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January 16, 2011

Orioles avoid arbitration with Adam Jones (updated with contract details and quote)

The Orioles have settled one of their six arbitration cases, agreeing Sunday with center fielder Adam Jones on a one-year, $3.25 million deal. That's up from the $465,000 he made last year when the club unilaterally renewed his contract.

"Glad I can get to work," Jones said via a text message. "Ready to get on the field and with my teammates."

In 2010, his third full season with the Orioles, Jones, 25, hit .284 with 19 homers and 69 RBIs in 149 games. This was his first year in which he was eligible for arbitration. He has two more years of potential arbitration; he's not a free agent until after the 2013 season.

Heading into Tuesday, when the club and its players officially file numbers, the Orioles still have five players facing arbitration: outfielders Luke Scott and Felix Pie, shortstop J.J. Hardy and pitchers Jim Johnson and Jeremy Guthrie.

If the sides can’t settle, a hearing will be set within the next few weeks and an independent arbitrator will choose one of the two salary figures submitted.

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It seems to me that a lot of next spring's work could be minimized by signing on Hardy before arbitration. It does not look like he's being welcomed aboard when the O's go straight to arbitration after acquiring him. The others are key players also, and I think it would bode well for all concerned to sign these other 4 to a contract before arbitration.


Using the contract that the Padres gave to Bartlett for 2 yrs/11.5 mil, do you think it would be wise for the O's to explore a multi year deal with Hardy?

So Jones is glad he can get to work with his 2.7 million dollar raise....I just hope it brings some consistency, I think last year he was very full of himself with the All-Star designation, lets hope he can focus now that he has to buy a bigger wallet. I think he was a major disappointment last season.

I'm glad the O's and Jones got this done because I believe Jones has a good ceiling or great potential. He has done a good job so far on offense, but he could be great if he can learn, even more so as he seems to have been learning, to recognize the pitches as they are coming at him. I think he has gotten better at recognizing those pitches that slide away from him from the middle of the plate. Once he gets that down I think he'll see more power of himself. Defensively, he has also good good to great, but he could be great to superstar with the experience that comes with time and practice. Go Jones, go O's!

By the way, where should Jones go in the O's lineup? Should it be the sixth hole as the second leadoff guy and with some power or should he go in the ninth hole as the leadoff guy with speed and power with Roberts and Markakis to follow?

I hate to bring this up, but I fear at some point, there may be some political pressure on the O's to offer Jones a Markakis-type deal. Although Jones has not yet proved consistent enough for a long-term deal and personally, I think Markakis is grossly overpaid (Jimmy Rollins, Dustin Pedroia, David Wright, and now Jay Bruce all make far less that Markakis).

I was as disappointed as anyone with Adam Jones' season last year (particularly the awful start). But I didn't see any sign that he is "full of himself," as joe posted above, or has poor work habits, as I've seen others claim.

He seems to me to over-think things when he's trying to work the count, and does much better just letting it rip. That's unfortunate, probably caps his upside as a hitter, but for now it might be better to just let him go and stop trying to get him to get deep in counts every at bat. Once he punishes enough fastballs, he'll get the walks the old-fashioned way: through fear.

I love Adam Jones. I think he has the potential to be a big time player. The only problem I do have is his defense. I think he is a little over-rated as a center fielder, but still could get alot better, if he would just play a little deeper. He lets too many balls get over his head. Paul Blair he ain't, but he could be in time, if he just takes a couple of steps back.

Let's remember something here... this guy is TWENTY FIVE. He's only had 3 seasons where he's played more than 110 games... AND he's never had anyone to protect him in the lineup. That's heap of pressure to throw on a young player that is expected to carry a large part of an offense. Hardly any players his age can do it.

Also, he has a gold glove in this young career (and an AS appearance... which doesn't mean much).

This will be a big year for Adam... year 4... and now the O's have some veterans (and I'm throwing B-Rob into that equation seeing as though he barely played last year) in the line-up... including D-Lee.

Cut the kid some slack before you start being critical of this kid. I think we've actually seen a lot considering the circumstances and would have seen more if the line-up had veteran and power buffers in it over the previous years.

Good for the O's and Jones. I don't think for one bit that Jones was "full of himself" He's a young kid who is still developing. He hit .284 with 19 homers. I mean he still is "only" making 3.25million. A lot of others are making more than he is who are not as good as Jones. Let's go Os!!!

Just a few random questions/thoughts on an otherwise slow news day(baseball). I would love to see Adam Jones bloom into one of the top five cf's like I think he can. I really do want to see him succeed here. No reason not to, he has all the talent in order to do it.
Also, would the Orioles have any interest in Eric Chavez? I know he's been on the shelf for a number of years now, but would be interesting to see if he has anything left, even if he were to DH. Now that the A's signed both Balfour and Fuentes. It should be interesting at the end of the 2011 season to see who got the better deal. The Orioles with Gregg or A's (Balfour and Fuentes)
Are the Orioles done with their bullpen with exception to signing a LOOGY?
I would love to see them get a big time closer via trade. I love to see that happen and put an end to the debate on wheter its going to be Gregg or Uehara.
I don't think it should be either. I know, I know, I am terrible at letting go, but it would be interesting to see the Orioles get saucy here and trade for a top relief pitcher! Would we have enough in the cupboard to get Soria and Butler if the Royals do decide to trade them or even Pappelbon from the Sox. Getting in on the action on any of those players would put some fannies in the seats to be sure!

The Orioles are done with major acquisitions in the bullpen. A left-handed reliever is what is left. A swingman is possible, but likely on a minor-league deal.

Trouble is he won't get fast balls to hit until he learns to lay off breaking balls away. ML pitchers won't throw stikes if you get yourself out with breaking balls out of zone.

Adam swung at low and away breaking balls because the Orioles weren't paying him enough money. Now, that won't be an issue. Problem solved.


you should think about posting as "Broken Record". I will never understand your undying fascination with a first-baseman who has never hit 20 HRs in a season and is a far below average defender.

Either way, our bullpen is going to be a strength this year. Eventually if you keep adding arms you start running into a problem of diminishing returns. There are only so many innings and back end opportunities. our pen is looking deep and versatile. I kinda like it as is.

Should signed him for more years. Now go get VLAD he's a cherry waiting to be picked. very few hitters come along that hit like that! Send Reimold to Triple A for more work.

Adam Jones' biggest problem is his horrific lack of plate discipline.

In 2010, Jones swung at 40.6% of pitches out of the strike zone. The average major leaguer swings at 29% of pitches out of the strike zone. Even Mark Reynolds, the future Orioles single season strikeout leader, swung at just 26.4% of pitches out of the strike zone in 2010.

Jones needs to figure out what he's doing at the plate or he's never going to be better than average.

@ Enzo
I will try to keep this short and to the point . I could post a bunch of links, but I won't. Oh and btw, BB hit 21 hr's in 2009! And he was also among the top 5 hitters in baseball with two outs in 2010. Something Luke Scott can't even say, even though Scott is a decent hitter and did hit some majestic home runs in 2010.

As for our bullpen, yes it's improved and yeah I am probable beating a dead horse. To me as a fan, I would have loved a true relief pitcher not pseudo-closers like Gregg and Uehara. However, if Kevin can't beat out Koji, he should be ashamed of himself. Koji is a middle reliever thru and thru! I have no idea why the Orioles want to give him a shot at closing when he really wasn't brought here in the first place for that especially since he will be 36 this April.
And as for a LOOGY, maybe Scott Schoeneweis, he was a starting pitcher at one time, he could take Hendrickson's place. That shouldn't be that hard to do.
Oh PS Enzo, are you sure you're not ken in disguise? You type just like him.

The Dream is Alive. Check it out

Honestly, out of the 4 teams he lists, I think the Orioles would have the best shot, IF THEY TRIED.

I know that's a longshot.

I would like to see the O's trade Adam Jones to the Cardinals for Colby Rasmus, assuming both teams would do it. LaRussa doesn't seem to care for Rasmus and Jones seems to be in a rut with the O's. Both play center so neither team would have to worry about replacing them defensively.

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