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December 6, 2010

Trade confirmed: Hernandez and Mickolio for Mark Reynolds

The Orioles have attempted to solve their corner infield and power void troubles by sending two young relievers to the Arizona Diamondbacks for third baseman Mark Reynolds.

To acquire Reynolds, who has had at least 28 homers in each of the past three seasons, the Orioles gave up right-handed relievers David Hernandez and Kam Mickolio.

The deal is pending physicals, but it has been confirmed, according to a source.

Hernandez, 25, was viewed as a potential future closer for the Orioles after a strong conversion from the starting rotation last season. Mickolio, 26, was in the minors for all but three games last year.

Reynolds, 27, hit 32 homers last year in his fourth season with the Diamondbacks.

Reynolds, who grew up in Virginia Beach ,Va., has hit 121 homers in 563 big league games, including a career-high 44 in 2009. He also has led the National League in strikeouts in each of his three full seasons, totaling 211 last year in 494 at-bats.

He batted just .198 on the season with a .320 on-base percentage. Considered an average defensive third baseman and a gritty, hard-nosed player, Reynolds appeared in 145 games last season despite dealing with an early-season quadriceps injury and a late-season wrist injury. He was hit in the head by a pitch in 2010 and played the next day.

Reynolds is signed through the 2012 season with a option for 2013.

Hernandez was 12-18 with a 4.93 ERA in 61 games with the Orioles, including 27 starts. He was the club’s 16th-round draft pick in 2005.

Mickolio pitched in three games for the Orioles last year and, in three seasons, was 0-3 with a 4.32 ERA in 23 games. He was part of the Seattle Mariners trade for Erik Bedard in 2008.

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Now we're going to spend money on the worst thing a GM could possibly spend money on: a multiyear deal for a free agent reliever.

Why not just sign Edwin Encarnacion? He hit 21 homers in 332 at bats last year. And he still hit .240. Sure, E5's not much of a defender, but Reynolds has just one season of positive UZR, so it's not like he's the greatest either.

.230, 20 home runs for Reynolds in 2011. And expect another no-protection down year from Nick Markakis.

Can't wait to see how MacPhail gushes about Reynolds's "professionalism"...

This is a good, safe deal. Mickolio is always going to be an up and down kind of guy. I'm convinced that he'll be a career set-up man who has power stuff, but will never be accurate enough to be a closer. Hernandez is more likely the guy who made the deal because he's got huge upside, a dynamite fastball, and the best part is that we traded him to the NL, so we won't be facing him. Bullpen arms are a dime a dozen, and I think this is a very smart deal to get a power-hitting third baseman. I'd like Hernandez on our team, but we have plenty of arms in the bullpen to tide us over (Get it? Cuz we'll be pulling them up from the Norfolk Tides?).

Call me crazy, but I actually like this deal. Don't like giving up Hernandez necessarily, but Reynolds is a nice fit. Best power bat we've had in a few years. With Hernandez gone, we absolutely MUST re-sign Koji.....come on, AM and PA....give him his two-year deal!

Where are all the 'Do something, do anything' fans now? Does this move not qualify? There's honestly no pleasing this bunch.

Sure, this guy is flawed, but so are Dunn (Ks, poor defense), Konerko (age), Pena (Ks and BA) and all the other options the O's have been looking at.

Here, we've given up a couple of strong-armed relievers for a real bat, one that makes the O's lineup that much more formidable. This surely isn't the only move the O's will make this offseason, but considering their needs, this ain't a bad start.

We should still bring back Wiggy as Reynolds could DH some this year. Wiggy gives us some power still and improved defensively as the season went on. Any word on whether we will be able to bring him back?

I don't care what anybody says, this is a good deal!

Relief pitchers are at a surplus, sluggers are a dime a dozen.

I am sure this deal will get blasted by the fans, but I like it! Mark Reynolds is 27 and has power. He's played for different managers, hitting coaches and has still hit the long ball. He's here for possibly 3 years and has more power than anyone on the current roster plus he is now going to be playing for Buck and Willie is his infield coach so I think everyone can harp on the avg. last year, but I see this being a positive move.

Kam Mickolio to me is like Sarfate. He's great and then awful or he's great and then gets hurt. I don't see losing Kam as a big deal at all. I do like Hernandez and think he will be good for the D Backs in a setup role, but we didn't give up a whole heck of a lot so I don't see the downside at all.

In regard to the Koji issue, why shouldn't he want 2 years? Benoit misses all of 2009 and gets 3 years and he is a setup man! The sad part (sorry to sound like a broken record) is that they could've just paid the man in arbitration more than they would've liked, but at least he would be on the team and if he performed like last year, offer him an extension plus ih he got hurt, it's only year.

Can we sign vlad Guerero already!

I have to say that I had no idea that Reynolds mashed lefties so well...

.252/.380/.528 for his career

Not bad...

Don't like the trade.

Reynolds seems like another Atkins and Hernandez was an adequate middle reliever.

The other thing is that most guys who come from the NL to the AL hit worse the first year in the AL than they did in the NL and his baseline in the NL is .198.

I hate when the O's make a move just to say they did something because of fan unrest.

I know there will be a lot of uproar over Reynolds' low BA (despite him hitting 260 in 09), but I think this is a good move. The pitching in the NL West is just as good as the AL East, so there is little reason to think he will suddenly stop hitting for power. 240, 35-40 homers sounds about right, which is definitely needed in this lineup.

Of course, it only makes sense if this is just the first in a series of moves. Reynolds alone is not nearly enough.

In terms of value received, this is a good trade for the O's; Reynolds is a 27-year-old corner infielder with OBP skills and (obvious) power signed to a reasonable salary in 2011 and 2012 with an $11MM option ($500K) buyout in 2013.

In 2009, when healthy, he put up a 900 OPS, and that's probably a reasonable projection if he's healthy in 2011.

So: getting a player like that for two relievers is a good haul.

But I have to wonder -- why on earth is the team giving up on Josh Bell so quickly?

What gets me is that no Baltimore fan can ever be happy. Carl Crawford isn't coming here. Cliff Lee...note a chance. So you trade for a guy who can hit home runs. You're stuck on the .198 average when he's a career .242 hitter! Need I remind you of who we had playing third base after Tejada was traded? Mickilio was never going to do anything here and he came with Jones in the Bedard trade so throwing him in was a bonus really. Didn't lose much with him. Hernandez did a good job in the pen and will be missed. But I like the deal.

Finally the Orioles get something done. I don't like to see us lose Hernandez but he
was not a starter so I think it was a good deal. Now let's go get Pena for 1st base
and we will have a decent lineup.

This is not a barnburner and we did not give up much, but this smells like the signing we made for the low average hitting, 20 HRs a year, first baseman we signed last offseason, and sent packing within months. funny, his name already eludes me. maybe being close to his home will make him hit for better average with 30+ dingers.

Have to agree with Michael. Not crazy about giving up Hernandez, but they had to give up SOMETHING of value, and Mickolio alone wasn't going to do, and as Michael said, relief pitching is not going to be as hard to replace.

Is Wayne dead?


I have a question unrelated to Reynolds. Last night, Jeff made a post after meeting with MacPhail where he said:

"MacPhail didn't completely rule out offering the oft-injured Uehara two guaranteed years, but it certainly is not the club's preference."

Then this morning, Dan's first post says this:

"The word in Japan is the word we hear here: That Koji wants to return to Baltimore but he’d go elsewhere for a two-year deal. And it’s highly unlikely the Orioles offer him a multi-year contract."

That seems like a slight contradiction. Jeff seemed to imply that they'd offer two years if they had to, but Dan makes it seem like that isn't the case.

Jeff Z's reply: Not really Greg. The Orioles just traded two relievers. They need to get Koji back or sign about 3 free agent relievers. So perhaps this trade increases odds they'll go two years to guarantee they get Koji.

its a good deal...i like reynolds and he will do good in camden yards...we need production..he will have better average...hernandez wasnt that big of a deal and kam was nothing...its a big win...but it is not the total answer only at 3rd, unfortunately he will be only good piece we get

Seems Presley will have his stuff cut out for him.

However, I must say, I love the deal!! Reynolds will regress to the mean...his average will rise, HR will stabilize, and his K's will level out. Overall, nice acquisition, especially since we have him under team control for up to 3 years! And he could switch to 1st or DH, if Bell comes a knockin'...sign LaRoche and we're a better hitting club than last year.

Yeah, he's no V-mart, but I'm cool with Dunn-esque numbers at 3B for half the money and a couple of bullpen arms.

How Bout Them O's!!

This is a fine move. as people have said, relievers are the easiest thing to replace on a major league roster. With our surplus of pitching, perhaps the front office should consider bringing young kids up to the bullpen to get their feet wet.

For those that argue Pena was a better option if we wanted KS and HRs, he's a lefthanded power hitter, which we essentially already have in luke scott. Reynolds provides what we were missing, right handed power, and should compliment lukes left handed power bat very well.

And despite a .198 BA he still posted an OBP higher than wiggintons last season.

reynolds? really?
give up our best young arm in the pen?
wow, mcfail and angelos need to go

MIxed emotions on this one. The Orioles will be forced into overpaying for Koji now. I don't expect Reynolds to reproduce the power numbers from the past facing the arms in the American League East. Hopefully they can talk Laroche into the fold.

Also, to everyone comparing Reynolds to Atkins, please stop being ridiculous. Reynolds is 27 and has hit 28, 44, and 32 home runs in his last 3 years. Atkins was 30 when we signed him and hit 25, 21, and 9 home runs in his last 3 seasons, with his SLG declining for 4 straight years. Atkins was a flier, nothing more. Reynolds isn't a star, but he is an above average third baseman with upside.

I know it feels strange to give the Orioles any credit, but this was a nice deal.

Imagine if...
the Orioles sign Carlos Pena to play first and...
Carlos Pena, Mark Reynolds and Luke Scott bat in that particular order all the...
strike outs!!!

Here's the problem with this move...The Dbacks had a $7.5 M option on Adam LaRoche who is a much more reliable player than Reynolds and they declined it. Reynolds is scheduled to make as much this year but the Dbacks are now willing to trade him? The Dbacks know something the O's don't and this guy isn't worth the money.

Maybe Presley can work with this guy and bring his BA and OBP back to respectibility. Reynolds will provide power, has a decent glove, is well-liked by teammates and can even steal some bases. Face the facts, people - this team is going to have a hard time convincing players to come here. This was a safe trade for a guy who could really turn his game around with a switch of leagues and hitting coaches. He could also be a dud, but the organization has plenty of young pitching and very few power bats. It's worth the risk.

well i am glad to see the orioles finally made a move. needeless to say there will be some complaining about who the orioles gave up, but you have to give to get. i don't think the oriles lost much in trading kam mickilio. my guess with this trade the orioles will make a more concerted effort to resign koji uehara.

Mark Reynolds?? His .198 average, .320 OBP, & 200+ strike outs/season will fit in great w/ the Os.

The upside to this trade is we've signed a guy who is just 26 years old, has consistently hit for power, and is not one of those "oooh, I got a hangnail, looks like the Disabled List for me!" types. As for the drop off in average, well, Dan notes the man did struggle with a quadriceps injury and a wrist injury and even got hit in the head with a pitch, kept playing. He still hit for more power, had more walks, more RBIs than any other Oriole last year and that was during an OFF season for the guy so let's give him a break. For those who bemoan the loss of Hernandez and Mickolio, you're probably the same guys who thought we should trade Kiko Garcia and Lenn Sakata for Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter. You can't buy a new car with twelve dollars and 50 cents. Yes, it hurts to lose two good pitchers, but I don't think anyone thought they'd win the Cy Young. Kam is 26, still hasn't established himself in the majors, has all that "potential" but has all the look of a guy who will eternally be on the bus back and forth to AAA. Hernandez is clearly the gem of the deal for the Diamondbacks and he did blow a few people away in relief...but he also had a tendency to surrender a few tape measure home runs in the 9th too as I recall. There are dead fastball hitters and Hernandez is a dead fastball pitcher--he loses just a notch on his heater and it's time to start taking those insurance salesman correspondnece courses. Losing these two guys doesn't cripple this team or hurt us in some way we can't overcome. On the other hand, Reynolds gives us something this team DESPARATELY needs--YOUNG POWER. Next on the want list: a shortstop, a first baseman and a veteran starting pitcher. Come back with these three, Mr. MacPhail, and you've officially become Santa for O's fans everywhere!

What's next? Orioles trade two bag of balls for one bat!!

wonder why Arizona wanted to trade him? were they that desperate to get two relievers?

Another question for Jeff/Dan:

Are the O's still exploring trades for a SS? I know DH was coveted by Rays, but they still have some assets to deal- Johnson, Berken, Tillman, Pie or Reimold, etc.

Orioles trade for a guy who can't get his average above his strikeouts.

Meanwhile the Red Sox trade for Adrian Gonzalez.

O's look like chumps again.

I think this is a good trade. Kam amounts to next to nothing in my book. Hernandez is certainly a loss, no doubt about that, but you have to give something up to get a good player.
And reynolds is a major upgrade at 3b in my opinion. Arizona had an awful year last year, it's not like he's a career .198 hitter. He does strike out a ton, but he hits for power, right handed, and plays a decent 3b. OBP is better than would be expected for a .200 hitter and also he is a pretty good baserunner. Should fit well in the clubhouse.
Solid move. Now we need 4-5 others like it and maybe we can dream of > .500 and exciting baseball in September.

I've got to admit that the research I've done on Reynolds this morning is pretty encouraging...

vs. lefties, career: .252/.380/.528

2010, prior to August 5th concussion: .220/.337/.482

Sure, he's not going to hit higher than .250, at most. And I could see a power dip, based on switching leagues and moving into the AL East. But perhaps my .230, 20 homer prediction was a bit too pessimistic.

He is NOT average defensively, he is just bad. Maybe he can DH and Wiggy plays 3rd, then what to do with Luke.

I like this deal for the Orioles but one deal does not make up for the 13 years of losing and the 3+ failed years of MacPhail. We should be in on Fielder next year since the Sox and Yanks, Phils, Angels and Mets won't be. Only competition should be the Cubs. Go sign LaRoche to a 1-2 year deal to cover 1st this year and platoon next year and we might get within 15 games of .500. . . which would be a winning season for some of the Orioles fans that accept anything less than a Championship!

This is a very good deal. Giving up Kam is like nothing and if Hernandez turns out to be special (odds are against it) so be it. Orioles need a guy like Reynolds. Not a few like him, but one like him. He gives them something they have not had in years late in the game: a puncher's chance. When he comes up in the 9th and we are down a run and a guy is on first with 2 outs, you know you're either getting a strikeout or a game winning home run. Without him with the same scenario, we knew we were either getting a strikeout or a weak groundout. This trade is a no brainer. Look past his K's and his batting average for a minute and look at the total package. Compare his overall stats to Dunn and Pena and you will see he's not that far off and EVERYBODY wanted the older, lefthanded Dunn.

The more I read the more I'm ok with this deal. Hernandez and Reynolds both have upside so its a good deal.

Whats the word on Pena's batting problem? Is he fixable? I don't want to see us giving up any more good pitchers in a trade for a hitter. Buy the bats Andy!

Hi, my name is nobull and I approve of this message. Camden Yard should be a welcome vision to this young slugger who can hit the ball much further than the local fences are placed here. This deal could turn out better than Thanksgiving dinner for the Orioles.

People need to also realize the ballpark he'll be playing in. While the weather is warm in Arizona, that's a pretty big ballpark, probably considered a pitcher's park, and to be playing in Camden, there's no reason to think why his power numbers will diminish. Yea he'll strike out 200+ times but if he's gonna hit 40 and hit for a lil higher avg, this is a move you make.

Great trade. Even if we gave up the greatest middle reliever of all time(I have no clue who that is btw) we still got the better of the deal. Reynolds is a top 5 third baseman in the league, coming off of a career low year where he still was more productive than everyone who played 3B for us last year. Not to mention how many things he crosses off or winter wishlist (right-handed middle of the order power bat, corner infielder etc.). Plus Bonus he's 27 and locked up until 2012 with an option for 13. Bottom line, Reynolds makes us better and the more competitive we are the greater the chances our free agent offers are taken more seriously in the future.

Well, they need to add about 60 hrs and 175 runs to even think about sniffing 3rd place. Hopefully they get a healthy Reynolds,introduce him to the hitting coach, get him one consistent approach, and plant him out there at third base 150 times this year. If you think that Showalter knows what he's doing, and that he has some say in this offseason, gotta give it a shot.
Josh Bell's putrid performance last year showed the organization enough to know that he needs a full year or 2 at AAA figuring out how not to swing at every single curveball thrown in the general vicinity of home plate, including the 5 feet in front of it, the 2 feet inside of it, and the 1 foot below it. He was just awful. When your future slugger's best feature seemed to be his arm, you gotta start looking around.

I like this deal. I've read some interesting articles claiming that strike outs aren't really as negative a thing as people generally believe them to be. The batting average is a concern, but a little can go a long way if he hits lefties as well as it sounds.

What this really makes me scratch my head about, though, once again, is the fact that Koji wasn't offered arbitration. If you're going to trade away two relievers, don't you think you'd be willing to pay the one or two million more a year you would have had to pay Koji in arbitration? And with as many teams as have been reported as being interested in Koji, I'm starting to believe he'll be more expensive than if they had let the arbitor decide his pay. Just completely baffeling.

Grumpy bunch! Geez, you'd think McPhail could have landed Reynolds for Mikolio, straight up, the way many have reacted. Hernandez may turn into a top notch pitcher, maybe even as a starter, but you gotta give something to get something. Reynolds can hit and can also play 1B. It's time to turn our complaints to another direction. Who're we gonna give up to land a shortstop now?

.198 average
.218 vs. left handers
There's one major reason McPhail signed Reynolds and one minor reason.....
Major Reason = $833,333 salary & signed through 2012
Minor Reason = 27 years old

The Orioles shouldn't have parted with Hernandez. Reynolds isn't going to do any more for the Orioles than what Josh Bell could do and probably a good deal less.

Here is why I am frustrated by this news.

This move is just another gamble instead of a strong attempt to improve this team.

If MacPhail is serious about contending anytime soon, then why doesn't he appear to be seriously going after players who are solid all-around ballplayers?

I'm sorry, but 30HRs isn't worth a sub-.200 average and 200-plus K's.

Mr. Angelos, you have the money to buy the bats, and your GM tells the fan base that is the plan, but you aren't willing to do it. And I'm not just talking about this year when the market was thin.

Instead, you OK trades for reclamation projects while your GMs and PR guys spin them as guys with "high upside."

Sure Reynolds may hit 35 HRs in 2011. But is that worth having a hole in the lineup for the other 80 plus percent of the time?

It doesn't even matter what players we shipped off.
What matters to us fans is that this move shows us that nothing has changed.

"Konerko made $12 million last season but finished fifth in American League MVP voting, which would likely get him a raise. Rumors have him ultimately settling for about $13 million for each of two or three years."

Anyone for taking up a collection and sending $ to McPhail to help get this guy? I would have thought $30 mil and a 2 yr contract with option for third.

Keith Law likes the Orioles' side of the trade better and expects Reynolds to bounce back.

As a D-Backs fan I am devastated! although reynolds has alot of strikeouts he is a fan favorite with tremendous upside. He is still young and with some good coaching will cut down the strikeouts. You will not be dissapointed with him.

Already posted but can't stop fuming.

If this is our big deal to improve the team this year, then we are in trouble.

Reynolds is a one-dimensional player. He hits HRs and that is it.
Is defense is average.

Should really boost the lineup by throwing a guy in the 4 or 5 spot who gets out more than 80% of the time.

I would have been happier if we'd gotten a multi-faceted prospect.

Andy's stepping and fetching right now, Ben.

He's missed dozens of opportunities over the past three years and he's trying to make up for all of it now to try to keep the hope of the end of the season alive.

Reynolds could be a decent first step, depending on how he adjusts to the AL. He could also be a disaster. At least Andy took a risk. But he needs to keep moving.

Take another risk on J.J. Hardy at short.

Then grab a backup infielder. Robert Andino had his chance. He's nothing. It'll probably take another trade to get that backup guy, as there isn't much on the FA market.

And we still need a first baseman. LaRoche is probably the best option out there at this point, unless Andy can swing a trade for a young guy who's ready, but blocked by a superstar. Allen Craig (StL) or Yonder Alonso (Cincy) could fit the bill.

And the bullpen needs some serious help now. Koji is almost a must, despite his injury history. I hate to see teams spend big money on relievers, but the O's don't have any major league pieces that they can afford to trade just for bullpen help. Bobby Jenks would be a great addition. Despite a high ERA in 2010, he still put up a great K-rate and a low HR rate. Taylor Buccholz, if healthy, should get a look as well, considering his success in Colorado. Essentially, take a look at anyone who won't take a multiyear deal or cost a draft pick.

A lot of work still needs done. I doubt Andy will do it all. And I still don't expect much more than 72 wins in 2011. But, like I said, at least Andy took a risk and made a move.

Good to hear some local baseball news since the Ravens came up with yet another CHOKE against a good team with a good quarterback.

dspedden -

First off, Andy didn't "sign" Reynolds. The O's made a trade.

Second, Reynolds made $833K in 2010, but he makes $5M in 2011 and $7.5M in 2012

There are a lot of negatives to Reynolds and a lot of arguments you can make against Andy, but the "young and cheap" argument doesn't hold water in this case.

Also, instead of taking the small sample size of one season, why not look at Reynolds's career splits against lefties? I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

pablo -

Konerko is going to re-sign with the White Sox. And he's going to retire with them.

The problem with this day and age, baseball fans get to hung up on stats. The most overrated stat in baseball is 'AVERAGE'. Who gives a damn if a player bats .315, if the SOB hits .200 with runner-in-scoring position?

Give me a player that drives in runs and scores runs. On that note I compared Reynolds to a couple prizes in the FA market as well our own Nick Markakis, who most would consider the O's most untouchable player.

Mark Reynolds:
'08 87r 97rbi
'09 98r 102rbi
'10 79r 85rbi

'08 106r 87rbi
'09 94r 101rbi
'10 79r 60rbi

V. Martinez
'08 30r 35rbi
'09 88r 108rbi
'10 64r 89rbi

'08 59r 62rbi
'09 75r 88rbi
'10 98r 111rbi

Mark Reynolds is right in line, and I would say more consistent than any of the 3 listed. At the end of the day, this game is about out scoring your opponent. It is not about having a better team average or less strikeouts than the team you are playing that day.

This is a fantastic trade when you consider Mark Reynolds is 27 (hitting his prime) and we just got him for next to nothing. Good job O's.

And for those hung up on K's, please look up Reggie Jackson. Mark Reynolds is no Reggie, but Reggie did strikeout a lot and had an amazing career.

terrible trade. wtf kind of metrics do Angelos and MacPhail use for player evaluation?

omg, wtf. terrible.

we were 2nd to last in the AL for RP ERA. and we trade away two of our better RPs, and let Uheura walk????


you're all losers - he's a bum, and without ah, 5 (count them) 5 quality starters, it doesn't matter. the ZerO's will still suk in '11.

p.s. ravens p me off too!

Some of the people here sound like quant guys, so this is for them.

According to baseball reference's similarity scores, at this stage in his career Reynolds is most statistically similar to Mike Schmidt. The rest of the top 5 are Dean Palmer, Ron Gant, Matt Williams, and Bill Melton. I would happily take the post-26 production of any of those guys except Melton. The offensive upside of Mike Schmidt is easily worth two borderline major league relievers.

Hernandez, for the record, is most similar to the immortal Gary Glover. Mickolio isn't even worth mentioning.

This is a completely reasonable trade, and anyone who thinks this is evidence of Orioles ineptitude is flat out wrong. Having a power right-handed bat in the middle of the order will make Nick, Luke, and Wieters better hitters. Plus we badly need gamers who will play through pain and are tough enough to handle the AL Beast.

I see in the photo of Reynolds that he will need to get the razor out before reporting to spring training. How long has this policy been in effect for the Orioles and is there any evidence (13 losing seasons) that it is having a positive effect on the teams performance? On a related issue, what is the teams policy towards body piercings and tattoos?


I like the trade and I'll tell you why. Reynolds is established as a big league slugger. He was hitting in a pitcher's park, in fact more of his home runs came on the road than at home. He moves to a hitters park where the left field bleachers are well within the reach of his 450'+ bombs. The Orioles give up an established major league pitcher and a young gun with no focus. It is tit for tat. The trade is fair and we still ahve the core of our young arms (and all of our starters) might I add. We even have some young unproven starters to spare for another possible trade and still leave us a rotation. I think the O's did fine on this trade. Everyone has their own opinion, and some people are never happy for anything other than the best. We can't afford the best, at least not "this years" best. Save those apples for next year when Pujols and Fielder hit the market.

George - Arizona is a hitters park.

Only time will tell how this deal works out. I did think it was interesting that Reynolds has not batted well against the American League East. 14 hits in 83 AB's against the American League East in his career. That's a .168 batting average. 1 HR in those 83 AB's. I hope he can turn it up when he gets here. We need HR's from him.

4th place here we come!!!!

Reynolds will become a fan favorite soon enough. He is a gamer and brings us a power threat that we haven't had in a decade. I watched him since his 1st game in the majors and he is a solid ballplayer who should solidify the hot corner for years to come. Now let's get a 1st baseman!

Sign Kerry Wood - there is your David Hernandez replacement.

Hernandez is going to blossom, but the Orioles have a plethora of young arms. You have to trade someone to obtain someone. I am irked we gave up Hernandez don't get me wrong, but I will get over it. I sure hope Hernandez flourishes in Arizona, because he is a class act.

Welcome to B'more Mark, we wish you the best!

Is Wayne dead?

Dan et al,

Once Gibby got to Arizona, his numbers tanked. Reynolds was quoted as saying Gibson holds people accountable. Coincidence, or is Reynolds a bit thin-skinned?

What does this guy need to do to hit .250 and strike out less than 150 times in a year? I could see Presley relating well with him, based on his own career.

There's a lot of upside here for a 26 year old corner infielder who can hit 30+. But he also hit .176 after the break last year, including 4 for 60 in September. Our track record under Andy in trades hasn't been that good. I hope they know what they're doing this time around.

Funny....Arizona will sign Mora to play third. Maybe they get Wiggy as well.

I, pretty we will not be acquiring anyone that Buck Showalter doesn't want....also assuming that Buck is OK with this acquisition. Knowing the premium that Buck puts on "run prevention" on defense, I'm thinking his defense must be at least acceptable. I'm for giving Buck a chance to field the team he winds up with (not necessarily the one he would like to have) and see what happens.

To all those saying 'where are all the guys that clamored for AM to do something?', well here I am.

Good, not great trade. We now have a real MLB 3rd baseman, which much like having a real MLB manager, is a big step up over last year's Tejada farce. I don't think we gave up much either. Much as Hernandez has upside, he could just as easily regress. Good time to sell.

Glad to see AM working things. I think what a lot of people like me are starved for though, is a REAL all-star caliber player joining this team (as opposed to the every team needs to have a representative so our converted 2B who had a good 1st half counts).

Trades like this are good as it gets rid of the lunacy the O's have been fielding. If we're able to have legit position players at each position, not all-stars, just league average, we probably jump from 4th worst team in all of baseball to the second tier of middling .500 teams as long as the pitching we have continues to grow.

From there, it will be easier to sign the big name, big impact free agents us obnoxious fans are clamoring for. What this continues to spell out though, is that the AM plan is about 2 years behind. This next year will be about undoing the huge mistakes of last year, and if things go well, we'll be in position this time NEXT year, to sign a big FA that everyone is hoping for. Glad AM is working hard to fix the many holes on this team and there is plenty more work to be done. To his credit, at least he's been willing to work the trade angle, which the previous Flanagan regime never really seemed to be able to accomplish.

Great trade!

Only have to give up a couple of relievers for a hard-nosed player with a power bat. Sure he may strike out some but he'll get his shares of HRs in OPCY and he's a bigger threat than any of our current options there.

We need more scrappers and gamers because until this team gets that mentality and gets a winning record over the course of a year, we'd have to make like the Nats and way overpay to get any of the big names to come our way. Having a winning record - or even a .500 record - would do a lot to help get us a realistic shot with any of the big name free agents without having to seriously overpay for them.

This one deal won't trade the entire complexion of the team, but it's step in the right direction.

Go O's!

Petey -

Look a little deeper into Reynolds's 2010 campaign and you'll find that he suffered a concussion after getting hit in the head by a 95 MPH fastball on August 5th.

Prior to that, he had an .819 OPS. Post concussion, he put up a .584 OPS.

You think there's a possibility that the head injury played a role in the two-month long nosedive?

I'm as skeptical about Reynolds as anyone. But, as with any player, you've got to look past the surface numbers.

It's not a bad trade. I liked Hernandez too, but he's just a reliever. Pitchers like him come a dime a dozen. Mickolio is nothing more than replacement level.

Reynolds is flawed, for sure. I'll admit that his SO's are alarming, but he did draw 83 walks last year, and a career.334 OBP isn't horrible either. In other words, even with all the SO's, he still knows how to get on base.

And I really really really think the .189 BA is a fluke. After his concussion on August 3rd, he batted only .213 and .078 in the 2 final months. Hopefully he doesn't follow the same fate as Paul Blair, though.

As for those predicting Reynolds' power to decline, you have to remember that he's moving to an even more Hitter-Friendlier park than Chase Field. Actually, Yankee Stadium, Camden Yards, Fenway Park and Rodgers Center all rank within the top 8 hitter friendly parks in MLB in that order. The biggers favor that AM can do at his point is to aquire another bat with AT LEAST consistent 20+ HR power to bat behind Reynolds...or in front. I still don't think Markakis is best in the 3 hole - his potential would be best utilized at 2 in the batting order

I like the deal. I liked Hernandez for the most part, but no one is going to really miss him, we have a plethora of young arms. Reynolds has a lot of upside, and that power bat we've needed at 3rd.

I'm just wondering why everyone is so crazy about getting LaRoche. He's not the answer either, but like Reynolds, a piece of the puzzle.

PeteyPablo, how can you say that "Our track record under Andy in trades hasn't been that good"?

He dealt Erik Bedard for five players, including A. Jones, Tillman, Sherrill and Mickilio, a haul nearly twice as good as what the Padres just got for Adrian Gonzalez. He also pulled Luke Scott, Sarfate, Albers and Troy Patton for Tejada.

Even last year, the deal that sent Chris Ray for Kevin Millwood was a worthwhile gamble on a veteran starter. Millwood didn't work out great, but hey - Ray is out there now if we want him back.

I'd argue that MacPhail has fared rather well with trades - much better than he has in free agency.

@Realistic O's Fan: Thank you for the research. Numbers don't lie. Baseball is about not getting out. In my humble opinion OBP is very important, possibly the most important stat in baseball. It's really simple: don't get out and you will probably win. Read "Money Ball"; I'm a believer. Too many sports people think that everything has to be done as it always has. Wrong.

BTW: The trade is a winner to me, of course an asteroid could strike at any time.

I'm surprised no body has pointed out that his HR and RBI totals would've led our team last season...

Jeff Z's reply: That was mentioned several times by Mr. MacPhail and Mr. Showalter.

Please remember this guys stats are impacted by the weighted schedule where he predominantly faces all those lightweight NL west pitchers like Lincecum, Jimenez, De LaRosa, Cain, Sanchez etc.! Truthfully, I'd love to see Reynolds stats against just Jimenez, Cain and Lincecum (three of the top ten pitchers in baseball)

Strikeout king.

Baseball Reference has Mike Schmidt listed as the most similar batter to Mark Reynolds at his age. I was skeptical, until I looked at what each did at age 25:

Schmidt, 140 Hits, 34 Doubles, 38 HRs, 95 RBIs, 180 Ks, .249 BA, .367 OBP, .523 SLG

Reynolds, 150 Hits, 30 Doubles, 44 HRs, 102 RBIs, 223 Ks, .260 BA, .349 OBP, .543 SLG

Schmidt was a fantastic defensive player, while Reynolds is about average defensively, but I would take a player with the potential of Schmidt's offense for two middle relief pitchers anyday.

Mark Reynolds + Jim Presley = A batter so gawdawful that he ruptured the very fabric of space and time with the sheer overpowering force of his incompetence.

A decent trade. I predict he will bat .260 and hit 33 HR, and 88 RBI for the O's this year. Plus play an average 3rd base.

Now lets trade for Hanley Ramirez to play SS and we will put our team in a good position. Let Wiggy play 1st this year and next year get Prince.

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