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November 22, 2010

Randolph, O's talking about final coaching spot, but deal not yet reached

If the Orioles can work out a deal with former New York Mets manager Willie Randolph, Buck Showalter's quest to complete his coaching staff will finally be over.

The Orioles are negotiating with Randolph, who spent last season as the Milwaukee Brewers' bench coach, for the final spot on Showalter's staff, according to team sources. As the Juan Samuel situation proved this month, it's not a given that the two sides will reach an agreement.

If a deal is finalized, Randolph would work with the Orioles' infielders and either coach third or serve as Showalter's bench coach. Randolph was Showalter's third base coach with the New York Yankees in 1994 and 1995.

Former Pittsburgh Pirates manager John Russell would fill whichever role Randolph doesn't between third base and bench coach.

Meanwhile, Gary Allenson, who served as the Orioles' third base coach when manager Dave Trembley was fired in June and stayed in that capacity for the rest of the season, is expected to return to managing Triple-A Norfolk. Allenson was at the organizational meetings, so he remains very much in the Orioles' plans.

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Posted by Jeff Zrebiec at 5:19 PM | | Comments (22)


While this does not make the O's a playoff team, I think Randolph may be the best available person for this job. You cannot dismiss the fact that he has major league managerial experience. He has worked with Buck before so that assures they have a good relationship if he takes the job here. Good job O's, a move which makes sense and makes the club better. Hope it gets done

Hey Jeff,

A few points.

Since Terry Collins got the job with the Mets, why can't the Orioles consider Bob Melvin as the bench coach? Also, I read on the official Orioles MLB website, the hiring of John Russell isn't a done deal yet either. Why can't the Orioles consider other candidates? How much is truly finalized here? Neither John Russell or Willie Randolph inspire me.
Lastly, I can't even begin to tell you how disappointed I am that the Orioles didn't even appear to consider Davey Lopes nor Damon Berryhill. Wayne Kirby might indeed develop into the next Davey Lopes, maybe he learned something from working with Garry Pettis. I just don't get that sense though. There seemed to be a huge rush to get Wayne hired then after his hiring, the process of finding and hiring coaches seemed to hit a huge quagmire. I have seen "Sloths" in the Baltimore Aquarium Rain forest move faster and with more determination then the Orioles have in this process. It makes no sense to me.

Jeff Z's reply: Randolph isn't finalized yet. As I wrote, may or may not get done but that's the guy Buck wants right now. Buck considered a ton of candidates, some have become public, some haven't.

I agree FL O's fan...Randolph would be the best choice to fill the last staff spot...he has all the qualities you mentioned. I hope he works out the contract soon. Also good news about Allenson returning soon.

Hopefully he's the bench coach and not the 3rd base coach. I quote David Wells' book"Willie never met a runner he wouldn't send. We'd constantly in the dugout flash him the stop sign. But he didn't care if the runner blew out his ACL he thought it was worth it for a chance to score no matter how slow the runner"

Willie would be a great hire,,,,do it

Ah, rodent, you disappoint me. Why not you don't understand this process? And why is it so important to you that the team find their coaches yesterday?

First of all, there was an enormous amount of managerial openings and those managers need coaches. What's more, some of the coaches targeted by many teams were also manager possibilities. So the process was going to be delayed even if the Orioles identified the guys they wanted and went right out after them. All these coaches had many options. The next thing was to find the right fit.

Like Jeff said, Showalter considered many guys, some we know about and some we don't. Buck, from what I've been told, is not always the easiest guy to work with because of the high standard he sets for himself and his staff. Anyone hired by Showalter had best be ready and I am quite sure not everyone was. There are so many factors to be considered and this is not a process that can be rushed. It is going to take it's time and play itself out. After all, we only have three months or so until ST starts.

What say we leave it in the hands of the professionals and keep the rodents out of it, eh?

Times have changed (or Oriole fans are not as myopic as usual). A former Yankee would be roasted normally in this town.

It is good to hear bucks staff is almost done but I sincerely hope there arec still some positions available for bordick, surhoff,mcgregor, flanagan, and anderson. They are all excellent baseball people too..

Jeff -- I hope the Orioles don't insult Randolph with some lowball offer. He has a distinguished resume as player, coach and manager. He's been an All-Star and coached a World Series winner.

If they try to get him to sign what they offered Samuel--who, as good as he is, doesn't have the creds of Randolph--I'm afraid they'll lose him. And in my view, that would be a huge loss indeed, because Willie is a winner and will bring that mindset to the club.

Ahhh Ken,

1.) I was wondering what happened to you, I have seen you around here and there. You just have been so quiet recently.

2.) Yes, I have heard the word on the street that Buck can be difficult. I have never seen it myself, A.) when he was an analyst with ESPN B.) As manager for the O's. My own observations, he seems to be fairly pleasant and more importantly quite competent at his craft!

Now enough with the pleasantries.

That's an interesting quote by David Wells in his book. It sounds like Randolph and Russell have the same philosophies. In Russell's wiki bio Pirate fans had the same complaint about him too. He would send players home to score and were thrown out by 20 feet.

Look Ken, if Russell is the guy to unlock the potential of Matt Wieters, I am all for it. Let's get the ball rolling. If not lets find someone else. Randolph did a good job for awhile with the Mets. It's Russell that concerns me the most.

Good seeing you again

I am not sure why anyone is upset that this process is taking a long time because it has to be done right in my honest opinion. I am glad that finally everyone from the BP coach to the bench coach are guys the manger wanted and not leftovers from the last few regimes.

I think given the relationship Willie has with Buck that he will be the bench coach and Russell will coach 3B. It would be odd that a coach (Russell) who has no prior relationship with a manager be put in the role of bench coach. This isn't a knock on John Russell because I've heard only good things about him.

Seems like a lot of people are knocking Wayne Kirby down, but I've heard (I am sure Jeff would know a lot more on this) that Kirby is a big time up and comer in the coaching, but the fact Buck wanted him is the best news. Win or lose, this is now Buck's team!

I also think that Buck wasn't that thrilled to have Sammy back. Not starting any rumors, but I have to think maybe he was more of Andy's choice?

Coaches, coaches? We don't need no stinkin' coaches. We need players. Now that is a novel idea. As always, bass ackwards in Baltimore.

Randolph is far removed from his Skankee roots. He has coached in other places since his 2 year stint with the Skankees. He has a calming, professional demeanor and I think would be a great change here. But if we don't bring in a few bats, it won't matter.

Yah, you need a third base or bench coach to "inspire you". Ridiculous.

Squirrel, unlike you, Buck isn't collecting nuts here. I understand your problem with winter coming and little food available to you, but Buck doesn't need to eat his coaches.

Randolph would be a great fit. He'll be the Samuel that Juan wasn't. Whether he coaches third base or is the bench coach, he'll be great where ever he is. I didn't see whether he speaks Spanish fluently or not, but I think it is a ludicrous basis for hiring a major league coach.

I don't really want Randolph around. It's not just because he's an ex-Yankee (although that does leave a bad taste in my mouth), it's more because I feel like he will have the stature of a manager, will be thinking about his own resume, and will be eager to leave on the first offer he gets. We don't need any more people using Baltimore like that. Also, that quote from David Wells worries me.

I'd prefer a lower-profile coach who will just focus on being a good baseball man and nothing else.

Players play people.
Bring LaRussa,Sparky(RIP) Weaver,Martin,Herzog,anyone else, they are still the O's and they lose.

So now Buck's early comments from when he first took over have become just so much rhetoric.
All the talk about a connection with the past Oriole Glory Days through his then-pending selection of coaches was a lot of crap.
First he lets Shelby walk, then passes up available and qualified guys like Murray, Baylor, Surhoff, Melvin, Bordick, Anderson, Dauer and even Allenson (who did a great job in 2010 under and after Samuel left).
Russell was a joke as manager of the Pirates. Randolph was a joke as manager of the Mets and continued on to the Brewers staff still riding the coattails of the fact he had played as a Yankee.... a fact that seems to render a lot of baseball executives mesmerized-by-association.
Just because a guy had a fine playing career with the Yankees, then that makes him good coaching or managerial material ? Ridiculous.

I'm gonna say this once:
Buck Showalter is going to be the same kind of manager as the kind of owner that most of you have accused Angelos of being.
Buck wants "yes"-men.
Surhoff, Murray, Bordick, Baylor, Melvin, Dauer, and Allenson are a threat to him.
In the case of Connor, he simply likes Connor better than he did Kranitz.

Nothing against Randolph or Russell
but how about considering some of the
past Orioles who were winners...
Surholf ...Boettinger...etc..
It would be a good public relatiions move
and they are good baseball men

The last time I checked, there were very few coaches on the bench that made any difference in wins & losses. Yes, it's nice that Buck has someone to talk things through with late at night after a game in Cleveland but, you know what might help even more...sign a few freakin very good players that he can pencil in every day as opposed to coaches & Buck won't need anyone to bounce ideas by.
The NEW Oriole way...Sign the coaches...screw the players!

I wish the Orioles would get some decent baseball knowledge coaches that have authority the runners would pay attention too. So many times last season Orioles runners were caught with their pants down their baserunning flops cost runs and wins, it was pitiful.

The Orioles have not had any decent baserunning coaches since Earl Weaver had Billy Hunter, George Bamberger, George Staller and Jim Frey as his coaches that led the Orioles to successive Division and League Championships and a World Series Championship.

Not accurate, CNC.....
Ripken, Sr. was around long after Weaver.
Davey Lopes coached under Oates.

Juan Samuel, Eddie Murray, and Sam Perlozzo did their time here as well.

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