dh type playing left field who has a torn labrum in his throwing shoulder & the GM says his replacement may come in an inning or 2 earlier! It will require some management (?), Like what a road trip to Lourdes?

What,what, what is going on? Teams like the Royals & Rays will tag up from 2nd & score on flies to left. And Buck doesn't like Fox at catcher? He has Bench like tools compared to Scott in left. Get Pie in!

When Luke hits his inevitable cold streak, then maybe it would be a good idea to sit him down a while and let him heal some. You already made the case for getting Pie some more playing time, and this seems like the perfect situation for it.

I like luke scott but as a DH more than a LF. IF he can't throw they will have to consider PH OR DL HIM. we just don't have the depth or offense at this time to carry him... FOR the same reasons we need to et Tillman and bergesen straight even if it means sending both to AAA. WE need Matusz back and simon or sign a starter who could be jettissoned if he doesn't perform.. They are being super cautious with Matusz so I believe he will be fine when he gets back and gets his arm strength back..

Speaking of Richie Bancells, shouldn't he bear some responsibility for all of the tweaks, tears and pulls that have been afflicting the Orioles in recent years? Something is not right there. Perhaps MacPhail should consider a new and improved training staff.

That's kind of like blaming your doctor when you get sick. The athletic training staff deals with the bumps and bruises and strains and does what it can to be preventative. But tough to blame them when someone gets hurt.

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