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December 4, 2010

Sherrill interested in Baltimore return

About 16 months after he was sent to the Los Angeles Dodgers for prospects Steve Johnson and Josh Bell before the 2009 trade deadline, reliever George Sherrill says he would be very much interested in returning to the Orioles. Sherrill was non-tendered by the Dodgers on Thursday after a season in which he had a 6.69 ERA in 65 appearances.

“I would like that a lot,” Sherrill said via text message. “I don’t know if we’ve had contact yet, but my wife and I love the city and the organization, to me, treats people with class. The people there are great and the fans there are knowledgeable and respectful unlike other places. We both had a blast there.”

The Orioles, who would like to add another left-hander to their bullpen to pair with Michael Gonzalez, are hoping to meet with Sherrill’s agent, Kyle Rote Jr., during the winter meetings.

Sherrill, 33, saved 51 games for the Orioles during the 2008 and 2009 seasons after he was acquired from the Seattle Mariners in the Erik Bedard deal. He went to the Dodgers and aided their playoff push, compiling a 0.65 ERA in 30 appearances. However, he struggled mightily in the 2009 National League Championship Series against the Philadelphia Phillies, and those struggles continued into this past season.

“I had a horrendous year. I couldn’t get my mechanics right no matter what I tried,” Sherrill said. “I’m ready to bounce back and help somebody no matter my role.”

Several teams are looking for left-handed relief, so I don’t think Sherrill will have a hard time finding a job regardless of how much he struggled in 2010.

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Posted by Jeff Zrebiec at 9:56 PM | | Comments (45)


whoop dee fricken doo

Would be a nice pickup on a one year, cheap base, heavily incentive contract.

Sounds like a guy desperate for a job

it would be a great idea,sherrill, a lefty who can close games&actually wants to play for us again,we need a lefty anyway so i guess brandon equals brainless,lol. any news of a 1st or 3rd baseman who can actually hit ?

This is all such a joke.

A-Gone is gone, for NOTHING. I thought we would have had to lose Matusz and Arrieta, and Weiters, and Jones if we wanted A-Gon?

This whole front office has everyone fooled.

You wanna know what the plan is? THe plan is, lets just keep our fingers crossed that our kids turn out. We aren't gonna sign or trade for anyone of consequence.

14 seasons and counting, and the Sox and Yanks are pulling further away.

No way if Bischotti owns this team, this kind of thing happens. What a horrible, horrible group of people, scouts (half the amount of scouts everyone else has mind you), and just everything.

Buck made a bad bad move.

Why couldn't they have moved the O's in 1984 and left the Colts?

As horrible as Sherrill was in 2009 playoffs and the entire 2010 season he should agree to pitch for lunch money.

We should get him. Anyone remember what he did to Adrian Gonzalez in the 2008 all-star game?

K'd him. Made him look silly.

Well Flat-Breezy you may want Baltimore but does The Buck want you?

Call me crazy


...but I could see Showalter getting a good response out of ol Georgie!

Comparing Bisciotti to Angelos is crazy. There's no realistic way to predict how Bisciotti would act in a situation where there are no salary caps.

Irony at it's finest. We curse the FAs who don't want to come to Baltimore and then when a FA does want to come to Baltimore, we curse them too.

If you get him for a minor league deal and invite to ST do it plus several other lefties to compete for 1 BP spot add uhara, balfour, and gregg use Tillman, Hernandez, Simon, for trades the pitching will be fine if we get 1B, 3B, and SS to improve offense. Throw Jim Johnson, Patton, Vandenhurk, into the ST starting/BP competition. Then let Buck start planning lineups and pitching staffs with his coaches. Lets keep reality intact before you ever plan to compete wit NY or boston you have to win against the rest of the division first, this could be the year to start..

By the way, Adrian Gonzalez's stats vs. George Sherrill 1-6 1RBI 0BB 1SO.

Jeff Z's reply: Does that count the All-Star game at-bat a couple of years ago when Sherrill struck him out on 3 pitches?


As my depression worsens over the A-Gon to Boston news, I started to think.

This isn't a joke question, but a serious one.

Why would the O's do anything at this point?

I mean, they need a SS. Just sign Izzy. We aren't going to win anyway, so, why spend a penny, or trade a soul?

The gameplan, as far as I can tell, whether they admit it or not, is to just keep our fingers crossed that 25 of our players turn into Wille Mays overnight.

So, why on earth would you move a Tillman or a Hernandez for anyone, but in a package for one of the marquee players that we so desperately need?

Have we over-valued our prospects again? We really couldn't find 3 or 4 of our minor leaguers (excluding 2010 draft picks who can NOT be traded because of rules), that was better than the deal Boston had?

I truly, honestly, don't think Macfail is worth anything. I put him right up there with Angeloser as far as done nothing. We got nothing in the Tejada deal. The only think making the Bedard deal worth anything is the fact that Bedard hasn't pitched at all.

Our scouts HAVE to be the worst in baseball. I know we don't have 1/2 the amount of scouts as anyone else in MLB, again, cuz our owner is clueless.

I guess, just, what is the point of doing anything at this point? We aren't going to win. They know that. The whole city knows that. So, to make any kind of move for a Reynolds (bumb) is such a transparent move.

I just don't honestly know what they are thinking? Why is it that other teams get players, and we can't? I'm speechless.

Why is it so absurd that we go after Fielder? Why didn't we even make an offer for A-Gon?

Why should fans think we EVER have a chance to win again?

How did they kill this franchise this badly? It's so frustrating. I'd love to get a chance to ask Macfail and Angeloser some questions.

I'd love to talk to Showalter's shrink. To see what is wrong with him that he would ever take this job.

By the time they compete (again, never) but Nick, Adam, and Matt will be free agents, and ready to leave.

I truly wish they would move the team to another city. I actually might start a movement, to force them to leave.

"The Orioles ... would like to add another left-hander to their bullpen to pair with Michael Gonzalez ..."

The line between sad and funny sure is a blurred one, isn't it?

Trying forbad moment to separate the possible addition of a lefty specialist/bullpen depth from watching perhaps the game's best young power hitter and premier first basemen going to a division rival for minor league talent, bring Sherrill back is a no-brainer.

First, he actually wants to be here - if you recall he didn't want to leave. He won't cost much and if he bounces back he'll be steal. Maybe he's not a closer anymore, but when he was right, he was unhittable for lefties.

Btw, how'd ya like to be a Padre fan this morning?

I suspect our hope for next yr comes down to a really good trade. Prince Fielder? Sorry but the guy is not even 6 ft and weighs 270 lb. I do not see him having that many good years left
What would it take to get Greinke and Butler from KC? Britton,, Tillman/ Hernandez and Pie be enough? Would it be a good trade for us?

Jeff Z's reply: To get Butler and Greinke? Not even close. You probably don't get Greinke with Tillman, Hernandez and Pie.

Why not? But I'd only give him a minor league deal and ST invite to see if he's figured it out again. But he's left-handed, so someone is likely to give him a major league deal soon.

The frustration level of the fan base is readily apparent in this thread and many others. Count me as one of the frustrated.

What, exactly, have the O's done so far, or will they do in the future, to improve this team? The consensus seems to be that they have a snowball's chance in he!! of getting Cliff Lee, Jayson Werth or Carl Crawford. The most they might do is sign some reliever that, probably, no one has ever heard of.

They made a supposedly competitive offer to Victor Martinez. So what? He didn't sign, did he? And neither did Dunn, and the same probably goes for Beltre.

They could have traded for A Gone, but, of course, they didn't. Someone else beat them to the punch. But, someone else always beats them to the punch.

And talking about players the O's already have, this is the make or break season for Wieters. As far as I know, he was drafted in front of Buster Posey, who just hit over .300 in about three quarters of a season with the Giants, and, by the way, now has a championship ring. And how is Wieters doing? All we hear is all these excuses about how he needs to learn the position, blah, blah, blah, which somehow is supposed to excuse his .240 average, little power, and amazing ability to strike out and ground into DPs.

Enough. He's had nearly two full seasons. If he doesn't improve dramatically this year, then he should be gone.

I'm so sick of this team constantly losing and doing absolutely nothing to improve. Please, Peter Angelos, sell this team to someone who actually cares about winning.

I liked Sherrill but Patton did well down the stretch in the lefty specialist role and he's got upside potential and he's both cheap and contract controlled for the next several years.

Sherrill is a great fit. A retread that needs a landing spot on the cheap to try to reinvent himself. I think we found our cleanup hitter!

Another poster indicated he doesn't know how Bisciotti would act as a baseball owner. C'mon! Really? The guy is a winner and has winners running his organization. That's a no brainer. Look at the Red Sox or Twins and that should give you a feel for what the O's would look like, though we would have a few more big $ players than the twins.

Buck Showalter must have felt down right desperate to take the O's manager job. What was he thinking? He has a history of winning and now he's stuck with the O's management as we extend our 13 consecutive years of sub .500 baseball.

Our only hope is Angelos' eventual passing dictates that the team be sold. But with our luck, his sons will end up owners and we then have the chance of unlimited years of sub .500 baseball. We could reach the 50 year milestone of futility if his sons end up owners.

Whose long term prospects are better - the Pirates, O's or Royals? Tough question.

Let's not start saying we want the team to move to another city! I'm frustrated too, but trust me you don't want the O's to move. Let's hope something does come around to give us some hope for a better year.

What the hell kind of downers have you people been guzzling ?
Sherrill complements Gonzalez, Viola, and Hendrickson, period.
Four lefties in the bullpen.... all with different styles.
Sounds really good to me.
Uehara is the closer.
Berken and Hernandez round it out.
FA Albers gets signed by the Rays.
Johnson gets traded.

The thing is.... Buck knows how to use pitchers situationally and Connor/Adair know how to play to the individual strengths of each.

I think our pitching staff will be our strength in 2011.

Considering how dominant Sherrill was before Francoma left him in too lone in the all-star game, and that he's just 33 and a lefty; how can the O's not bring him to camp and see what he's got. It's not like our bullpen is stocked with studs. There may be other issues of which we aren't aware; but send the guy an invite and then find a couple corner infielders. We have to get past this attitude that we are a doormat in the AL East. It wasn't that long ago that we won the AL East .. 13 years isn't all that long.

As much as I hate Angelos...Did you have McPhail's phone tapped? How do you know we didn't make an offer for Gonzalez? And if we did we certainly can't give up 3 or 4 prospects...That's all we have!! And none of them are position players....Machado is unproven....Mahoney has had 1 good year...and that's it other than the young pitchers. And as far as you starting a movement to "force" them to move, well if you have that much power and authority why not buy them yourself and lets see what you can do.

Jeff Z's reply: Nevermind you couldn't trade Machado now as per MLB rules on recent draft picks.

I'm curious, Jeff. Has there been any talk about converting Hobgood to an outfielder? I recall hearing when he was drafted that Hpbgood had a major league swing. It sounds as though he had a very rough 2010 as a pitcher. I don't know how that translates to his future as a pitcher in Baltimore?

Jeff Z's reply: No, he's still a kid. He's 20 years old. Obviously there have been some disappointments, including his conditioning. But way too early to call him a bust and start discussing position changes.

Ryan said it very nicely. Every O's fan knows that getting someone like LaRoche, Reynolds, Sherrill, Lee or other "has beens" is the very best AM can do. He just doesn't have the guts to pay big money to a guy like Beltre or Konerko. He thinks patience is a virtue. Well I agree but 13 year of patience has worn waaaay to thin and it's time to do something. Buck Showalter said we need to grow the arms and buy the bats. We are growing arms but we aren't buying any bats whatsoever. Reynolds and Lee...are you kidding me!? I too would like to talk to AM and PA. If they had to answer questions from me they would pee their pants or run off crying like a little girl. PA, you're good in the courtroom but absolutely terrible between the lines!

Angelos is truly the root cause of all the loser mentality and has until now surrounded himself with losers who don't question budgets, or other foolish ultimatum's from ownership. It would be really simple, if you were so cheap of an owner, to just take the Twins Template and copy it and then tell everyone you know what you're doing. Try it, Peter! Just tell everyone in the organization to hire the correct amount of scouts, to begin with, especially if your plan is NEVER to dabble in the FA market, but don't keep sending us all the BS smoke screens each year. We're smarter than that. And lastly, given the STATE OF AFFAIRS of Oriole Baseball and the obvious disdain of other FA's to come here, wouldn't you as an owner just ONCE show up at the meetings? If only as a SHOW PONY to convince others that you EVEN CARE? Good grief, Man!

I was that desperate once and then went back to sleep. A 6.60 NL ERA is about an 8 in the AL these days. That sounds like a 1 yr AM deal.

Flat Brim classic look. Real stand up guy. Would love to see him back in baltimore. Also would love to see big Mark Hendrickson back. Last week in the York Galleria Mall there was a man with a beard about 6'9. How i know im 6'6. He looked in the Orioles store and said I love Baltimore.

what is your theory on Sherill's awful 2010 season?
would you take him back on the cheap?

Jeff Z's reply: Yes, I think it would be worth a flyer. The scouts who watched Sherrill couldn't believe how much his mechanics had changed from previous years. He wasn't hiding the ball at all, losing his deception which was key in allowing him to get away with fringy stuff.

Kyle Rote, Jr. - wasn't he the original Superstars competition champion back in the early 70's? For his sake, I hope he has better clients in the fold as an agent than George Sherrill.

Jeff Z's reply: Yes, former soccer player.


I don't think you can predict how Bisciotti would run the Orioles. In the NFL, there are salary caps and the college draft is the only way to get new players, so the business models are relatively similar among NFL franchises. He can afford to put money into scouting and top front office personnel because at the end of the day, there is a limit to the player salaries he pays.

In baseball, he'd have to choose paying salaries, where he wants his to focus his scouting operation, etc., all while competing with the Yankees and Red Sox, who essentially have exponentially more revenue that they are able to spend.

The situations are not comparable. That's not saying he isn't a fine owner of the Ravens, because he certainly is.

If had to choose either Sherrill or Hendrickson, I would take Sherrill, but not as a closer. He is too much drama for that role anymore. As a lefty setup? Sure. 1 year deal. He was effective when the game wasn't necessarily on the line.

Hey, isn't Chamberlain looking ripe these days for the picking?

Sherill is fine as a closer but not a set up guy. he stunk in non close situations when he was here. Pitchers have a mental advantage when they close for some reason.


I hope Sherrill, Chris Ray and John Maine are all invited to Spring training with the Os. But I don't think it will happen until after the first of the year.

The main problem here is most of you all are insuffurable, want what I want, when I want it, whiners. This team and the personel and manager finished a huge portion of their season as one of the best teams in the league. Yes, we don't have the revenue of the sox and yankees to cover up our mistakes/ open positions. But right now, with our young pitching, that is the only difference in them and us...However, we finally have a base of young talent to build off of. You think gonzalas and beltre, worth or dunn want to come to a situation that hasn't proven itself first ? As for trades, we don't know who has been offered for whom and we shouldn't. why tell that you have offered a young talent and then the trade doesn't happen and he is left wondering , are they trying to get rid of me. The model you want to follow is Tampa..they built their young talent up and when it came together, they became competative. That is our only hope because we do have confederate money and until we can show from within that we are ready to jump to the next level, no one will want it no matter how bad we as fans think macphail should be getting these guys. I believe oor best chance to get proven major league hitters lies in the ability at the trade deadline to show we are competative and have stockpiled enough to have other teams want those players. Be patient and let buck build this franchise up. PS_ still think if you offer Vlad a 2 year deal, he has plenty left in his bat to help a team. one year won't get it with o's, we have to give him some security that other teams won't.


bring the brim reaper back!!!!!

Would love it if he's ok in a set up/LH situational role!

Jeff -- Gotta think "Never a doubt, Georgie" could be a potential upgrade over the Tall Man. Yeah, he struggled, but the Orioles have two top-notch pitching coaches in Connor and Adair who could get his mechanics straight.

Knowing the front office's MO, if they could bring in a veteran receiver who can be very tough when he's on at a reasonable salary, then they'll definitely consider it. Sherrill could be a real steal if they could get his pitching back to where it was when he pitched for the Orioles before. They could do a lot worse, that's for sure.

Do you think there's a decent chance they'll sign him or offer a spring training invitation? Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't he get along well with B-Rob, Markakis and Guthrie when he was here before?

Jeff Z's reply: Yes, Sherrill was real popular guy. From what it sounds like, Sherrill is getting a lot of offers so I think the Orioles would have to offer him much more than a minor league deal to get him.

There is no way I wouldn't look hard at Sherrill as a situational pitcher, but we need guys in the bullpen who can go a few innings.

Too many situational pitchers was one of Trembley's mistakes when he put his pen together.

I'd certainly welcome him back.

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