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December 1, 2010

Orioles have made several offers to free agents; report says Konerko received one

With baseball’s annual meetings looming next week and the Orioles’ No. 1 free agent target, Victor Martinez, already committed to the Detroit Tigers, the front office is apparently forging ahead with its plan to improve the 2011 club.

The Orioles are seeking one or two power bats to play corner infield as well a shortstop and bullpen help and, according to an industry source, the Orioles have made multiple offers to free agents this week.

Jim Bowden, the former Washington Nationals general manager and current broadcaster for Sirius XM radio, reported Wednesday that the Orioles had made a “significant offer” to first baseman Paul Konerko, most recently of the Chicago White Sox.

As is his usual procedure, Andy MacPhail, the Orioles’ president of baseball operations, wouldn’t confirm or deny the report.

“We are not at liberty to comment, period,” MacPhail said.

With Martinez off the board, Konerko likely becomes the Orioles’ top target. The 34-year-old right-handed hitter batted .312 with 39 homers and 111 RBIs and was fifth in the 2010 American League MVP voting. His .393 on-base percentage and .584 slugging percentage were his highest marks in a 14-season career.

The Orioles also have a history of courting Konerko. They were the top bidder for his services in the 2005 offseason, but he chose to remain with the White Sox and signed a five-year, $60 million deal.

Konerko not only would provide needed power from the right side, but the four-time all-star mashes left-handed pitching, an Orioles’ weakness in the recent past. Konerko is a lifetime .300 hitter versus lefties, which includes a .339 average last season.

Heading into the offseason, the Orioles have had interest in myriad free-agent corner infielders including third baseman Adrian Beltre and first basemen Derrek Lee, Adam LaRoche, Adam Dunn, Lance Berkman and Carlos Pena, among others. It’s unclear as to whether any of those also have received offers from the Orioles.

The annual winter meetings begin Monday near Orlando.

Posted by Dan Connolly at 3:25 PM | | Comments (57)


Getting Konerko would be getting a great bat and pretty good 1st baseman, but age is a factor and we give up a 2nd round choice. I'd rather sign LaRouche and keep the draft choice. We don't lose that much bat from Konerko and get a younger player. Take the extra money and get Reynolds for 3rd. I'm aware of his strikeouts and sub .200 BA last year, but he's a great 3rd baseman and hits 30-40 homers a year. His average will probably pick up to around .250 and we pick up 50-60 homers at the corners, get better defense and give up next to nothing. Then we sign Izturis, the top fielding ss and we can live with his bat. With the pitchers improvement, Buck ,Weiter's continued improvement, and Reimold rebounding, we could be a real surprise and hold out until the farm produces.Also, resign Wiggy for wherever we need him.

How Does Signing Konerko solve anything?
Does anyone on the O's know him and vice versa? Also, it most certainly doesn't solve the fact that no one is in the pipeline for the O's to take over once Konerko is finished his contract. Please, don't tell me Joe Mahoney, I really don't think that's the case. Lastly, why does Jim Bowden know anything? If MacPhail can't confirm nor deny anything, how would Bowden know anything at all? If anything, he should know nothing!

Why don't the Orioles learn to stay away from players in the twilight of their career. Just because Konerko had a great walk year doesn't mean he's going to be productive for the next 3-5 years.

The O's put a time line on the offer? They should as Konerko always snubs them.

Thank you for reporting this. It’s driving me insane that it looks as though MacPhail isn’t doing anything. Konerko would be such a great signing, I almost can’t see it happening, but I’d love him here.
If we had more of a clue as to what was happening I’d sleep better. With the difference Showalter made last season I can’t bare to be disappointed again. We seem so close with so little being done to get us to that .500 mark. MacPhail did himself no favors touting his “Phase 2,” only to watch the season get sunk in April. If there had been a steady improvement maybe his silent, and seemingly, “Trust me,” attitude towards the fans wouldn’t be so hard to swallow. It was Showalter, not MacPhail that stopped this team from being historically bad last season. It’s MacPhail we have a problem with.

The usual BS, the O's are trying to keep big secrets wooooooooo! It's all about winning fools. If they feel there is no chance to win in bmore, they ain't signing. You copuld give Jeter 100 million for 3 yrs and he ain't signing in bmore. wanna know why? B/c without pitching or a real front office comittment, teams wil;l just sign elsewhere. You better believe it!

I've been making the point that because the Orioles are not close to contending, way overpaying for a free agent just to get another ten wins might not be the best course of action.

Upon further review, however, I wonder now if overpaying for the first FA or two, just to get someone, anyone to come here might get the ball rolling and it might mean future FAs might not require such an over payment.

What do you think, Dan?

Konerko should be the priority anyway, based on his intangibles. The type of clubhouse guy this team needs

God I hope Konerko signs. It's all I want for Christmas.

Offer to Paul Konerko --Give me a break. No way he will come here and will probable never leave Chicago. To make sure there is no screw up --you know the O's will offer way below anyone else. Therefore, they can have a PR release to the fans and say they tried. Hooray for the cheap O's. Want Konerko? tell his agent you will top the beat offer he gets by $5M.

That, OMG might put the O's in the pla-offs. LOL!

Would be a great day in Baltimore to get Konerko here. But we need more than just him. Hope it happens, been a long time since I have had my hopes up.

Maybe considering that the source is someone not affiliated with the Orioles there may be some validity to the story. Like all O's fans, I am tired of hearing about hew an offer was made to a legitimate player, not some has been, and how they were ooutbid by 1 or 2 million. Or because the other team gave a 4 or 5 yr deal as opposed to a 3 or 4 yr deal. Konerko would be a huge upgrade over what we have had at 1st base over the last 10 yrs or so. And just maybe, signing him would convince other players to come on board. With the improvement made when Buck took over and the quality of some of our younger pitchers surely they see thenO's are on an upgrade mode. And we do have some quality everydayn players in Markakis, Wieters, Jones, and Roberts is no slouch. If they get Konerko, maybe LaRaoch or Dunn could be brought in as a DH and then Scott could be used to rest any oe of 4 to 5 different players and nhe would still get some at bats. He can play 1st, DH, LF, and possible even some 3rd base. I believe he has filled in tghere before. Re-sign Wiggy for 3rd and then all they need do is concentrate on getting some bull pen help. What is your opinion in that Dan?

Seems like a logjam at CR/1B/OF if you do that. Scott and Dunn are similar players, albeit Dunn has shown more consistent power and Luke will be a whole lot cheaper. I don't see the Orioles getting two of those three for various reasons. But I guess you never know.

God I hope Konerko signs. It's all I want for Christmas.

Posted by: Ben S. | December 1, 2010 5:13 PM


"All I want for Christmas is a Hippopotamus". I think I have a better shot at getting a Hippo into the squirrels nest, then the Orioles do getting Kornerko into the "Birds Nest"!

I wouldn't even want this guy! Is MacPhail just making offers for the sake of making an offer? Or is there really a method to this madness? Like maybe for example if you throw enough hippo poo up against the wall maybe something will stick? (meaning some FA signs with us at some point)

The fact remains - who wants to come here? That is the biggest problem. Until we create a winner, and we are working on it.

Joe R what exactly is a "beat offer?" No doubt you're unaware the club outbid the WhiteSox the last time Konerko was a free agent

Konerko would be a blessing. Hitting behind Markakis can you imagine the onslaught of fastballs Nick would see?

If MacPhail is not playing games with us, and has made a very substantial offer that blows away the "confederate money" syndrome then I'll be happy.

If MacPhail follows up with the same type of "make him an offer he can't refuse" to Beltrie I'll be ecstatic.

But, if MacPhail gets beat out on another "close but no cigar" bid then I've been dreaming just to wake up to another potential NIGHTMARE.

How Does Signing Konerko solve anything?
Does anyone on the O's know him and vice versa? Also, it most certainly doesn't solve the fact that no one is in the pipeline for the O's to take over once Konerko is finished his contract. Please, don't tell me Joe Mahoney, I really don't think that's the case. Lastly, why does Jim Bowden know anything? If MacPhail can't confirm nor deny anything, how would Bowden know anything at all? If anything, he should know nothing!

Posted by: How Would signing Kornerko solve anything? | December 1, 2010 4:23 PM

How stupid of people to actually think a baseball man like Joe Bowden would know more than you. And since you claim there's no one to take over for Konerko after his contract is over, can you please enlighten us all as to how long that contract would be? No doubt you think it would only be a one year deal. Come back when you have something intelligent to say.

I personally would be happy to have Konerko, I just hope he didn't have a good year because it was a contract year.

From reading majority of the posts here, it looks like O's fans would only be happy if they signed or traded for players like Pujols, ARod, Mauer, etc. Get a grip Baltimore it's not going to happen.

I think Konerko would be great for the Os and they should do whatever they need to do to sign him. Players ytake better care of thenselves these days than in the past because of the money they make and Konerko is a high quality guy. He's averaged 30 HRs and 100 rbi during his career--we need someone like him to help give this team the rep as a challenger.

The Os record under Showalter was exceptional and given it was compiled over 1/3 of a season was a predictor. Pitching is the key and over Showalter's time the Os pitching was close to the best in baseball.

So, pay him too much to break the perception of the media, fans and players and begin a new, properous era for the Os.

Any news of FAs is appreciated during these cold months. Konerko would be a major addition and the guy would benefit from being in a major TV market. Chicago is obviously big but the AL east with the NY, Boston, DC/Baltimore markets provide more national exposure than midwest media does. Add in a decent 3B and or an aging vet like Lee and things start to show potential but please stop encouraging the resigning of Ixturis Woodie. Heck, Bordick coming out of retirement is a better option then that guy. If you want a no hit all D SS there are lots of AAAA guys who can fill that role for the league minimum.

Relax fans. This is just MacFail making a low ball offer to a high profile free agent that MacFail knows he won't accept so that the O's can say "we tried" to improve the team.

Meanwhile the team payroll gets lower and lower and Angelos gets richer from his MASN money.

I'm sure Angelos just loves MacFail for making him more and more money.

Sign Konerko and trade for Reynolds and this lineup suddenly gets healthy in a hurry.

yes Konerko can hit, but he was the worst 1B fielder in the majors last year, he let in about 10 more runs per 150 games than even Luke Scott

Unless it's just for two years, thanks but no thanks on Konerko.

Sure he had a nice year last year, but he's 35 and his numbers in '08 and '09 are probably much closer to reality than the monster numbers he put up in 2010.

And besides, Paulie ain't much with the glove, so if you're going for a big hitting 1B who can't field, why not sign Dunn, who's four years younger?

Anyway, in the end, this will be meaningless. Not because of Andy's incompetence but because this is exactly what Paulie did in '05. He'll listen to other offers to keep the price up, but he'll en up back with Chicago in the end.

So what did the O's offer? a 2 year contract for $20 million? McFail: "Hey, we tried, but they wouldn't even give us a chance to counter and he was dead set on staying in Chicago. We made a competitive offer!".

O's need to quickly realize they have little chance of signing Konerko unless they can guarantee another "decent" bat via free agency. I'm not saying they need Adrian Beltre but if they tell Konerko they are going to sign both him and another "big" bat, then Konerko would have to seriously consider it. O's also need to realize they are going to have to overpay to get Konerko. Otherwise, Konerko will laugh and re-sign with the Whitesox. He will however thank the O's for driving up the price the Sox pay for his services.

Konerko isn't coming here, even if we have the best offer ... and I honestly don't think there's anything MacPhail can do to change his mind. To say that the failure to go the extra mile is somehow the problem is naive ... the real problem is, the guy has no interest in playing in Baltimore, and no amount of money is going to change that. It's the same scenario the O's faced with Teixeira, though some fans would rather ignore the facts and blame MaPhail for that one, too.
Nice to see the O's making an earnest effort here, but let's get real.

If the O's really want to win, they can do it by offering BIG contracts and overpaying for Konerko, Beltre, Jeter, and Lee all at the same time. That way they all know how serious the O's are so they will sign. If we get all four of those players, no matter what the price is, we will be a contender.

I would be in favor of signing Konerko if he only gets 2 years, but that seems unlikely, right?
Probably. At his age he is probably looking more for security than contract value

Its a step but only if it isnt for more than 3 years. Last year was a walk year, I think 25 and 85 are reasonable expectations wich i am guessing get this guy $12 mm a year for 3 years with a nice option for a 4th.

You know the Orioles are going to end up with the worst guy available - Derrek Lee.

So now the Orioles only need, a starter, a 3B, SS, LF and a closer.

This is what the Orioles should be doing. Another writer from another source wrote this.

The time is now for the Royals to trade Greinke. An acquaintance of his said, "He is ready to go.'' That could be partly because his partial no-trade list expires late this season. The Rangers, seen as a potential second-place finisher in the Cliff Lee derby, have been viewed as the favorite. Greinke has an extensive no-trade list but he's said to be willing to consider a lot of different options. Even if he will OK some teams on his list, friends of his say New York is not a good fit for Greinke, who has successfully battled anxiety and is said to prefer a smaller city. Other teams that might have the prospects and financial wherewithal to pull off a Greinke trade could include the Tigers, Orioles and Braves. While momentum is gathering for a Greinke trade, a Royals person said it "would have to be a blockbuster to move him.''

Macphail should include himself in the trade. I think that and whatever players Andy offers would be enough to get Greinke! And if we could get Butler and Gordon as well, that would be a Blockbuster!

Come on Andy Mac stop playing around here with older players! Here's three players in their 20's who have a lot of upside! It would be shame to not even try! Oh one other thing, how in the world would the Rangers have enough to offer the Royals to get Greinke when they traded a lot to get Cliff Lee

God I don't want Konerko. I can't comprehend how he has become the savior for this offseason to the people here 35, terrible fielder, had a career year after 3 years of decline, and we are going to vastly have to overpay in terms of money and years. I don't even want him for 3 years, but I suppose that I could live w/ that. I think that i'd very much rather have Carlos Pena, gold glove 1B (defense does count), and if you look at the careers, the OBp are the same, and we know that Pena has more power. I know that everyone here wants to spend Peter's money.. but I think that we can do it wisely. Not just sign everyone on the market just to appease the fans.

Fans are so stupid. If you are against this signing, then you are a [MORON].

The point of getting a power hitting 1B is NOT JUST TO GET THE PLAYER.


Yes, Konerko is 34. BUT HE IS SHOWING NO SIGNS OF SLOWING, and didn't just have 1 great year. He has them EVERY YEAR.

Pena, is in a downward spiral. They need someone to hold the fort for a few years, then they make a run at someone else, or someone in the system steps up, but..


LEARN SOMETHING before you talk folks.

This is the PERFECT signing. He isn't going to sign here, but the MOVE is the correct one. You people against this just don't understand the big picture.

If you talk about money, then you really miss the big picture. The O's have such a huge surplus after this decade, that they could literally burn 100 million bucks and be fine. BUT, when you have attendance at 1,7 million, a $40 Million offseason, results in $200 million in profits in the long run.


All I hear in this blog is from the nay sayers that we don't want him, he won't come here, he's too old and the orioles don't sign anyone. Is he 34, yes. Is he a triple crown candidate yes, is he a righthanded power hitting firstbaseman with decent fielding, yes. THe orioles need alot but most of all a big thumper from the right side of the plate and play a corner infield spot. I was not sold on victor m. He was not great at first base and good numbers but not konerko numbers. To get him to come here we will have to overwhelm him in dollars and years which may hurt toward the end, but what do we do then.

Some of you keep saying sign Laroche. Have you seen this guy hit every year with a ton of strikeouts and very inconsistent weeks? He also hits from the left. This is not the year for a ton of upper echeleon free agents so getting a player of his calibar would be a major win for the present and future of our franchise. Hopefully, we could then nab a Bartlett for ss, re-sign wiggi for 3b which looks like the only possible option for us and get some pitching.

Getting a 2nd or 3rd starter is vital, if not getting two quality starters which will probably have to be in a trade. Use the farm system, that's why it is there. Give up hernandez or tillman. Personally, I don't think tillman has it. When healthy, Bergeson has been tremendous for us, guthrie has been consistent, matusz is coming on and arrieta could fall to the fifth spot if needed.

Os are gonna have to drastically overpay for Konerko to come here.

Is there anyone who operates under the delusion that McPhail will be able to sign a free agent (especially a type A free agent) without making the very best offer of all offerors ?? I hope we realize that McPhail knows that he'll never sign a player unless he out-bids all other interested parties.

All this banter is entertaining, but lets not lose site of the fact that, if Brian Roberts is not completely healthy....we have no infield!

I refuse to get my hopes up. The most likely scenario I see is that the O's will "just miss" on all the free agents with enough left to actually improve the team, just like they "just missed" on Victor Martinez.

The fact is that to get the help they need, the O's will have to overpay, just to make the team competitive enough to appeal to future free agents. What the O's DON'T need is Carlos Pena, who can't hit .200 and is a left-handed bat, which is not what the O's need!

I'd recommend overpaying to get both Konerko and Beltre. It's the cost of making this team competitive now and appealing to future free agents down the road.

Good post. My take is overpaying still doesn't get you Beltre but could get you Konerko.

Konerko should have been the #1 target from the beginning. McPhail and anyone with a brain knew that they'd never be able to sign Victor Martinez to such underachieving organization, with no chance of making it to the post season.

McPhail needs to give Konerko some assurances that the team is headed for the post season, not just trying to fill holes. Players want 2 things: TO WIN and MONEY. McPhail needs to assure him that this team will win in 2011.

To those who like to draw comparisons to Atkins, it's not Konerko, it's not LaRoche, it's not Lee, it's...CARLOS PENA! Study the records and you'll see very similar downward spirals in hitting stats. A team with Pena and Izturis in the starting lineup should start planning lots of promotions to attract fans to come for entertainment not existent on the field.

The O's are going to have to make Konerko an offer he can't refuse to get him, that will probably hinge on a 4th year. Maybe even offering a vesting option for year 5 to blow the Sox away. The O's outbid them once and didn't get him, they've got to know they're not going to get a discount there.

Seems to me that Vlad Guerrerro is a guy with similar offensive numbers that can't get a 2nd year. Would playing Scott at first and DHing Guerrerro be a much worse option? Then the O's would be retaining flexibility to go back into the market next year.

Tex bought out Guerrerro's second year which was only 9m. Two year's about 20m could probably get it done.

That would still give the O's plenty of dollar to go hard after Crawford. Then resign Wiggy for 3rd, bring back Izturis and Andino to compete at SS and middle infield B/U.


Why all the Pena talk? Wouldnt we want someone who will but the ball in play? Getting Pena and Renyolds would be a disaster. Renyolds would be nice at 3b but we would need someone who can hit for avg at the other corner. Konerko or Dunn should be the priority. With Buck managing and the way the last 2 months of the season went you would think that might change some oppinions of FA and signing in Bmore

If the Orioles want to be serious players for 2011 they should offer 4 years and $65 mil to Kornerko ,Dunn and Beltre. Re-sign Wigginton and Koji. Package Tillman, Arrieta, Britton and Givens for Grienke.

Lets hold off at 1st base until next year. Sign Beltra for 3rd and make a block bust trade with the Marlins and go get Hanley Ramirez to play SS. He would give you a great right hand bat and fill the position until Mochado is ready. Then if we compete we can go after AG or Prince at the trade deadline or after the season. Resign Wiggy to play 1st for this season.. We will not get any good Fa until we make a good trsde to show we wanna compete. Then sign Brndon Webb.

Trade for Marlins SS Hanley Ramirez!!!!

I agree Hanley Ramirez would be a great trade lets go get him. Tilman, Pie, ect for him...

No way Kornerko come shere now. he will sign for less again to play with Dunn and a chance to win another WS.

$10 million a year isn't going to get it done... It's going to take at leat 13 million a year and the O's are not willing to pay that much so Konerko will not be coming on board! You heard it here....not first though!

Just thought I would take one more free agent out of the question. And that is Adrian Beltre. Hes going back to Boston.
People on this blog will get all upset when I post that we should go after Mark Reynolds because he isnt Beltre, but you know what? Beltre doesn't want to sign here. Reynolds might not either, but at least he hasnt stated it to the public.
By the way, Jenks, despite his forearm problems, was not tendered by the whiteSox. I hope we get him as a closer.
Our team will not be made up of superstar free agents, we will be the discarded and forgotten group of players that ultimately starts winning under good leadership.
Forget the big free agents. We dont want them, we dont need them, never did. Bring me the tired and the hungry. Bring me Pena! Bring me Kerry Wood, Bring me Ty Wigginton, Bring me Bengie Molina (Backup?), Bring me Bobby Jenks. Ill take Bedard.
Why aren't these guys viable options? Instead we hear about these pipedream free agent candidates and wonder why the messageboards are filled with misdirected disappointment when they dont pan out? What are the real possibilities? What kind of team does Buck Showalter want to see on the field? Or, what are his opinions of the free agents out there?

mcpfail please stop insultng us , gee wally only 16 million less then whitsox offered for dunn , what a shock .just sign youre three journeyman and lets move on . nobody takes us serious , we are and will be a joke .its like going to a car dealer and always offering ten thousand less then they are asking , get shot down and tell youre family you almost had a new car , stop allready

Trade for Reynolds from D-backs for 3rd, Sign LaRoche to play first and trade for Barlett from Rays to play short. Young pitching will take us to the promised land.

I'm amazed at how many people are already criticizing MacPhail for pursuing Konerko. "He can't field." "He's too old." "He probably wants a long-term contract." "It wouldn't work because there's no one to take over after he retires..." Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

Konerko is clearly the best option now available. The meager offer to Dunn was pathetic. I hope the O's front office woke up, and sees that this is their best shot at setting us up for a winning season. It's time to not only make a serious offer, but to blow Konerko away with an offer he can't refuse.

The ideal scenario for the Birds is to back up the brinks truck for Konerko and Crawford. Then re-sign Wiggington for 3rd/utility. They have good pitching, and Showalter will bring these guys along. Imagine this lineup:

2B - Roberts
LF - Crawford
RF - Markakis
1B - Konerko
DH - Scott
3B - Wiggington
C - Weiters
CF - Jones
SS - [insert Machado placeholder here]

I'd be willing to bet they come up just a little short on all the major free agents ... again. And they'll have plenty of money left over for the Rich Hills and Garrett Atkins types though... again. And they'll lose 90 games ... again. Nothing ever changes in Birdland.

A few comments.. First and foremost, I'm not saying that I don't want Konerko, per se. I don't want to pay what it will cost to get him. Yes he is an upgrade over what we have now. But he WAS in decline for three years. And IS a terrible fielder. And he will be 35, so are we supposed to believe that these things will magically improve with age? The cliff is approaching very quickly for him. Thats my issue . And I know we all love to spend uncle Pete's money, but there are reactions to each action made. We aren't a small market team, but we don't spend money infintely either, as the Yankees do (and even they don't do that anymore). SO if we have a 38,39 year old Konerko on the roster, that hit .245/.341/.455 the year before, and we owe him 17 mil, do you really think we are going to pursue a Joey Votto/Ryan Zimmerman type of player? Thats the issue. If Konerko came for 2 years, Love it. I could live with 3 years (knowing that the 3rd year will probably be a dud).. but the 4 and five year deals will kill us down the road. It appears that McPhail is trying to keep roster flexiblity, which you can't blame him on. Even look at Mike Gonzalez, it was a bad contract, but guess what, it was only 2 years. We wanted Victor Martinez, and offered a competitive offer, we were only 2 million short, and I know people are going to call the front office cheap. But lets be logical, if V-Mart was their #1 priority, and they only were outbid by 2 million, wouldn't it be safe to assume that if they KNEW the could get him for another few million they would have raised their offer? Didn't the WHite sox offer more per year and he turned it down? So I know its frustrating, trust me I do. I'm only 28, so I've never really seen an Orioles 'Ship. Yea I was alive in '83, but as a 1 year old infant, I can't say that those images are fresh in my memory, lol. But the culture here IS improving. Look at some of the things that we have asked for as fans. Baltimore on the road jerseys, Peter to stop meddling, A competent and respected skipper. Competence in the front office (no matter how deliberate he may be lol). Our farm system is improved. We've had ROY candidates that past 2 years. Consistently have players in Baseball America's top 50 now. And we are crying and calling people names because we ARENT overbidding on some second rate free agents?? Come on!
Another thing, why is everyone so high on Mark Reynolds but HATE Carlos Pena??? I mean he hit just as bad as Pena, minus the defense and IN the lesser, national league. And now you want him to come to not only the AL, but the AL EAST? Tell me if I'm missing something here. And if you want a comparison, Reynolds defensive metrics rate just a tick higher than Pablo Sandoval, a player nicknamed "kung fu panda"... So for those of you bashing Pena.. think of that for a second. I don't want a retread, no. I do want additions to this team, just like you guys. But I don't want to be saddled with an albatross contract, just to "make fans happy" this year. NO! Enjoy the progress, and lets be fair an honest in each move that IS and isn't made.

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