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January 20, 2011

Orioles raise single-game ticket prices for first time since 2006

For the first time since after the 2006 season, the Orioles are raising single game ticket prices at Camden Yards.

All tickets -- except for the cheapest, left-field, upper reserve seats which will remain at $8 and $9 -- will increase in cost for 2011, ranging from $1 to $7 extra depending on the game desired and when the tickets are purchased.

Greg Bader, the club’s director of communications, said non-prime, advance tickets will increase on average $3, which would make the average price for those tickets roughly $28. The average season-ticket price remains at about $23, below the 2010 Major League Baseball average of $27, according to Bader.

“We believe that the average increase of $3 per ticket is not going to negatively impact someone’s decision to buy, although we recognize no one ever wants to pay more for anything. We certainly understand that point,” Bader said.

Season ticket prices did not go up for 2011 and this is the first, full seat hike for advance tickets since after the 2003 season, Bader said. The increase after 2006 affected some but not all of the tickets sold.

However, this increase comes after the Orioles lost 96 games in 2010, their 13th consecutive losing season. Fans who have not seen an increase of production on the field are being asked to pay more for that product.

“I understand that reaction, but the reality is that there are other factors that are part of that decision-making process,” Bader said.

The Orioles will also continue to implement higher prime-game prices – for all contests against the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox as well as Opening Day on April 4 against the Detroit Tigers – and an extra charge for walk-up ticket purchases the day of the game.

Gameday charges were implemented last season and Bader said it had little to no effect on the number of walkups in 2010. The drop in attendance to an all-time low at Camden Yards last season had more to do with a drop in advance sales after the Orioles began the year 2-16 and 9-24, he said.

“The 2010 walkup figures were essentially unchanged from previous seasons. The difference in attendance from 2009 to 2010 was directly attributable to the lack of advanced sales, which was directly attributable to the team performance during the first two weeks of the season,” Bader said. “So from early April until July, we simply were not selling tickets in advance at the rate we did in previous years. But game day sales were practically identical. And we do not believe that the average $2 difference (for walkups) is going to prevent most fans from making a game-day purchase.”

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A $3 increase on the ticket cost isn't a lot. What really ticks people off are the fees that accompany all the tickets. I love sitting in the right field bleachers, but after I pay all the fees on 2 seats it's like I bought an extra seat.

Uncalled for, I don't care if there was a little success late in the year. There is no reason they can justify raising ticket prices.

They also need to get rid of that scam with fees for walk up customers. I just love the catch, pay the fee from ticketmaster online for advanced orders, or pay the fee at the gate.


Angelos is so out of touch. Raising prices to see a basement team?

Doesn't he remember when the attendance was below 10,000 last season?

This is a giant middle finger to the fans, which seems to happen a lot from the warehouse. It takes a lot of hubris to come out and say "We know ticket sales are slumping, and it's because the team loses, but pay more anyway."

The Orioles would to well to pay attention to wage stagnation in the area and nationally. Wages and salaries across the board have failed to keep pace with inflation since at least 2004, and only when wage levels begin to catch up can you increase ticket prices and expect fans to accept it graciously.

On the other hand, I'll continue buying $9 tickets, sitting in $60 seats, and sneaking in copious amounts of booze. If the club's giving me the finger, they can have one right back.

In the absence of value, price is a concern.

Just one more reason not to do to Oriole Park. along with the $30 dollar beer.

So, as attendance continues to decline year after year, the strategy is to try to gouge the shrinking numbers of loyal fans, to make up for it. Peter Angelos had an opportunity for some positive PR by announcing that the Orioles would not raise prices until they put a competitive product on the field. But, of course, that would have taken a measure of common sense, a trait lost on PA when it comes to baseball.

Trying to compare O's ticket prices to the rest of the League also makes no sense after 13 losing seasons in a row. Producing an inferior product and trying to charge more for it seems to fit the definition of insanity from a marketing standpoint.

Well Greg, hopefully you dont include me in your assessment of "most". I know of at least three times last year when my family thought of going on game day, and we decided we were not going to your extra game day charges. In every case, it wasnt the amount of money, it was the principle.


Shame on the Orioles for raising single-game ticket prices!

How can the Orioles organization justify this after three consecutive last place finishes and 13 consecutive seasons without making the playoffs?

I guess Peter Angelos likes seeing lot & lots of green empty seats at Oriole Park.

Major league prices for a minor league product. P.T. Barnum could not sell that one. Good luck and enjoy fourth place.

The walkup premium is exactly why I didn't go to more games. Simple supply and demand economics implies that when there are 25,000 unsold tickets at game time, the prices should lower, not raise. Sub-par product for more money - would consumers pay that for any other commodity or form of entertainment? The fan base will continue to dwindle...

He's right, the extra $3 won't make a difference about people's decision to attend a game. I won't be bringing my son to any games for a team that is as horrible as the Orioles have been for more than a decade. Perhaps Mr. Bader and more importantly Mr. Angelos should consider three simple numbers: 342 - 472 and 0.420 These are the wins, losses and winning percentage of the Os since 2006, the last time the prices went up. If you are going to treat fans so horribly with such a wretched team, expect the fans to return the favor.

I'am not going now, I am sorry but I make very little the tickets I got last year was because I got the right funds at the right time. I can just watch the games at home, have a party will still be cheaper. I am sorry but after 13 losing seasons, and hardly drawing fans last season then raising ticket prices is just plain stupid if you ask me and disrespect to the fans that want to come but can't because of the Prices.

The Orioles' ticket prices are still lower than most MLB teams. For example, the Mets charge about double their prices and to make matters worse, they charge more for weekend games and for certain opponents. The BLue Jays' prices are also much higher-a decent seat can be over $100 and many others are in the 50-60 range. That park is also parking-garage-like and the cheaper seats are located far from the field.
All-in-all, the O's are still a good entertainment buy when you compare it to other sports and even other events like concerts-it even costs over 10 bucks to attend a movie now!

Isnt "non-prime" a bit of any oxymoron when referring to the Orioles. Is anything produced by the Orioles "prime"?

There is one game I would pay to go to, Opening Day. After that, I wouldnt be caught dead unless I was invited by someone else.

I would have more respect if Peter Angelos came right out and just gave everyone the finger and said: I dont care about winning, I care about money and you will do or pay whatever I tell you because I am the boss.

What a slap in the face for the fans. I've been an Oriole fan for over 50 years, and it's getting to the point of why should I go to a game and watch a team that's not really competitive. How is PA able to justify raising prices (single game) for a minor league team masquerading as a major league team.

Sounds like Governor Martin OMalley is now running the Orioles.

Perhaps Mr. Angelos can find a way for all those Yankee and Red Sox fans who support him to show up when the Orioles are playing the Nationals, Royals, Indians and Mariners are in town. That appears to be the only way he'll see any big crowds. He has a lot of nerve to raise ticket prices when the club is a bottom feeder. Show us some major payroll increases for real talent. Show us a competative team. THEN hit us for a price increase. And by the way, the walk up fee will keep me away from Camden Yards forever. I can spend $110 and watch EVERY Orioles game on my computer, every other game not involving the Phillies, who I can watch on regular TV. I will continue to be an Orioles fan of 51 years standing from afar.

Free The Birds!

Peter PLEASE sell the team. You have had your chance at running a team and the record of failure speaks for itself. Check your ego at the door and find someone else to sell the team to.

As Spike Lee would say 'Do The Right Thing.'

The Bowie Baysox are not raising prices this year, there is no fee for purchasing walkup tickets and parking is always FREE!

I'll see you in Bowie!

Well...once i get over that slapped-in-the-face sensation I'll realize that baseball is a business and this is a very smart decision ONLY if the O's continue their winning ways. They shoulda waited for the fans to get excited about the team, first, before they raised the tix prices. And that means waiting until the team actually wins, lol, which is what gets fans excited lol. Furthermore, payroll is actually a few million LESS this year rt now, so there is no justification for this unless Angelos is financially poor from bad investments. This isnt NY or DC...its a blue-collar town here and this is just gonna piss people off. Obviously their PR dept wasn't consulted before making this decision.

Combine the walkup premium with the elimination of the no-scalp zone, and I see no reason to go to a single game this year. Guess it's time to check out the price to attend a Nats game!

you'll cry too much, just don't goto the games. simple as that

Same old gouging nonsense from the O's. The Ravens are obsessed with winning, the O's are obsessed with money. Instead of passing the buck to the fans as usual, sell some stinkin advertising both around the park and on the crappy MASN network and here's an idea, spend money to put a winner on the field then raise the prices. Thankfully since I don't give Angelos my money this doesn't affect me.

I made the mistake last season of drinking the orange kool aid and purchased a 13 game plan. Never again. I could have went down to the ballpark and either paid for an upper reserve ticket and walked down to LF box (they don't check) or purchased from the one of the numerous scalpers outside.

If the Orioles spend to the money to get Vlad Guerrero or trade for a “Number 1” pitcher such as Mark Buehrle or a similar pitcher. I would not mind coughing up the extra dough to see a game. Did the Oakland A’s raise prices or even the Washington Nationals?
The Royals got lucky with Gil Meche retiring that was quite a cash windfall.
Finally O’s management spent some dough in the off season and got some decent players. I will be honest though, the team that they have right now is the kind of team that they should have been fielding for the past 13 years! As a side note, if the Orioles give in and sign Kevin Millwood it should be incentive laden. Also, I would consider signing Jeremy Bonderman just to see what he has left. He (Bonderman) did show flashes of his former self last year. On the flipside he was rocked by the O’s on October 1st of last year. If you remember that’s the same game the squirrel ran around for a few minutes trying to make his bold escape!

The Orioles should reduce ticket prices until they decide to put a major league club on the field. Cal needs to buy the team before they are passed in attendance by the Baltimore Clippers, who haven't put a team on ice in 30 years.

I grew up loving the Orioles, going to about a dozen games a year. In the past two seasons I have been to 3 games, total... only when I was offered a free ticket.

It seems that my attitude is common around here, with 2010 having the lowest attendence in stadium history.

I find it hard to believe that Mr. Angelos does not grasp the concept of supply and demand.

Guess there aren't too many additional asbestos and smoking lawsuits to make money from so PA is going back to the fans for increased revenue.

I particularly like the guy that will deprive his son the opportunity of seeing a ball game with his Dad to make a point. You showed the Orioles! I will forever remember sitting in the bleachers at Memorial Stadium with my dad. Sure the team was not great, but the memories are. Glad my father was smart enough to realize that memories with his son are worth more than making a point that only he would recognize.

GO O's

How can you raise ticket prices after putting an inferior, garbage product on the field for the last 13 years!? I don't care if it's by 10 cents, finish above .500 one time in this decade before you start talking about ticket prices changing. I already don't attend many games but now I won't at all, Angelos is an idiot

Is Cafe Hon now handling PR for the O's? Honbelievable!!

This should piss off Red Sox and Yankee fans. I can still watch on tv and spend my money on things I actually want and need. The O's haven't been entertaining for years, unless you're the opposing teams fan.

Higher prices to see Red Sox and Yankees? Fine. Just more affluent transplanted fans for Red Sox and Yankees at Camden.

The Ravens keep going the way they go, they will find that Jets, Giants and Steelers fans, already numerous at M and T, will outnumber the featherless Ravens' fans too.

Baltimore can't help itself. A second-rate city that deserved to lose the Colts, will yet lose its symphony to the Strathmore facility for good, and will find even Hopkins will move more and more services towards Northern Virginia and Montgomery County as the decades pass.

Too poor, too dumb. The city that reads, on a fourth grade level.

The distance between the Orioles FO and whatever fans are left is growing wider and wider.

After 13 straight years of putting a disgraceful product on the field, what else can the Orioles do to screw over their fans besides continuing to raise ticket prices so we have to pay more to see the steaming pile Angelos and MacPhail put out year after year.

No Os games for me this year- I'm switching to minor league and college ball.

He has to raise prices so the fans will pay for his bid to buy Rosecroft Raceway and allow him to put slots there.

Angelos would pay $9 million in cash plus another $5 million if slots are authorized in Prince George's County and a casino is operational at Rosecroft by Dec. 1, 2012.

Terry P.-

You wouldn't by any chance work for Peter Angelos now, would you?
The Blue Jays ticket prices are so high because they are in Canadian dollars! Maybe you like to pay over 100 American dollars when it is all said and done for the "good entertainment" of watching the Orioles mount mediocre after mediocre season, but I am sick of it. I've been going to Oriole games since 1968, and in the old days, we would buy 2.00 general admission tickets and all meet up in section 9 in the old Memorial Stadium. Every night you would know people, and it would be like a big party.

Can you even imagine doing something like that today? The way Angelos runs the Orioles, you might as well have cookouts at all your friends' houses and circle 'round the big screen. The view is better and you save thousands of dollars by the time you get through another D+ summer with the O's.

My suggestion? Stop whining about Peter Angelos. If he was going to change, he would have done it a long time ago. Pray that the Buckster can pull the team together a la Miracle on Ice, that is really our only hope.

Well, the O's invested little in "buying the bats" this off-season, so I'm guessing this means they are going to use this money to get a top-notch starting pitcher to head their rotation, right?

I quit going to Oriole games about seven years ago. I found that from Perry Hall it was just as quick to go see the Ironbirds up in Aberdeen. Lower ticket prices, free parking, free program, $3.00 beers and very little traffic hassle going to and from the games. Also everyone at the stadium treated you as an appreciated customer and fan. Add to that no profanity from the fans.

One problem I have here is, there's no explanation given by the Orioles management why the decision was made to raise prices now...Why after 5 years? Why $3 a ticket? What's this cover, inflation? Because we signed Mark Reynolds et al? Because Mr. Angelos just felt like upping the ticket price and said, "Uh, how's three more bucks sound?" To what end? In any other business, when you buy something, you want to know what you're getting for your is this extra $3 a ticket going to be used? If you have to raise ticket prices, how about giving fans a break in other ways, i.e. not having to take out a small loan to buy a hot dog and a soda? BTW, I think it is interesting that the Ravens have a "state of the union" press conference with the owner on hand to field questions, but the Orioles don't do the same thing--for good reason, of course, as Mr. Angelos doesn't want a public forum where he knows he'll be lambasted and flayed alive by questions about what the $**#*! is he doing with this team, not to mention ticket prices. Well, whatever, like one poster noted, I'll buy the $9 ticket and then move into the $60 seats after the first inning which is what most folks do anyway...though sometimes my itch for a little revolution makes me want to see a city wide boycott of the Orioles for one game. Say opening day. Can you imagine, opening day at Camden Yards, and the ballpark completely empty? Now THAT would be a statement...but would never happen. The point is, Oriole management shouldn't be coming up with ways to tick off fans, die hard individuals who have backed the team through years of ineptitude (I've been a fan since 1979 so I've seen it all), but should be working on ways to support fans, say thanks to those for their past support and to encourage new fans to come to the park. Here's an idea: When you buy a ticket, your name and info go into a database; it keeps a record of everytime you purchase a ticket to a game. After say five tickets, you earn a free ticket of comparable value. You attend 10 games, you get vouchers worth $25 in free food. It's about building customer LOYALTY. Customer relations is the FRONT LINES of good PR. And you don't build good customer relations by upping ticket prices after 13 years of bad play, particularly on the heels of 2 months of GOOD play...gee, things are finally looking just a bit brighter and pow, we up ticket prices after five years. Talk about tossing away some positive momentum. And so it goes...

I love the people who rip the PR people for the O's - they are just doing their jobs. I bet you rip your boss's decisions in public.

Liz H.
No, I don't work for Peter Angelos. The point I was making is that Orioles tickets are still cheaper than most teams-check out ticket prices at other cities and you will find a big difference.
Not sure what point you were trying to make re: Canadian/US $$$ as both are about equal right now.
My point about the Toronto baseball 'experience' is that it is far inferior to watching a game at OPCY, even if their tickets were lower (which they are not!).
I have been an O's fan since the 60's also and would gladly pay current prices to see them play because I live far from Baltimore and rarely get that opportunity.
Yes, there probably were $2 tickets at Memorial stadium back then as I remember 50 bleacher seats in Tiger stadium. I also remember paying 20 for a prime NHL seat, these now cost 200-300,parking is 25 and beer is 10.

Can you just feel the love?! It is just radiating from the screen.

Are MASN profits down or something? Did we go and sign a huge star to a multi-year deal?

Must be because we've signed all those All-Star free agents the last couple years.

Payroll is through the roof now.

We all can understand that everything continues to get more expensive. On the other hand, the Orioles being the Orioles... I feel we get discounted price for deciding to come at the last moment.

They raised simply because they havn't raised them for awhile. Forf no other reason. Simply because they can.

Wait till the O's reach .500, the tickets will go thru the roof. Boom!

The O's are a AAA team they should be charging AAA prices.

I’ll bet that most of the whining will come from people who wouldn’t have bought many –or any – tickets this year anyway.

And if/when the O’s are ever in a pennant race again – these same folks will be crowding the park, claiming to be terrific fans.

I have a 13 game plan and will go to a number of games beyond the 13 for the season ticket cost and no extra fees. I’ll have a great time watching the team grow in a masterpiece of a ballpark.

I’m guessing the whiners will stay away and post negative comments to blogs for whatever reason.

And nope, I’m not an employee of the team – instead a die hard O’s fan!

Just another reason to find something else to do this summer instead of this walking disaster of a BB team!

Good job Angelos! way to crap all over any interest that Buck Showalter and McFAILs minor upgrades may have created.

and to think I was actually considering a 13 game plan this year.

The walkup charge is surpassingly stupid. Tickets still available 2 or 3 hours before the first pitch should be cheaper than advance sales, if anything -- after all, their value's about to zero out.

One of the defining luxuries of my life as a Baltimore transplant in the 1980s was coming home (then to Charles Village) at the end of a fine spring day and saying to my roommate or being asked by her, "Feel like going to the game?" The answer was usually yes. We'd walk the 9 blocks, pay our (single-digit) money, and settle in for the national anthem.

Discouraging spontaneity is just wrong. The walkup fee is EVIL.

MLB should operate the same as the football leagues in Europe. The bottom three teams each year should be relegated to the minor leagues and the three best minor league teams promoted to the majors.
Let me tell you, the threat of relegation tends to focus the minds of management wonderfully.

Ah! democracy! The freedom to say what you want regardless of how stupid you sound.

Try to think of a visit to Camden Yards as a trip to Disneyworld. You spend way too much, wait in line too long, have to deal with obnoxious people, pay 20.00 bucks to park, etc., etc. It is an activity.

If you look at who occupies those super premium seats, they either belong to corporations, or older folks with the ability to go all the time. Just like Disneyworld, no one goes to the ball game a lot any more, it is a special treat.

As for those of you who go and sit in the nose bleed seats, why bother? The beer is colder and the picture is better at your house! The players look like little G.I. joe dolls from up there!

Tim, Angelos loves people like you.

If they start playing good ball and winning, this will all be forgotten quickly. If they don't, .................. it'll just be one more reason for people to stay away. In droves.

This upset me at first, but as my 13-game plan prices didn't change, I didn't see this coming. There's probably a logical reason for the price hike, but we fans can't come to grips with it for the simple fact that this team has lost for 13 YEARS, and doesn't look any closer to winning, let alone a .500 record.

I'm happy with the new players, I absolutely love the Yard, and so I'll continue to come for the love of the game, no matter how corny that sounds. Plus I really want to see the new Brooks statue across from Pickles Pub.

One thing that pisses me off and that I will not/can not come to grips with is the walk-up fee for gameday tickets. But I guess that's why scalpers exist...

Go O's!

Unreal...just Unreal...can't imagine what's going through his head. They are Really trying to suck all the blood out of the stone.

And, the surcharge for buying the tickets on gameday has to b eone of the single dumbest business decisions I have ever seen.

Our almost non-existant home field crowd advantage just got even moreso


90 games lost.


No Albert Pujols contracts...

so let's raise prices.


(that's the 3$ I would have spent on 2 Tall Cans from Pickles.)

Just another millionaire (or is it billionaire?) who doesn't get the concept of "enough". Does Angelos and the other millionaires who own the club really need to make $3 more per ticket? And I agree that a "walk-up" fee is ridiculous. It's like airlines, banks, etc. charging separate fees for luggage, teller use, etc. which are all part of the business model of providing basic services to make a profit. Wait, that implies business exist to do more than make the maximum number of dollars in the shortest period of time while plotting an exit strategy for the CEO's. Maybe Angelos has decided that showing increased revenues will make the team more valuable for future sale.

Ah, as usual, it's all about the greed and what gullible, hopeful people will pay to be distracted from daily life. Reminds me of the Coliseum in ancient Rome.

MLB should pass a rule that says that "from the beginning of each century no team can raise ticket prices until they have completed a season with a winning record". O's are 0 for 11.

Everything about this is a joke. I agree with other posters saying that this is a big __ you to the fans. It is EVIL. Buck said he wants to get the MASN watching O's fans back out to the stadium. I don't think this helps.

The walk up fee is ridiculous, if anything they should discount to make people want to try to stop in at the last minute. But to charge extra to walk up is a travesty.

The ushers have gotten nasty about allowing people to move down to the better seats the last two years. Let's cut the talk about doing it so as not to give PA to make the ushers get tighter. Spilling those beans just gives management the reason to have the ushers tighten up.

I split a 13 game plan with two buddies for real good seats, I am an old O's fan since the early 60s, and just last 2 years the ushers have vicious about not allowing people to move into the good sections close to the field.

Finally, I think the increase in seat costs is also ridiculous considering the leap of faith we would be taking. That PA hasn't shown the willingness to improve the team while asking us to pay more (though it has been 5 years since an increase) shows how out of touch ownership is with the fans.

Very rude move by Mr. Oriole. I was hoping they would get to .500 and increase payroll before they increased ticket prices.

What a bunch of whingers u guys are. It's $3 average hike whoopity doo!

The prices have not increased in 5 years!

Name me one other product that has stayed the same price for the last 5 years!

The o's are making strides forward and have a purpose for the 1st time in around 10 years.

Whatever happened to america's pastime and enjoying a day at the ballpark (especially one as beautiful as Camden)

I see all these so called fans on here moaning and I'm jealous. I stay 5000 miles away in scotland and stay up till 3am most days during the season watching the o's on (due to the 5 hour time difference)

The o's could double there prices and I would still look forward to my annual pilgrimage to birdland (scheduled for the 10 game homestand in April) am I worried that my tickets are now gonna cost around $30 dollars more for the 10 games. NO!

I also agree that they should get rid of the walk up charge - that is absurd. More absurd than signing Garret Atkins!

The only new greenbacks Mr. Angelos will see are the ones in the Stadium.

That's funny ! Loosing Team....Rising Ticket Prices.....I'm a Die-hard Fan, but to Pay to Watch a Loosing Team to begin with seems Unrealistic ! And That's hurts Bad Enough, Let alone "Pay More" ! NOT !

I have no problem with the ticket price increase. However, to charge an extra fee for walk up sales is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of. The Orioles have no clue.

I'll gladly pay for a quality product. Put a quality product on the field...THEN raise prices.

After over a decade of sheer awfulness...well...NO. I'll spend the money on a trek to Philadelphia and watch good baseball.

While a ticket price increase "at this juncture," to quote our former President, seems a bit insensitive, are real fans really going to stay away for $3? What's the percentage increase? That might be a better barometer. If an average ticket is $28, then a $3 raise in price is less than 1/9th, or less than 11 percent. A $3 increase on a $50 ticket is only 6%. I go to about 6 Rockies' game per year, and almost always get a deal, 2 for 1, or $X off if you buy 4, or some such thing. Do the O's have promotions like that? I have never been to a Broncos, Avalanche, or Nuggets game, by the way, because the prices for those events make baseball tickets seem virtually free. When I go to the Rocks, I don;t buy $8 beer (although I have to have a hot dog; it's un-American not to), and I park far enough away so that I usually pay $6 or less, plus I get a little exercise. Come on, fans. Baseball is still an entertainment bargain, compared with almost everything else, especially if you look at it on a cost-per-hour basis. Your $9 movie, with $7 popcorn and $5 sodas, lasts barely 1 1/2 hours, typically. A Broadway-style mega-musical ticket is well over $80, even in Denver, for about 2 hours. I don't like paying more for things any more than the next person, but you can still take me out to the ballgame any time.

Greg Bader and the Orioles can believe whatever they choose to, but it won't fill the stadium. I used to split season tickets with friends, but gave that up when ticket prices went up 30% a while back and I decided not to watch a minor league product at major league prices. I won't buy any tickets to O's games. If someone gives me one, that's one thing and I MIGHT choose to go if I feel like dealing with the hassle of getting into the city and parking. I do pay and go to Bowie Baysox games since the best seat in the house is very affordable, it's a family environment, the food is good, I get a free program and free parking. What's not to like?

For the love of God. The team has been unwatchable for a greater part of 13 years, and the stadium is now, pretty much, empty. Add that to the service charges you get when ordering online or on the phone, and we're being nickeled and dime to death. I ESPECIALLY hate ticketing fees. That extra $3-$5 for absolutely nothing, probably should be absorbed in the cost of the ticket, but now they're raising tickets the $3-$5 AND going to keep charging us those fees for nothing. Scalping will be my route. Has been for the last 5 years, and I'll keep doing it.

Hey Petey, did you happen to notice that your counterpart Stevie Boy Wonder has announced his club will not raise prices in 2011 as the season's status is in question. They've even announced the return of money including interest for all seats paid for canceled games! Petey, just take a look across the way at M&T and see how a successful sports franchise treats their fans!

Yea, we all know that the O's have been terrible. But I, like a few national writers, see some light at the end of the tunnel. And I will agree that some of the tix decisions have been questionable. Like the "Prime Game" and walk up fee. But with all of this being said, Get over it. If you don't like the prices, don't go. I don't like McDonalds, so I don't go. I don't like my wife, so I don't talk to her. If the O's start off respectable you will all be there with your 20$ beers, complaining about the
prices, the weather and anything else that u can cry about.

Dan Connolly, don't you think your title is misleading? If it's the first time since after the 2006 season, that's the 2007 season. Why not say the first time since the 2007 season? (and the title doesn't even say "after the 2006 season," it just says "since 2006,"- very misleading) Not to mention the fact that the walk-up fee has to be considered a price increase (it was for me 2 of the 3 games I went to last year, and the other we paid a ridiculous amount despite being there with a large group and to see a cancer survivor throw out the first pitch).

I think the fans would be better served with a few more media outlets (including the Sun) calling the Orioles out on the awful way the organization is run. Not just a "this a questionable move" or a "probably not a good idea." The media should serve the interests of its consumers before the interests of the Orioles. The truth should be told, and the truth is this move, like so many others before, shows how they don't know what they are doing. The truth is this organization is run horribly. The truth is this is the second consecutive season with a price increase, while the team pockets fan money, taxpayer money, and cable subscriber money. They should be called out in a real way.

What a vulger display of affection from the Orioles. Their neighbor across the street just announced their will be no raise in season ticket prices for the upcoming 2011 season.

How do the Orioles justify the greed? Who pays more to hang in a basement?

I love the, "if you don't like it don't go" comments the very few supporters of this say. Notice the declining attendance every year, capped off to the less than 10k/game last year. That's exactly what we're doing.

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