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February 18, 2011

Guerrero contract finalized

Designated hitter Vladimir Guerrero is officially an Oriole. He passed his physical and finalized the one-year, $8 million agreement he reached with the club on Feb. 4.

Guerrero, who turned 36 last week, will likely move right into the cleanup spot in the Orioles lineup and push Luke Scott out of the DH role and into left field. He was the final piece in the offensive overhaul that also included the acquisition of power-hitting third baseman Mark Reynolds, veteran first baseman Derrek Lee and shortstop J.J. Hardy.

It took longer than usual to get Guerrero together with the Orioles medical staff, but he was not required to report to training camp until Sunday. Pitchers and catchers – and a number of position players – have been working out at the Ed Smith Stadium training complex since Monday, but the first official full-squad workout is on Monday. Guerrero has been in the clubhouse at Ed Smith the past two days, but hasn't worked out or taken batting practice as he awaited the physical results.

A news conference with Guerrero, Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail and manager Buck Showalter will take place this afternoon,

The addition of the potential Hall of Fame slugger has been well-received by Orioles fans, who watched the O’s struggle to score runs for much of the 2010 season. Guerrero has 436 career homers and rebounded from a disappointing 2009 performance with the Los Angeles Angels to help lead the Texas Rangers to their first World Series.

He batted .300 with 29 homers and 115 RBI, but his numbers tailed off during the second half of the season and he struggled in the postseason, batting just .200 with 16 strikeouts in 15 games.

The contract calls for a $5 million base salary and $3 million in deferred compensation.

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Posted by Peter Schmuck at 7:47 AM | | Comments (27)


Vlad will now get 300+ plate appearances in that tiny bandbox called Orioles Park at Camden Yards. Pitchers all over the American league should be trembling already.

I still haven't seen Vlad in an Orioles uniform....c'mon. Get me a picture.
What is the team going to do next season? We lose all of the upgrades as late as the end of ofthe season, if McPhail doesn't trade them all away by the trade deadline.

Cue the Hallelujah Chorus...

Calling it now-we will have a better record than the yankees this year!! Mark it down.

Big Daddy Vladdy in the middle of the O's lineup. As they say better late then never...

I beat the drum for this signing since the Winter Meetings. Just hope he's got a couple of good years left in the tank. I'd love to see him hit his 500th HR as an Oriole.

Peter, If you get the chance, ask Vlad if he's aware of how many fans started filling up the blogs for his signing?

Thanks for the good work and hope you can get another 9 in before dark...

Cue the Hallelujah Chorus...
Amen to that!

And Yes Sir, I am excited about Vlad Guerrero finally getting all the i's dotted and the t's crossed! Wooo Hooo!

Even Tiillman joined in the excitement

"God, it's good to see him,'' said pitcher Chris Tillman

A lot of people getting religion around here, quite frankly that's a "Good" thing!

I am not down on this move - I'm relieved that it's finally official, actually, and cant wait to see Vlad in an O's uniform.

But I do think our lineup feels a little one-dimensional ... I wish we had more "pesky" players, the kind of guys that can steal a base or lay down a bunt or go from 1st to 3rd on a single. That sort of thing puts pressure on a defense as much as the threat of a HR.

Roberts is obviously a flea on the basepaths, Jones has his moments, and maybe Reynolds can chip in.

Jeff or Dan, is this something that Buck seems concerned about or has addressed?

Showalter is all about the fundamentals, so I am sure this will be an area of concern this year. Pie is the fastest and most athletic, but hasn't gotten the most from his athleticism. I could see him being a focus this year.

Hey Vladdy,It's finally good to be seeing you in a Orioles uniform.I hope you just take it easy until the season starts.As far as the rest of the team,if you want to hit for a better average,be patient and look to walk instead of trying to do too much and pitchers will eventually make a mistake.

Yeah time to start worrying about next year!
So what if we stay competitive all year and end up in the playoffs.
It's next year that's really important!

Any word what # he'll wear?

Jeff Z's reply: 27

I am glad Andy is being allowed to build a team. They got a good manager in Buck and they seam to have finally got some free agents to sign.

So why do I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop or for Angelos to do something stupid?

Why I cant, I just be optimistic and see what the new season brings?

If the O's could secure a wild-card spot, a lot of these guys might stick around. I guess we'll have to just wait and see. Go O's

I will repeat what I said before, if you have never spent a summer in Dallas then you don't know how debilitating that can be, especially on an older player, which is what I think happened to Vlad. It takes the rest of the year to recover.

Fully refreshed, I expect him to have a MONSTER year in Camden Yards (40+ homers, 125+ RBIs).

Ready or not!

New Oriole fight song:

Doesn't all of this sound too familiar with the 2005 signing of Sammy Sosa, who by the way was also 36 years old that year. The year before with the Cubs, he hit 35 HRs and 80 RBIs in 121 games. In an O's uniform, he hit 14 HRs, 45 RBIs and .221 BA in 102 games....let's cross our fingers.....

Doesn't all of this sound too familiar with the 2005 trade of Sammy Sosa, who by the way was also 36 years old that year. The year before with the Cubs, he hit 35 HRs and 80 RBIs in 121 games. In an O's uniform, he hit 14 HRs, 45 RBIs and .221 BA in 102 games....let's cross our fingers.....

New Oriole fight song:

To be played as loud as humanly tolerable at all Oriole games. Edit where required and splice beginning of song to the part beginning at 2:19.

Same Ole ORIOLES! Always getting player's past there prime. When they are in there Prime they want to win wouldn't have anything to do with Baltimore . Past there prime, they know the ORIOLES will overspend and extend there career's.

Dear "Know It All" (clearly an ironic nickname): Wait. You wrote that "the ORIOLES will overspend." Did you really write that? Overspend? Hasn't that been the huge complaint for O's fans for the past decade? that the O's wouldn't spend enough? Now you're upset because they "will overspend and extend there career's"? (BTW, that's "their careers"). Hey, have some fun, dream a little, have a little "hope springs eternal" in you. Even Ken Rosenthal said the O's will be relevant this year. When's the last time you heard anybody at any level of expertise say that?

Does anyone remember the Tigers from 2006? If so, can you name any player besides Magglio Ordonez and Curtis Granderson? Maybe Bonderman? I'm calling it right now. Mark it, Schmuck. The O's will be this year's 2006 Tigers. And when silly baseball pundits realize this, I expect some kind of royalty for pointing it out so early.


what school you went? i could tell they really learned you up.or maybe you were foaming from your eyes when you were typing?

i know at least a few things you don't know...

"Doesn't all of this sound too familiar with the 2005 trade of Sammy Sosa". I keep hearing that but the difference is Vlad was not part of the Steroid Bloat group that Sammy and so many other power hitters were. His numbers stayed up while the juice bunch returned to mere mortal numbers.
I think Vlad will be more like Harold Baines with more home runs.


You don't know which their to us. Is it THERE? or THEIR? or THEY'RE?

They're not the same ole Orioles.. So there! :)


You don't know which their to us. Is it THERE? or THEIR? or THEY'RE?

They're not the same ole Orioles.. So there! :)

Great signing. I have rewarded the team by purchasing tickets for the first time in over 10 years. BTW, I think part of the reason for Guerrero's tailing off in the second half last year was that Josh hamilton was hurt a good portion of late Aug/Sept. No need to pitch to Vlad when Hamilton is not around. Just one thought...

64 more HR's in 2-3 years and he'll reach 500. Be really cool to see VG reach the 500 HR's milestone as an Oriole, along with Frank Robinson and Eddie Murray.

Welcome to Baltimore Vlad and have a grand 2011.

"The addition of the potential Hall of Fame slugger has been well-received by Orioles fans . . . "

Umm, yes. Beautifully phrased.

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