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January 7, 2011

Updates on Ohman, Simon, Gregg, Ryne Duren

The Orioles are not one of the three finalists for the services of free-agent left-handed reliever Will Ohman, who spent half of last season pitching for the Orioles.

An industry source said Ohman has narrowed his choices to three, and the Chicago White Sox are considered the favorites. A final decision has not been made but is close, the source said.

The Orioles are looking for a left-handed reliever and had some interest in bringing back Ohman, who signed a minor league deal with the club last offseason and pitched well for the big league team before he was traded to the Florida Marlins on July 31 for Rick VandenHurk.

But the Orioles were not willing to offer a major league roster spot at this point to Ohman. It’s expected that the club will wait until closer to spring training before it adds another lefty to the bullpen. It’s possible that pitcher -- like Ohman in 2010 -- will be offered a minor league deal and a spring training invitation with a good chance of making the club. Or the Orioles could claim a left-hander off waivers or trade for one before spring training begins.

Ohman, 33, pitched in 33 games with the Orioles last season, not recording a decision while compiling a 3.30 ERA in 30 innings. He didn’t allow a run in his first 25 appearances for the Orioles. While with the Marlins, Ohman went 0-2 with a 3.00 ERA in 17 games.

Ballistics test not in
In other news, as of late Friday afternoon, Orioles reliever Alfredo Simon remained detained in the Dominican Republic while awaiting an official ballistics report, which might determine whether the bullet that killed Simon’s 25-year-old cousin Jan. 1 was fired by Simon’s gun.

Gregg’s physical Tuesday
Reliever Kevin Gregg, who agreed to a two-year, $10 million deal with the Orioles this week, will be in Baltimore on Tuesday for his physical. If all goes well, the club will announce Gregg’s signing, bringing the club’s 40-man roster to 39 players.

Duren dies
Ryne Duren, known for his 100 mph fastball, control difficulties and thick eyeglasses, died Thursday at age 81. Duren pitched just one game for the Orioles in his 10-season major league career, but it was his debut Sept. 25, 1954. He was traded two years later to the Kansas City Athletics.

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Posted by Dan Connolly at 7:28 PM | | Comments (26)


'.....If all goes well, the club will announce Gregg’s signing, bringing the club’s 40-man roster to 39 players.'

40, when they sign Vlad.

As an amateur GM, I recommend offering Ohman $10 million to come back. Or is Angelos too cheap, AGAIN?!?!

Am I missing something on the Simon news? I thought he and his lawyer turned in his gun after the fact. I don't know about you but if I shot someone and I had to turn over a gun I don't think I'd turn over the same one. He might only have one pitch (his forkball used to get blasted) but I bet he owns more than one gun. Why would he give them that one???

That has to be determined too. There are tests, I presume, for roughly when a gun was fired, however.

@plausible deniability -- If the O's could sign Vlad, they'd have some serious mashers in the middle of the lineup, as he, Lee, Scott and Reynolds would all have a legitimate shot at 30+ home run seasons.

I don't know how far they'd go with that kind of middle of the lineup, but they'd sure make things quite interesting in the AL East.

Let's do it, Birds!

The most brokenhearted person in town if Ohman doesn't come back will be Rick Dempsey, because of the impression Ohman did of Haray Carey introducing Dempsey. I'm not sure I'd ever know the difference. For me, Ohman was run-of-the-mill as a situational lefty, and when your entire job is getting one guy out, your lifetime ERA should be zero, for that kind of money.

Oh well - Joe Beimel?

What,? No mentioning of the trade that sent Garza to the Cubbies? And to think the O's were the only team that was allowed to trade w the northsiders.
So the Rays have lost now, one of their Aces, their best outfielder and table setter, their slugging 1st basemen, their closer, two more relievers...did I leave anyone out? So they're coming back to the pack. The Yanks have serious rotation questions. Toronto let us snag their closer of old in Ricardo and their closer of late in Gregg.
Considering all this coincidence, are the O's now rightfully and more importantly motivationally feeling compelled to really take a run at the division by adding Vlad?
If they do, people get glad! Very Glad.

Steve D

Clueless since 2011

Do you have a clue at all about baseball at all

How do you get Scott and Vlad in the same lineup with Lee and Reynolds?

You play Lee at first, Reynolds at third, Luke Scott in left field and Guerrero at DH. Then, you make Felix Pie or Reimold your 4th outfielder.

For the last spot on the 25 man going North, I'm thinking it's going to be Ron Mahay. I'm with Steve, this really isn't as big of a deal anyway. I'd rather have a quality righthander than a mediocre lefty any day. After all, JJ's sinker is an OUT pitch vs most lefties, when spotted well. Save that last spot on the 40 man for VLADDIE. GET THIS DONE AM!

I saw Ryne Duren pitch in relief for the Yankees against the Orioles, when he was in his prime in the late 1950's. He was a scary sight as he squinted in at the catcher through coke bottle glasses. He had a wheeling, aggravated and agitated motion similar to Goose Gossage and humped up and cranked back before releasing the ball. If you were close enough you could hear him grunt loudly when he let it go.

He was nearly unhittable back then and most of the Oriole hitters appeared more interested in getting back to the dugout alive than digging in. Childhood memories tend to be exxagerted but I never saw anybody throw as hard as Ryne Duren.


Agree, Dick, that's how you'd arrange it, but Luke is not up to it as a leftfielder and would be the defensive weak link on the team.

That said, though, I would only love to have Vlad. Just make sure he never plays left, either.

In the spring of 1961, I attended a Grapefruit League game at Miami Stadium between the Yankees and Orioles.

At one point, Oriole catcher Hank Foiles swung so hard at a Duren pitch (and missed) that his contact lenses popped out and fell to the ground.
Do you know that Foiles, Elston Howard, and the umpire scoured the ground around home plate for two or three minutes looking for the lenses..... to no avail.

Then, in strolls Ryne Duren..... reputedly half-blind..... and immediately spotted them, bent down, picked them up, and handed them to Foiles.

As Duren turned and casually walked back to the mound, everyone around home plate just shook their heads in amazement.

Gil...Thanks for the first hand memory of Ryne Duren. I for one love hearing about those whom came before us. My Dad told me about him and how feared he was and that unreal fastball. I love baseball history, especially Orioles history.

They know what Ohman brings to the table but yet they let him slide because they dont want to pay. Obviously changes were made to better the team, and a pitcher such as Ohman who they have experience with and really pitched well while Baltimore, at what point do we say he is not good enough for this team. The whole point behind the upgrades was to compete, right ? So they will let a good lefty go to another team so they can benefit from his services. Thats why other teams are better than Baltimore, because they want o go after the cheapest possible solution and hope for the best.

How about Nolan Ryan. I don't think we'll see anyone like him again that was still throwing near 100MPH until he reached his 40's...and was still gunning it at 95-97.

I don't think anyone threw consistently harder, deeper into games, or for as for many years as Nolan. Amazing he did all that and was a very durable pitcher during the process.

Assume the Vlad pushers figure Scott in LF (else Vlad's 29 HR's are NOT an upgrade over Scott's 27 HR's). If so, we get some add'l power and K's while clogging the bases all while losing Pie's speed, weakening our LF defense & putting the shackles on a young player just starting to bust out. Be careful what U wish for - HR's are NOT an end-all (once in mid 90's we had 8 guys with 20+ HR's & finished what 4th??). I'd like to see Pie get a full injury-free year vs the lumbering, non-hustling Vlad & his HR every 5th game with little else.

All for Vlad ...heck of a line up.
score some runs and sell some tics.

Don Vlad pusher here and yes Luke can play lf.
As far as the Ks go Vlad only had 60 SOs in 593 ABs (152 gms) last yr. While he may be slow he did have 4 out of 9 steals last yr. How many did Pie have? I think Pie is 4th OF at best while Reimold should start the yr in Norfolk.
B Roberts
N Markakis
D Lee
V Guerrero
L Scott
M Reynolds
M Wieters
A Jones
JJ Hardy

That line up looks good to me.

Come on, Steve. You act like Ohman, who only can get lefties out...and still has a lifetime ERA North of the next coming of Sandy Koufax. ONE OUT LEFTIES are a dime a dozen. Ohman wasn't worth $4Mill over 2 years...PERIOD. We'll get a ONE OUT LEFTY off the scrap heap, where they tend to reside. Don't get your Bird Feathers Ruffled. This is NOT big news. After what AM has done, you should be ashamed. My choice all along is Mahay ahyway. Hope it happens.

everybody keeps mentioning pie as the starting lf. make no mistake about it reimold will be the starting lf when the season begins. he is a much better baseball player than pie.

do not know how some people speak they do not know who is writing a same place where the accident occurred when Simon is involved, the truth is that everything was an accident now what needs to be clarified is who fired the shot that killed the person because here everyone says that Simon shot in the air and a very different direction to where the dead person appeared

You people not wanting Vlad because of Scott's poor defense in left argument....have you seen Pie and Reimold play left???

"You people not wanting Vlad because of Scott's poor defense in left argument....have you seen Pie and Reimold play left???"

Yes. Reimold played poorly because of a bad leg and while I still think he's not a great LF'er, he's better than Scott. Pie is light years better.

There is also the fact that Luke is dealing with his own Achilles tendon injury and he's been dinged up here and there while being a DH. I don't think he stays healthy for 140-150 games in LF.

Still, I would strongly consider moving him out to LF if it adds another quality bat like Vlad. But I am okay if that move doesn't happen as well. I don't know if the Orioles are in a position that adding Vlad is going to have enough of an impact to propel them to a post season appearance. The starting rotation is going to be the main deciding factor on how well this team does.

One of the guys we got from the A's in the Duren trade is also one of my all-time favorite baseball names...Al Pilarcik, who passed away just a few months ago.

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