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April 9, 2011

Hardy likely a DL situation (updated with Hardy, Showalter quotes)

Buck Showalter said unless there is a major change, J.J. is likely headed to the DL with an oblique strain. Showalter said he really hurt it on a swing in the second inning.

"Unless something in the early diagnosis is way off, it looks like he is headed to the DL," Showalter said.

It is in a slightly different spot than the previous muscle soreness that cost Hardy to miss two games.

"It sucks. I came in today feeling like everything was gone, it was nothing. I took some swings in the cage and everything was gone. I took that first swing in the game and it just kind of grabbed on me," Hardy said. "It’s a little bit further in the back than kind of on the side where it was. I think it still could be the same oblique, just maybe a different spot. I don’t know."

Hardy will have a MRI on Monday, but expect a DL stint. A corresponding move is still being hashed out -- either a pitcher or maybe a catcher.

"We are going to talk some more but (Andy MacPhail) has had seven innings to think about it. So I am sure he has his hands around what our best move is," Showalter said.

Jeremy Guthrie will start Sunday. Wednesday's starter is undecided. Chris Tillman likely will pitch Tuesday's series opener at Yankee Stadium.

"As we said before, (the rotation) will be a moving target for a few days until we get our arms around Guthrie. He feels good, doctors feel good about it and he is ready to go tomorrow," Showalter said.

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Too bad the O's are fighting all these injuries - could hurt the chances to stretch out the great start.

Fire. The. Trainers.

JJ was off to a nice start and a great guy to have in the 9th hole, but maybe this is the time that Andino will run with the ball. The guy has the skills, but putting it together is another story. His defense was outstanding tonight!

Britton has poise that most 10 year vets would kill for and I think Arrieta just had a bad night so if the O's can win the series on Sunday, I would say that would be huge to be able to win the 1st 3 series of the season, and when you factor in the injuries, it's more impressive!

I am hoping that Tatum gets the call to replace JJ. Tatum is very good at calling a game plus it would give Fox, a better chance at spelling Lee and Reynolds plus he is the only power bat off the bench.

Hardy has the history of injuries. No surprise there.

It's hard to build any sort of momentum when a key player goes down every 2 days.

Maybe Steve is right... maybe we finally need to evaluate the training staff. We do have an awful lot of injuries pop up every year. I don't really follow other teams so it's hard to compare, but it sure feels like we lose key players more than anyone else.

Make it stop! What the devil is going on with all these injuries?

All i can say about the Hardy injury is at least we have a real #9 hitter now with Izzy.

I said before the year started we'd be wishing we had reimpld to face LH pitching from LF,instead we kept Pie who is a flyweight hitter who can chase some balls down but adds nothing to the offense.

Bergy is a proven starter but we shipped him out instead of giving him innings to get in shape. We call up some independent league washout to make a start and instead he gets hammered in relief. At least he's over with. we had to send matuz to a doctor in Philly twice to get a simple wart removed. Whatever happened to compound W?

Brian is now batting 219 look for him to be out with some ailment in the next few day's. You will have to hold your breath all year long wondering what the next mysterious injury will be.

I know I am showing my age now, BUT.
I actually remember when Baseball was played in the spring not late winter. This type of injury will always pop up when you go from 80 degree weather to 45 degree weather. I have been in construction most of my life, I never had any muscle problems during the warm weather. Working with lumber and hauling ladders doesn't change from one season to the next. I had "pulled" muscles every year even though I was constantly doing the same work. Cold tightens muscle mass, no matter how well conditioned you are.
Good Luck JJ, just relax and get better. We will need you during the "real" season.
With Andino and Izturis, on hand we are in better shape than the past. Besides, Andino will be needed more this year. He will step up and allow the infield to be rested. Lets see what he can do.

One of the past bloggers (I forget who) said he's seen the Os pregame stretch routines and that they bounce into their stretches instead of gradually easing into them. That is definitely a NO-NO. Stuck here in NE I'm unable to ascertain this. But if some of the Os are doing the old ballet-dancer bounce that has caused various physical strains in many people over the years, somebody ought to tell the Os trainers. Or maybe just fire them.

Actually recent studies published in reputable medical journals call into question whether stretching actually has any benefit in preventing injuries, at least in runners. My 2 cents on the subject.

BERGENSEN got the raw end but I hope he isn't too bitter to go down and gethis arm strength built up and work on his location command but that could also apply to Tillman or Arrieta after their last starts.. I hope Buck told him he will be back up as soon as he does that' he is better than some others we have up here now when he is okay.

Who the H is pitching wednesday??

Jeff Z's reply: Either Jakubauskas or Bergesen.

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