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May 20, 2011

Orioles news and notes

An MLB spokesman confirmed last night that the league is reviewing reliever Michael Gonzalez’s plunking of the Yankees’ Chris Dickerson in the helmet on Wednesday night for a possible suspension. That’s standard policy when a player is ejected. However, the ejection doesn’t mean that Gonzalez will face an automatic suspension either. Gonzalez, who apologized to Dickerson before last night’s game, has said that he will appeal any disciplinary action by the league, calling home plate umpire Dan Bellino’s ejection “uncalled for.”

While we are on the topic of hitting batters, several of the Oriole hitters figured it was just a matter of time for one of them to get hit by a Yankee pitcher, which happened last night when CC Sabathia smoked Nick Markakis in the back with a 95 miles per hour fastball with two outs and nobody on in the first inning. Not only did Gonzalez hit Dickerson Wednesday night, but Brad Bergesen hit Robinson Cano in the first inning last night. I didn’t think Bergesen’s was intentional as he clearly couldn’t find the plate, walking two batters, hitting one and throwing a wild pitch in the inning. I’m not sure if Sabathia felt otherwise or he was retaliating over the Dickerson incident or even Josh Rupe hitting Russell Martin in the back in a game earlier this season. Either way, Markakis took it like a man. Asked if he felt Sabathia hit him intentionally, Markakis said, “Yes, but that’s part of the game. We hit a couple of their guys and it was bound to come, but you wear it and you move on.” I rephrased the question several times to Markakis, hoping to get a similar response to the one that Yankees manager Joe Girardi gives when he complains that the Oriole pitchers are always talking liberties with Yankee hitters, but I was unsuccessful.

In my mind, here is the most worrisome stat about Orioles starter Brad Bergesen: In 25 appearances against American League East clubs, Bergesen is 5-14 with a 5.64 ERA. He’s also allowed 162 hits and 48 walks in 140 1/3 innings to divisional foes.

Maybe they’ll surprise us, but with apologies to my friends at MASN, I can’t imagine the Orioles-Washington Nationals series this weekend will be must-see TV. The Nationals haven’t scored in 19 innings and have been shut out seven times this season. The Orioles have scored just three runs in their last 26 innings, and just five runs in their last three home games spanning 36 innings."Were you there when ... ? Oh nevermind

This is kind of an obvious conclusion, but today’s promotion of outfielder Nolan Reimold tells me that the Orioles plan on giving Luke Scott a good chunk of the starts at first base in Derrek Lee’s absence. As for second baseman Ryan Adams having his contract selected, the Orioles clearly needed another middle infielder with both Brian Roberts and Cesar Izturis on the disabled list. Why not Adams? He has been one of the Tides’ best hitters and the Orioles’ offense is clearly in need of a boost. I know there are some defensive concerns, but the last two nights, it has been pretty clear that Robert Andino is nowhere near as comfortable at second base than he is at shortstop. I don’t think the Orioles will be sacrificing too much defense by playing Adams at second rather than Andino.

And one more comment about Adams: I’ve asked some scouts about him and one comparison that has come up is with the Houston Astros’ Jeff Keppinger who hasn’t played yet this season after having foot surgery. Keppinger is a .281 career hitter over parts of six big league seasons. He can play all the infield positions and a little outfield, but more than Keppinger’s versatility, it’s his bat that keeps him in the big leagues.

In the last three days, the Orioles have put Derrek Lee, Brian Roberts and Cesar Izturis on the disabled list, recalled Brandon Snyder, Chris Jakubauskas, Troy Patton and Reimold, purchased the contract of Adams, and then demoted Jakubauskas and Patton following one active day with the club. They’re not done with the roster maneuvering either. Alfredo Simon will be activated from the restricted list on Sunday and they’ll need to create both 25-man and 40-man roster space for him. Craig Tatum is expected to be activated from the minor league disabled list today, and I don’t think it’s long before he gets recalled to the big leagues. Brian Matusz will pitch at Double-A Bowie Saturday and then could return to the Orioles’ rotation during the West Coast trip, which starts a week from today. Roberts is technically eligible to come off the seven-day DL on Tuesday, though it’s too early to speculate if he’ll be able to do that.

As I’ve written several times, I hate to speculate too much on potential roster cuts, but I’d have to think that Bergesen or Chris Tillman are in the most jeopardy with Simon’s return Sunday. Because of Monday’s off day and Matusz’s return, the Orioles could go with the four starters and use the extra bullpen arm until Matusz is ready to return next Thursday or Friday. Tillman will start Sunday though I assume the club could hold off an announcement until after the game if he’s the odd man out.

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Is it fair to speculate that Bergesen has made his final start? Matusz will make a rehab start on the 21st, and throw 75-80 pitches. If all goes well, he should be ready to throw 90-100 pitches on the 26th, and with that type of pitch count, there should be no worries about that start coming in Baltimore.

With the off-day Monday, Britton and Arrieta can start the first two games against KC on regular rest, and then Matusz lines up perfectly to take his turn on Thursday.

Agree with that?

Jeff Z's reply: Not Roch, but I think that's educated speculation. I could see it playing out that way, though it wouldn't surprise me if they give Matusz an extra day and start him on Friday or Saturday.

I hope they use this weekend as a chance to get a good look at Adams. Andino has been decent at times but will never be more than a utility/bench player.

I agree with you, Bergy's numbers against the East say he will never be a reliable starter. He is destined to be a long man in the pen.

There are a lot things going wrong with this team (injuries,no offense, bad bullpen) but they are still only 4 games under .500. Its hard to say it after a drubbing like last night but this team is clearly better than last year. I think they will go n a nice run over the next few weeks with the schedule lightening up.

It seems to me that Brian Roberts may have been dealing with these concussion symptoms all season. He hasn't been right all year. He hasn't seemed to have the fire and play with the agressiveness that Oriole fans are used to.

Roberts used to be the most important Oriole, a couple of years ago. Anytime he was absent from the lineup, it would have a profound effect on the team. I don't see that being the case anymore. He has taken over Melvin Mora's role as the poster child for the losing Orioles. Is it possible also that being an Oriole for almost 10 years of losing has burned him out?

I think Lee's absence will have greater effect on the club. His bat was warmed slightly, but his defense at first has been so valuable. We haven't seen that level of 1B defense on this club in years and I think it has saved us several runs and possibly even a few games in the standings. Further, I think we have good middle infield depth with the emergence of Andino and a couple of Norfolk guys with big league experience at the ready. Lee just made all the other infielders that much better. Hopefully, he is back soon.

Jeff, there really isn't much to say about this club right now except they are a complete mess . We can easily try and make somebody the scapegoat as we always do but in reality i don't think it's any one person at fault.In retrospect i think last year's great finish made this club think they were closer then what they really are. Our bullpen is a absolute disgrace and there really isn't any way to fix it right now. We knew picking up lee and vlad were a big risk but once again last year finish made us think that they could put us over the top. They are capable of breaking down at any moment. Brian roberts is like having 1/2 ballplayer out there, he can't do anything that made him successful without holding your breath that he will be ok. Jeff he is a major disappointment no matter how hard people try and make excuses for him. The orioles have some very difficult decisons right now to make because they have lots of money tied up in players that have greatly underperformed.However pretty soon they will have to fish or cut bait and let the young players see if they can play. This is dreadfull to worry who is available every day and to watch the bullpen lose games that should be won. It's frustrating jeff to watch this team right now.

Jeff Z's reply: I can't argue with that.


I'm a little confused by the rotation scenario you described. Britton will start Tuesday, that is obvious. Bergesen's turn is now Wednesday but he could be skipped for Arrieta who would be on regular rest, Matusz on Thursday on regular rest, Guthrie and Tillman for the Oakland series? Or if they want Bergesen over Tillman they let him pitch out of the bullpen until May 28th?

I think Tillman v. Bergesen is a tough decision. Both have pitched about the same and both have gotten destroyed by the Yankees (Bergesen twice). I think Tillman has more potential but Bergesen is the more reliable right now. Will be interesting.

Jeff Z's reply: Nothing is really decided Bret other than Arrieta, Guthrie and Tillman (in that start) will start this weekend against the Nats. After Monday's offday, Britton could start Tuesday, and you could bring back Arrieta Wednesday on normal four days rest. Guthrie could then go Thursday on four days rest, and TIllman could start Saturday on 4 days. However, the wildcard is Matusz. He's starting tomorrow in Bowie, and if that is his last rehab start, they could plug him into the rotation on Thursday or Friday.

Wow, great insight. Thanks, Jeff. I hope they give Adams a lot of playing time. I want to see what the kid can do at the ML level. I hope Reimold plays, too.

Cmon this is a no brainer Tillman has been effective in his last two starts and why again not cut Gonzo

Seems like the Yanks got preferential treatment in this series. A-Rod should have been thrown out for arguing so adamantly with the homeplate umpire and Sabathia's plunking was intential, where Gonzalez's plunking was not--he cannot find the plate to save his life right now. Bergessen is in the same situation.

Nick Swisher's laugh at our expense was sad and unprofessional.

But despite all of this, the O's are grittier this year and look more determined to win than ever.

I hope the roster changes keep us near or above .500 until DLee, B-Rob, and Izzy can return.

Thanks for the blog. Good job as usual.

"Joe Girardi gives when he complains that the Oriole pitchers are always talking liberties with Yankee hitters, but I was unsuccessful."

The Orioles have already hit Yankees batters 3 times in the first 1/4 of this season. Once in the head, once almost in the head, and once against their best hitter. I think Girardi has a valid point. The Orioles can't constantly hit the Yankees batters with pitches without expecting retaliation.


Jeff Z's reply: If you read the item, it pointed out that Markakis and Oriole hitters fully expected retaliation because of the number of Yankee hitters that Oriole pitchers have plunked.

Great stuff as always, Jeff. I would go with sending Bergy down instead of Tillman. Don't think Tilly has anything left to prove at AAA. I just don't see Bergy as a longterm option at starter, especially with those AL East stats you put up. By the way, what's the word on how Matusz is looking, outside of his AA game?

Jeff Z's reply: Velocity a little down, a little rusty, command off a little. None unexpected. He barely had a spring training. I think he'll progress with each start.


I think either Tillman or Berganson should go to the pen instead of Norfolk. Save the move and bulk up the bullpen.

After seeing the weak swings from Scott, I wonder if he's heading to the DL. Furthermore, if it only hurts when he throws, why is he in the outfield in the first place. He must be aggrivating it to some extent.

Let's play these kids and see how things shake out. Who knows, with any success, they may pump some life into this now lifeless ballclub.

"Jeff Z's reply: If you read the item, it pointed out that Markakis and Oriole hitters fully expected retaliation because of the number of Yankee hitters that Oriole pitchers have plunked."

Jeff, my comment was to the Orioles fans who have argued on this forum that the HBP by Orioles pitchers against the Yankees were unintentional and/or did not deserve retaliation. You don't have to be petulant evert time you respond to a comment.


Jeff Z's reply: Petulant? Good word. I actually think I'm pretty respectful and tolerant in answering as many questions as I can. You fired the first salvo but saying I was naive to suggest that Gonzalez didn't hit Dickerson on purpose when not one Yankee suggested it was intentional.

No way you were naive to think Gonzalez didn't hit Dickerson on purpose. As I recall, there were two strikes at the time, which represent about half the number Gonzo has thrown this season. If he knew where the ball was going presumably he would have applied that knowledge to the strike zone before now.

Tillman vs. Bergesen.

I personally think we need to move Bergesen into the pen, where his value might be maximized. Maybe he gets more velocity? Maybe he becomes more about the sinker? It's what made Dave Hernandez into a more effective tradable commodity, and, it might help us in deciding what to do about Michael Gonzalez's ineffectiveness. At minimum, it gives us a long man, which we don't really have, which is what really hurt us in the 15 inning game.

Jeff Z's reply: Simon will be the long man starting Sunday. As for Bergesen, I think velocity is the last thing he needs. He was throwing 93 at times last night. He needs to get his sinker back. If he's going to be an effective pitcher in the AL East, he has to rediscover that pitch.

Jeff -

Honestly, how much longer can Mike Gonzalez be allowed to pitch?

On Monday, he comes in, and gives up two hits and a run right off the bat.

On Tuesday, he comes in against a lefty, throws pitch and gives up the go ahead runs. Then, he drills the next guy in the head.

What's next? Walking the bases loaded in a 4-1 game and giving up a grand slam?

There is no excuse for this pathetic excuse for a pitcher. Sure, he put up some nice numbers prior to his time with that O's, but that was two years ago.

And please don't tell me that he threw five outings in a row without giving up a run. Who cares? He's thrown in 16 games this season and he's given up at least one run in TEN of them. There is no excuse for that.

Gonzalez is a joke. He's a lefty reliever who can't get lefties out. He's a late inning reliever who has no idea how to find the strike zone. And it's an insult to this joke of an organization's remaining fans to keep running him out there.

On a lighter note...

Do you think Ryan Adams will actually get a chance to play while he's up with the team? Aside from Adams, I can't think of a single second base prospect worth his salt in our minor league system.

And since it's evident that our wonderful GM and amazing owner aren't interested in paying top dollar to acquire quality free agents, we're going to need to develop a new second baseman from within.

Jeff Z's reply: I don't know how long Adams will be here. A lot depends obviously on whether Roberts is able to come off DL on Tuesday when he's eligible. However, I do think he'll get a chance to play. My thoughts are that if the Orioles were looking for a backup infielder and an insurance policy for Hardy and Andino, they would have called up Harris or Green.

I agree with MARK SMITH above about Swisher's reaction on 2B after a big hit. I was wondering if someone would comment on that. I seem to remember an opposing pitcher jumping all over Luke Scott after he "celebrated" while rounding the bases after a home run earlier this season. Compared to Swisher's celebration, Scott was stone faced. What's your take, Jeff?

BTW, MARK SMITH -- Are you from Missouri by chance?

Jeff Z's reply: I guess I've just gotten used to it with Swisher, and expect as much, but certainly a tired act with that stuff, I'd agree. Peter Schmuck also pointed out that he pointed to the heavens after he reached base last night late in an 11-0 game with a single that could have easily been an error on Andino. Don't forgot about Cervelli's five straight fist pumps on his way to the dugout every time Colon got an inning-ending strikeout on WEdnesday.

Hey! Black Dynamite!

Stop using my character to act like such a sorry sack. You're not worth my namesake and I should roundhouse you in the jaw for even bein' so bold. Now all these fine people are gonna have an aversion to my work, just cause of your jive talkin' foolish mouth.

On another note, I appreciate all people who struggle in the face of adversity as the O's clearly have this season. Keep fightin' the good fight and victory will come around.

Scrathing my head here.
Bergesen has had 2 years to prove he can be a consitent pitcher in the major leagues and the only thing he has proved is that he is inconsistent.
If a pitcher can't be effective on 3 or 4 days rest when he is in a normal routine I don't see how pitching out of the bull pen in spots and spurts is going to help him throw strikes.

JEFF good story, I see ADAMS playing alot for this week, ANDINO has done well this year but is hitting is slacking off and defensively he looked lost and out of position at 2B he looks much better at 3B or SS.. I pray I am wrong as I have always liked REIMOLD but his response at norfolk this season showed little spark or improvement.. I WAS hoping for a big year from him to force his way into the orioles lineup but I believe his SO totals went up..Depending on Tillmans next start I think bergesen goes to the pen.. IF we keep Tillman in the rotation we need 2 long men.. He is very innefficient with his pitch count.. That would be better worked on as a starter, her or in norfolk.. I feel he can be a good and consistent winner up here if he can improve his location/command and improve get into the 7th inning, he might become the ace everyone predicted for him in a bigger fly ball park.. I hope patton gets another chance this year.. with gonzalez velocity being good he is healthy we should be able to find his problem.. If so he can help this team..

Is McPhail gonna be in Baltimore for much longer??????????????????????
We need an aggressive person to take his spot. We have talented players but we need a few more players to compete with anybody.
(Cal ?)
Is anybody in baseball looking for a job to draft good players, sign key free-agents, and attempt to compete each year?????


I understand the promotion of Ryan Adams to fill in for Roberts. Bringing up Brandon Snyder to create some depth at 1st base also makes sense. The Nolan Reimold call up is a head scratcher. Nolan was hitting .237 at Norfolk. If anything, Reimold will eat into Pie's playing time. Felix needs to play regularly if he's ever going to get into a groove. Agree?

Jeff Z's reply: I think that's fair, yeah. If My take on it is that Scott will mostly play 1B now, and the Orioles felt like they needed a 4th OF, and they felt that Reimold was the best suited to come back.

It's obvious Gonzo wasn't throwing at Dickerson. If he had been, he would have missed him.

Hey Jeff,

Any interest from the O's in Okajima now that he's been designated for assignment for the Red Sox?

Jeff Z's reply: Haven't heard , Pat. I have heard terrible reports on Okajima.

i dislike every yankee team but they've really collected a bunch of jackholes on the current roster. then again, their fans are the same.

I'm with you, Jeff, on the Swisher/Cervelli celebrations. It's some of the unwritten rules of conduct that dictate the "way the game is played" that make me love and appreciate baseball even more. I recall in spring training Showalter speaking out against Jake Fox taking a cut at a 3-0 pitch late in a game that the Os had in hand. Both managers were pretty animated that such was a violation of one of those unwritten rules. Makes the Sweisher/Cervelli celebrations all the more baffling considering it's the Yanks, one of the storied professional franchises rich in history. Sort of ironic, I think. What gives? Why does no one seem to question it? It seems Girardi would address it in some small way, even if privately with the players.

What's your take, Jeff? It would make for a really interesting read to have someone write an article on the unwritten rules of baseball. Would make the more casual fan appreciate the depth and complexity of the game.

Thanks for the great posts. It's a must read for me every day! Have a great weekend and go Os!

In a season like this one, where .500 ball is significant progress, I want to see those young players up. Sure, weaknesses are more likely to get exposed and capitalized on. But after learning that, it gives a player something really specific to work on in the minors. It is one thing to tell a young guy about his weakness and another to show him. The second is far more convincing and an inspiration to change.

"Jeff, there really isn't much to say about this club right now except they are a complete mess . We can easily try and make somebody the scapegoat as we always do but in reality i don't think it's any one person at fault.In retrospect i think last year's great finish made this club think they were closer then what they really are. Our bullpen is a absolute disgrace and there really isn't any way to fix it right now. We knew picking up lee and vlad were a big risk but once again last year finish made us think that they could put us over the top. They are capable of breaking down at any moment. Brian roberts is like having 1/2 ballplayer out there, he can't do anything that made him successful without holding your breath that he will be ok. Jeff he is a major disappointment no matter how hard people try and make excuses for him. The orioles have some very difficult decisons right now to make because they have lots of money tied up in players that have greatly underperformed.However pretty soon they will have to fish or cut bait and let the young players see if they can play. This is dreadfull to worry who is available every day and to watch the bullpen lose games that should be won. It's frustrating jeff to watch this team right now.

Jeff Z's reply: I can't argue with that.

I certainly can. Last year when the wheels were falling off and the team looked like it didn't belong playing in the majors, the blame fell squarely upon the shoulders of Dave Trembley.

So why shouldn't the blame be on Buck Showalter this year? He was given better players, and this team is still one of the worst in the game at scoring runs and allowing runs. They are still under .500, once again in last place in the AL East, and once again looking like they have no business being on the field with the Yankees.

Mark Reynolds,,,has no one on this blog noticed his #s..dump him he is DONE, who scouted this guy and DUMP them to...

they are a mess, but only 4 games under 500. Should be .500 or better if not for bullpen despite the offensive slump. Can't blame Buck for that.

Jeff; I just have to get this off my chest. The Peter Angelos era has been a total and complete disaster. I hate to sound like sour grapes but it all goes back to 1998 and the way he conducts business. First it started by letting Mussina and Palmiero go. Had he kept those two players these last thirteen yearswould have been much better because we would have had a #1 starter and a consistent 40 homer guy. Iwill admit playing in the AL East is tough,but I`m sick and tired of hearing excuses. Either *&^% or get off the pot. A professional owner has to have a passion for his sport,and have a burning desire to WIN!!!! Thats all that counts in pro sports--there are no moral victories--a loss is a loss is a LOSS!The people of this great city deserve better,but as long as Angelos is in the catbird seat this town will NEVER have a winner. Prime example #1-- coming in WAY last in the offer to Texiera. Why even make such a ridiculous gesture when you know you have no chance to sign him. ( Does this sound familiar--see Mussina and Palmiero ) ##2-- Everyone knew the team was after Victor Martinez,. He would have been a great fit here. SO what does the front office do? They offer martinez LESS than the Tigers!! #3 -- trying to catch lightning in a bottle . How does Garrett Atkins and Derrick Lee sound? We have a beautiful ballpark and a wonderful fan base,but at this stage of the game we deserve better than being the Pittsburgh Pirates of the American League. Every Oriole fan knows that we have to b reak this awful downturn of not attracting great free agents IN THEIR PRIME!! Not these over the hill projects that we are used to seeing. We have to OVERPAY if we want this cycle broken!! Judging from Mr. Angelos` track record it appears this will never happen. Oriole fans are doomed to mediocraty with Angelos as our owner. We need an owner who is smart ,passionate and caring with deep pockets and a burning desire to win. He is aloof and unreachable. When was the last time he gave an interview? I am now fast approaching the winter of my life,and I fear I`ll never see another playoff run. And what about all the unanswered questions for next season? What do we do at first,second and third? We need a whole new infield. I`ve gone through every emotion as has all the other fans over the past thirteen years--from anger to resentment to embarresment to apathy.Please Mr. Angelos ,for the sake of every Oriole fan sell the team and just GO AWAY!!! Signed,Disgusted in Columbia! .

Could this be change the O's need?

Here's what they need: Lee and Reynolds both benched. (I don't care how much they're making) Vlad, bat him 4th against left-han ders. Scott, bat him 4th against right-handers with Vlad batting 5th. Koji as the permanent closer!


Mr. Wassell,
sir, regarding Mussina and Palmero, both had their feet out the door,before offers were made them. Don't know this first hand ,but newspaper accounts indicated this.
There most be something to the complaints regarding the owner,as don't understand how the club allowed 4 million to stand between it and the guy who went to Detroit.
Nobody wanted guerro or lee and yet they got good money to come to Baltimore.
we won.t be at OPCY's again this year.
the players are over paid and under performing. Blame it on guaranteed contracts.
the way you stop the other guy from laughing at you is beat him. the o's don't play to their potential,or maybe they are see gonso's famous pregame comments. either way gonso,berge and others should go. we're back to letting mahoney, adams and others play.
we're sure they'll be more fun to watch!!

Don't be silly. The change they need is named Brian Matusz

To me, losing to this year's broken down Yankees team makes it worse than last year. Something tells me we might get the last laugh by the time we finish playing the Yankees this season. Swisher needs to get a fastball in the butt the next time he comes up against the Orioles. I am still keeping the faith, and believe we will get a much needed boost from Reimold and Adams.

Seems to me that by the time they are done recalling everyone from the minors, they will have replaced our entire current team with another, which is not a bad idea.,

At that point we will see how the new team plays and if they play better, that will speak volumes about the Orioles front office.

Poor offensive coaching. Bad hitting. A bad attitiude of timid and afraid, stupid pitch selection, no adjustments, no aggression but swinging at the first pitch, whereever it is. Fire the hitting coach today. He's awful. And then bench or trade these guys that sleepwalk through an atbat and bring in the new group to do the same. The Oriole way? God help us if this is the Oriole way. This is embarassing.
(And fire the hitting coach!)

The entire minor league system is depleted. There are no players to bring up to try as position players over the ones that are currently on the field. We keep hearing Snyder, Bell and Adams, but none can hit ML pitching. Especially not AL East pitching. They can keep the current players on the field or bring up AAA players but the our place in the standings will remain the same....5th

ok whos great move was it to let justin turner go and what did we get for him?logic alone would have said roberts is done hes been hurt last few years either sliding to hard running to hard ect , with this history and with all the injured free agents we have youth would be smart at second . lets see derek lee has been on the dl more then years in the league hardy has not been healthy for years , reynolds looks like a bad rookie , gregg and gozalez was a 12 million dollar investment in manure,nicks worst year in the clutch , only jones vlad and wieters are worth watching . the shame of it is this young and talented pitching just keeps getting no decisions or losses , so is it not time to spend and spend on new tires instead of retreds to go with this pitching? like prince ?

"The Nationals haven’t scored in 19 innings and have been shut out seven times this season." Famous last words. Whoa is us.

Hey Jeff,

Is it fair to say it is time to release Gonzalez, McPhail (GM) and send Berken & Rapada down. Bring up Matuze & Ripken (GM) and anybody from Bowie or Delmarva since Norfolk is bare of pitching


Hey Jeff, would you care to LIST the pro players this guy has brought her since coming to Baltimore. All of them Z.

Then, could you write about this guys credentials when he attained this critical position in this organization?

Can SOMEONE start writing about what is going on with this organization? It's been 4 years. They have lost more games than the previous 4 years. The minors are in shambles, the international efforts remain a joke, and the FA's acquired are either completely incompetent, broken down, or well past their prime.

Beattie/Flanny may have been horrible, but as each day passes, they must be laughing at all of YOU who bought into a Plan, mostly used with the young players they brought into the system.

How bout it Z? Or am I, and other O's fans simply being too negative?

You can always write and say we need to be more patient, right?

I'm over this team! It needs to be blown up and fast! Trades need to be made in June not July! We really need to let go of some of these players that are not interested in living up to their potential. The O's need a frontline Starter, maybe not Cy Young but someone with Moose talent. Its definitely time to go get Prince, move Hardy to second and bring up Machado. Maybe even try to go get Young from TX to play left. I really just want to see a proactive approach not a reactive approach to the rest of this season, Why Not!!!


Are there any regrets in the organization about the amount of Nick's extension ?

EVEN IF they wanted to trade him, wouldn't the O's need to eat a lot of that contract or take back a lot less value ?

Jeff Z's reply: Privately, probably. But I've never heard anybody voice them. Hard to speculate on how much money Orioles would have to eat to trade him because I don't think they're looking to do that right now.

Another error? Snyder just got here for crying out loud and makes a 2 run costly error!! This team is just awful. They don't need errors with that bullpen. Hell the bullpen is going to give up 6 or more runs per game regardless so keep the errors out of it.

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