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February 21, 2011

Showalter's surprise trip to the movies

After Orioles players reported to Ed Smith Stadium last night for the first full-team meeting, they were herded out to buses and taken to a local movie theater.

There, as part of manager Buck Showalter’s presentation to the team, he showed them a 12-minute custom-made highlight video set to music. The video celebrated individual highlights of the players and included other motivational footage, such as clips from past Orioles bench-clearing brawls.

I haven’t seen it, but I’m told that the video was well done, and also well received. You never know how players are going to react to these types of things. They could think it’s corny or they could eat it up. Showalter has done this sort of thing in the past and one former player -- Texas Rangers infielder Michael Young -- still raves about how fired up he and his teammates got after one watching the highlight video.

I’ll be able to get reaction for you later today after the team’s first full-squad workout. The clubhouse is closed this morning as the players undergo their physicals.

However, the message Showalter was sending to his players seems pretty clear: There is enough talent in the room, and it’s time to come together as a team and start winning games.

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Maybe the obvious answer is no, but is it possible that this highlight video could be released to the fans at some point?

On the one hand, I understand that Showalter might be looking for something that is meant to be kept between the players, coaches and the manager.

But on the other hand, isn't it true that the fans could use a little motivation and something to get them a little more fired up, too?

any chance the Sun can get that video posted on the website?

FYI there is a major typo in the current video section headline

'O's Andy MacPhail on signing Guerrera'

Sounds really cool. I want to see it. Nothing gets me charged up like watching Mussina drill Bill Haselman followed by the giant melee/dogpile.

Buck should get DJ Steve Porter to put together a motivational video for the team. I'll bet it would be awesome.

The brawl that gets me fired up is the 1 the O's had w/ the Yankees in the mid-90's where @ 1 point Alan Mills is in a dugout giving Darryl Strawberry the smackdown. With the way he had his brim pulled low & his glare, my friends & I often wonder why anyone ever tried anything w/ Alan Mills.

I guarantee Mills decking Strawberry was on there.

Jeff Z''s reply: I think that's a safe bet.

We're just lucky to have a real skipper in charge here for once.
Good managers matter. And I think we'll find that out this season.
In Buck We Trust.

Yay motivational videos!!!!

Have you seen any of the coaches talk with guerrero yet? Does pie's apparent relationship with sir Vladimir make him more of a favorite to make the team?

Did the motivational video have Spanish subtitles?

I hope the footage of Jeffrey Maier screwing the O's in the '96 playoffs against the yanks made the cut.

Just another reason why Buck is the perfect fit for the Orioles. Gonna be a great season. LETS GO Os!!!!

BTW this sounds almost Jacksonian (as in Phil). Like it.

I'm glad we have a manager who thinks showing brawls in a motivational video is important...not that it should become hockey, but in recent years we have been steamrolled on occasion and stayed down...when you get pounded somebody has to stand up and make a point. If the O's are on the comeback trail, one or two errant pitches to show an attitude change couldn't hurt.

Brings new meaning to the term A Clockwork Orange.

It's really great to hear tidbits like this. It gives us an insight into how different Showalter is, how he's built up his great rep. You've got to be a truly bad manager for the players and officials to say bad things about you in public. So, most of the things publicly said about the manager will tend to be generous, generic, and tame. It makes it harder to distinguish from the actually good managers out there. Hearing this stuff makes us realize how different a good manager's tactics really are.

Awesome, Jeff! A Clockwork Orange reference. I had to read that book for my college freshman orientation in Ohio in the summer of 1966. Funny, I still remember what "horrorshow groodies" means.

Funny thing about the Mariner brawl. I was watching the game on tv and am friends wtih Haselman. I told my wife that it would be cool if Bill hit a dinger as long as the Os got the win. BAM! My wife acted like i called time up, he's throwing his helmet at Moose and I'm standing up in my living room yelling NO BILLY NO, YOU IDIOT!

Wasnt that the one where cal got bent backwards and may have had to miss a game if not for a day off?

And yes, watching Mills lay the smackdown on DS was sweet!

Sounds like a very simple idea. And simplicity usually strikes home the hardest. Great idea, especially with roster full of new names. It makes people have confidence in their teammates' past while implicitly making everyone accountable for living up to their own abilities. Brilliant.

REally enjoy the blog, but, is it just me or are the captcha log in words ridiculously difficult to read. I have taken to copying all my entries before I try to submit them because more than half the time, I can't decipher what the letters are in the captcha words. I appreciate reducing spam, but can the words at least be readable, if not actual English words?

Did Markakis show up for the meeting? I feel he should of at least reported by Friday. What is his reasoning for not being there when the rest have showed up? I know it is voluntary, but this was the first exciting offseason in a few years.

Glad it wasn't 'Bad News Bears' or any of the Major League series. I can remember a few good ones from the 60s and 70s. Joe from Jersey is right though - a few intentional high and tight will send a message. Not afraid to play hard and not afraid to fight. Maybe the new slogan should be "bring it - win or lose you'll know you had a fight on your hands"

The only video featuring the Orioles I have any interest in seeing is, Baltimore Orioles 2011: The Year They Finally Didn't Suck.

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