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March 1, 2011

Angelos: MacPhail 'not going anywhere'

Orioles owner Peter Angelos told The Sun a few minutes ago that there is no question in his mind that Andy MacPhail will remain the club's president of baseball operations beyond the term of his current contract, which expires at the end of this year.

When he was asked about whether he had made a decision on whether to extend MacPhail's deal, he didn't hesitate.

Angelos.jpg"I don't have to decide it,'' he said. "I think it's obvious. He's not going anywhere. We don't need to talk about it."

Angelos was clearly buoyed by the grand opening of the Orioles newly renovated spring training stadium, and by the way the upgraded O's lineup battered the Tampa Bay Rays. The Orioles hit five home runs in the first three innings on the way to a 12-6 victory that featured big performances by Nick Markakis, Vladimir Guerrero, Adam Jones and Jake Fox.

"If we can only duplicate that up north, that will make everybody happy,'' he said.

MacPhail has been reluctant to talk about his contract situation, but confirmed that he continues to have a very good working relationship with Angelos.

"I very much enjoy working with Peter, and what I believe -- and what I essentially gambled on -- is that he is a man of his word," MacPhail said. "He’s done everything that he said he would do. He hasn’t abdicated his ownership but he has lived up to everything he represented, which is frankly what I expected."

Manager Buck Showalter also seemed pleased to hear that Angelos wants to maintain stability throughout the organization.

"I think that's great,'' Showalter said. "Consistency is a great thing. I think anybody who has spent much time with Andy becomes a fan of his pretty quickly."

Look for Peter Schmuck's column on the Angelos interview here at later today.

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This is a good thing, if only because I don't want Andy GM-ing for his job this season. I don't care about win #82 this year if it costs us win #92 in 2012 or 2013. I'm Reimold is killing AAA, let's send Vlad or Luke packing.

He does have to do a better job with the draft this year. Even if this crop of players is capable of ever winning in the mid-90s, we simply don't have the depth to sustain it.

The first words out of my mouth when I saw the title of this post:

"Oh, crap..."

First thing that crossed my mind when I saw this post is if anyone knows Meso, Gil and a few others personally, get over to their houses and scoop up any loose razor blades lying around.

so, if the o's draw 2.5 million to opcy this year, will the payroll be upped to 100 million in 2012?artakeyw

Saying he's not going anywhere and signing him to a contract extension are two different things. Let's keep it consistent through 2011, and then PA decides in offseason.

Nice get, Pete

Maybe the problem is that many of us on this blog haven't spent much time with andy.

And the first words outta my mouth were...

"Oh hell yeah!"

It's as big of a signing as Vlad...maybe more.

Wow ! Now maybe Mr. Angelo's will get some credit . He has been blame for a lot of things that really wasn't his problem . Bad G.M's. didn't help. Bad drafting didn't help . Let's let this play out . Let's be fair . Let's give it some time . It takes awile to build something strong .

Where's Wayne?

Wayne doesn't post here because the insider has real sportswriters who know the sport and his tripe wouldn't fly with the host of writers here

He's a blowhard who chooses to post only on schmucks blog because he won't be called out there

Wayne is the typical know nothing blowhard

Kudos to Angelos. He put his money up and wants a winner. I sincerely believe he has one with this team and manager.

Get your tickets early...we're gonna have ourselves a contender.

I LOVE this news!

The first two games have been amazing, and this team has a great offense there is no doubt about that! However, has anyone noticed that Reynolds is striking out 1 out of every 2 at bats through to games? He is 0-6 with 3 K's, so that is somewhat disturbing. If this kid swings the bat, can you imagine how amazing this O can be?

Dennis, I hope you're right. Over the years, we have seen Angelos pony up a pretty fair amount of money to improve the times. And then, we have also seen him lock up the vault.

I, along with a lot of people, am pretty excited about the possibilities for this club this year. But the real test will be what Angelos signs off on for next year, whether this team wins 75 or 85 games this season. If you want to keep the machine rolling, you have to keep fueling it.

@Josh -- nicely put. If this was Connolly's, I'd buy you a beer. And put it on Wayne's tab.

Very nice that the O's have won two exhibition games, and I agree that this looks like the beginning of a much more rewarding year -- but keep it in perspective, folks. The long, long season hasn't even started yet, and there are both good and bad times ahead.

My advice is, stay cool, hope for a good, balanced, well-coached ballclub that can challenge .500 all year long. Sure I'd like to do better than that, but you gotta crawl (etc.)

It's gonna be a blast to follow this club, though. Ain't nobody gonna be laughing at us this year.

Responding to an early comment about above about the farm system....
Something that I haven't seen pointed out is the fact that a couple years ago, Jordan made it very clear that he was switching from drafting high draft college players (that are ready soon) to much younger players, which takes much longer to develope (6-7 years sometimes). Therefore, the low rating we have recieved on our farm system is a bit premature for us fan's to fret over, between a recent graduation class of much larger than other American East teams and the still very young draft picks that will take some time yet to judge their true potential.

Get a grip people on the 'panic'. It takes awhile to turn around a lousy farm system, and Jordan and cast are heading in a very good direction.

For those of you hoping Andy goes- you should read this piece about Dayton Moore of the Royals yesterday-

It should give you pause about wanting the Orioles to bring in a new GM to start the clock towards winning all over again. McPhail has you on a path- and it isn't that bad of a path.

Ever notice that not only Wayne doesn't post here, but neither do a group of posters who sure sound a lot like him.

What makes me laugh out loud is when he starts tell "himselve's" how smart they are and oh course they return the favor...

In the minors there are a really nice group of these HS draftees making their way up through the system. Frederick had a very solid group of prospects last year, and Bowie also had a nice core.

Norfolk would appear to have the makings of a nice roster this year at the AAA level as well. Last Year there were a lot of nonprospects playing for the Tides. With the holdovers and promotions from Bowie and the influx of some ML experienced talent the Tides will be a much more solid club.


I read an article by Bill James years back that makes me wonder about the advisability of drafting high school age players as opposed to college players.

In short, he looked back over the previous 20 to 30 years and found the former to have a far less likelihood of having a successful career as compared to the latter.

That certainly calls into question the advisability of following that drafting strategy.

I'm not so sure I agree with most, or PA's fondness for AM. Atkins and his handpicked closer blew up in his face. The Adam Dunn pursuit was a horrible embarrassment with the O's $20,000,000 short- not even close or remotely professional.

D. Lee is a broken down mess, unable to take B.P., less than 30 days from Opening Day. Justin Duchscherer is in the hangar getting serviced, as usual, and Vlad had nowhere to go after fading in the stretch.

Hardy's numbers have dropped for three years. His glove is not as good as the man he replaces. Mark Reynolds holds the ML record for K's, all time.

These are castoffs with an offensive upside. I want to believe we have a shot at respect but I do not see genius or some higher level of understanding in AM's moves. I see desperation and a lot of April prayers.

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