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December 14, 2010

Orioles sign reliever Jeremy Accardo (updated)

Looking for bullpen help after trading four relievers, including three from their 40-man roster last week, the Orioles have signed right-hander Jeremy Accardo to a one-year, $1.08 million deal, according to an industry source.

Accardo, 28, pitched in just five games with the Toronto Blue Jays in 2010, compiling a 0-1 record and 8.10 ERA in 6 2/3 big-league innings. In fact, he spent most of the past two seasons at Triple-A Las Vegas, where he was the closer, saving 37 games in two years.

He was buried within the Blue Jays organization after dealing with an injury early in 2008, but was the big league club’s closer in 2007, saving 30 games and posting a 2.14 ERA in 64 games for the Blue Jays.

Assuming more personnel is not added, Accardo is expected to join right-handed short reliever Jim Johnson and lefty Mike Gonzalez in setting up Koji Uehara, who officially signed a one-year, $3 million deal with the Orioles on Tuesday.

The club continues to seek relief help and has made an offer to former Blue Jays closer Kevin Gregg, among others. The team would like to add at least one more left-hander to the bullpen as well. Accardo’s physical has not yet been scheduled.

Toronto non-tendered Accardo this offseason, allowing him to be a free agent for the first time in his career. He is, however, under club control for two years, so the Orioles could go to arbitration with him at the end of 2011 and keep him through 2012, if they so desire.

“Jeremy was excited this offseason for the first time to have a chance to choose his employer,” said Accardo’s agent, Damon Lapa of All Bases Covered Sports Management. “He embraces the chance to start fresh with a new organization, and he was very much impressed with the Orioles and their management.”

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Posted by Dan Connolly at 5:10 PM | | Comments (20)


THE Jeremy Accardo? Katie, bar the door! Seriously, I've never heard of this guy, but it sounds like a solid, if not spectacular, move. His 2007 numbers are good, but, of course, in MLB pitching years, three years ago is 13 years ago sometimes. (See: Millwood, Kevin)

Scott Williamson - the sequel. Yawn.

Good move. These are the types of guys you should sign for the pen, not wasting 10-12 mil on guys like Gonzalez,Gregg,Timlin,etc.

When I was thinking of former Blue Jays relievers that the Orioles were perusing, this isn't exactly the guy I had in mind. I guess that the Orioles just need more arms in the pen.

Jimmy Avacado? I thought he got whacked back in season 4 of "The Sopranos."

I'm still waiting for the O's to sign someone or trade for someone that we really get excited about. Any news updates on the following..
First base?
Starting Pitching?

Reynolds: Hey Adam, wanna come to B'more?

Adam: Buck No Mark, sorry. Looks like you've K'd for the first time as an O's player...Sorry pal but I don't like the taste of last place

Great arm, bad attitude. Good luck with that...

(Jays Fan)

i do not see what the big deal is in signing this relief pitcher. the stats do not show anything spectacular. we need a first baseman lyle overbay hasd been signed by the pirates.another free agent andy let get away. other teams are making moves doing what needs to be done. where is andy macphail.

Did you hear? The BoSox are signing Albers! Hmmm...

This type of deal is why I tell my 8 year-old son, a lefty, to be a pitcher. You can suck and make $1.08 M. You can be a little better and make $12 M.

Did I miss this news flash?

"They also signed Gregg to a two year deal worth 12 million dollars, according to Dan Connolly. " - Eli Greenspan, MLB Dish
Response from Steve Gould:

It appears the only one who missed something is Mr. Greenspan. Dan never said that. He reported, a while ago, that the Orioles have offered Gregg a two-year deal worth $8 million to $10 million.

I like this signing. Accardo is a decent reliever who was fantastic 3 seasons ago and at $1mil, could turn out to be a huge bargain. If not, we've only wasted $1mil.

A good move, Andy...far better than blowing money on Gregg (who is worse than Accardo).

Come on fellow bloggers give Jeremy a break. This guy sounds like he might be a diamond in the rough. Give the man a chance! If he stinks, then he stinks.
Let him know it after the fact, not before.

I made the mistake of being negative at first with Mark Reynolds. I don't plan to be like that again.

He does have a 95 mph fast ball.
That sounds pretty good to me!

Accardo was a good pickup for the O's. If healthy, he could be a bargain for them. I don't think you can have enough relievers plus it sounds like Jeremy needs a change of scenery.

Albers signed with the Sox which goes to show being a reliever is the greatest job in the world. Albers was the MVP of the O's till he got hurt in his 1st season with them, but he never wanted surgery so he was never the same. He will be an up and down guy, but I am glad he's gone. No ill will towards him, but he is what he is.

I hope the O's get tired of the Gregg B.S. and get Balfour! 10 mil is a lot of money so if he doesn't want it, go after someone who does.

I keep reading how the O's are scared to death to sign anyone after the horrible Belle signing, but Belle was great when he played. He had an issue that no one knew about and if memory serves, the O's received almost 80% of that contract back from insurance plus they threw a ton of money at Miggy, Raffy and Javey. I think the issue is that the 1st offer has to blow people out of the water. If they offered V Mart 4 years at 60 mil, he's here in a heartbeat. They can't just be close, they have to make it too much for the player to pass during the 1st offer till they get good again.

I'm seeing several sources the Orioles are about to sign Gregg for 2 years $12MM. Looking like more than a rumor at this point.

I'm not impressed with this signing but Koji''s contract escalating to $11 million takes the cake. This isn't Goose Gossage.

Seems like the ammended version of "THE PLAN" is to have a veteran bullpen in place behind this young starting staff.

Accardo sees like a typical "needs a change of address" guy. Not a spectacular signing, but one that refills some of the organizational depth in the pen.

If the O's sign Gregg the back of the pen looks solid, just need another situational lefty. Got to wonder if Ohman's healthy if he could be a target.

Seems like we've been rumored to be signing or trading for LaRoche for about 5 yrs. I've already tired of the guy, let's trade him...

LaRoche and Gregg would make for a solid winter. I'm not as convinced of the need for a veteran starter as some are. But with the year's that Matusz and Bergy had last year it would be a lot to expect them to just come out and be solid all year. But I really do think they will.

Interesting that Buck mentioned production in LF amoung the club's concerns this winter. That makes me wonder if the O's would consider signing LaRoche and a DH type like Guerrero or Thome.

Guerrero, or Thome, could DH and Luke could get some at bats platooning at DH, and LF. Riemold could platoon at LF with Scott and Pie could get at bats as a 4th outfielder subbing for Jones and Markakis.

The O's would give up some D in LF, but could pack another 30+ homer and RBI producing bat into the lineup.Finacially the O's still have plenty of room for such a move

Hey Andy, why not bring RoLo back for 1 year. Believe it or not, he's pitched better the last 3 years than when he was with the O's. He'll compete, give you innings & come cheap.

Are you guys serious when you get excited by these moves? Can you really think LaRoche is a good fit? Does anyone else see that having a guy with 172 Strikeouts last year followed by guy with 211 strike outs last year fill the middle of your line up isn't a recipe for being competitive? Wake up folks. The Orioles continue to be re-active in the Free Agency market. They seem to hold on to busts too long and give up on future stars too easily. This is a bad franchise and will continue to be until they get aggressive in their pursuit of talent. Sure, I was impressed that they played well last August and September but do not see where this will translate into .500 baseball moving forward. By the way, since when is .500 baseball something to long for?

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