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January 30, 2011

Scott says slot him wherever, but keep him in Baltimore

Luke Scott made something clear again Saturday at FanFest.

He’ll play left field or designated hitter or first base or wherever manager Buck Showalter wants him in 2011. But he wants to play for the Orioles this season -- and well into the future.

“My personal desire is I want to be here, in Baltimore, when this team turns around and starts contending,” Scott said Saturday. “I would be all for signing a long-term deal, absolutely. It is something I have worked hard for for my entire career, and it is a goal of mine. But it is out of my hands.”

Scott, 32, is arbitration-eligible, and his case has not yet been settled. He is scheduled for a hearing Feb. 14, when a three-person board of arbitrators will decide whether to award him $6.85 million (his filing) or $5.7 million (the Orioles’ filing).

Scott, who is coming off his best season after hitting .284 with 27 homers and 72 RBIs and earning the Most Valuable Oriole Award, can become a free agent after the 2012 season. His representation has spoken to the Orioles about a contract extension.

“We brought it up. They are just not ready to go there,” Scott said. “It’s their decision.”

With his sunny attitude and strong work ethic, Scott has made himself a fan favorite in his three seasons in Baltimore. But he rankled some this offseason when he spoke his mind about politics -- and specifically President Barack Obama -- while at the winter meetings in Florida.

He criticized both the president’s performance and his origin of birth.

Saturday was the first time he appeared before Orioles’ fans since making those comments. And he said there was no backlash at the event.

“All was good. It was all positive. We all have our constitutional rights, and I have always been one to express how I feel. I try to do it in a way that is respectful,” Scott said. “Sometimes people say things that step on my toes, but I respect what they say because that is their right. It’s their right to think that way, ‘OK, that’s fine.’ For me it is the same way. I have my right to think and believe the way I want. We do not live in a Communist America. At least not yet.”

As for the possibility of the Orioles potentially signing Vladimir Guerrero, who would push Scott into left field and perhaps further down in the lineup, Scott said he is on board.

“We’ll see what happens. I feel I should be in the middle of the order somewhere, but that’s going to be Buck’s decision, what he decides to do with me,” Scott said. “As long as I get my at-bats, I’ll play wherever they want me to play and I’ll do whatever they want me to do.”

Regardless, he said he is excited about 2011 at Camden Yards.

“We proved to ourselves first and then to the rest of baseball that we are very capable of competing with the team we had last year,” Scott said. “And now we have added pieces that have kind of bolstered up our team. Things are definitely looking positive.”

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Posted by Dan Connolly at 7:00 AM | | Comments (65)


"...We do not live in a Communist America. At least not yet.”

Luke Scott is historically stupid.

You go Luke. Hope you stay. Hope you get your money and you are right. You have your consitutional right to say what you believe....Go Orioles!

Seriously, I do not want to hear anymore "trade Luke Scott" garbage. He was our best hitter. Check his stats: .284, 27 HR's.
The whole Obama comment controversy needs to disappear and become a dead issue as well. He's entitled to his opinion, its allowed. Leave it alone.

While Luke most certainly does have the constitutional right to say whatever pops into his mind, that doesn't mean he actually needs to say it. It would be much better for Luke and for O's fans if his public comments stuck to baseball.

After he retires if he wants to embarrass himself by making goofy political statements, more power to him! In the meantime, don't make the rest of us cringe by embarrassing the O's and a significant number of their fans. If there's any embarrassing to be done, let it be done on the field - though I'm optimistic this year will take us away from that at least.

Go Luke Scott, go O's!

The O's would be wise to sign him to an extension. He's hit 27 homers in only 442 ABs and 131 games. Give him 600 ABs and see what he can do, especially if he's healthy. He'll have better protection at the plate with Reynolds or Jones, (or Vlad?) behind him. Not many players (FAs) want to play for the O's, but he does so keep him.

"But it is out of my hands."

Actually, not. Just hit as well or better than you did last year, all year, prove you can not be so streaky, and improve your fielding. Then your leverage improves.

Why can't luke talk about his president just because he's a baseball player. he was asked the question anyway and he answered it. All of a sudden they can't find Obama's BC anyway.

I'm a huge Luke fan and want him to stay here for as long as possible also.

Kanye West got ran through the mud for saying George Bush doesnt care about black people... he's an entertainer but it was a big issue when he said that.

Luke Scott says the President isnt American... and what..? Sure they got freedom of speech but i thought we held celebrities/public figures to SOME accountability....?

i dont think those two statements are that far apart in the spectrum and both are completely wrong...

the only difference i see is... well Luke Scott has the right to free speech smh lmao

Please don't sign him. Trade him now while we can get a younger, more talented player for him. He can say what he wants, but someone needs to let him know how stupid he is before opening his mouth.

I couldn't be more politically antagonistic to Luke, but he's absolutely right that he's got the right to say almost whatever he wants. I do think that, as a public figure, he ought to be a little more careful to make sure he's right...but then he's probably quite sure he is right about the birther nonsense, even though he's wrong.

Anyway, anyone who doesn't root for him because of this stuff is not much of a baseball fan. It couldn't be less relevant, and besides, for most on the left, we already knew plenty about Luke's philosophy that we disagreed with.

The fact remains that he seems to be a terrific positive example of how to approach the game seriously, and seemed to have a positive impact on Felix Pie last year. I've got nothing but good things to say about Luke the player, and that's all that matters! Go Luke!

"I may not agree with what you say but I'll fight to the death your right to say it." However, why do we care? Let's just concentrate on another .284-27-72 again.

Yes Curt, he had a good, not great, season. Not a clutch hitter (72 RBI) and too streaky. But we definitely want him and not his politics on board! He is saying all the warm and fuzzy things because he is approaching the career "Package in the Sky" deal if he and the O's have a good year. I'm pulling for him to do as good as he thinks he is.

Always liked Luke Scott but even more now with his political stance. It still is a free country

Luke Scott is on the way up and his expected salary (around $6.3 million) is way cheap. This year's Orioles will not be the typical one man army (Luke) of the past. We will have some legit power which should produce an additional 8-10 wins. Good that Luke sees his DH role as a good thing. "goblin"": Liberals are historically stupid- look it up even in revisionist history books.

We should sign him long term. I also agree with what he said.

"...We do not live in a Communist America. At least not yet.”

Luke Scott is historically stupid.

I'm sure if a ballplayer or entertainer commented in the same fashion against George Bush (and they did - and far worse), they would be labled as "historically stupid".

Oh that's right, I forgot. Only the left can make mean spirited, negative comments about political leaders.

72 rbi's on 27 home runs. Not the definition of a clutch hitter. Sign Guerrero and trade Scott to whoever will take him. When he's hitting .235 in July his value will be worthless.

Luke's main reason for delay and arbitration is that dumb comment he made about Obama. He should know better.

How do you propose to get a " younger, more talented" player for Luke if he's so gawd-awful and stupid? GO LUKE!

I admit I root less for Scott now that he put his foot in his mouth, and I hope we do not keep him. But he has every right to voicing his opinions (whether they make any sense or do not make any sense and have nothing to do with with baseball).

I hope we trade Luke Scott, it is just too difficult to root for him.

Can't blame Luke for the low RBI numbers. Not many O's were getting on base last year. Also taken out to 600 PAs it would have been a solid 80+ RBI.

I liked Luke when he was in Houston. I was happy to see the O's get him. If they want to keep him? Well thats up to them. But he has been the power in the line up for the last few years. And he is pretty much the only LH power we have. Nothing against Markakis but he is not a 30 HR type. He's more of a .300 20HR type.

Luke, I understand exactly. Oh and by the way, the morons that criticize you for your comments only allow freedom of speech to their commie liberal friends.

I like Luke. He's a good player. I respect his devout faith. He's an affable person who works hard and cares about his profession.

Of course he has a right to speak his mind, and fans like me, who don't share his views, have a right to disagree or even ridicule what he says. The "birther" phenomenon is laughable, It's not even worth arguing. It's been spread by the usual radio and TV demagogues who tell us in concert that we can't trust other media sources. Therefore, we should only listen to them. They've also told us that Obama is a Communist, Socialist, Nazi, Muslim, etc. He's anything other than a fellow American.

Millions of Americans follow and believe these folks. Luke, though perhaps a nice guy, is just another one.

Anytime a person stands up against socialism, communism, or any form of usurping our rights and freedom, it is not stupid. And Luke brings up a valid point that we are not Communists yet. It sometimes seems that we are heading that way with this administration.
Anyway, I'm glad Luke is an Oriole, both for his political savvy and for his excellent bat and religious presence. Go get Vlad and Go Orioles!!

Luke is a ... The sad thing is that he is uneducable. The fact that he would stand by his earlier comments after he was justly lambasted for them shows how little he has learned from his previous gaffes. That Baltimore fans are so quick to write his foolishness off by defending his right to speak just shows how desperate we all are for a winning season. Luke, just shut up and play ball. Try to hit a little better in the clutch this season. And point to the sky after every time you strike out as well as when you get a hit. If that God of yours is really looking out for you, he will add a few points to both your IQ and your batting average this season.

Make your point; watch the namecalling

OK, now I need to post something that really matters.

For those of you who sit in the shadows and say NOTHING, there is still hope for you...

For those of you who don't question, there is still hope for you...

Without those who stand-up and question those who have shown to be emissive and liars [polotically speaking], we would be in REAL trouble.

Asking for proof of birth certificate should be as simple as it is. Would you get hired, in most cases, without providing documents to your possible employer? or Refusing...or Having the Courts say you don't have to?


GO LUKE!!! Who cares about baseball...

Obama was evidently born in Hawaii; the birth certificate thingie is a decoy.

Decoy? Yes, for two reasons.

-1- Because the actual issue is the nationality status of Obama's parents, and how that meshes with "natural born citizen". But never mind.

-2- Too much is just plain not known about Obama, including his transcripts and other vital records. And our wonderful news media were all too interested in questioning others' curiosity, rather than evidencing a little of that themselves.*

* Remember George W. Bush's AWOL weekend? They couldn't delve into that enough. Why not just a teentsy bit of curiosity about Obama's past? -- and i don't mean his self-serving

Anyway . . .

Where I work, I'm free to mouth off about virtually anything, but not in the name of my employer. At meetings, conferences, and so on, I stick to my field of expertise. That's part of the expectation of me, part of my responsiblities.

Luke Scott was speaking as an Oriole. Just plain not smart, regardless of Obama's birth and parentage.

Now, let's have a smashing 2011 for Sir Luke!

Freedom of speech does not mean that you are free from criticism when you say something dumb. This applies to liberals and conservatives everywhere.

And yes, what he said was dumb. Most members of the political right believe the "birthers" are a bit whack-a-doo in the membrane. To say that Luke's odd opinions represent the feelings of the average Republican is a little like saying the average Democrat is well represented by Michael Moore. Neither are particularly true.

Were I a professional baseball player, I would realize that my fans -- who pay my salary, indirectly -- cross many political boundaries and ideologies and maybe, just maybe, I shouldn't take a swipe at what any half of them believe.

Just because you can say something does not mean you should. Often, discretion really is the better part of valor, especially when you're famous or a public figure.

Politicians make stupid comments all the time and people still vote for them. Why does anyone really care what a guy who hits a piece of leather with a wooden stick says about anything not involving the game? Move on people, there are better political discussions out there if that is your thing. There are better baseball stories too.

Many in the media, including ball players, should keep their mouths shut vs opening them and removing all doubt that they are ignorant.
However, I could care less what politically motivates any Oriole, much less bumpkin Scott, as long as he goes about his craft in a studious, blue collar, and professional manner. Luke at the very least, exemplifies just such an Oriole, so I can live with his ... brain function.
Sign Vladdy & Ducsherer and LET"S PLAY SERIOUS BALL!

What does religion have to do with baseball? Just like making the sign of the cross by agnostics who score touchdowns!

A birther eh! Yes, he has a constitutional right to show his stupidity. But we should dump his butt and find someone with at least half a brain.

I would defend Luke Scott's constitutional right to be an idiot. The sad thing is, he isn't even aware of how ignorant he appears to be.

Sorry. When someone- no matter their athletic skills- so proudly wears their ignorance and/or thinly veiled unwarranted public show of web-based lie propagation and disrespect towards our elected President, I cannot root for their success.
I don't wish for Luke Scott to stay an Oriole or resident of Baltimore. This is the same way I felt towards Roberto Alomar after he spit in an umpires face. I just could not longer root for his at-plate success, even as he was a part of the team.
Goodbye, Luke. It is possible some are in fact actually "Boo-ing" and not "Luke-ing".

Luke speaks from the Right.

But swings from the Left.

One of which is dearly needed in Baltimore.

Very disappointed in FanFest this year. I had no issue with the decision to charge adults for autographs and have a free 'kids autograph area.' But to not have ay of your marquee players come to that area all day - Roberts, Markakis, Jones, Weiters, Reynolds, Guthrie - that just seems wrong.

These are the guys these kids idolize, but instead they were treated to Craig Tatum, Jeremy Accardo, Brandon Erbe and 3rd base coach John Russell. I'm grateful to all of those guys for taking the time to sign. It just seems like the O's could have done better.

Listening to Luke Scott talk about politics is kind of like listening to Bono talk about starving African children. We're paying you to dance, clown, so dance and don't open your mouth unless you ACTUALLY have something intelligent and informed to say. Celebrity isn't a license to opine about sociological issues that you clearly don't understand (communism). I think this guy is a decent player and I wouldn't mind them keeping him around, but just to play baseball.

27 HR's and 72 RBI's for one of the worst offensive teams in MLB. RBI's come with opportunity and when the team you're player for has the worst OBP in baseball, the opportunities are slim. Also, in comparison to Guerrero, Scott had the better season overall. Look it up.

As far as his politics go, it's irrelevant. He was asked his opinion and he expressed it. Let it go. As long as he gets on base that's all I'm concerned about.

And Dan, I really wish you would keep politcs out of sports topics. Doesn't go well together. Like beer and chocolate.

Dave: I understand that. And this entry wasn't specifically about Luke and his opinions. But I felt it was newsworthy enough to ask him how he felt he was received in his first public appearance in Baltimore after the comments. I certainly am not trying to drag out the controversy. It is what it is. And I for one -- and Scott, too -- have no problem moving on.


Luke comes across as a man's man who speaks his mind and let's the chips fall where they may. I think you'll agree that he always gives you a decent post-game interview.

Regardless his politics, that sort of candor is refreshing, though he'd probably be better off to be slightly more circumspect with his comments to the media.

Put Vlad in the same lineup with Luke, Lee, Reynolds and the rest and the Orioles potentially have got a very potent offense. Scott's defense may not be Gold Glove caliber, but it's not as bad as some readers seem to think.


Ken: I have said more than once that I enjoy my dealings with Luke Scott. I like the fact he's not afraid to speak his mind, which is refreshing. He is always cordial and accessible to the fans and media. And he does a lot of good behind the scenes. I'm not judging, just reporting.

There are several intramural sports teams in my town which consist of professors. They will never be mistaken for professional athletes, but I would never deny them the right to play and have fun. So Luke Scott sounds kind of dumb. So what? Play ball!

It's quintessentially hypocritical to say Luke should only express his feelings about baseball....
......and then turn right around and pass judgement upon him based on those exact same non-baseball sentiments.

Those doing that (and there have been many here) are the stupid ones.


The only reason why I say that is because people get so uptight over Scott's points of view on politics that the majority of the comments are focused on just that. For a person like myself who isn't interested in his political stance, I find it annoying. I know what you're thinking, I don't have to read it, but I enjoy talking baseball more than politcs. Thanks for the updates, I appreciate the reply :)

On a side note, I try extremely hard to respect others opinions. As far as the personal attacks on Scott goes, some of you need to look in the mirror....

I too believe in free speech. A lot of people before Luke have said things without knowing all the facts. I would just hope he could get his facts straight.

Someone said Luke is "Historically stupid." No -- He's "consitutionally stupid." Mr. Obama is a natural born citizen in 2 ways: 1 Because he was born in US or US territory. 2- Because his mother was a US citizen. Luke should remove his foot from his mouth and hit homeruns on the field.

Luke Scott is ... i say trade his sorry butt for a starter pen pitcher.I'm ashamed to even him being on the Orioles.I say bring on Vlad and let Reimold take Lukes spot on the roster.

More name-calling, from someone who won't even leave a name. Great.


I'm sorry if I came off that way. I didn't think you were judging at all. Good reporting!


Didnt think that at all, Ken. I was just explaining. I have no problem explaining a little inside thought process to our posters that are respectful and curious -- as you always are.

Way to go, Luke. You have the right to voice your opinion when asked. Politicians aren't Gods and as we know, are historically flawed. I think it's refreshing that he obviously cares about the country, is a good guy as ballplayers go to the fans and actually wants to be in B'more. That's good enough for me.

I have always been very, very critical of the (mostly) liberals in Hollywood who use their celebrity as a pulpit. This means you, Susan Sarandon. It would be two-faced for me to not be equally critical of Luke Scott. Yes, he has the right to his opinion. Howver, he is an entertainer. Once an entertainer uses his God-given skills as a means of pushing his political views, he has crossed the line for me.

Luke Scott is a very good baseball player. But as far as political astuteness and intelligence, he is under the Mendoza line.

Sorry if this counts as name-calling, but make yourself a target and you must be prepared to get hit with the rotten tomatoes.

So, let me get a case of tomatoes, and let's put Luke up there on stage with Ms. Sarandon , and I can start tossing.

Where is Obama's birth certificate? lol And Rahm Emanuel did live in Chicago while he was living in D.C. lmao. Never trust a Chi-town politician Luke, regardless of political affiliation. Not saying i agree with Luke but i do have a copy of my birth certificate, pretty easy to get unless your from Hawaii i have now found out. Crooked politicians , overpaid baseball players , actors and musicians, that's where i get my political views from... Independent party 2012, Go NO's

Why can’t it be ‘I disagree with this politics’ instead of the list below, which was cut and pasted from the entries. For those who have had civilized comments on both sides of the issue, thank you. For those of you that typed the disrespectful and mean spirited entries below, you have shown far more about your personality as a whole that Luke has.
historically stupid
let him know how stupid
Luke if he's so gawd-awful and stupid
he is uneducable
removing all doubt that they are ignorant.
show his stupidity
find someone with at least half a brain.
constitutional right to be an idiot
so proudly wears their ignorance
Onto baseball – so excited to see them compete under Buck and looking forward to a fun year!

Jason: Great post. Here is the sad thing: I took out some of the more offensive language/comments. But I will say this one was a whole lot cleaner than the one the day after Scott made his winter meeting comments.

I have never read so much hypocritcal hog wash inmy life as what is posted on this site. Scott is stupid, he's historically stupid, can make a fool iut of himself after he retires. You make fun of him for claiming he has the constitutional right to say what he wants! Then you have the nerve to post your hatred and garbage! Scott is not the only one to question the Presidents actual birth place, or his actual religous preference. I read about this stuff all the time. And if kayne west said what he said, guest what, he has the right too. I hope the O's do resign Scott. He is loyal to thisn team and his team mates.

Damn, there are a lot of liberals on here who can't take the heat! Go Luke. I'm behind you all the way.

I have friends of different ethnic backgrounds, religious and political beliefs so I am not sure what the uproar is all about? Everyday I hear people say things that some would think are dumb and some would agree with. I think it's sad to say let's trade Luke because of his beliefs. I am all for trading Luke or any player that would help the club, but based solely on baseball ability.

I am not sure why someone said Dan was stirring the pot? This was a a pretty big newsworthy item that I am sure a lot of reporters will ask Luke a lot times before it's all said and done.

Seems to me that those throwing stones here at Luke's comments forget that this is exactly what they are doing here on this blog and Oh yeah these comments are far worse than what Luke said.

If all you folks want to do is complain then how about talking a long walk on a short pier.

Let's talk baseball and focus on the upside of this club and if you don't think there is one, I invite you to head on down to DC and watch the other team in the area and let us true fans enjoy our team.

Go O's!!!!!

Get rid of Luke Scott. He's a head case.

Sign Vlad and we'll have a true slugger to anchor the lineup.

I'm sick of Scott's whining and he's not nearly as good of a player as he thinks he is.

Not to worry, Luke, that evil union that represents you and allows you to be "arbitration eligible" will ensure that you get to make millions of dollars a year for playing a child's game.

I love how y'all refer to Luke as stupid, ignorant and (my favorite) uneducable for stating his political opinion.

Then you go on to state your political opinion wrapped up as criticism of him. Pretty shrewd if you ask me.

Of course you didn't ask me, nor did we ask you...

Just Sayin'

I, for one, can't wait for the season to start so we can see what we've got to work with. "Uneducable," classic!!

While I appreciate Luke's performance on the field. His comments are stupid and ill-informed. He is an embarassment to the O's, their fans, the City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland. Yes, he has a right to his opinion and free speech, but as a member of the Baltimore Orioles, he represents a team, a city and it's fans. Let's get someone better who stops putting his foot in his mouth. He was one of my favorite players, but not any more. It is enough to be embarassed by Troy Patton and his drinking. Enough already! You are role models start acting like one!!!

I live in Houston and started following Scott's career when he came to the ML. In his Astros days, there were some who (including a manager and some sports writers) expressed opinions that were similar to some of the posts I read here. They would relish any reason, factual or invented, that gave them opportunity to attack him personally. We had a manager that actually invented stuff about Scott that everyone knew was wrong.

Although they would never say it publicly many of his detractors hated him for the same reason a Dave Letterman would. They cannot stand people who live and demonstrate a Christian faith. They went berserk whenever he pointed to the sky after some achievement. "Who does he think he is?" It seems to be OK with Scott's detractors if another player stands at the plate and crosses himself before every bat.

There is an old joke that applies here. A Catholic Priest and a Rabbi were at ringside for a fight. The boxer in one corner knelt and crossed himself. The Rabbi asked, "does that help him?" The Priest replied, "only if he can fight."

Sadly,he must be prescribing to the now old mantra of the no party(republican),Palin lovers.Sorry to see a pretty talented ballplayer fall into line with the stupidity that befalls these party members.Luke,just shutup and play for the money that you so richly deserve(at least what you think you deserve).

Hahaha, I live in Houston too, and Bill is totally wrong.  Luke Scott's Christian faith had absolutely nothing to do with him being traded.  In fact, it was probably the main reason he was given a couple shots to make the club.  The Astros at the time were a very Christian ballclub, from ownership (Drayton McClane) to team leaders (Lance Berkman, Roy Oswalt, Andy Pettitte) all the way down to bit players (Jason Lane). The astros have had official "faith and family nights" the last two seasons, with Christian music and speeches.   Check out how the owner refers to Berkman and Oswalt in this story, as fine Christian men:

So Luke Scott was not run out of town because he was Christian, as Bill implies.  He was just part of a shortsighted deal for Miguel Tejada that Astros fans like me will regret even more if Troy Patton gets his arm healthy.  

And yeah, Luke Scott is entitled to voice whatever opinions he likes, but maybe next time he will consider whether the guy who signs his checks shares that opinion before making it public. Because Angelos is also entitled to replace Scott at the end of his contract with someone who just shuts his mouth and plays ball.

Hit Luke Scott 8th or 9th and I'm fine with him being here for a while. Do you really want a middle of the order hitter that goes through that many 2 for 40 spells? Ryan Howard goes through similar streaks but he ends up with 45 hr and 140 rbi. I think we all know Luke Scott will end up with 25 and 70 and I don't know if you want to invest in someone long term when you have to be so consistently inconsistent to get to power numbers that are slightly above average.

You go Luke. There is now DOCUMENTED proof that Obama was born in Monbassa(sp), Kenya. Several days after his mother got out of the hospital she flew to hawaii to register his BC. She forgot to list a hospital on that form. Obama's BC is certified by a British doctor in kenya. HE is NOT a natural born citizen of the US therefore, illegaly in the White House. Guess only the liberals have freedom of speech and the rest of us don't. Now, sign Luke and lets get on with baseball.

I've been happy to look the other way when our little christian soldier has spewed his giddy gun-love over the years. But now he's put in with these psychotic birthers. I say get the hell out of town, Mr. Hater. This president cares way more about Americans than the last half dozen before him did. This birther nonsense is thinly veiled racism. You're a liar or a fool if you say otherwise. Go Vlad! Don't let the door hit you on your way out, Luke!

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