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December 7, 2010

Simon also in Bartlett-for-Reimold talks

While a trade for Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Jason Bartlett still hasn't been finalized, there remains a growing sense that it is going to get done, and it's not going to be just a one-for-one swap.

The Rays, whose bullpen has been depleted by free agency, are also looking for the Orioles to include Alfredo Simon in the deal. Simon's inclusion does not appear to be a deal breaker at this point, though the talks are ongoing.

If the Orioles trade Simon, that would leave them with only seven relievers on their 40-man roster.

Orioles president of baseball operations Andy MacPhail has offers out to several free-agent relievers, including Koji Uehara.

Simon, 29, went 4-2 with a 4.93 ERA and 17 saves in 49 appearances for the Orioles in 2010.

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Posted by Jeff Zrebiec at 3:22 PM | | Comments (53)


Any sense that the O's will try to get Bartlett to extend if this goes through?

Seriously? I thought Nolan straight up for Bartlett was overpaying. You can't tell me if they shopped those two around today they couldn't get more than a 31 SS coming of a bad year? Horrible horrible trade.

If Simon is included, the O's should be getting back a low level prospect as well.

Personally, I think Simon is expendable, but the fact that you're giving up a lot of control of Reimold for a little time of Bartlett...

Hey, tell them you'll throw in Luke Scott for Matt Garza!

Including Simon is dumb! Reynolds has better power than Bartlet is as or almost as competent in left as Bartlet is at short. Including Simon is 'giving away the farm'. Now if the Rays have something to trade for Simon, that may be a different story.

If the Rays want Riemold, something tells me the O's should keep him. Bartlett isn't that big of an improvement over Izturis anyway,.

Either the entire baseball-viewing world has a distorted sense of the relative values of Reimold and Bartlett, or the Orioles are really underselling themselves on the guy.

I'm not in love with him, and I think he's clearly demonstrated that he isn't as good as Felix Pie, but I can't say I thought his value was this low.

I agree, this is a pretty odd move. Reimold was obviously terrible last year, but he was hurt in the spring. Considering he played quite well in 2009 and is only 27, it seems like a lot to give up for a 31 year old shortstop coming off a down year who is only signed through 2011. The fact that the deal needs to be a 2 for 1 (even though Simon is barely average) makes even less sense.

Not good. I could maybe live with Reimold for Bartlett, but not both of these guys ... not unless we were getting something else in return.

This just sounds like a bad deal.

I do like the idea of trading Reimold and then signing Diaz, who kills LH pitching.

...........sorry Nolan......

Meant 'Reimold' not 'Reynold'.

What else do you expect from the O's folks? A few good trades (Tejada, Bedard) and MacPhail is trying to get cute now. This trade is beyond baffling.

At least there is the NFL

If Simon is on the deal, they should ask for Brignac instead of Bartlett. Undervaluing Reimold. If not, there better be a mid-level prospect involved.

Pull The trigger on it, Simon is an injury prone less than average reliever and I hate to say it, but Reimolds best days are behind him. Bartlett is a spark plug in the clubhouse and is someone who can take pitches and work the count and hits a lot of singles and doubles Would be a great trade

to ad simon to a possible deal to get bartlett, do it get the job done. as for free agents,don't low ball them. it about time andy gets over that idea.

or we could just keep izturis

This proposed trade gets worse by the hour! Additionally; I don't think I'd be relieving myself of another pitcher until I started SIGNING some free agents. All this foot dragging is mind numbing. The NL West teams have been very aggressive in filling holes. Meanwhile; the AL East teams just like to generate headlines.

It´s crazy, Simon and Nolan for bartlett and Zobrist is good, but only for Bartlett is very bad change.

Bartlett is a spark plug in the clubhouse

Prince Fielder is a "Spare Tire"

At this rate the Orioles will have built a "Championship Car" soon then they build a "World Series Caliber Team"

If not they will at least turn Camden Yard Stadium into a "Junk Yard"

Okay, now I do think this is a little too much. I'd be happy with Reimold for Bartlett but not if we have to throw in Simon as well. If we have to trade Simon too we better get a good prospect in return or I'd say this should be a no deal.

No way I make this trade, unless Reimold gets engaged again.

Bad deal we have a player who may be a star for a long time with the O's for a one year rental.
the only possible way is if we get an extension on Bartlett.

Do it now. Get a shortstop. Who cares if the throw in has almost a 5 era, we non-tended Albers. Easier to fins an outfielder if needed as well.


Stupid, stupid trade, wtf?

Reimold for Bartlett is an overpay, but with the market for SS pretty thin, it may be an overpay that the O's have to take. I can't see how it makes any difference either way to include Alfredo Simon, who's basically waiver-wire fodder.

I do get the folks who are ambivalent about adding a 31-year-old SS to the roster; I share that, generally speaking. But I don't think these people understand just how ungodly terrible Cesar Izturis is. It's not just a low average; Izturis "led" all of baseball with the worst OPS among regulars last year (.545). That's not just bad; that's Manny Alexander-after-chugging-a-bottle-of-NyQuil bad.

Bartlett is an *enormous* upgrade on Izturis.

I wouldnt trade Simon the guy has proven he can pitch. Yes Bartlett has proven he can play too but that trade is overpaying especially since Bartlett has one year left on his contract. If Reimold gets healthy the trade will be a steal for them. He is just expendable right now with Pie in left and Scott can play left too. The Os can resign Izturis and loose nobody. The rays can Get Reimold and get rid of Bartletts 5 million dollar contract and then buy releif pitchers with the money saved. Tampa Reimold for Bartlett....Take it or leave it!

This is absurd. Even Reimold for Bartlett is a terrible idea. Reimold is under team control for the next FIVE years, is 27, and still has potential. Bartlett is a stopgap who does little more than keep the spot warm for a year, at which point they probably re-sign a guy like Izzy and wait for Machado. Why not re-sign Izzy now and see if Reimold can rebound? The worst that happens is we continue to have no offense from the SS position in a year where it wouldn't have mattered anyway. The sad truth is 2012 is now the earliest the team will contend, so hang on to Nolan and continue the efforts to move him to 1B, where there's still a massive organizational deficiency. Getting Reynolds was a good move, but let's not get crazy -- he's a nugget for 2012 and beyond, while Bartlett is not and Reimold could be.

I actually like the idea that Simon is included. He's an above-average arm, but it's only because he throws gas. It doesn't necessarily mean he will ever live up to his promise, but it could mean that the deal will include some prospect(s) coming back, esp. since Reimold being oncluded feels a little too much for Bartlett staright up.

No more Izturis, please. He is awful. We're better off with Andino than that bum.

mcphail is mad bartlett is not even worth reimold.The o's will never compete with the yanks and the sox.Until we get an ace like lee or greinke we will be in last place again.We have to start spending some money i'm tired of rooting for a losing team.I'm out

If they could get more legit power hitting I can live with Izturis playing SS. I do not want to see Reimold leave. Showalter didn't get to see Reimold 09. He came in while Nolan was struggling. I don't know what type of impression the situation made on Showalter but I get the feeling that he is not in the plans. Reimold was awesome in 09 and I would really really hate to see him go. Especially for one guy. If he was part of a nice package deal that would be easier to wrap my mind around.

As far as Simon man I wish it could be for him straight up.

when exactly did nolan reimold become the next ripken? let's face it ppl, he is not as good as you all think. he had 1 good part of a season, he never was viewed as a legit prospect among the baseball world! he is a 27 yr old with no real position on the team, coming off a miserable year. bartlett on the other hand is a career .283 hitter with a .345 obp. he was an all star in 2009 with 14 hr and 30 steals. he would be a much needed upgrade at short. plus, he's a winner and a team leader, who could bat 2nd in our line up!

Is it just me or are the fans making more out of this deal than necessary. Reimold is 27 years old, not young. Bartlett is only 4 years older. He is established in a position that we need to field. Simon is completely expendable and I am sure we can lock Bartlett up for a couple of more years at a cheap price. This is a good deal, it fills a need and wee aren't giving up much in return. I think Reimold will be a fine player someday, but it's not like we are giving up a hall of famer or something the guy is 27 years old! People need to get over it, he isn't going to be an everyday player at this rate and he showed signs of not reaching any potential last year. If he was 22 then I would think it was a horrible deal, but he is 27! People are acting like he is Markakis or someone similar. He is not and most likely never will be at this stage of his career. 27 is old for a player who barely has any big league playing time. The Orioles have very weak position players in the minors. You would rather not trade him and hope that by the time he is 29 he might be able to fill a spot on the big league roster, meanwhile the Orioles remain basement dwellers with a virtual 8 man lineup every day for another two seasons by not getting Bartlett who is MUCH better than Izturis. Then you will continue to complain the whole time about how the Orioles suck and they never do anything in the off season. It completely amazes me, it's as if you can't complain you aren't happy. Almost as if if the Orioles solved some of their problems you would have nothing to do with your lives.

Get Brendan Ryan before you get this guy. A 27 year old power hitter for a one hit wonder in Bartlett with one year left? What is Andy thinking?

This is not a good idea. To give up Reimold is one thing but to throw Simon in too for a guy who may hit only 20-30 points higher and has a worse glove than Izturis is a horrible decision.

Besides, the seat is just being kept warm for Machado anyway. So why give up players for a one-year stop gap? I say give Andino the job until Machado is ready to come up. It's not worth all this nonense.

JD is correct. Izturis' fielding for these two years have been great. He also led the American League in hit production for a 9th place batter.

This makes zero sense to me. Nolan has a huge upside, and when you toss in the fact that we'd be losing yet another reliever in the process, it just doesn't compute.

I know we all harass McPhail for doing nothing, but wildly flailing about and taking whatever he can get while overpaying isn't what the fan base was looking for...


Simon got to be a joke at the end of the season. He was giving up dingers practically every appearance.
If someone wants him, let them have him. He's going to pitch in the minors either way.
As for Reimold, I like him personally, but opposing pitchers have figured him out.
Let him go.

To those who are bashing Izturis:
It's obvious that none of you have any baseball instincts or insight.
"God awful?" "Terrible?" a "bum" ?
Bartlett an "enormous upgrade on him ?"

You people need to go back to sleep and dream about a world with no baseball..... you'd never miss it and it would never miss you.

I wonder if the attraction of Bartlett is as a number two hitter behind Brian Roberts and/or the ability for Bartlett to leadoff if Brian is hurty? Any guesses?

Jeff Z's reply: I think that's a factor.

"...but Reimolds best days are behind him."

Posted by: Nick | December 7, 2010 3:52 PM

The guy has played a few months in the majors and his best days are behind him? And all this for a one year rental? Thank God you're not GM.

Britt Ghiroli reports that this deal is dead. We can only hope. is reporting that this deal fell apart. any update. god i hope the orioles realized how much they were getting ripped off.

Andy has finally figured out you have to give up something to get something and he's out of control! If this deal goes through the Orioles have lost two potential closers and their best middle relief guy. Also, He could have gotten Laroche for 7 million for two years last year, now it will take more. As always, he is day late and a dollar short when it comes to acquiring the top free agent talent. He didn't fill the third and first base holes last year because Brandon Snyder and Josh Bell were supposed to burst on the scene by July.

Instead we got Garrett Atkins as our big right handed bat as Andy threw 2010 in the toilet. He finally seems to be actually tring to improve the talent at the Major League level, although if you listen to him he is not going to overpay and take risk. He would rather take little risk and lose 90 games again as usual. Other teams shop at Macy's, Andy shops at Ollie's.

Good stuff cheap!

Ever hear the phrase "rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic"?

Bartlett is mediocre, Reimold sucks, Simonn sucks, Izturis is irrelevent. Make the trade or don't- who cares?

If this team was even slightly serious about getting better, they would have made a pitch for Adrian Gonzales. But they aren't, they suck, and they will continue to suck.

Have a nice day!

Simon alone, yes, with Reimold no way....are you kidding me?

Reimold should stay...he's a good kid and he'll bounce back nicely in 2011 and beyond.

News says it's a dead deal, we can only hope so.

Nolan's injury could be something he never recovers from. He was a liabilty in left to begin with and simon's loss is not major. Make the deal, get some hits from SS and now the left side has been upgraded. Keep Itzuris for late inning defense until Macado is ready. Now get LaRoche, one veteran 4th slot starter and two bullpen arms. The available relief pool is big! Now we COMPETE!!!

Look I agree that unless we sign Bartlett to an extension that the trade favors Tampa Bay. I am just saying that Izturis is not the answer at short. Next year there will be 3 better SS available than bartlett. they are Jose Reyes, Jimmy Rollins, and Rafael Furcal, other than that the market is also thin. I think Simon is a bust. I do believe that Reimold has serious potential, kind of like Jayson Werth. However it took Werth several years to establish himself, I don't know how long Reimold is under contract, and maybe if we hold onto him and suck up another year of losing 95 games we can overpay for someone better than Bartlett and in two years maybe Reimold might find his Mojo and fill in at first base. It doesn't look like the deal will go through, Bartlett is a good defender, only 11 errors last year. Not as many chances as Izturis but he has had seasons where he has matched him defensively. He is certainly twice as good offensively. If Reimold had a good year last year we wouldn't even be having this discussion. He would be playing 1st base or left field and we would have to give up two pitchers for a SS. The truth is there are not many realistic options for SS and Hardy isn't an improvement over Bartlett they are about equal and Hardy is more sporadic in his numbers and has been in a serious decline the past 3 years at the plate. Bartlett would be a great #2 hitter because of his speed and OBP. Lets be realistic he isn't going to cost much to get an extension, and he is certainly going to be cheaper than the other 3 players I named next year. I would hate to overpay for a shortstop. That being said if Reimold has a mediocre year next year and ends up costing us a lot of money to keep him as a 4th outfielder and we don't get a SS because of not doing this trade we still lose. There is no clear cut winner here in this situation. In the short term I think it helps us get over the hump until Machado arrives. Will we regret it 5 years down the road, who knows? I mean it isn't like we can't resign Reimold after he plays two years in TB. I just don't know how long you give a guy to develop? Some players never truuly make the jump from AAA to the big leagues successfully. It happens, look how long it took Werth? He is certainly overpaid for a guy who really doesn't have $18MM a year stats. There are a lot of outfielders available on the open market to replace him if we need one later, there aren't a lot of decent shortstops, this year or next. I don't want us to pay $12- $15 MM a year for a short stop next year when we need to be able to put that money into a 1B. Bartlett is the best option out of the cheap ones. I'll compromise with the people against the deal. Let's suck up one more year with Izturis and sign Bartlett next off season. That way Reimold gets one more year to prove his worth.

how can mcphail give up relievers for a .198 200 plus strikeout artist who is a fair firelder at best

More reasons why this is a terrible idea: Bartlett has been among the worst shortstops in terms of UZR over the last two years. He's exceedingly unlikely to improve in that category going forward, given that he's 31 years old. Let's hope this one dies a quick death.

I think the Orioles should do all they can to help the Rays reduce their budget. And, since they seem to need our help, why not balance out the Bartlett-Reimold deal with Garza for Arietta. Yeah, I'd even throw in Simon. Works for me. I hope Andy is reading this.

27 is washed up? Luke Scott made his major league debut two months before he turned 27. He was a 29-year old outfielder with 28 career home runs when the Orioles picked him up.

I like Bartlett, but Reimold is worth more than a one-year rental. Tampa Bay is trying to force Andy MacPhail into overpaying, and I hope he doesn't do it. Bartlett has never played more than 140 games, he's inconsistent, and he lacks power. A .345 OBP and a .385 SLG, no thank you.

That being said, I'd trade Reimold and Simon for J.J. Hardy. Hardy is 28, with a .323 OBP and .423 SLG. He hit 5 home runs in 35 games as a sophomore, Bartlett has hit 5 home runs in a season TWICE, in a longer career. Hardy has averaged 20 home runs per 162 games, and his production took quite a hit the last two years due to injury. Basically, they're only comparable because of Bartlett's one good year and Hardy's two injury-riddled campaigns.

Need to keep Reinold in the outfile mix with Markakis and Pie. Trade Jones and Tillman for Greinke. Sign Kenerko, Izzy, Uehara and Balfour and be competative for the first time in 13 yrs. Make it happen AM and the fans will come back!.

Give Reimold away. He cant play the outfield, never played a full season, and was completly awful at the plate even in the minors

Reimold is definately overpaying and why get this guy who is barely better than izturis on the offfense side and likely not as good on defense. Just pay izturis to come back and keep Reimold. This is a stupid trade without throwing in Simon.

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