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March 31, 2011

Hendrickson goes to Norfolk; Duchscherer shut down for a day

Veteran left-hander Mark Hendrickson, who was outrighted to minor-league camp on Monday and spent two days considering his options, has decided to accept the assignment with Triple-A Norfolk.

Hendrickson, 36, was 1-6 with a 5.26 ERA in 52 games with the Orioles last year. He had a 3.86 ERA in 9 1/3 innings this spring, but lost the long-relief battle to Jason Berken and Josh Rupe.

Hendrickson, who lives in York, Pa. year round, wanted to stay in the area, but first checked out the possibility of signing with another team this week.

It’s possible he could also pitch at Double-A Bowie, because it is closer to his family.

“We’re happy to have him back,” said Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail.

In other Orioles news, right-hander Justin Duchscherer, who pitched just two innings this spring and already has been placed on the disabled list with left hip soreness, has suffered a mild setback while throwing Wednesday.

Duchscherer, who threw two simulated innings on Tuesday, was loosening up on Wednesday when the back pain started. He has been shut down from baseball activities for a day and will visit a chiropractor today.

“We’ll give him 24 hours and see where it goes,” MacPhail said.

MacPhail also said the Orioles have submitted their 25-man roster to the commissioner’s office and he does not anticipate any changes.

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Saw where the O's had 39 on their 40-man roster. Does Hendrickson complete that, or is that spot still open?


Spot still open. He's on a minor league deal. Doesn't affect the 40-man

“We’ll give him 24 hours and see where it goes,” MacPhail said

Where it's going? Come on Andy, you know where it's going, right into the rest home. Try The Glenridge in Sarasota Dukey! I think they have a special hip division. You have the money, make like a tennis shoe and just do it

Great to see the Hendrickson is sticking around. He has been classy about this entire situation and should be a fan favorite based on attitude alone.

He had to realize that he has a very good chance to get called up into our bullpen at some point this year, especially with only one left-hander in there currently.

I fear The Duke is a wuss.

This Duchserer injury update thing is getting old already and it's only opening day. How much longer can they go on with this?

Duchscherer will never be healthy enough to pitch for the Orioles, this was a doomed experiment from the start.

MacPhail will never learn- old guys are old! There is no cure for old or for players with back problems. Just get rid of the old guys and the people with back problems.

Stick a fork in Duchscherer. Glad we didn't pay too much for him. We don't need him anyway.

Time to give up on Duchscherer, he is just too frail.

Is it typical for the Orioles players to see chiropractors? Would the Orioles prefer he get care within the medical field instead?

Duchscherer was a long shot, but because he didn't cost much, was worth taking a chance. Hip problems are tough to overcome, and he probably won't pitch for the O's. I wish him well.

The other "over the hill" guys, D-Lee and Vlad, although nearing the end of the line, could still produce numbers typical of their heydays. They aren't the future of the O's franchise, but they will definitely help the present. In the meantime, there are a few guys "down on the farm" who show signs of being their replacements of the future.

The O's are "making do" until their farm system produces major league-ready replacements.

In the meantime, the O's will do about as well as their young staff of starting pitchers. It's unlikely that any of them are about to produce their career-best years, which will come down the road a year or two or three.

Real O's fans will be delighted this year to see the O's win half their games, ecstatic if they do better, disappointed if they do less. But it won't be a repeat of the dismal last few years.

Hang in there Mark, you'll be back on the roster by the end of April.

Jeez... you comment guys are lame. Wow. You'd probably try to divorce your wife if she complained about not being able to find her keys.

Hey Dan,
Do the O's actually have a chiropractor?

Hendrickson has a lot of class and some talent as well. I am glad that he is sticking around. To paraphrase Arnold, he'll be back.

Hendrickson has been offered the "Lurch" role in the next Addams family movie! Sure he will be better at that than pitching!

When the O's signed Duchscherer I commented during a discussion that he'd go to extended ST and that he would appear in Baltimore in early June after a rehab assignment. I'm sticking with my prediction.

The O's haven't ran into anything with Duke that's real unexpected yet, so chill guys. The guy can really pitch when healthy, so he's worth some rehab time.

Good to hear Henderickson decided to stick around. Classy guy and he's a southpaw reliever, they go til they're 40 something.

Dan, Any news on Rapada and what he's going to do? He appeared to really have some good situational lefty stuff. He's a guy that could really be handy to have around if Buck feels a little more secure about the rotation later on.

I was really thinking the O's were working a deal for Andino but it looks like he's really sticking around for now.

OMG. Chas is right - the Duke IS a wuss. Well, doors have hinges for a reason, Duke. Be happy with your guarunteed $700k and go. I am ashamed for wanting the O's to sign you ealier this winter. My bad.

That's right, take out all of those old geezers and just put them out of their misery.....they are just a waste of space. What do you guys do for a living by the way?

Everybody loves Hendrickson, which is great. But nobody loves Duchscherer, which is not so great.

We all knew what ailed Duch when we signed him for close to MLB minimum wage. We also knew that he was a very good pitcher when healthy.

So what's the problem? We're paying him at the low end of the MLB scale. Let him do what he needs to do amd hope he gets better. If we get a fresh, healthy Duch in May or June or even July, I'm quite sure we'll find a wonderful use for him. There is no reason to believe he is a wuss and every reason to believe that he has a bum hip among his other ailments.

I'm glad we signed him. It was the right deceision no matter what. Sometimes you can do the right thing and it bombs out nonetheless. But we don't know that to be the case yet and, until we do, let's kick back and wait and see what happens.

So long as Duch is a plus and not a necessity , we have nothing to lose by giving him the time he needs. I'm sure that nobody in town is more frustrated at what's going on than he is.

So let's all take a deep breath and wait out. Duch until he can contribute. It just might happen more quickly than we expect and turn out to be well worth the wait..


I completely agree with you on Duchscherer. I am not sure if he will be able to conrtribute or not, but either way he was a low cost risk that I am shocked is upsetting so many fans. Last year, fans were clamoring for Sheets which cost Oakland 10 mil and this year, they wanted Webb, who I don't think will ever be the same. If the O's gave Justin 5 mil, I would be pissed too, but this was low risk/high reward deal.

I am sure Hendrickson will get his chance with the O's this season. Injuries and players underperforming are part of the game. It seems like there are better options when we need to call guys up then in the past.

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